Honeywell Home T9 Vs. Nest Vs. ecobee 4 Smart Thermostats

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Honeywell Home T9

Are you building a new home?

Probably you’re spending lots of time thinking about the best smart thermostat to use on your property to offer the best experience. The smart thermostat market is growing fast, and it can be challenging to keep up with the pace. 

Don’t worry!

In this guide, we want to make it simple for you to choose the best smart thermostat for your needs. We’re going to compare three of the best thermostats in the market, including the Honeywell Home T9, Nest, and the ecobee 4. 

Factors to Consider While Looking for a Smart Thermostat

Before you can settle on a smart thermostat as the best solution for your needs, there are some factors you should consider. Such factors include:

Smart Home Compatibility 

Today, most homes use smart devices to operate. 

For instance, several homes use voice assistants, including Alexa and Google assistant, to operate other devices using your voice. You can integrate the voice assistants with other devices, including security cameras and smart thermostats. 

Your choice of the smart thermostat should also be compatible with other smart devices in your home. For instance, if it's compatible with voice assistants, you can use your voice to monitor and regulate the temperatures in the house. 


You should also consider the price of the smart thermostat you want to purchase. 

With the influx of smart thermostats in the market, you can get an option that offers incredible features at a reduced price. 

Most devices also offer various payment packages depending on the features you’re looking for. It’ll be best if it offers a free trial to help you test its effectiveness before you can commit your money. Other devices can come with a free plan that offers limited features. 

You should look for a smart thermostat that offers you the best quality features but at a reduced cost. 

Ease of Use

Being a smart device, it would make no sense if it's challenging to use and takes all your time. 

The smart thermostat should be easy to mount, launch and also use. Setting up the device shouldn’t require you to have advanced technological knowledge. 

You should also have an easy time troubleshooting the device if there’s an issue. It should also be easy to add other devices to the thermostat. 

Additionally, the smart thermostat should come with features that help deal with obstructions from the house's furniture, walls, and other obstacles. 


Your choice of smart thermostat should also come in a design that makes it easy to install and operate. 

It should feature a sturdy material construction that makes it durable. 

It should also feature an elegant and sleek design that adds a touch of class to your house. It’ll help a lot if the design can help you save space in your house and also helps it blend with other devices in the room. 

So, which is the best choice between Honeywell Home T9, Nest, and ecobee 4 smart thermostats? 

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Honeywell Home T9

The Honeywell Home T9 is one of the newest models and one of the smart thermostats with the best aesthetic looks.

The $199 Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat comes with a single remote sensor in the box, but it can also support 20 other room sensors.

The room sensors by Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat vary from their ecobee and Nest counterparts in that they can measure humidity. The Nest and ecobee thermostats only measure humidity from the primary device. 

The smart thermostat ensures you can enjoy comfort and efficiency in your home. It’s normal for some rooms to become warmer than others due to high occupancy and exposure to direct sunlight.  

You can use the Honeywell app to control the temperatures in each room to enjoy maximum comfort. 


Installing the Honeywell home T9 is a straightforward process with guided assistance during the installation process. 

After connecting your smart thermostat, the Honeywell app will help you through the installation. If you’re unsure about any step of the installation, you can contact a Honeywell specialist who is available to help at any time. 

You can download the Honeywell app for free from the Apple App or Google Play Store. After installing the app on your device, it’ll help you through the setup process. The app can detect the smart thermostat using your WiFi connection. 

The Honeywell app uses geofencing. It can tell when you leave home for an extended period or come back. It can increase the temperature when away from home and lower it when you’re back, enhancing comfort. 

You can also receive notifications through the app. It’ll send you a notification if the temperature in a room is too high or too low. It also notifies you if the air filters are dirty and you need to change them. 

Smart Home Systems Compatibility

The Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat is compatible with multiple smart home systems, including Amazon and Google. 

The individual room sensors of the smart thermostat are recognizable by various voice assistants, including Alexa and Google Assistant. The use of voice commands to control the temperature in your home enhances its convenience and efficacy.  

The smart thermostat is, however, not compatible with the Apple Homekit


The Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat features a modern, sleek and elegant design that adds beauty to your house. 

Additionally, it features a full-color display that you can read from across the room. The highly responsive touch screen feature makes the smart thermostat easy to operate. 

The Honeywell Home T9 differs from its Nest and ecobee counterparts in its shape. It features a vertically oriented rectangle shape with a compact design. The compact design ensures the device takes minimum space in your house and makes it easy to install. 

However, the thermostat’s sensor is bigger than its ecobee counterpart. Thus, you can only mount it on the wall. The package doesn’t include a stand to mount it, but you’ll get 3m strips that make it easy to mount it.  

Furthermore, the thermostat’s display makes it easy to understand what’s going on. If the A/C is on, the thermostat’s display turns blue. On the other hand, the display is orange when the heat runs. 


