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best raynaud gloves to buy

Living with Raynaud’s is a big challenge, especially during the chilly winter season.

Raynaud's often results in a painful discomfort, leaving you screaming in agony, and any bit of relief is welcome.

This is particularly true if you enjoy performing outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, or skating in the winter.

Now, unless your Raynaud's condition is severe, you don't necessarily need sophisticated medical procedures such as nerve surgeries or chemical injections.

With the right pair of gloves, and of course, some medications; it's easy to overcome the painful tingling and numbness.

Unfortunately, finding the right pair of glove is hard enough, but it’s even harder if you suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome.

If you're tired of blowing your hands to keep them warm, take a deep breath because, in the text below, we shall review to best Raynaud’s gloves in the market.

At the end of the text, we’ve also included a handy Raynaud’s gloves buying guide that will let you make a more informed decision in your next glove purchase.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Sheep Wool








Other Great Recommendations

Copper- Infused yarn




Cashmere/ Synthetic


Fingerless gloves


Top 5 Raynaud’s Gloves in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Raynaud’s Gloves

Integrity Designs Wool Mittens - Editor’s Choice

Integrity Designs wool mittens are intelligently designed for a comfortable and warm feel to your cold and painful hands.

They’re made from 100% eco-friendly wool for optimum comfort and warmth.

Integrity Designs Wool Mittens

Features and Benefits


Integrity Designs Gloves come in a beautiful design with the wool shell embroidery detailing combining both designer and classic style.

In particular, I was impressed by the rosemaling folk art motif on the top of the glove that helps to add a hint of charm onto the glove.


Integrity Designs are a mitten-style glove, which keeps your fingers closely into contact, and this helps to generate even more warmth to keep the Raynaud’s syndrome at bay.

Unfortunately, the mitt design takes a toll on dexterity.

Sure, while it's possible to carry out the general tasks such as holding a ski pole or skateboarding, the gloves won't allow you to perform the tasks requiring fine motor skills.

Either way, for a Raynaud’s glove, warmth and comfort are key, while dexterity takes a back seat.

Material Construction

Integrity Designs is both comfortable and warm to wear, thanks to the natural fabric design.

The wool construction holds your body heat well, and it offers a comforting experience.

However, the wool construction raises numerous concerns, including the lack of both waterproof and windproof properties.


Under the hood of the Integrity Designs, we’ve a fleece lining for extra cushioning and warmth.

The polar fleece lining is stretchy and snugly wraps your hands, offering you perfect and comfortable wear.

Extended Cuffs

For all-around hand protection, Integrity Designs gloves feature extended cuffs.

Though they’re not in any way close to gauntlet-style gloves, they’ll provide you with the much-needed warmth on your wrist.

The good thing with the cuffs is they provide the wrist protection in style; the cuffs, for instance, are embellished with 5/8" zinc metal alloy that perfectly sits on the cuffs, giving the glove a pleasant and sleek outlook.

Better yet, the buttons on the cufflinks are color-coordinated with the entire glove theme, and this helps to add charm while keeping the cuffs in place.


It’s possible to machine-wash the Integrity Designs Gloves, but you should avoid bleaching, ironing, or tumble drying these gloves.

Otherwise, the gloves might lose on their flexibility and stretch.

  • Wool for warmth
  • Comfortable fleece lining
  • Machine washable
  • Chic
  • Not waterproof or windproof

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Freyja Canada - Best Raynaud’s Gloves for Women

The Freyja Canada gloves are designed from 100% Icelandic wool, which is warm and comfortable to wear.

These pair are a quality glove option and ideal for users with the Raynaud’s syndrome.

Best Raynaud’s Gloves

Features and Benefits


Unlike Integrity Design gloves, Freyja is limited to the number of designs available.

While it lacks the provision of different designs, the existing designs are mesmerizing enough to catch your attention.

The gloves have a beautiful pattern on it, making the glove look and feel both comfy and classic.

With this pair, you cannot only use them when you feel the tingling sensation in your hands but also when you decide to go out for a walk on a chilly evening.

Mitt Design

Similar to the Integrity Gloves, this pair is a mitten, and so, it will keep all your fingers closely knitted together for the ultimate warmth.

On the flip side, expect some loss of dexterity.

Material Construction

Freyja Canada gloves boast of a premium Icelandic sheep wool construction.

Icelandic sheep wool is known or its durability and super warm feel.

This is largely because of the unusual climate in Iceland. The unusual temperature changes in Iceland have made the Icelandic sheep to growing world-class wool.

When in use, the wool feels comfy, and more importantly warm, and will help to prevent Raynaud’s syndrome from happening, even in the chilliest conditions.

The gloves are equally lightweight and highly breathable, which again is perfect for those with Raynaud’s condition.


Where the Freyja Canada gloves distinguish themselves from the regular gloves such as Integrity Wool Mittens is on their waterproofness.

The yarn with which these Raynaud's gloves are designed has two layers, with the soft outer shell constructed from fatty compounds, which makes it waterproof.

The waterproof layer saves you from the issues of covering up in times of rain or snow.


