Ultimate Review Of Best LED Gloves In 2023

Best LED Gloves

Are you ready to get your hands on a new pair of LED gloves?

Whether you’re looking to stock up for a glow festival, school dance, EDM, or Halloween costume of some sort, the best LED gloves offer the most creative way to express yourself.

These pair of gloves are a great addition to your wardrobe, and if you’ve ever tried these novelty hand accessories, you already know how easy it is to find a trendy way of expressing your style of creativity in you.

With that said, we’ve done lots of serious reviews of some important gloves, ranging from tactical gloves, athletic gear to gloves with medical purposes. But this time around, there’s not a ton to focus on each of these gloves beyond quality and the pattern.

If anything, if you’re in search of an LED glove, chances are you’re searching for an option that isn’t going to last you forever.

Provided your pair of gloves looks cool and they work, I don’t think there's anything really to worry about.

So, our best LED review guide is going to be less in-depth than a majority of our reviews, and here, we shall simply focus on colors, patterns, and maybe battery life.

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!



Pre - programmed patterns

Best For?

Unique Feature



Yes (48)




Yes (9)

Professionals / Semi-professionals

Lux Micro-Chip


Yes (6)


Yarn Knitting

Other Great Recommendations


Yes (6)


Skeletal hand design


Yes (6)


Comfort and elasticity

Top 5 LED Gloves in The Market for The Money

Top 5 LED Gloves

EmazingLights Elite Spectra - Editor’s Choice

I know I had hinted I was not going to talk much about the LED gloves, but the Elite Spectra are uniquely different from the regular LED pairs of gloves.

The Spectra are an expensive pair, but if you’re truly a glover, and you need a solid set of gloves, you know that spending less money reduces the glove quality and LED color selection.

With the Elite Spectra, you’ll not only end up saving money over-time, but you’ll no longer require buying a new, quality pair every-so-often.

Alongside the construction quality, this pair has some unique technologies, such as Bluetooth-capability, probably among the selected LED gloves in the market with this function.

But how functional is the Elite Spectra?

elite spectra

Features and Benefits


Elite Spectra is the first dance club hand accessory that offers a programmable app with Bluetooth capabilities.

The good thing with the Bluetooth function is that it can be connected with an app, either through iOS and Android, to make programming a snap.

 It's easy to connect your phone through Bluetooth, where you can then connect your light shows, choose your favorite colors, and customize the entire experience.

Honestly, the Elite Spectra Bluetooth function offers a truly amazing experience.


Alongside the Bluetooth function, Elite Spectra comes with custom patented software built into the app, which helps in creating your show.

The lights on the software allow you to literally create your own palette-entirely unique to you and your flow.

The lights can display millions of colors, and so, with the Elite Spectra, you’ll never run out of possibilities.

The glove lets you create your themes and color palettes for a unique show all of your own.

Flashing Patterns

If you feel you don't want to build it all from scratch, you can as well use the pre-designed light shows or use the pre-designed shows as a starting point for customization.

The glove comes with 48 pre-programmed patterns to flash the way you design.

Even better, the pre-designed patterns incorporate several editing options such as gap length and strobe length to help in tailoring your overall experience.


On top of it all, these babies are further loaded with the Flux Motion Reactive Accelerometer that can react to the movement of your hands.

In other words, these gloves will react to your moves, therefore moving in-sync with you, creating a fulfilling experience from top to bottom to create a perfect light show to entertain those around you.


I understand the Elite Spectra might not be ideal for everyone, especially due to the high admission price tag.

But if you're in search of professional-grade LED glove capable of shooting millions of color patterns, themes, and combinations, then the Elite Spectra is a perfect choice.

Better yet, it’s a suitable option for those who are looking for the convenience of Bluetooth-integrated functions.

  • 48 pre-programmed color combination
  • Ability to customize
  • Syncs with motion
  • Tad expensive

Check EmazingLights Elite Spectra Price on Amazon

GloFX Gloves – Best Overall

If the Elite Spectra are a bit overkill for what you’re looking for, yet you need something that stands head and shoulders above the entry-level LED glove, then you might consider the GloFx.