You can purchase the Honeywell Home T9 at $169.99. A Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat with a C-wire adapter goes for $199.99. 

The smart thermostat comes with a single remote sensor out of the box. However, you can add up to 20 room sensors at $74.99 each. 

Honeywell Home T9, like other smart thermostats, is vulnerable to potential security issues such as hacking. To minimize the chances of such issues, you should use different and strong passwords for different things, including WiFi.

Customer Support 

If you get stuck when installing or using the Honeywell Home T9 smart thermostat, you have access to the support hub on the company’s website. The hub also includes troubleshooting and how-to videos to help you out. 

If your issues are not resolved, you can contact a Honeywell specialist. The brand also offers a list of retailers that sell their products.


  • The smart thermostat is compatible with smart home systems such as Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Cortana

  • It features the Honeywell app that enables you to control the sensors and also receive notifications even when away from home

  • A simple installation process using the Honeywell app

  • The geofencing feature detects when you are home or away and helps adjust the temperatures accordingly for optimum comfort

  • It notifies you when the temperatures are too high or too low in a room and when to change the air filters


  • It’s not compatible with some smart home systems such as the Apple Homekit

Nest Smart Thermostat

If you’re looking for the best value for your money, the Nest smart thermostat is one device you should consider. 

The Nest smart thermostat is a gorgeous device that offers all the essential features you need to make your home comfortable. Furthermore, it features a streamlined, modern, and attractive design that adds beauty to your living room. 

When it comes to installing and using the thermostat, you’ll enjoy a seamless process. The device is easy to mount and set up. It features an intuitive interface and simplified controls that make it easy to use. 

Furthermore, the thermostat is compatible with many smart home systems, including the old ones. It also offers excellent voice assistance.

So, what makes the nest thermostat stand out from the rest?

DIY Installation 

You don’t require advanced technical knowledge to install the thermostat and run it. You’ll be done with the installation within a few minutes. 

After receiving your thermostat, launch the Google Home app on your device and scan the QR code at the back of the smart thermostat. 

The Google Home app comes in handy during the installation process. It guides you through each step of the installation process and helps you identify the wires you need to connect. The app can identify any connection issue and guide how to fix it. The installation instructions are helpful, especially for someone with limited technical knowledge. 

Furthermore, the package includes two wood/drywall screws that help you fix the thermostat on the wall. Fixing it on the wall also saves you space on your desk or shelf and ensures the device is secure. 

The setup is complete after fixing the smart thermostat on the wall and completing all the connections. Next, you can input your schedule and temperature preferences on the Google Home app. 

You can also set your routines, including when you are home and away. By learning your routine, the smart thermostat can save energy by adjusting the temperatures accordingly. 

For instance, it can increase the temperatures when you’re away and bring them down when you’re back to enhance comfort. 

Sleek Design 

The Nest smart thermostat also features a sleek and modern design. By looking at the device clearly, you can tell its lineage, making it easy to mount. 

A closer look at the thermostat also gives other design clues. For instance, the Nest smart thermostat features capacitive touch controls on the right side of the device. The controls help in navigating the device’s robust settings. The thermostat doesn’t come with a moving dial or buttons. 

The lack of a physical dial may cause you to lose a bit of precision while doing your temperature calibrations. It’ll help a lot if you calibrate the temperature up a degree or two. 

If you’re right-handed, you’d have no issues with the capacitive controls being on the right side of the thermostat. However, the same may be an issue for left-handed people as it makes it a challenge to use the capacitive controls/ 

It’d have been best for Google to have the controls on both sides of the device. If having the controls on one side was to keep the prices down, they’d have offered options to allow people to choose their ideal design. 

The circular shape of the device is similar to that of the Google Nest Thermostat E. However, the newer version features a mirrored display with a modern, sleek and elegant look. 

Besides the capacitive controls, you can also use the Google Home app to schedule, control, and monitor your temperature calibrations. You can download the app for free from Google Play Store for Android devices and Apple Store for iOS devices. 

The smart thermostat is available in four colors: charcoal, snow, fog, and sand. You can choose your favorite color that blends with other items in the room.  

Seamless Operation 

After installing the device and entering the temperature calibrations, you can leave the smart thermostat to work. 

You can even forget the device’s existence in your house as it doesn’t call for attention to itself apart from the attractive design. When you walk by the device, it wakes up to show the temperature. 

If you want to change the temperature settings, you can swipe up or down on the touch-capacitive switch. You should first touch the switch to open the settings menu. When the menu is open, you can carry out various tasks, including adjusting the hardware settings, changing the heating or cooling modes, and setting the temperature. 


  • A DIY installation process that takes you a few minutes to complete

  • The compact and sleek design adds a touch of class to your room

  • The mobile app helps in operating the device, and you can receive notifications even when away from home

  • The smart features help sense when you’re at home or away and adjust temperatures accordingly. Thus, it cuts down energy consumption while maintaining optimum comfort

  • It’s compatible with a range of smart home devices such as Google Assistant, enabling you to control the device using your voice


  • The capacitive touch controls are on the right side of the device, making it a challenge for left-handed people to operate

  • The lack of a physical dial can affect the precision of your temperature calibrations. 

ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat

If you are looking for a smart thermostat to make your home comfortable but it’s not entirely dependent on you, the ecobee 4 is a perfect pick. 

The smart thermostat comes with additional functionalities and features that make it rise beyond the ecobee3 Lite. It comes with a whole lot of sensors, including temperature and occupancy sensors. 

It also allows you to use voice controls, though you may not change the voice commands. 

What features make the ecobee 4 smart thermostat stand out?


Unlike the Honeywell Home smart thermostat, the ecobee 4 comes with a touchscreen display that makes it effortless to operate. The touchscreen display also makes it an excellent addition to your home decor as it makes it beautiful and classy. 

With the black color, the ecobee 4 smart thermostat may not look as premium as the elegant stainless steel on the Nest thermostat. However, the ecobee 4 is more unobtrusive. 

The ecobee 4 smart thermostat also has other aesthetics that make it stand out. For instance, the flat display with a black body ensures a seamless blend with other items in the room. 

It also features a blue light that indicates when the thermostat is listening to you. The compact design of the device doesn’t draw much attention to it. However, it still offers an attractive look when you look at it. 

You’ll find the microphone and speakers at the back of the smart thermostat. However, that doesn’t affect the device's voice assistance. 


The ecobee 4 smart thermostat offers great value for your money. 

The smart thermostat costs about $250. Thus, it’s not among the cheapest smart thermostats you’ll get. However, its design and performance are worth the value. 

Furthermore, it features a sturdy material construction that makes it durable. 

Smart Home Integration 

Previously, you needed to purchase an Amazon Alexa voice assistant or an Echo Dot to allow smart home interactions.

Not anymore. The ecobee 4 smart thermostat comes with a built-in voice assistant, allowing you to control the device using your voice. Besides allowing you to control the temperatures in your home, you can now use the device to do everything else that Amazon Alexa can do. 

For instance, you can order a pizza, play music, and tell jokes. 

Easy Installation

The ecobee 4 smart thermostat features an easy installation process that will take a few minutes to have the device up and running. 

You’ll find it easy to attach the device to the wall. After attaching the thermostat to the wall, you can use the simple steps on the thermostat or the mobile app to calibrate the temperatures. 

You can download the mobile app from Google Play Store for Android users and Apple Stores for iOS. 

Ecobee 4 Room Sensors

The ecobee 4 smart thermostat comes with a single sensor in the package. The sensor has a limited range and may not control the temperature in the whole house. 

You’ll require other sensors in different rooms to help control the temperatures in the room. The ecobee 4 smart thermostat allows you to connect up to 32 remote sensors. 

Both the thermostat and the smart sensors come with the occupancy feature that helps detect when you are in the room or not. The feature helps the device switch from Home to Away mode when you’re not at home, thereby saving energy. 

When you’re back home, the occupancy feature helps detect the presence and adjust the temperatures accordingly. 


  • An easy setup process using the mobile app or the easy steps on the smart thermostat

  • Built-in Amazon Alexa allows you to control the temperatures using your voice 

  • The occupancy feature facilitates energy saving by switching between the Home and Away modes 

  • The compact design and black color make it an excellent addition to your home decor

  • You can add up to 32 remote sensors to help you control the temperatures in each room


How Do the Smart Thermostats Compare

To decide which smart thermostat is the best for you, You should consider various factors such as cost, installation, and design. 

If you pick your smart thermostat depending on looks, the Nest smart thermostat would be an excellent pick. The smart thermostat features a sleek and elegant design that makes it stand out from the rest. 

Its vibrant display changes color depending on whether it’s heating or cooling. It also comes with a compact design that makes it easy to install. 

Smart homes integration is also an essential feature to consider. The more smart home devices the thermostat can integrate with, the better. The Nest smart thermostat doesn’t perform well in this category as it's only compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The clear winner in this category is the ecobee 4 due to its built-in Amazon Alexa. Thus, it saves you the money you’d have used to purchase an additional Alexa device to place close to the thermostat. 

Additionally, the built-in Alexa enables you to perform other tasks besides controlling temperature. Such tasks include ordering foodstuffs and playing music. 

The three smart thermostats perform well when it comes to mobile apps. They all come with apps available for both Android and iOS devices that help install and operate the devices. The apps also enable you to receive various notifications, even when away from home.  


There’s no clear overall winner between the three smart thermostats. Your choice will depend on what you’re looking for. For instance, Nest would be the best if you want a smart thermostat with the best looks to add to your home decor. 

The Honeywell Home thermostat will be an excellent pick if looking for smart home compatibility. The built-in Alexa also makes the ecobee 4 a great choice. 

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