Ultimate Review Of Best Soccer Goalie Gloves In 2023

Best Soccer Goalie Gloves to buy

A goalkeeper occupies one of the most unique positions in a football game; there’s always something admirable choosing to hurl yourself in front of a ball.

Now, if you’ve decided putting yourself on the last line of defense, you’re going to need all the help you can get.

Choosing the right pair of soccer goalie gloves can make a huge difference.

With the right pair of soccer goalie gloves, it’s easier to achieve a tighter grip on the ball, while the same time getting protection from a blocked shot.

Unfortunately, the different soccer goalie gloves suit different players.

To help you make the right decision when purchasing the best soccer goalie gloves, we’ve created a review guide of the best soccer goalie gloves in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT

Flat Cut







German Latex


Other Great Recommendations







Top 5 Soccer Goalie Gloves in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Soccer Goalie Gloves

Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT - Editor’s Choice

Goalkeeper Gloves by Blok-IT are arguably one of the best all-around gloves in the market.

Though an inexpensive option, they don't skimp on the performance; instead, they the perfect option for the athletes seeking a secure, long-lasting, and reliable set of hand protectors.

Goalkeeper Gloves By Blok-IT

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

For the price point, I would say the quality of the construction is great, and these gloves should last you for a season or two.

While the Palm German Super Soft Latex Foam is by no means the toughest material, the impeccable stitching and cut set you up for success even in the toughest conditions.

The air-flowing latex, on the other hand, absorbs sweat while drawing it away from your skin for extended comfort.

Protective Padding and Finger Savers

It's easy for a stray kick to break, jam, or sprain your fingers, and the best soccer goalie glove should protect you from such incidences.

Fortunately, Block-IT has all it takes to keep your hands protected.

For starters, the backhand is extra padded, and so, it’s easy for you to prevent the sting of blocking a good solid kick with your punch.

To prevent the unnatural bend of fingers during play, this glove is further reinforced with finger savers for extra support.

The semi-flexible plastic finger reinforcements help to protect the fingers from bending back as well as stability, even when faced with a solid shot at the blank range.

Ease of Use

A high-quality Velcro wrap wrist enclosure does a great job of securing your glove to the hand.

With the bandage closure, your gloves stay in place, and it makes it easier for you to concentrate on the game as opposed to the gloves.


Players are thrilled by the performance delivered by the Blok gloves.

In particular, they were impressed by the flexibility of the gloves, which makes the Blok ideal for all ages and levels of soccer.

With the Blok gloves, you'll easily achieve improved game-day performance.


Blok gloves have a comfortable fit that also offers incredible stability.

They also run true to size, though some users claim sizing can be a bit off.

However, once you choose the right size, you'll notice they fit snugly, and they provide a second-skin comfort.


One of the drawbacks of the Blok gloves is they tend to run a bit small.

The thumb also seems to be a bit longer than necessary; it might take time before getting used to the long thumb, but the good news is it doesn't seem to affect the performance of the glove or goalie.

  • Protective
  • Breathable
  • High-quality performance
  • Sizing issues

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Adidas Predator - Best Overall

Adidas is one of the reputable brands in the sports equipment space.

From running shoes, cleats, arm warmers to soccer gloves, Adidas has a huge inventory of products in their stable.

And today, we're going to review one of its offerings; the Adidas Predator Soccer Glove.

The Adidas Predator is a pretty decent pair of glove that is sure to take your goalkeeping skills to the next level.

Unfortunately, it’s not suited for all players, but rather those who understand the fundamentals of goalkeeping.

They're ideal for those who are simply looking to hone their skills but not to the truly advanced skillset.

Adidas Predator

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

I've to admit, there's nothing to get excited about the choice of material and construction.

The exterior is designed primarily from polyester and further reinforced with polyurethane at a strategic point to offer a decent level of durability.

Nonetheless, I find nothing outrightly terrible with the gloves, and though they're not to be used all day, every day, they offer quite a decent performance.

 Safety and Protection

Once again, Adidas made a point to deliver an overall solid glove but one that won’t genuinely excite or even challenge the accepted paradigm.

Regardless, the safety element on these gloves is acceptable and will let you take charge of the game; with these gloves, you won't be nursing dislocated fingers or even sting shots.

In particular, I was impressed by the Fingersave spines that stiffen the gloves and help in resisting pressure when pushed backward for a more effective ball deflection.


The performance on these gloves is pretty awesome, and there're plenty of positive reviews from users.

The palm area, for instance, is fitted with Soft Grip Pro latex that promotes greater grip, while at the same improving on the cushioning effects.

The negative cut, on the other hand, will allow you to optimize your practice sessions, while the All-around grip design will let you work on punches as well as other backhand techniques.


For ease of use, this Adidas pair features an elastic strap featuring a Velcro closure that makes it easy to secure the glove.

With the glove secure and not nagging you, it’s easy for you to concentrate on the game rather than the gloves.

The closure is also flexible enough and will make it easier for you to get into and out of the glove.

  • Excellent grip
  • Designed for all fields
  • Vented wrist
  • Tad expensive

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Renegade GK - Best Value

Renegade is synonymous with excellence.

