Ultimate Review Of Best Shooting Gloves In 2023

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Shooting gloves are a necessity in your hunting arsenal.

While some think shooting gloves are overkill, having the right pair enhances your shooting experience.

The best shooting gloves are protective and will keep your hands from getting fried by the hot gun barrels or cut by the sharp mag lips.

The thickest gloves shield your hands from the whims of Mother Nature, while the thinner varieties will let you maintain a solid grip on your firearm at all times, especially if you sweat a lot.

Whether you are in a shooting range, or just mucking about with clay pigeon skeet thrower, the right pair of shooting gloves will also prevent the formation of blisters during extended shooting and reduce felt recoil.

With that said, which pair is right for you?

We’ve listed the top 5 shooting gloves, and hopefully, you should find a model that fits your shooting needs.

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Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!



Touch screen

Reinforced Palm


Knuckle Padding


Synthetic Leather





Synthetic Leather



Accordion - Style

Molded thermoplastic rubber knuckle

Synthetic Leather



Light Palm Padding


Other Great Recommendations

Synthetic Suede Palm




Mild knuckle reinforcement






Top 5 Shooting Gloves in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Shooting Gloves

Mechanix Wear MG-72-009 Original Coyote Tactical Gloves - Editor’s Choice

The Mechanix Wear MG-72-009 is a modified version of the already popular “Original” glove.

The only difference is perhaps the coloring; otherwise, all other performance elements, including the material and padding, are quite similar.

Mechanix Wear MG-72-009 Original Coyote Tactical Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

The featured synthetic leather keeps your hands from burning.

Because of the thinner density, however, it's not as protective as the natural leather, and it's possible to experience some form of heat through the glove.

For prolonged contact, the barrel will feel hot and a little toasty, but it's still possible to perform an “emergency” field trip without burning your hands.

Alongside the leather construction, this pair also incorporates a breathable TekDry mesh that promotes the free flow of air, wicks away the sweat and keeps your hands cool.


The textured palm area prevents slippage during shooting sessions, without altering the hand position from where it’s normally located when shooting without a glove.

The grip extends further to the finger area, thus promoting enhanced feel on the controls, which improves dexterity for the magazine changes.

Unfortunately, when using the pistol, the user experience is a bit awkward because the tip of the glove on the index finger might catch the guard slightly.


Mag loading is a cinch, though the material feels bunched up on the palm and fingers.

Sure, it might not be as easy as I would have done bare hands, but at the very least, it afforded me to load the mag with little difficulty.

But if you feel the process is challenging, you can as well remove the glove, which is quite easy since its Velcro.

Shooting Performance

Mechanix Wear MG excels in rifle shooting, because unlike the pistol, the trigger is a tad larger, and so you’re less likely to have your fingers occasionally getting caught in the trigger guard.

Better yet, it’s easier to feel the trigger as well as the pressure you are applying on the rifle.


I wouldn’t call this pair a tight fit, but they’re not as baggy as they appear on the picture.

They run true to size, and they come with a wrist wrap that lets you Velcro it down as snugly as you prefer.

 Even when I pull them fairly tight, they don’t pinch my wrist as most of the gloves would.

However, the finger fitment is ideal for those with average fingers, and if you do have thin fingers, the glove might feel a bit too loose for you.

  • Tight grip
  • Form-fitting
  • Breathable
  • Not suitable for pistols

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Mechanix M-Pact 3 Tactical Gloves - Best Full-Fingered Glove

The Mechanix M-Pact 3 is a blend of the original model and the Mechanix Wear MG-72-009 we’ve reviewed above.

The differentiating feature of this model is the presence of knuckle protection.

It also incorporates accordion-style padding on the fingers for added protection.

Mechanix M-Pact 3 Tactical Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

From the word go, it’s clear that the Mechanix M-Pact 3 was designed for more than just shooting, but they would perfectly double up as an all-day heavy duty glove.

The synthetic material construction is quite thick, contrary to what we see in many gloves.

As such, there’s little handguard heat transfer, even when shooting a few magazines back to back.

It’s even possible to hold the barrel briefly without getting burnt, and so, I wouldn’t be far-fetched to describe the Mechanix M-Pact 3 as best gloves for heat resistance.

Another element that underlines the Mechanix M-Pact 3 as an all-rounder glove is the substantial knuckle guard protection.  For me, the knuckle guard offers a means for knock-out blows to an opponent during hand to hand combat.


With the thick material construction, it’s easy to assume the dexterity and grip are a false start.

Sure, the grip and dexterity aren’t the best features of the Mechanix M-Pact 3, but they are incredible for the tasks that require some form of dexterity, such as loading a magazine.

The texturing on the palm and fingers prevent things from slipping off your hands, while the striations on the tips of the fingers add a little extra grip and make picking up rounds easier.

Both the striations and the palm texturing make a more noticeable difference in your support hand as they enhance the rearward pressure on the guns with significant recoil.

Shooting Performance

The Machanix M-Pact 3 is a tad thicker than other gloves on our list, but because they offer a snug fit, you’re less likely to experience any slippage or even reduced control.

