How to Turn Off Ring Camera in a Few Easy Steps

How to Turn Off Ring Camera

Ring cameras are safety gadgets used for monitoring and surveillance needs. Ring doorbell cameras function over the internet; you can access your property’s footage remotely with your phone, tablet, or computer. Homeowners may need to temporarily turn off the Ring cameras for various reasons, but turning off the cams the wrong way can cause problems.

Key Takeaways

  • Ring cameras are beneficial for enhancing security remotely with a measure of control to avoid jeopardizing their privacy.
  • Comprehending how to turn off the ring camera is imperative when dealing with indoor cams or other private areas within the house.
  • Users can use mode settings to turn off motion recording on all Ring cameras at home. Configure Modes by tapping ☰ then Settings > Modes > Disarmed.
  • You can configure one camera to turn off motion recording. Turn off motion recording on a single camera by tapping ☰ then select Devices > the device you want to change > Motion Detection > Disable Motion Detection.

Disable the ring camera temporarily by opening the Ring app on your handset device, then click the three lines on the top left. Tap which devices you intend to adjust, and then turn the record motion off.

Ring cameras provide real-time access to cloud-based recording. Ring security cameras may be prone to hacking and cyber threats like any other software. Hence, knowing how to turn off the ring camera when necessary is essential. Let’s dive in!

How to Turn Off Ring Camera Without Anyone Knowing

A ring camera incorporates motion recording with motion detection technology to detect intrusions. You can disable the ring camera motion record without anyone knowing by following the outlined steps:

  • Download the Ring app on your device and connect the app to your Ring gadget
  • Input the settings
  • Choose your ring gadget
  • Turn off sensor motions

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How to Turn Off Ring Camera on App

Users can turn off the ring camera temporarily through mode settings. Trigger off mode by enabling the ‘Disarmed’ or ‘Home’ mode setting. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Open the ring app
  • Access the app menu by tapping the hamburger icon in the top left corner
  • Press settings to tap the modes on the pop-up menu
  • Tap ‘enable modes’ to pick defaults and turn it on
  • Choose ‘Disarmed’ or ‘Home ’ from the mode list options
  • Select the camera you intend to switch off
  • Progress to the motion detection and live review section
  • Click save and exit

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How to Turn Off Ring Camera While Charging

Your ring camera can last up to 1000 event notifications, and users can check battery status using the Ring app on their Smartphone. It’s not fit to let the battery deplete entirely. Here are tips to follow when charging your gadget;

You will need a screwdriver, security screw, and micro USB charger.

  • Begin by unscrewing the security screws at the bottom of the ring camera. Remove the faceplate and leave the base in position.
  • Plug the charger USB cable into a power source. Put the cable in the port at the back of your Ring camera.
  • Let the charge flow for 5 to 10 hours until the battery is fully charged. The Ring camera will be fully illuminated when your battery is full.
  • Place the ring doorbell back on its base. Fix properly until you hear a click.
  • Use a screwdriver to return the security screws on the ring camera base. 

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How to Turn Off Ring Camera for All Users

You can disable the ring camera while using the Ring app’s settings. Here is how to do so:

  • Launch the Ring app
  • Tap the three lines in the left top-left corner of the handset screen
  • Tap ‘Devices’, then select all the devices you intend to disable
  • Tap the three dots in the top-right corner of the device’s image
  • Tap ‘Device Settings and scroll down to click ‘Disable Camera toggle.’
  • Tap the command to turn off your camera  

How to Turn Off Ring Indoor Camera

Homeowners may feel that the ring cameras are spying on them. You can turn off the ring camera by disabling motion detection at home. Disabling the motion detection in-ring camera prevents the camera from detecting or recording any motion. Follow the below steps to make indoor ring cam inefficient:

  • Start the ring application on your phone.
  • Access your user ring account.
  • Move to the ring gadget you intend to turn off motion detection and move the on-screen slider to the left.
  • Upon turning off the motion detection ability, your ring camera isn’t recording anything.

Does Turning Off Wi-Fi Disable Ring Camera

Yes. Ring cameras require an internet connection to function smoothly. Therefore, the ring camera won’t detect or record any motions if you disable Wi-Fi connections. Ring cameras without active internet connections are deemed worthless because they lack local storage and depend on the cloud-based store.

How to Trick a Ring Camera

Ring cameras can be customized to capture motions in a personalized way. Here are some tricks you can incorporate;

Stop Unwanted Alerts With Motion Zones

Users can customize motion zones to focus on specific areas of their property. This lets you not get unwanted alerts from outside your home. Customizable motions block out roads and sidewalks.

Set Areas as “Off Limits”

Use privacy zones to locate privacy areas to deter motion alerts from certain parts. Once you introduce a privacy area, you won’t see anything from that area.

Always Keep Your Ring Software Up-To-Date

Updated software integrates essential security patches for enhanced protection.

Is There a Way to Turn Off Ring Cameras

You can download the Ring app on your Smartphone to turn off any indoor or outdoor ring camera gadgets within the house. The ring app allows users to turn off the camera either entirely or temporarily.

How Do I Turn Off My Ring Without My Parents Knowing

You can altogether disable the ring camera by turning off the motion recording alerts. Follow the below steps:

  • Launch your ring app
  • Select your ring doorbell device on your ring app
  • On the motion settings, tap “motion schedule”
  • Disable the custom time and day set for the motion alerts
  • Save to disable motion alerts

How Do I Turn Off the Ring Video Doorbell

Modern home security systems integrate ring cameras in their video doorbell. If you want to disable your ring camera fully, follow the below steps;

  • Run the ring app on your Smartphone
  • Tap ‘Ring Doorbell’
  • On the next screen, select “motion record”
  • Turn off the record motion control
  • The ring camera will switch off and disable the recording

How to Turn Ring Camera Offline

Ring cameras function effectively in the presence of an internet connection. Lack of internet initiates poor functionality because ring cameras integrate cloud storage for storage of recorded clips. Offline connections or the absence of an internet connection renders the ring cams worthless.

The simplest way to turn the ring camera offline is by turning off the Wi-Fi or disconnecting the internet connections. The ring camera won’t detect or record any motions.


Ring cameras optimize home security as you can access the footage remotely on your handset. Users need to know when to employ the turn-off modes to keep a measure of privacy control. We believe the steps provided above have helped you.

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