Unlike Adidas, Renegade specializes exclusively in equipment for goalies.

As such, it means Renegade understands what it takes to create an incredibly high-end pair goalie glove.

The Renegade GK lives up to the name of the brand, and it has a lot of different features and options that help this pair rise above the competition.

Renegade GK

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

The material construction on the Renegade GK is similar to what we saw on the Blok-IT, but with slight differences here and there to give this pair an advantage.

For instance, the Renegade is designed from high-quality German latex, which, according to the manufacturer, offers 20% greater impact absorption over the lower density latex palms.

When in use, the German Latex offers increased durability, even when faced with different weather conditions.

Safety and Protection

Like all Renegade glove, the GK version is integrated with Endo-Tek Pro Fingersaves inserts on the fingers.

These inserts normally provide you with the protection you need when making saves, yet, offering the flexibility that you need for greater efficiency.

And because they’re removable, you can always take them off when you don’t feel comfortable in them.

Another attractive safety element on the Renegade GK is the 3+3mm latex that is present on both the palm and the backhand of each glove.

The latex padding helps with the absorption of shock impact and will protect your hands when punching the ball.


Renegade GK falls nothing short of excellence when it comes to the overall performance.

For starters, it’s one of the few goalie gloves featuring an air mesh body design that ensures your hands have sufficient ventilation, without sacrificing on support or durability.

On top of that, the thumb on the GK sports a v-notch reinforced with polyurethane, which ensures longevity and toughness of your glove.

I also found the German Latex to provide an incredible grip on the ball while allowing for greater flexibility.

Finally, the 8CM bandage wrist protection is an incredible protective feature that you won’t always find on just any pair.

Support and Fit

The Velcro Closure support element on Renegade GK uses nylon as opposed to the more common elastic.

With this design, this closure functions more like a warp style, but with the added convenience of Velcro closure.

  • Hybrid cuts
  • Removable Fingersave inserts
  • 180-degree thumb wrap
  • 3-D air mesh
  • Narrow size range

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Valorsports Professional Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves - Best Budget

Our budget pick is the Valorsport Professional Glove.

Despite the low admission tag, it offers advanced features as well as incredible performance.

These gloves boast of thick and heavy-duty foam and padding for the toughest of saves.

Valorsports Professional Fingersave Goalkeeper Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Valosports Gloves are designed from a blend of latex and EVA foam.

The palm area is predominantly designed from latex, a solid choice that is extra thick and adds to the overall safety protection.

The backhand, on the other hand, is designed from EVA foam that is breathable, lightweight, and protective too.

The only concern we had with the material construction is that it’s not durable enough for the extremely tougher games.

The stitching, for instance, is flimsy and gets to wear out fast, so if you need a long-lasting and durable pair, this pair might not be right for you.

Nonetheless, for the price point, it wasn’t a complete turnoff, and if anything, it’s the best you can have within its class.

Safety and Protection

Durability might be a deal-breaker on this pair, but it doesn't compromise on safety.

As far as safety is concerned, this pair ties up with some of the premium options on our list.

Notably, these pair feature the BACKBONE finger save to save that will prevent the hyper-extension of your fingers that you could incur from blocking hard shots, or even making contact with the ground in an awkward position.


The performance on this glove is similarly impressive, and many of the goalies are pleased with this pair.

The anti-slip and wear-resistance latex palm gives you an optimal grip to support your sporty skills when handling the ball, even in wet conditions.

The gloves are also rich in dexterity, and so, it’s easier for the goalies to perform, since the gloves don’t restrict or even limit their movement.

Support and Fit

These keeper gloves also have what they call a "double-wrist safeguard."

The double-designed wristband features both an elastic and Velcro bandage segment.

The wrist support feature provides a nice balance between flexibility and support, letting you dial the right amount of wrist support.

  • Palm and finger protection
  • Breathable construction
  • Extended support
  • Not durable

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Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves - Best for youth

If you’re in search of a great and good-looking keeper glove, look no more than the Select Sport America 3.

Everything on this glove is fantastic, and will let you enjoy the best performance, while at the same time ensuring an injury-free game.

Select Sport America 3 Youth Hard Ground Goalkeeper Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Like a majority of the gloves on our best soccer goalie gloves list, Select Sport Glove is tailored from super soft latex that offers the right sort of grip to stop a speeding shot dead in its track.

On top of that, the material construction is treated to function even in artificial turf surfaces.

Safety and Protection

The Select Sport Glove is quite protective in several ways, and it’ll promote your overall safety.

For starters, the palm area is padded enough to ensure that your hands are protected from the shot stings.

The finger section, on the other hand, features finger spines, and this goes a long way at improving the overall protection and stability.

In particular, the finger spines will prevent your fingers from assuming an awkward position once you handle a ball or even fall on the ground.

Despite the additional protective feature son these gloves, Select Sport Glove doesn't fall on flexibility and dexterity.

It’s easy to use and will let you handle your ball comfortably.


Like the Blok-IT gloves, Select Sport Glove comes with a flat cut palm that is quite beneficial, especially for the young players who are still learning the game and might not feel comfortable if the gloves aren't breathable, leading to sweaty palms.