The biggest concern, however, is the reduced feedback, which is a result of the thickness.

The other concern was the reinforced knuckle protection, but surprisingly, it didn’t interfere with my grip.

Comfort and Fit

The Mechanix M-Pact 3 has a snugger fit, and this might probably be attributed to the extra padding and reinforcement.

However, it's slightly longer in the thumb, and again, like the previous Mechanix Glove, it’s not suited for those with the petite hands.

  • Knuckle protection
  • Snugger fit
  • Decent grip
  • Might feel too thick for some

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Titan Ops Half-Finger Gloves - Best Half Fingered Option

The Titan Ops Half-Finger Gloves are probably the most versatile gloves we have on the list.

If anything, the manufacturer normally markets them as a cross-discipline option that can serve not only for shooting but also for riding and all-day wear.

Titan Ops Half-Finger Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

This half-fingered option is a less desirable option for heat protection.

Though the palm area is thickly padded for insulation against the hot metal handguard, the fingers are exposed are not protected in any way.

Sure, while it’s possible to keep both your thumb and fingers off the guard, it’s not a comfortable position, especially for the extended shooting.


The grip is superb since the exposed hands offer users the bare-hand skin sensitivity.

There's no material in between, and the exposed fingers make loading your magazine a cinch, and there's no loss in dexterity.

Shooting Performance

The exposed fingers on the Titan Ops Half-Finger Gloves enhance the level of feedback, which is an added benefit for use on guns with lighter triggers or those with small trigger guards.

The palm is thickly padded, and this helps in the dampening of the recoil, making this pair an ideal option for users suffering from joint issues.

A major flaw is the limited finger protection. The fingers lack an insulating layer, which means you're exposed to heat from the barrel as well as the frostbite if you happen to shoot in the cold weather.

Another concern is that the wrist wraps are a tad thick, and this limits your range of motion, meaning the gloves are not ideal for use for extended bouts of rifle shooting.

Loosening the wraps might offer to relieve, but they'll still dig into your wrist after a while.

However, they’re suitable for use for the non-pistol gripped rifle because the wrist bend is less severe.


The finger fit is awesome, and I love how it terminates just below the first joint.

It helps to prevent finger bunching, even when bending the fingers.

Also, the presence of two separate straps, one for fitment and one for retention, means you don’t need to make the fitment strap overly tight for a snug fit.

Generally, these pair is comfortable enough, even for the extended shooting sessions, and the exposed fingers make the shooting task a lot easier.

  • Incredible grip and dexterity
  • Ideal for long shooting sessions
  • Firm palm protection
  • Exposed fingers

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Magpul Core Technical Gloves - Best Slip-on Gloves

I consider the Magpul Technical Gloves as a comfortable option for the extended and semi-cold weather, especially if extra reinforcement isn’t needed.

Sure, they’ll not work in the chilly winter conditions, but they’ll keep your hands toasty in the cold and windy conditions.

Magpul Core Technical Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

Like most shooting gloves on our list, the handguard will not feel too hot to hold, and even brief contact with the barrel is just fine.

However, unlike other gloves, heat dissipation takes a bit longer, probably a major reason why it’s also a great option for use during colder weather.


Magpul Core Technical Gloves are not anywhere thick as the Mechanix Glove options, and so, they’re quite adept in the dexterous tasks such as magazine loading.

When in use, they rarely bunch up around your fingers or even interfere with your movement.

Better yet, the gloves hardly get caught up under the feed lips, and you’ll not at any one time feel like you need to remove the gloves to load your magazine.

Shooting Performance

When wearing the Magpul Core Technical Gloves, you don’t feel like you have a pair of gloves on.

They lack any noticeable reinforcement layers or even bulkiness that normally bunch up in the palms on other gloves.

When in use, it gets easy to operate the controls, and there’s negligible, if any, loss in feedback.

Despite lacking reinforcements, the material construction is durable than it appears, and probably as abrasion-resistant as the Mechanix Options.

The absence of wrist closure means that the gloves don’t dig into your wrist even when bending your hand at different angles.

Generally, the overall construction of this pair is perfect for typical rifle shooting.


This pair is quite form-fitting, and this can be attributed to the soft and slightly elastic material construction.

They’re snug, yet not restrictive.

However, since they lack a closure, instead use an elastic wrist, it makes getting them on and off quite effortful than the typical gloves, but this means they’re less likely to slide off.

  • Wind resistant
  • Ideal for rifle shooting
  • Durable
  • It takes time to put them on and off

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Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves - Best Tactical Shooting Gloves

The Hatch NS430 is an all-round tactical glove that has numerous applications, including shooting.

Sure, it might not sport the knuckle protection, but it’s sufficiently padded to protect your fingers.

The material construction also makes it an all-weather glove.

Hatch NS430 Specialist All-Weather Shooting Gloves

Features and Benefits

Material Construction

The Hatch NS430 is entirely made from Neoprene material, a form of synthetic leather.

It’s not bulky, and I have say, it's not the most protective glove material.

