Ultimate Review Of Best Robot Lawn Mowers Of 2023

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Nobody, i mean nobody likes a yard overgrown into a small sized meadow but is lawn mowing all that easy when you are running errands and crunching for time? Not to mention an overgrown yard could be a source of mild worries and uneasiness for many homeowners, who either constantly look over the neighbour's fence and admire their greener lawn and fret about their own. But what if you don't want to deal with the headaches that come with traditional lawn mowing machines?  Well well well.. there could be a solution. Welcome Robot Lawn mowers!

Purchasing one of the best robot lawn mowers available in the market seem to be a good solution for modern households living busy lives and keeping their garden lawn in tip-top shape. As you are already here, We will go ahead and make a bold assumption that you are here to check what robots are available out there that provide value for money. Without further ado, lets jump straight in. This is going to be a fun ride so grab a cuppa and put your feet up while we dissect every robot mower out there with precision (not literally, but you get the drift!)

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Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!


Weight (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)



23.2 x 17.3 x 10.2


22 x 15 x 9.5


24.8 x 20.1 x 9.8

Other Great Recommendations


24 x 16 x 8


28.4 x 22 x 12.1

How Robot Lawn Mowers Work? 

Just as the name suggests, autonomous robot lawn mowers do the mowing work on their own without human involvement. Unlike their traditional counterparts, you don't need to do any pushing or guidance during the actual mowing work. By using an electric boundary wire, users of these autonomous machines are able to keep its mowing operation within the space that needs to be cleaned out. The mapping system built into it also contributes to making efficient mowing to be possible at all times.  

The other important thing regarding how robot lawn mowers work is the radar sensor. This is the exact feature that makes the best robot lawn mowers to detect obstacles within as well as collision within imminent reach. When such is detected, this mower does course correction on its own.  

Regardless of the fact that most mowers in this category are meant for domestic use, we are beginning to see some interesting models of a commercial robot lawn mower.  

As for commercial users, you are sure of getting more work done in fewer labor hours. On a higher scale, this could result in more profit from your lawn mowing or landscaping business. While you are reading through the robotic lawn mower reviews below, you'll also find a highlight of the best models that have been proven to work well for commercial users alike.  

Buying Guide: What To Look For 

Whether this is your first time or not, there are some important factors you should consider before making the commitment to buy automower online or offline. In practical terms, these are the key things that often separate one of these machines from the other. By gaining an increased understanding of the factors, you'll have what is required to make informed robot lawn mower comparison. Let's look at some of them through the following sections.  

Blade Type

 – basically, there are two types of mower blades you may need to choose from. As for each of these tools, you'll have to choose between fixed and pivoting blade. The first thing to note is that pivoting blade move hard objects really faster. Moreover, it has been proven to deal with obstacles in an impressive manner. But the machines that carry this type of blade are usually more expensive  

On the other hand, fixed blade lawn mowers could be faster but they could get stuck in tall grasses and hard objects very often. And when that happens, you'll always have the need to flip it around and restart manually. This as you already know, takes a lot of time. 

Actual Performance

– the real duration of efficient mowing often varies from one machine to the other. Practically, this is defined by battery power. While some robotic mowers can work for 1 – 2 hours only, there are some high-end models that have the capacity to serve for 5 – 7 hours. Paramount among the things you should take into consideration is the size of your lawn. Obviously, higher battery power and longer life will be better for you.  

Display Settings 

– the key question here is, how understandable are the display settings? Even though you'll get a user manual when you buy any one of the products in this buyer guide, the actual display setting options have to be understandable to everyday users. However, before the purchase, you should be able to get the details about display settings for each model. Probably, this is why you are interested in the best robot lawn mower reviews.  

Terrain Complexity 

– some lawns are practically more complex than others. The point here is that you should take into account the possibility of steep hills and slopes in the lawn where you want to use any of these machines below. Regardless of the robotic lawn mower brand you choose, there should be an indication of the ground it is best suited for. One that I found is that most of these machines have been tested in different terrains to determine what they are best suited for. Interestingly, there are some great models that have been proven to handle slopes with up to 45%  

Robot Lawn Mower Price

– this is another important factor that determines which one to buy instead of the others. Whether you are looking for the best robot lawn mower under $1000 or slightly above $2000, you'll definitely find one or two models within this buyer guide. One obvious thing is that this type of mower is usually more expensive than traditional models. Perhaps, if you are actively looking for automower at this point in time, you already know the benefits.  


