Walkera QR x350 Pro Manual

Walkera QR x350 Pro Photo Gallery

Walkera QR x350 Pro Manual

Walkera QR x350 pro manual
Compared with the base model Walkera QR x350 pro has a longer flight time which is 25 minutes.
The main brain quadrocopter Walkera QR x350 pro is a flight controller Devo-M which provides excellent stability.

The GSM module is responsible for withholding the exact position in space.
Walkera QR x350 pro has a firm suspension which help to get a great video and photos without shaking.
Walkera QR x350 pro manual will give you full instructions how to use this unit and talk about all features.
This model can use everybody regardless of experience.
For example autoreturn function allows one-touch key retrieve quadrocopter back and land.

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For download full version Walkera QR x350 pro manual click here

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jeffreyjeffre March 9, 2015 - 11:46 pm

thay say not to fly the qr x350 pro on a hot sunny day

Gary Karyn April 9, 2015 - 12:25 pm

hello i just bought a walkera qr x350 with a G=3D and a DEVO F12E plus a Go pro hero$4.im having some problem to calibrate it with the DEVO F12E. also i need to setup the DEVO..can someone help me plz.thx. ps. the manual is different.


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