Another exciting element on this glove is the incredible grip; with this glove, it’s easier to hold the ball without slipping and have total control and charge of the game.

Size and Fit

Select Sport Gloves are designed to fit well and usually take the natural contours of your palm.

Unlike other gloves that often sacrifice on fit for additional protection, Select Sport Glove strikes the perfect balance between protection and fit and will ensure that you learn and play soccer in the best possible way.

  • Protective
  • Grippy
  • Lightweight
  • Not suitable for expert players

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Buyers Guide for Soccer Goalie Gloves

Buyers Guide for Soccer Goalie Gloves

Knowing what the best soccer gloves for your team’s goalie are dependent on several components, as well as personal preference in some situations.

Our buyer guide below outlines the major characteristics that every game-winning glove should have to help in your selection.

Types of Goalie Gloves

The three common types of goalie gloves are:

Training Gloves: Training glove is for amateur players and perfect for practicing. Normally, training gloves are built with advanced technologies to help players hone their skills while providing impeccable protection.

Match Gloves: Match goalie gloves are specially designed for competitive soccer players. A typical match glove is designed using quality latex for finger protection and maximum gripping. On the downside, the elite protection, ball control, grip, and comfort comes at a cost; unlike the training gloves, match gloves don’t last for long, and they normally require a lot of care.

Weather Gloves: Weather gloves are designed to protect your hands in extreme weather conditions. Their palms, for instance, are made out of special latex and will get stickier when wet, a crucial benefit when playing in the rain.


When looking at the construction of a glove, there’re four crucial parts that you should consider.

These include the backhand, the fingers, the palm, and the wrist. Ideally, these parts should work in unison to provide the ultimate sense.


The backhand of a goalie glove should be adequately and considerably padded to help with the protection of the goalie's hands, especially when they're required to punch the ball.

The best goalie gloves have a double-layer and durable latex padding.


The fingers are normally the best line of defense, and so, they should be supported to permit efficient gripping or holding of the ball.

Some of the gloves are normally fitted with spines or stays, which help with sturdier support.

For the greatest finger protection, look for gloves with flexible stays and support. During an impact, these gloves provide finger reflex and will prevent bone breakage or hypertension.


Next, after the finger, palms normally offer additional support for handling the ball.

The two types of textures available among the gloves are smooth and embossed/ridged.

The smooth palms are suited for game day, and they're equipped with sticky neoprene material. However, the clinging materials wear off over time, a reason why smooth palms are best for game days.

The embossed palms, on the other hand, are suited for practice day.  While they’re tougher and durable than smooth palms, they’re less adherent, making them ideal for practice.

Wrist Closure

The wrist closure ensures that the goalie gloves stay in place and that they don’t slip off.

The wrist closure comes in three different types for different uses and needs.

The hook-and-loop closure has greater elasticity, and it features an adjustable strap specially designed for flexibility on the wrist.

The V-notch closure, on the other hand, allows greater ventilation, allowing your hands to stay dry.

Finally, the bandage closure, are usually closed with Velcro and wrap one or twice on your wrist for enhanced support and wrist security.

Cut Design

The cut design refers to the material of the palm and fit of the glove.

The four common cut designs for goalie gloves are:


The flat cut is the most popular option, especially among young players starting their careers.

It’s a traditional design with only a single piece of flat foam.

It offers greater flexibility.


This design has the seams on the back of the fingers in such a way that the fingers roll forward.

Besides offering the goalie a larger contact area and snug fit, it provides a more aerodynamic and tighter fit.


With the negative fit, the seams are placed inside the gloves, and so, it offers the tightest fit.

It’s a great option for goalies with slimmer hands.


Hybrid is a combo of all the other cut designs.


The best soccer goalie gloves are simply more than protective gear.

Instead, they also help to enhance your overall gaming experience.

A goalie glove, for instance, will improve on your grip, ball handling, and control.

Having the best keeper gloves offers numerous benefits, and this is why you need to pick the right choice.

Ideally, the best goalie glove should be fitting enough.

As we’ve also seen, they should be protective.

And finally, they should promote user comfort.


Are soccer goalie gloves durable?

The goalie gloves will last depending on how you use them. We recommend using the gloves for 14 days. After that, you can start using them for training only.

Should the gloves fit tight?

The gloves come in different sizes. They should fit well and not too loose or too tight. Your hands need space to breathe and still be comfortable. Since the gloves come in sizes, you can check the sizing chart and get a glove that fits well. Additionally, the sizing straps should be available to guide you on how you tighten the gloves.

After how long should I wash the gloves?

Routine cleaning is vital for the goalie gloves and will help you remain bacteria-free when using the gloves. Accumulating sweat can stink and make you uncomfortable. You need to wash the gloves often and air them for drying. Every game should have freshly washed gloves to keep the training comfortable.

How can I get the best grip on my gloves?

Often you've seen goalkeepers spit on the gloves. This makes the grip better. Another right way to improve the grip is to dampen the gloves with water. The latex used during the construction of the glove should not remain dry.

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