While it won't result in burning off your fingers, you'll surely feel the heat transfer, especially if you hold the barrel of your gun for extended periods.


The main flaw in the material construction is the lack of breathability; Hatch NS430 is not breathable, or at least as breathable as our above options.

The result is that it can cause your hands to get sweaty, which can compromise on the grip function.

The good news is the palm is designed from synthetic leather, and while it's not the grippiest material, it enhances dexterity, without compromising on the sensitivity of your hands.

Shooting Performance

The Hatch NS430 is not bulky because of the material construction, and this allows users to enjoy their time, even in the cold without sacrificing on the flexibility.

Speaking of flexibility, this model gives you an incredible grip on the trigger, and since there's no bulkiness, it's an ideal option for use even on the short triggers on the pistols.


The patented hook and loop closure allows for a secure fit of the glove around your fingers and hand.

When in use, the gloves are less likely to slip off your hands.

  • Elegant design
  • Warm
  • Greater fit
  • Not Breathable

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Best Shooting Gloves Buying Guide

Shooting Gloves Buying Guide

When choosing a shooting glove, there’re several factors you need to consider, which include:

Full Finger or Fingerless?

The umbrella classification of shooting gloves depends on the covering of the fingers.

Fingerless gloves just come bare or open at the top part of the fingers, typical of most of the motorbike gloves.

The fingerless gloves are ideal for beginners, and their main strength is easy reloading and responsiveness. Unfortunately, they’re not protective enough and won’t shield you against the cold.

The full finger glove options, on the other hand, will protect your fingers from the frostbite, especially during winter. They also offer sufficient padding for efficient absorption of recoil. Their drawback is they make reloading and operating slightly difficult, but that is until you get used to them.


Some of the popular materials used for shooting glove construction include nylon, polymer, or leather.

However, there’re still a ton of different material choices, including wool, cotton, gore-tex, polar fleece, and rubber.

Eventually, the choice of glove material comes down to personal preference, level of comfort, and build quality.


Padding is probably one of the main reasons for investing in shooting gloves.

When selecting your pair, check to see that it has adequate padding.

Sufficiently-padded gloves will protect your hands from heat, cuts, or recoil resulting from the shooting.

In particular, the palm and knuckle area should have most of the padding since it’s where most of the impact occurs.


Accuracy is essential in shooting; a fluctuation of a few millimeters can result in a miss-shot.

Accuracy comes with grip, and if your grip is slippery, it can result in issues when handling the gun.

With that said, I’ve to mention that since leather is the most commonly used material for shooting globes, it’s sometimes slippery.

But the good thing is, most of the modern leather gloves feature the concept of grip patches. The grip patches are situated and sewn on the palm and tip of the fingers, save for the index finger, and it enhances to hold your pistol or gun.

Climate Controlled Feeling

The climate control feeling, which is normally sewn between the threads of the gloves, creates a situation that allows the shooter to cope with the environment.

For instance, if you’re hunting in the hot summer, your hands are likely to get sweaty and slippery. So the material used should have moisture-wicking abilities. On top of that, it should have the breathability element to allow the free flow of air through the gloves.

Comfort and Fitting

It’s not always possible to remove your glove after a shot because it hampers the fluidity of movement and makes the entire experience agonizing one.

This is why your gloves should be comfortable to wear for at least quite some time.

Another crucial element is fit. Loose-fitting gloves are not only uncomfortable, but they increase the chances of misfiring every time.

Color and Design

If you're using your gloves for target practicing, the color is not important.

However, if you're on a hunting trip or, more importantly, a military, covert or training operation, color is crucial because it helps you blend with the environment.


The material used for constructing your globe should be stretchy and flexible.

It should feature a cool design and should come with adjustable straps to allow the glove to stay attached securely with the wrists.


The right pair of shooting gloves can significantly improve your hunting or tactical performance.

Perhaps, more importantly, they’ll keep your hands comfy and protected against the harsh environments.

The trick is to find a glove that suits your shooting needs, and more importantly, amongst other things, one that offers a form-fitting experience.


Are shooting gloves durable?

Most of the shooting gloves are made from leather and neoprene. The materials are durable and hence an ideal type for shooting gloves. Check the materials used in the construction and ensure they are long-lasting to enjoy an extended period of using your best shooting gloves.

Can anyone use shooting gloves?

Because of the proven protection, both thick and thin gloves can be used by anyone. The glove will protect you from the hit gun after firing some shots. Additionally, it will prevent the gun from slipping off your hands when in use.

 Are shooting gloves easy to clean?

The shooting gloves are easy to clean depending on the materials used. If you get gloves made from synthetic leather, you'll need a cloth to clean them with ease. If the materials are tough, then you'll need a more advanced way of cleaning the gloves, for instance, machine washing.

Are the gloves supposed to fit tight?

Tight-fitting gloves are right for your use. They allow you to grab the gun without fear of dropping it. Additionally, suitable fitting gloves make you feel comfortable. Note that manufacturers provide a sizing chart to enable you to make an informed selection. Take the measurements of your arms so that you can avoid gloves that loosely.

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