– this particular factor has nothing to do with the product itself. This is an important factor that often differs from one brand to the other. Because of such variation, you should try to confirm warranty information or policy before making the purchase. Getting clarity in this regard will make it possible to return and replace if there is any factory defect.  

The Best Robot Lawn Mowers In The Market For The Money 

As you are reading through these reviews, try to observe the differences between these models. This will help you to make an appropriate comparison. To make it worthwhile for you, the following robotic mower reviews have been selected from the current top sellers in the market. Now let's dive in.  

Robotic Mower on a Lawn

Mcculloch Rob R1000 Robotic Lawn Mower 

Do you have a lawn that is around 1000 square meters? If yes, this is a good lawn mowing machine that can help you get the job done without any exertion of energy at all. Irrespective of the type of mower you want to buy, operating noise level is one differentiating factor that many people often give serious consideration. As a matter of fact, Mcculloch Rob R1000 Robotic lawn mower that has been confirmed work quietly.  

Like a programmable robot lawn mower, it comes with 15 button control system on the LCD panel. According to Mcculloch, this particular model can handle up to 3 defined mowing zones. Based on the fact that this tool does wide angle mowing as well as readjusts its movement, you are sure of getting perfect clean lawn without any altering patterns.  

Mcculloch Rob R1000 Robot

Looking at how robot mowers work in general, you have to define the operating boundaries with perimeter wire. This will help protect some specific areas in your yard.  

With its obstacle detecting sensor, you can set it off and see your lawn cleaned out in a very short duration of time. In order to protect the flowerbeds in your yard, you may consider getting an additional perimeter wire. The obvious reason is that the one included at the very point of purchase may not be enough to seclude and protect important areas in your home. For example, you don't have to leave your children's playing ground open when the machine is on.  

The stipulated run time on this one is about 1 hour. Even when it is raining in your yard, this machine can be working perfectly. For the purposes of protection, it comes with theft alarm as well as PIN code. Whenever the need arises, the tilt and flip sensors will stop the machine almost immediately.  

Assuming that cutting width is an important factor for you, please note that this one is just about 2 inches only. In terrains with sloppy inclines of 25%, Mcculloch Rob R1000 Robotic lawn mower delivers impressive mowing performance as well. The weight of this machine is about 25.4 pounds. When it is down, the 24-volt lithium-ion battery can be recharged within 50 minutes or less.  

If you decide to buy this one, 2-years warranty is what you get. As a result of my research findings, it is one of the top-rated robot lawn mowers under $1000. You can follow the link above to order Mcculloch Rob R1000 on Amazon. 


  • Programmable control functions  
  • Comparatively affordable  
  • Handles slopes very well 
  • Very quiet operation  


  • Low cutting height 

Check Mcculloch Rob R1000 Price On Amazon

WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robotic Lawn Mower 

Probably, when you started considering a programmable lawn mower, you had this impression that it will cost a really big amount of money. Well, the opposite is actually the case especially when you look at bestselling models like WORX WG794 Landroid. What I am saying in effect is that this particular model is priced under $1000. Hence, it remains affordable if your budget is within that range.  

As you might have observed in the product name title, it is a pre-programmed machine that is ready to use just out of the box. This means you'll have minimal complexity to deal with when you buy this one. On a simple robot lawn mower comparison chart, you'll see that this WORX model can handle up to 13,000 square feet lawn more than the one reviewed above.  

WORX WG794 Landroid Pre-Programmed Robot

In order to avoid the incidents of having the machine trapped in some edgy sides of the boundary wires, you have to leave a little space behind the wires. This ensures you'll have a smooth mowing operation without any interference at all. Unlike some other competing models, the programmable system works with a compatible smartphone app.  

