Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi – Reasons And Solutions

Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wi-Fi

Most Samsung Smart TV owners get Wi-Fi hiccups with time, which is a common problem. So if your Samsung TV isn’t connecting, diagnose the problem and solve it, and you’ll be all set to enjoy your favorite programs.  

Lucky you, we’ve got you covered if you want to identify the problem with your Samsung TV Wi-Fi connection and how to solve it. The main reasons your TV isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi are the following.

  • You don’t have an internet connection, or there are signal flaws. Talking of Wi-Fi, it could be that your ethernet isn’t working.
  • The solution is updating your TV’s software. You can also double-check your cable and router to ensure the signal is okay. Also, unplugging and plugging back in works. 

 Read on as we discuss these reasons & solutions and more.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Connect to the Wi-Fi

The reasons why your Samsung TV isn’t connecting to WiFi include the following. 
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  • Issues with the network itself
  • Issues with your TV
  • The trouble with the ISP

Issues with your network depend on the mode of connection and are sometimes liked to the Internet Service provider. Your cable is not well-connected, and there’s trouble with your router.

Issues with your Television include outdated TV Network software, firmware bugs, and incorrectly configured DNS settings.

And, as odd as it sounds, you could be having trouble with your internet service Provider. Here, it could be that your MAC gets blocked because it’s out of range, or they completely blocked your TV from accessing Wi-Fi.  

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  • Samsung TV isn’t Connecting; Check for Issues with the Network 

It could be that you have issues with the network. Double-check your cable with the laptop if you’re using an ethernet cable to connect your device to the router. It could be the ethernet isn’t working.

Also, for direct connection, the problem might be with the router. Restart it and check if the other devices connected to the Wi-Fi are working. It could be a simple buffer, or your service subscription is due if they aren’t. Check if you’ve paid for your internet. 

If you’ve connected too many devices, you could remove some to reduce lag and internet buffering, especially with routers with network speeds below 20mbps.

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  • Your Samsung TV May Be Having Issues

Smart Samsung TVs come with internet firmware and other software. With time, like with phones, the TV software becomes outdated, requiring an update. So it could be that your TV’s firmware is not up-to-date. You’ll see in a few how to check for any updates.

Another trouble is where the TV’s Network Software has bugs or malware. It’s rare to have a TV get viruses. But TVs continue to be more and more computer-like. 

There are awareness alerts on the possibility of Android Bugs jumping from tablets, phones, and other devices to other android-powered items like Samsung Smart TVs. In 2016, Engr Daren Cauthon revealed that Ransomware could infect smart TV. 

  • The Problem Isn’t the Samsung TV; It’s With Your IPS

For some reason, your IPS could have blocked your Samsung TV’s MAC address, so you can’t connect to the internet. 

Yeah, it seems far-stretched, but your internet service provider could be the problem.

For instance, say you noticed unauthorized devices connecting to your network. You then requested your providers to kick some devices out and block the unauthorized user. In that process, they might have excluded your Samsung TV accidentally.

Also, it could be that your device is out of range with the ISP. 

So, your Smart TV requires a MAC address to connect to the router, and that MAC address is subject to the ISP in one way or another. 

Wi-Fi Not Working On Samsung TV but Working On Other Devices: Solutions

Wi-Fi works on other devices and not on Samsung TV because of outdated software and the cable not working. So do the following. Solutions for a Samsung TV that isn’t connecting to Wi-Fi include the following.

  • Restart Your Samsung TV

The solution for a Samsung TV that isn’t Connecting to Wi-Fi starts with rebooting the TV. This trick resolves over 50 percent of all connection issues. 

Don’t use the remote to reboot your device, though that’s tempting. Unplug it from the power source and wait for a minute. 

Waiting for a minute will take you lots of patience because you may be running to watch a favorite program. But waiting 60 seconds gives the TV a chance to drain all the charge. So you won’t rush the restart process. You could give an extra minute, but one is enough.

Next, plug it back in. It should now connect to the internet. But should it not work, take the next step; check out the internet.

2. Update the TV’s Software

Updating the TV’s Software could help your Samsung TV connect to Wi-Fi swiftly in the future. Since updating is impossible without Wi-Fi connection, ensure you immediately update it when the TV connects to the internet. To update the software, do the following.

  1. Go to TV settings, then to support.
  2. After opening the support page, you’ll see “software update.” Click it. 
  3. You’ll see “update now” and “Auto-update.” Click the “update now” button. The TV will check for updates. If it’s up-to-date and doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi, check your internet connection because it could be the issue. 

turn on the automatic update so you don’t have to go all the way to update your TV. 

3. Check Out Your Internet Connection

To check your internet connection, do the following. 

  1. Press the settings Button on your TV’s remote. It will show you the settings page, pretty much like the following:
    2. Then go to general. On the right, there will be open network settings hurdle. Press it.
    3. It will show you the two types: wireless settings or wired. After a second, it should display the networks available. 

If there aren’t any networks, there’s no internet connection. We saw you could plug your ethernet into your laptop or desktop to ensure it’s not the issue. 

Also, restart your router because it could be having a long buffering session, or there’s no internet because probably your subscription session expired, and you didn’t realize it. The last result will be a network reset if there are still issues. 

  • Reset Network, Router/Modem, Then Factory Reset Your TV

Reset your network configurations on your TV. Though it loses the passwords, and you have to reenter them, this is an excellent last result.  

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How Do I Reset My Wi-Fi on My Samsung Smart TV?

To reset the network, go to settings > general > network settings > Network reset. In resetting the router or modem, go to the provider’s application. Change the password, then reenter it on your TV. However, some routers have a button you can press with your pen or pin to do a hard network reset.

Also, you can factory reset your Samsung TV with or without the remote. Go to settings > general settings > Reset. If you have a wired keyboard without the remote, connect it via the back of your TV and use it to navigate. If not, use the TV’s on-built buttons. 

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Check if Your IPS is Down

To know if the reason for your Samsung Smart TV failure to connect to the network originates from the providers, ensure that you’ve checked all reasons and your Wi-Fi won’t connect.

But some Internet Service providers notify their users via a text message like mine. Otellnotify via Twitter or their social media hurdles like XFINITY and Disney. 

If they’re down, it’s mainly due to maintenance, which could take several hours but shouldn’t exceed a day.  

How to Connect Samsung TV to Internet Wired or Wireless

To connect your Samsung TV to the wired internet, take the wire connection and plug it in at the back of your Samsung Smart TV. 

tv4 1
To connect wirelessly. Go to settings > general > network setting > select the network to connect > enter password > tap ok.

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In conclusion, if your computer shows error codes like Error Code 107, it’s having trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi. But the solutions are easy, and it’s possible to do them yourself. Before buying a new TV, try them out and let us know how it went. 

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