The inner layer of the Freyja Canada gloves is crafted from fluffy and light wool, which insulates you against the cold feeling on your hands.

Furthermore, the inner fabric is breathable, and so, you won’t have to feel uncomfortable because of sweat, even after wearing them for extended periods.

Alongside the breathable fabric, we also have an inner fleece lining that feels plush and soft, and it extends the comfort of the gloves.


Like any other wool glove, hand-washing or even ironing the Freyja Canada gloves often results in the loss of shine and elasticity.

Instead, you need to machine wash them and let them dry naturally.


The Freyja Canada glove has plenty of desirable features, and expectedly, they’ve a high admission price.

The good news is the price justifies the premium quality, warmth, and durability of the glove.

  • Warm wool
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Expensive

Volt Fleece Gloves - Best Heated Gloves for Raynaud’s

Volt Fleece Gloves are perfectly designed for those with Raynaud's syndrome but can be equally be used by those having arthritis.

Unlike our other gloves that provide warmth based on the material construction, the Volt Fleece glove goes the extra mile, and alongside the leather construction, they've thermal properties.

When activated, these heated gloves increase the blood flow in your stream, and will, therefore, lessen the pain and discomfort associated with Raynaud's syndrome.

Volt Fleece Gloves

Features and Benefits


Volt Fleece features 7V lithium batteries, which provide the heating properties.

When in use, the batteries will provide ample and uniform heat to every inch of your fingers, along with your palm, wrist, and back of your hands.

4 Adjustable Heat Settings

To provide the desired heat warmth, these gloves have our adjustable heat settings.

The four settings are low, medium, medium/high, and high.

Now, depending on the existing environmental conditions, you can easily tailor the warmth levels you need with the easy-to-use screen on the top.

At the highest setting, this glove can generate heat up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lowest option generates up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Either way, the available heat settings are sufficient to keep your hands toasty, even in the most chilling conditions.

Battery Life

Like any other battery-operated device, the longevity of the battery is always a concern.

Normally, however, the performance and life of the batteries are determined by the heat settings you choose.

For instance, if you choose the high setting, the battery life is going to run out faster compared to the low setting, as it needs to deliver more power at a time.

Volt Fleece gloves give a generous run time of 2 hours at the highest setting and a whopping 8 hours at the lowest setting.

Alongside the heating element, you've a leather material that equally provides the much-needed warmth, even when the battery dies out.

For optimal use, I suggest that you run the battery on high for several minutes, and then turn it completely.

The leather construction will retain a substantial amount of heat on the inside of the glove for a long time, and this way, you can extend the longevity of your batteries without sacrificing on the warmth.


Volt Fleece is more than comforting during the chilly conditions but also protects you when you participate in any winter activities such as skiing or hiking, thanks to the waterproof membrane.

Volt Fleece has been covered with a waterproof membrane that keeps your gloves from getting wet even in rain or snow.

  • Heated
  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Tad expensive

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Glider Gloves - Gloves with Touchscreen Ability

What are your favorite gloves like?

They’re probably warm and toasty, but will they let you use your smartphone while wearing them?

Now, if you are looking for a Raynaud’s glove that will provide you with warmth, while at the same time letting you operate your mobile devices, the Glider Gloves are an incredible option.

While they’re a tad expensive than the regular gloves, and probably not quite as warm, they function exceptionally.

Glider Gloves

Features and Benefits


With the Glider Gloves, you don’t have to go through the inconvenience of removing your glove to operate your smartphone.

Instead, the entire glove construction is conductive, and so, you can use to on the touch devices.


Glider Gloves are not the warmest gloves on the market and wouldn't recommend them for extremely cold conditions.

However, they’re thick enough to keep your hands toasty.

The gloves have also been extra lined to provide extra warmth.

For maximum heat, you should select the Winter series, as opposed to the Urban series, as the former is more thickly and better insulated.


Normally, Raynaud’s gloves are slippery because they’re meant to protect your hands from the cold as opposed to hold or grab onto objects.

With the Glider Gloves, however, you benefit from the robust and effective non-slip grip sewn on the palms that let you keep warm, while at the same time allowing you to hold onto objects with ease.


When you first don on the Glider Gloves, they may feel tighter than expected, and this is because of the copper infusion.

With time, however, you'll break them, and the gloves will easily conform to the contours of your hands, proving a form-fitting experience.

  • Touchscreen-enabled
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Not ideal for extreme the extreme conditions

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NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves - Best for Indoors

NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves are a fingerless-type of Raynaud’s glove, ideally suited for use indoors.

Due to their fingerless design, they’re not suited for the extreme chilly conditions, but rather for the indoor use.

However, the fingerless option is beneficial in that it improves dexterity and will even allow you to operate your touchscreen devices with ease.

NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves

Features and Benefits


The design on the NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves is quite simple and modest.

Though the gloves are available in eight different color options, they’re without patterns or shapes.

The low-profile design makes them a discreet option, ideal for use in the office environment.

Better yet, they’re fingerless, and so, they’ll allow you to operate the mobile devices with ease.

Unfortunately, the fingerless design is also their bane, especially if your Raynaud’s syndrome is manifested in the fingers.