For those homeowners that hates emission so strongly, buying this electric powered mower eliminates the need to deal with oil or grease. Looking at the fact that some little grasses could be left at the edges of your lawn, it could be helpful to get an affordable trimmer. Alternatively, you may consider investing in cheap weed eater which will help you clean out the edges in no time.  

After every 60 minutes of run time, you have to recharge the 28 volts lithium ion battery. However, the base station could have it recharged fully within 45 minutes or less. Through the artificial intelligence system built into it, this machine will automatically detect the height of grasses around your lawn and then adjust the cutting height accordingly. Combine this with the random cutting operation and you'll have clean and even cuts without any odd patterns.  

Please note that this one does not work in the rain like others. However, you should expect a satisfactory level of mowing output even when the grasses are wet. As part of its safety system, a shutdown will happen automatically when the blade is exposed by any means.  

Contrary to what you may experience with gas powered lawn mowers, there is nothing much like maintenance chores required on this machine. No grease, no oil, no refueling; nothing. You can start using it right out of the box. Expectedly, there is a user manual that comes with it.  


  • Powerful rain sensor 
  • Shock sensors for obstacle detection 
  • No setup required 
  • You can manage the schedule from your smartphone 
  • Automatic cutting height adjustment  


  • Doesn't cut all edges around the fence 
  • Risky sharp wire for pets and children  

Check WORX WG794 Landroid Price On Amazon

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 Robotic Lawn Mower 

Finding the best robot lawn mower under $2000 doesn't have to take you through a thousand different pages. For people that have had interaction with some past users, you probably might have heard about this brand name Husqvarna. If not, it has earned a distinct position in this niche market of autonomous mowers. And that's why I found reasons to include it within these lawn mower reviews.  

As one of the most popular brands in this market, they have other great models like Husqvarna Automower 315x, 115h and 430x. however, the one I chose to review her among the top sellers from their stable.  

Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 Robot

First things first, this is another model in this list that actually works well in the rain. And that means you can use it in different seasons and weather conditions. Looking at it from the outside, you'll notice a kind of elegant design that looks sturdy as well. From my findings, this company was confirmed to be among the pioneer inventors of robot mowers.  

Depending on the size of your lawn, it is meant to handle spaces of 1/3 acres. Whenever the need arises, like the battery going down, the smart navigation system returns it automatically to the charging station. About the 25% inclined slopes that others are meant to handle, this one has the capacity to do 45% with ease. As part maximum convenience you'll get from it, they have a proprietary Connect@Home Bluetooth solution that works compatibly with it. With this, you can control the machine directly from your smartphone. For example, you can send Start, Stop and Park as well as other commands from your phone. The workability range is just about 300 meters.  

All it takes to recharge fully is just about 60 minutes. Practically, this will give you up to 60 minutes run time. The cutting height is between 2 – 3.6 inches. Like so many others in the same category, the said cutting height can be adjusted automatically based on the detected height of grasses in view. When you buy Husqvarna AUTOMOWER 315 on Amazon or anywhere else, you'll get 9 extra blades.  

This model is powered by 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery. Among other things, it has a large LCD display and 19 operating buttons. Hey, this won't get you overwhelmed as there is a simple to understand user manual that comes with it. With the 60 dB (A), you can be sure of impressive quiet operation.  


  • 9 extra blades 
  • Handles highly sloppy areas very well 
  • Theft detection PIN code and alarm  
  • Automatic pass handling  


  • Leaves a lot of grasses on the edge 
  • The PIN code can be hard to handle a lot of times 

Check Husqvarna Automower 315x Price On Amazon

Gardena 4069 R80Li Robotic Mower  

With a price that is slightly above $1000, you could have the lawn mowed completely without spending a minute to push, ride or guide the machine. For people that have been spending money to have their yard cleaned by experts, you can now eliminate the associated fees completely. Moreover, there won't be any need for refueling. These are the cool benefits of robot lawn mowers that most people enjoy the most when they buy.  

Gardena 4069 R80Li

In addition to its clean sturdy design, Gerdena 4069 R80Li features an oval shape that looks attractive on the outside. Instead of leaving mounds of grasses that require raking, this mower shreds everything into pieces. Depending on your choice, you may want to leave these tiny bits to form new natural manure to keep your lawn healthy in all seasons. Like many others in the same category, it comes with a boundary wire that helps to keep the machine within the space that you want to be mowed.  