Sure, it’s not as premium as the Elite Spectra, and may not have the frills and frays of our top pick, but it's an offering from a brand that is known for craftsmanship and quality performance.

GloFX products are particularly associated with raves, and you often see the GloFX products on sale on festivals and shows.

GloFX Gloves

Features and Benefits

Comfortable Flow

The GloFX soft shell microlight casings feature a textured non-slip finish, which is designed to grip your fingers while allowing your gloves to stay in place for a comfy flow that lasts all night long.

Alongside the grip function, the clear soft shell casing provides the much-needed clarity, thus adding an extra level of vibrance to your shows.

Contrary to the cheaply designed 3D printed alternatives, each gel casing on the GloFX is specifically engineered to meet the demanding specifications of the elite Glovers.

Custom Chip

The performance of the GloFX is powered by a proprietary microchip that incorporates onboard memory.

The Lux Chip promotes versatility in your glove as it lets to select your color scheme from 1M color combinations and variations.

Here, you can either simply select your favorite colors and enjoy the nine versatile pattern, or find your perfect mode and convert your chip to one mode only.

The good thing with this LED glove is that it generates incredible amounts of light, yet it lasts for long. For instance, regardless of the model you choose, you can run the glove non-stop, and the LEDs will remain lit for over ten hours.

Save Function

Better yet, the Lux Chip has a memory function that lets you save your favorite color patterns without fear of it getting lost.

What I like about the save function is that it’ll automatically save your pattern, even if the batteries are removed.

Fast Battery Changes

The unique design element on the GloFX doesn’t stop with the casing, but it also extends to the battery hold, which features the X-Clip and Pro-Click button.

The “X” shaped battery clip is designed for insanely fast battery changes and a guaranteed hold of the batteries tightly in place.

The Pro-Click Buttons, on the other hand, promote a lightning-fast change of the LED modes.


The LEDs on these gloves are extremely bright, and they work brilliantly.

However, I find the overall design of the glove a bit still on the primitive side, so you might be forced to put in a bit of work when using then, but this is not a dealbreaker.

  • Memory onboard
  • 1M color patterns
  • 10 hours runtime
  • Replacements are expensive

Check GloFX Gloves Price on Amazon

Tri Technox - Best budget LED Gloves

Unlike the two professional-grade LED gloves we've covered above, the Tri Technox is a rather casual-style of a glove.

Of course, the Tri Technox can still put on a fun light show.

However, they're simpler, may not last for long, and aren't quite as well made.

The Tri Technox are a suitable option for those who are simply looking for a fun new toy to play around with, not necessarily for getting deep into the hobby.

Tri Technox

Features and Benefits


The material construction on this glove is notably different from other gloves on our list as it’s made from knitting yarn and has a stretchable wrist.

The polyester construction improves the air permeability, and so, it will allow dance all night without getting your hands drowning in your sweat.

Are the gloves warm enough for use outside during winter?

Probably, but not for extended periods; if anything, there are more like your regular pair of glove, but slightly thicker.

Nonetheless, you’ll love them, and you will have a pleasurable experience wearing them in an outdoor concert.


Tri Technox comes with a segmented color section on the digits of the fingers as opposed to solid colors.

Sure, while the design elements are not vast enough, I think the accessories on the Tri Technox make it worth the curiosity, though the glove won’t outlast either the Elite Spectra or GloFX.


Tri Technox offers a handful of different light patterns and colors, but unfortunately, these offer less customization than what we had earlier seen with the Elite Spectra.

For what it’s worth, this glove offers similar six modes.

It also offers strobing, morphing, and color trailing functions, each in three colors (Red, Green, and Blue).

Another awesome feature on this glove is that it includes Quickly Flash, Light-Up mode, and Continuous on and off.

Sure, the modes are not anywhere comparable to what the gloves on our list offered, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the Tri Technox are casual-type glove, and by far more affordable.

Despite their shortcomings here and there, they’re a huge hit while they last. Everyone is raving how much fun they are, and for kids, they go crazy with excitement.

