What Is VulkanRT And Do You Need It?

What Is VulkanRT

Curious about what is VulkanRT and what it does on your computer? Let's find out...

Is VulkanRT a virus? That would be the first question that comes to mind if you haven’t heard about it before. It’s not a harmful computer program; it actually helps improve the quality of computer use. It was originally introduced in 2015 and comes with practically all computers today. 

How Did it Get in Your PC?

VulkanRT comes as part of an installation package of games and video software. It could be through an NVidia driver pack or an AMD or a brand new game that requires it as support. In many cases, VulkanRT is a standard inclusion in PCs and if this is your first time to notice it, then make sure to think back on the many programs you run with your computer. Chances are VulkanRT is working with those programs for seamless operation.

Reasons Why You’d Want to Keep VulkanRT

Reasons Why You’d Want to Keep VulkanRT
  1. Improves CPU Performance

The main function of VulkanRT is to distribute the work so your CPU doesn’t overheat. If you run 3D applications, then your CPU is working overtime and might even shut down due to the heavy task. The VulkanRT stops this from happening by redirecting the load so all the cores are working equally. This is called “batching” and gives a faster performance for your PC.

  1. Multi-Core Friendly

The common counterpart of the program is OpenGL which works just as well but is limited when it comes to processors. Simply put, Vulkan can work with multiple core processors but OpenGL will just work with one, thereby focusing all the load in a single hardware. This can quickly heat up your PC, cause lags, and essentially decrease the viewing experience.

  1. Compatible with Top Platforms

If your operating system is either Linux or Windows, then this program will be the better choice. A number of users have noted that VulkanRT actually works best when it comes to these platforms. You’ll be able to enjoy better images – especially if you’re running heavy games.

  1. Better Space

Believe it or not, VulkanRT doesn’t take a lot of space and can actually reduce the amount of memory being used in your PC. Once installed, it can trigger compact drivers to free up space for other needs.

Reasons Why You’d Want to Remove VulkanRT

Most people search for VulkanRT online because their antivirus software flagged it as something dangerous. Note that this is NOT the case at all. If you keep getting antivirus prompts to uninstall Vulkan Runtime Libraries, make sure your antivirus program is up to date. Newer versions no longer flag this software as dangerous. If the prompt continues however, you can utilize the feature that lets you flag the program as “safe” or you can just ignore the alerts.

Of course, there are instances when removing the program is also preferable to keeping it. For example, you already have OpenGL or perhaps you’re not running software that requires this program.

After Removal – Your PC’s Performance

After VulkanRT Removal Your PC Performance

If you’re only running basic programs, removing VulkanRT should not have any distinct change in your PC. However, once you decide to load a game or do anything involving graphics, you will instantly notice the difference. The main impact would be on resolution which would be blurry or not as sharp as usual. It could also cause lags or freezes on your device during videos.

The Verdict – Should You Keep It?

The short and simple answer to this question is – yes. Now, you might argue that you don’t run any heavy programs on your computer. However, if you intend to watch movies through this PC or perhaps install games, the presence of VulkanRT becomes very important. Even if you’re just browsing the web, opening multiple pages can already take its toll on your CPU. The lack of VulkanRT will severely limit its capacity to run multiple programs at the same time and may cause crashes. Hence, unless you intend to install something better, opt to keep this software in its place.

Remove VulnkanRT in Your Computer

Let’s say you’ve decided to remove VulkanRT afterall – how do you do this? Here’s how:

  1. Start by going to your PC’s search function and type the word “Run” and hit enter.
  2. A dialog box will open up. Type the word “appwiz.cpl” onto the spot provided.
  3. A new dialog box will open and it will contain a listing of all the programs currently installed in your computer. Run through what’s on display until you find the VulkanRT program you want.
  4. Once you find the program, right click it and hit the “Uninstall/change” button.
  5. The uninstallation process should proceed smoothly after this. If any dialog box pops up, read it through before hitting YES.

Installing VulkanRT Again

Installing VulkanRT Again

So let’s say you’ve made the mistake of removing VulkanRT and now want to put it back in your computer. Here’s the bad news – the installation process is actually a bit more difficult than the uninstallation. This is why it’s better to keep the program in your PC – even if you’re not really taking advantage of its benefits. Fortunately, reinstallation is not impossible. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Start by taking a good look at your drivers. To install the program, you want a driver that works with Vulcan. The Vulcan-compatible drivers today include Broadcom, AMD, Arm, Intel, Nvidia, VeriSilicon, Qualcomm, and Imagination.
  2. Go to your driver’s site and update it. This will automatically reinstall the program in your computer.

A common problem people have is if their device driver is already up to date. Chances are the site will give a prompt and refuse to give you the update. If this happens, there’s no choice but to uninstall the driver completely and then reinstall it again. This can be done through the following:

  1. Search for “Device manager” in your PC’s search bar and click Device Manager as it pops up.
  2. Go to your Display Adapters and uninstall the graphics hardware device.
  3. Uninstall the device. Make sure you’ve also clicked “Delete driver software for this device”.
  4. Reboot your computer.
  5. Upon restarting, the operating software will instantly install the driver including VulkanRT.
  6. If the automatic installation doesn’t happen, go to Device Manager again, find your video driver and click the Update Driver option.

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