Regarding quiet operation, 58 decibels is what you get on this one. Interestingly, this is lower than what is obtainable from other competing models in the same category. That means you don't have to worry about disturbing your surrounding neighbors.  

When the need for charging arises, the sensors will direct it back to the charging station. Once again, you don't have to spend any single minute in trying to recharge or refuel your lawn mower. Among other impressive findings, Gardena 4069 R80Li has been proven to deliver good performance even when rain is pouring.  


  • Anti-theft protection  
  • Emission free lawn mower 
  • Very easy to use selection panel  
  • Impressive performance in all seasons 


  • Low cutting height  

Check Gardena 4069 R80Li Price On Amazon

Husqvarna Automower 430x 

If you want to find out Husqvarna Automower 430x price immediately, just follow the appropriate link in this review section. For one good reason, this is the second model from the same brand in this post. According to the manufacturer, this mower can handle .8 acre perfectly without the owner's involvement. Like some other models from the same brand, it has an attractive design around 28.4 x 22 v 12 inches.  

Husqvarna Automower 430x

With the GPS navigation system and boundary wire, you can have it bounded within the chosen spaces. But because it doesn't work in the rain like others, it has a weather timer. What this does is to detect changing weather conditions like rain and it will be moved automatically to the base station after shutting off. The range of adjustable height is between 20 – 60mm. Through the control panel, you'll be able to select all your preferred options and let it go.  

Whether you are looking for additional fertilizer to keep your lawn healthy and green or not, the tiny shredded grasses will amazon when they decompose after some time. In fact, this is an eco-friendly way to fertilize your yard from time to time. Practically, you are getting double value – clean mowing and fertilization at the same time. One other thing that sets this model apart is the multizone capability. This feature makes it possible to cross and clean other areas in your home.  


  • Husqvarna app 
  • Multizone capability 
  • Intelligent smart sensors 
  • Works well on slippery slopes 


  • The text alert takes time 
  • Leaves grasses on the edges  

Check Husqvarna Automower 430x Price On Amazon

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much does a robot lawn mower cost? 

Most of the best robot lawn mowers can be found selling between $800 - $3000. However, if you are looking for commercial robotic mowers, expect a higher amount within this range.  

Robotic Mower

Do robotic lawn mowers work? 

Yes, they work really well while delivering great benefits. Assuming you don't want to deal with refueling and emission from gas powered lawn mower, this is the type of lawn mower you should go for. While they really cost more than these other types, the value you get cannot be compared at all.  

Which robot lawn mower is best for hills? 

Read through the reviews above and you'll see an indication of how each one handles slopes and hills. Furthermore, getting to Amazon will certainly unfold more information in this regard.  

Does robot lawn mower get stolen? 

Depending on the nature of your home, it is still possible to steal this machine in varying contexts. However, most of them come with PIN code for locking and theft alarm.  

Where can I buy robot lawn mower?  

All of the products reviewed here can be bought on Amazon. Just follow the appropriate link around each of these mower reviews above.  


As you have seen from this robot lawn mower buying guide, there are many interesting benefits that you can experience when you buy this machine. One obvious thing is that the value you can get from it is incomparable with what other traditional mowers can offer you. At least, there is no ongoing maintenance cost associated with it.  

To make the purchase decision easier for you, all of the products reviewed here had been selected from the top sellers in the market. Certainly, I never intended to overwhelm you with too many options, that's why I have limited it to the few models selected among the best in the marketplace.  

In the case that you decide to buy robotic mower on Amazon, try to test everything upon arrival.  


Our best robot lawn mower is still the Mcculloch Rob R1000 because of the advanced features present. You can also cover a large area with the lawnmower while using less power. Another good option that you can go for if you have a budget is the WORX WR150 Landroid. It offers 9 inches of cutting width and will cover up to half an acre. If this mower detects rain, it retracts and goes back to charging mode.

Additionally, the mower is exceptional in cutting wet grass. It is WI-FI and app-controlled, which makes the entire process easy and quick. Ensure you have the latest updates for good functioning.

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