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Quadcopter Walkera QR X350

Walkera QR X350 is one of the Walkera’s quadcopter creations, and is nearly as famous as DJI, UDI, or Syma. They’re a trusted brand that provides great entertainment value with their line of RC toys. They’re reasonably affordable and priced under $400.

Considering that this includes a video and still camera, it’s a pretty good deal, as higher-end model quadcopters often don’t even include the camera. It’s common that a good separate digital camera can cost upwards of $600, so this is a pretty good package deal.

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The Walkera QR X350 is a quadcopter-style remote controlled device. It comes in a white plastic casing with 4 rotating propellers on top, and four protective legs. Underneath is an iLook video and still camera. It has green underside LED running lights.

When you need a longer running time to take your photos and still images, the Walkera QR X350 certainly delivers. It’s the perfect choice for someone who is a seasoned flying pro pilot.

Quick overview of the Walkera QR X350

The Walkera QR X350 quadcopter has a pro camera that suits your video and photo recording needs. It has a two kilometer control range between drone and radio controller.

The flight time of the Walkera QR X350 quadcopter lasts up to 25 minutes, which is needed when you are filming video, or taking photographs from the air.

The Walkera QR X350 is equipped with a brushless gimbal. This is a G-2D brushless augmentation system. It improves the stability and image quality for aerial photography. It allows for multi-angle photographing, and stable images for professional photography. The gimbal has a control range of -45 degrees to +45 degrees for roll; and -135 degrees to +90 degrees for pitch.

The camera is an iLook, which can take both still images and video footage. The Walkera QR X350 can carry the iLook mega pixel camera on the underside, with the use of the gimbal. It utilizes the 5.8G FPV—First Person View—mode. The camera has 1280 by 720 pixels. The video range can be 500 meters or more, depending on the environment.

Three versions of the Walkera QR X350 radio controller to choose

The basic version of the radio controller, the DEVO 10 allows for a long flight time, and stable aerial photography. The DEVO 10 has a professional ten channel radio. Its control range is from one to two kilometers. The radio controller comes in a white finish. It has an antenna on top, and the two standard toggle switches to either side. There are orange buttons that control trim and direction. It measures 3270 by 190 millimeters.

The Devo 7 measures 330 by 190 millimeters. It comes in a grey finish, and has a smart device attachment. It works through Wi-Fi. It has a range of 400 meters, and a control range of two kilometers.

Devo F7 measures 240 by 190 millimeters. It is the pro version of the radio controller, and comes in a black finish. It has a video range of 500 kilometers to one kilometer.

Great features of the Walkera QR X350

The Walkera QR X350 contains the latest GPS control system. This allows for super stability, while in the air. The position hold is more stable, while the operation is easier. You can take some great photos, while keeping your drone stable. Besides the forward motion of the quad, it’ll appear as though the video were taken by a stable camera on land.

The Walkera QR X350 has a longer flight time of twenty-five minutes. This is achieved through a large capacity battery of 5200mHa 3S Li-Po battery.

This is a safe and reliable battery, and is easy to switch out. It weighs 316 grams. You’ll want to purchase extra, so you can extend your outdoor flight times. The battery pack is easy to pop in and out.

Specs of the Walkera QR X350

The Walkera QR X350 measures 289 millimeters by 289 millimeters. It is 205 millimeters tall. The box measures 355 by 543 meters. The main rotor diameter is 446 millimeters, with the rotor blade length being 232 millimeters. You can also purchase different carrying cases and accessories and parts for your Walkera QR X350.

When making your purchase, you have the choice between the Mode 1 right hand throttle, or the Mode 2 left hand throttle. You can also choose the BNF, GoPro or iLook version, and European or American standard.

Walkera Customer Support

Walkera supports their entire product line with exemplary customer service. You can visit their website to find out how to access their customer service center. They have working hours of Monday to Sunday, 9:00 am to midnight.

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If you’re interested in seeing how the Walkera QR X350 works from the air, check out the Walkera website. They have several flight videos, so you can get a better idea of the features and characteristics of the quadcopter, the iLook camera, and the DEVO remote controllers. There are also video Quick Start guides, to help you get your Walkera QR X350 in the air, fast.

There are a variety of user manuals online, to help you get started with learning how to fly your Walkera QR X350. There is a Quick Start guide to check out first. There is a spare parts list, in case you need to find out if you can replace a part on your quad that is broken or damaged. There are also manuals available in Spanish, Russian, and German.

There are software upgrades available online, so you can ensure you have the latest version. V1.5 and V1.7 are the latest releases.

The Walkera QR X350 quadcopter is a great deal for when you want a professional-quality drone, but don’t want to pay four figures for it. The iLook camera is pro-quality, and will take fantastic video and still images. You’ll impress your friends when they see the images that you share with them.

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