11 Exciting High-Tech Gadgets That Are Making Classrooms Smarter

Girls with hi tech gadgets

In the 21st century, everything is connected to technology, and everything is advancing with the help of technological innovations. So its positive influence on people’s lives cannot be denied. At the age of 1 and a half children cannot talk yet but they can already use a smartphone to watch videos on YouTube, which is amazing.

This is why every classroom has to be equipped with at least a few high tech gadgets to involve children in a learning process, therefore, making them grasp the material easier and faster. But what devices are there except for simple smartphones and laptops? Below we have provided a few examples of the best tools that can be used in a modern technology school.


This is one of the most widely used types of technology in the classroom. They are easy to buy, install and work on. Teachers can share different presentations as well as videos, and every student can observe them on his/her device. There are also numerous interactive educational games to be downloaded to make children even more involved in the learning process. The same is applicable to college students. Who doesn’t like playing (especially during the class), after all?!

Teacher With Students and Gadgets

With the help of tablets, students also can pass different tests making it easier for a teacher to access the answers and grade a person. Moreover, one can write an essay on this device and send it to a teacher via an e-mail. One of the examples drawn here can be the need to compose an essay on stereotypes or any other topic. However, an instructor must pay attention to whether students write everything on their own because some may want to cheat and look for an essay or a research paper on stereotype issues as well as stereotype essay examples on the Internet. In such a case, the usage of classroom technology will not be of help.

However, it is our duty to warn you that having tablets is not the only spending that will be required. One should also buy a storage for all of them with a charging station and/or at least have the cases for each device.

3D Print

The 3D print is a device that produces solid objects and can be used almost in every subject at school. Primary school teachers can utilize it to show children some simple items or to make things for those who are tactile types of learners. At the same time, this gadget is an excellent help for high school teachers as it can be used in physics, chemistry, engineering, fashion, architecture, biology, etc.

Showcasing 3d printing Technology

Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/L_N7BaNLC5Y

Such a technological tool can engage as well as interact students more, advance their problem-solving skills, enhance creativity and promote a hands-on approach.

3D Doodler

This is a cheaper to 3D print alternative. This is basically a pen, which has ink that will harden once it is out. This is especially useful for art, design and architecture classes.

Oculus Rift

This is a virtual reality (VR) headset, which was primarily manufactured for video games players. However, such a device is perfect for learning too. Everything can be shown with their help. A biology teacher can utilize it to show the variety of species living in the deep oceanic waters. A history teacher can show all the atrocities of World War II. By actually observing the things being taught, children memorize more. In addition, if you have such a device in your classroom, be sure that everyone would like having a lesson with you.


This is an extremely efficient device, which is to substitute old-school blackboards. They have a touchpad so there is an opportunity to write, draw, drag pieces, copy or highlight text and choose elements with the help of different electronic pens or simply your fingers. One can also show different videos as well as run presentations there. However, a digital projector is required and without it, the board will not work.

An interactive whiteboard is perfect for hand-on learning and students’ effective collaboration. It makes the classes as well as lectures not that monotonous and requires students actually to be the part of the education process. Active participation in the topic under consideration is guaranteed.


Electronic books are great examples of the use of technology in the classroom. Some printed versions are too expensive to buy, or you, as a teacher, may need only a few exercises out of the entire 300-pages long edition. So there is a possibility to find the book online and to download those particular pages.

Girl enjoying e-book in the pool on vacation

Moreover, it is a stereotype that they can be used only for reading. More advanced versions have dictionaries, access to the Internet, games and the opportunity to view presentations or even listen to podcasts as well as music.

Creative spaces

Nowadays a lot of companies tend to debunk the standard offices and settle in open space environments for workers’ better cooperation. So can be also done in the classrooms. Creative spaces can be made to enhance the learning process. There must be a place where a teacher can have a comfortable for all the parties conversation with a student. There must be also a corner with laptops in case someone has to work on a research paper or has a peculiar query. A zone with electronic devices (like a smartboard and a VR headset) must be created too. For little ones, there can be different tools for kinesthetic as well as tactile learners, for example, special sand or boards.

Interactive projectors

These are the projectors, which can display a picture or an image almost on every item in the classroom. They are excellent to use when you want to show different animals, for example, or for more advanced students, the structure of the Earth core. 


teacher with camera

This is great, especially for second language teachers. In the past, in order to learn a language and communicate with native speakers, our parents as well as grandparents used to write letters. Nowadays, everything is simpler. You can use Skype, for instance, to develop your speaking skills and to improve language knowledge. So why not use it in the classroom then? A teacher can contact a colleague from the country with native students, set particular time to have a conversation and finally connect children with the help of social media to discuss the issues the vocabulary of which is already learnt. In such a way, not only language skills will be developed. Young ones would be provided with the opportunity to enhance the worldview, be more tolerant and eager to learn.

STEAM kits

It is a device that can be used by starting from an 8-years old pupil and ending with a college student having engineering as a major. It is a portable device to do hands-on experiments to enhance creativity as well as stimulate the overall thinking process. One can use it in math, physics, chemistry, science, design, art, architecture and engineering classes. Every kit consists of a board, a guide, an audio recording, books and other pieces needed like microscopes to practice and learn in a more creative as well as interactive way.

GPS device

Surprise, isn’t it? Well, you have to understand that we are talking about extraordinary classes here. There is no need for this gadget when you have the lessons in a school. But if you want to run it in a forest, a park or a museum, it is better to have GPS because once you have it, it will be easier to track everyone. Moreover, in case someone is lost, there will be no problem to find this student.

All in all, people should be thankful for the technological advancements. They have made not only lives, in general, but also the educational process easier. If you want to be a teacher who students will be fond of, make your class engaging. How? That’s easy in the 21st century. Simply connect it to technology. The tools described above will help you with this. And then everyone will look forward to your lessons as they will have fun and will learn without even paying attention to how much skills and knowledge they acquire.

So take your time, think of what devices will be applicable in your area of expertise, choose a few and prepare yourself to become one of the best innovative teachers in school.

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