Nonetheless, as we had indicated earlier, they're only suitable for the indoor environment, where temperatures are moderate.

Material Construction

NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves are designed from 100% cashmere, which is super soft and comfortable.

Contrary to the standard wool, cashmere is much finer and has a luxurious thread for the ultimate plushness.

Better yet, most users do not experience itchiness that comes from wearing pure wool.

Unfortunately, the thread on the cashmere is quite delicate, and so, these gloves tend to pill quite easily.


Cashmere beats wool in every aspect, including warmth level.

This material can retain up to two times the amount of heat that wool does, and so, it will always keep your hands feeling toasty all through.


It’s easy to maintain NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves since the cashmere fabric doesn’t shrink when washed. Instead, it retains its shape exceptionally well.

However, unlike the wool gloves, it’s best hand-washing the NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves as opposed to using a machine.

Also, don’t mix the gloves with your other washing.

  • Greater heat retention
  • Can be used to operate a smartphone
  • Comfortable
  • Should be hand washed

Check NOVAWO Cashmere Gloves Price on Amazon

The Best Raynaud’s Gloves Buying Guide

The Best Raynaud’s Gloves Buying Guide

To choose the best Raynaud’s gloves for your needs, there are several factors you must consider.

These include:


Warmth is an essential component for those with Raynaud’s syndrome.

To keep bold circulating in your hands, you should choose a glove with adequate insulation, or rather a material that can hold warmth.

Typically, most of the Raynaud’s gloves are designed from wool, since it’s known to hold warmth well and for long.

However, there're also other alternatives to wool, including leather and synthetics.

But how much warmth do you need?

It will all depend on the usage, which we shall look at shortly.


What do you plan to do with your Raynaud’s glove?

Sure, these gloves are for providing the much-needed warmth, but you also need to consider the type of activity you're planning to perform with them.

For instance, if you’ll be using your gloves indoors, you might need a glove with some level of dexterity.

The same case applies if you’re planning to use your glove for skiing, or ice axing.

While there is always a compromise between dexterity and the level of warmth, you should pick a glove that will provide you with adequate warmth, without compromising on functionality.

Of course, you shouldn't expect dexterity that lets you perform tasks requiring fine motor skills such as writing unless they're specialized or fingerless gloves.


It is not always necessary to choose a waterproofed Raynaud’s glove, but depending on your usage, you might need one.

For instance, if you’ll be generating lots of heat while running or Nordic skiing, then you need to consider a glove without a waterproof membrane.

However, if your primary winter pursuit is snowball fights, you should consider a glove with a waterproof membrane.

Heated Gloves

If the insulation offered by the material construction of your glove is not enough, you can always consider the heated gloves.

Heated gloves are normally battery-powered to provide users with artificial heat.

They can be a game-changer for many people, regardless of whether they've Raynaud's conditions or simply chronically cold hands.

Phone Compatibility

If you are like me who always has to keep tabs my phone, then you need a glove option that will let you operate the phone without going through the hassle and inconvenience of removing your glove.

There’re several ways to go about phone compatibility.

You can either choose to pick a fingerless glove option that lets you operate your phone normally with your fingers, or choose a glove with phone compatible material.

But note, a majority of the former’s options are quite expensive.


Like any other gear, sizing is of the essence, especially considering that it determines the comfort and ease of use.

Ideally, you should choose a globe that is rightly-sized for your hands.

Remember, a small glove can be quite constricting to your hands, resulting in discomfort.

An oversized glove, on the other hand, has plenty of air in between the fingers, which means its more air that your hands have to beat before they feel warm.


Surviving with Raynaud’s can be a struggle.

The cold weather constricts the blood flow to your hands and might cause discomfort and numbness.

The good news is that there are a few glove options in the market that you can use to prevent this syndrome.

With the right pair of Raynaud’s gloves, it’s easy to overcome the numbness and discomfort, especially if you’re the kind that loves the outdoor winter sports.

However, like any other gear, Raynaud’s gloves are quite different, so you simply have to go through our list and choose a model that you feel will address your needs.


Can I reduce the symptoms of Raynaud’s?

If you face severe Raynaud’s effects, there are some useful tips that you can employ. For instance, you can put your hands in a basin with warm water when you feel cold and numb. The idea is to encourage blood circulation. After some time, remove the hands from the basin, dry them and then apply lotion. Additionally, you should try to be relaxed at all times and avoid stressors. Apart from cold, stress also triggers severe Raynaud’s effects. 

Why should I have my gloves readily available?

If you have Raynaud’s syndrome, the pain caused by stress or cold can be severe and difficult to bear. If you have a pair of Raynaud’s gloves, it’s possible to forget them as you move out, which will be a regrettable mistake if the pain kicks in. 

It will help a lot if you have a pair of gloves where you can access them easily. That can be in your office, car, pocket, etc.

Is it ok to wear additional layers?

Using a single layer may not give you enough warmth. As such, you can wear additional layers to keep your body warm and ease the pain. It will be best to use moisture-wicking fabric. This will help prevent sweaty hands for hygienic purposes and to enhance comfort.   

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