  • Comfortable
  • Unique design
  • Huge hit while they last
  • Limited color combination

Check Tri Technox Price on Amazon

Neon Nightlife - Best for Kids

The Neon Nightlife are smaller gloves meant for kids.

They’re not the highest quality products in the market, but once again, Neon Nightlife isn’t what you would be using put on a light show on a festival or show.

Instead, it’s simply a glove that your kids are going to use in the dark and have some fun.

Nonetheless, understand that these pairs aren't going to last, and the price is reflective of that.

Neon Nightlife gloves

Features and Benefits

Skeletal Design

Kids and teens tend to get excited about any product with technological design.

The Neon Nightlife takes the technological advancement a notch higher, thanks to the skeletal finger design.

The skeletal design provides just the perfect party accessory to thrill all the kids encouraging a skeletal block party.


Neon Nightlife is powered by two CR2016 batteries, which support six different settings that will light up the entire hand in several different colors and patterns.

The different strobe settings, including pattern blink, fast random blink, and pattern blink, are perfect for use in various performances, including LED parties, costume parties, electric glow run, and more.


Neon Nightlife claims to offer up to 24 hours of run time with a fresh set of batteries, which we think it's quite optimistic.

Nonetheless, whether the runtime falls short or not, we think it’s quite generous at the least.

Better yet, replacement batteries come cheap enough, so keep an extra set on hand, and you're all set.

  • 24 hours runtime
  • Skeletal design
  • Ideal for kids
  • Limited color patterns

Check Neon Nightlife Price on Amazon

iGeeKid - Best Casual LED Gloves

The iGeeKid are similar to the Neon Nightlife in the sense that they’re both designed with kids in mind.

These mitts are designed to keep your young ones engaged in the rave world.

More importantly, however, they're oriented with coziness, flexibility, and other hypnotizing elements to reinforce the overall raving experience of your kids.


Features and Benefits


A major upside of the iGeeKid is the elasticity of the design that ensures your kid's fingers and palms are held tightly in place.

Further, the cotton and the stretchy spandex fabrics used in the overall construction of this glove promote a warmish and comfortable experience.


The white fabric construction enhances the even distribution of light to the glove, conversely making it easy for the parent to locate their young one during the Halloween nights.

Even better, these gloves come with an array of lighting modes. The six modes, including several color options such as green, lashing blue, lashing green, static, and more, will only but enhance the overall raving experience.


The biggest flaw with many toddler gloves is the lack of fit.

Fortunately, with this option, the stretchy property of the fabric guarantees a stunning snug fit into your toddler’s hand.

The elasticity of the gloves also ensures that this item will remain firmly locked into place during the entire adventure.


The greatest back of the glove is the challenges it poses when wearing them back once you’ve removed them.

The challenge is further exacerbated by the presence of a tightened inner layer that makes it challenging for the fingers and palms to slide back in.

Despite the few drawbacks, however, all other features on these gloves convey by far the best performance.

  • Comfortable
  • Enhanced fingers maneuverability
  • Adjustable flashing lights modes
  • Quite small

Check iGeeKid Price on Amazon

Best LED Gloves Buying Guide

Best LED Gloves Buying Guide

LED light gloves are increasingly becoming popular trend in the dance club and festivals, and the craze is now slowly creeping into our homes and streets where everyone wants to be part of the fun.

But before investing in the LED gloves, there’re several factors you need to consider.

These include:


What do you plan to do with your gloves?

Generally, the purpose of your glove should determine the type of glove to purchase.

Depending on the use you might want to purchase a professional LED glove or Novice LED Glove:


Professional gloves are fairly expensive, and like their name suggest, they’re built for the professional users such as dancers, DJs, choreographers, etc.

Most of these gloves are advanced in their construction, with some of them being computer-programmable.

Novelty Grade

This glove options have surprisingly good light quality and fairly run inexpensive.

They’re not premium as the professional gloves, and they’re limited to function and battery life.


When choosing an LED glove, you’ve to determine the exact purpose you would want your gloves for.

For instance, do you want the glove to light up your entire hand? Do you want a skeleton hand? Do you want to light up the fingers alone? How many color options do you want?

When you answer this and more questions, you’ll have an idea of the right LED glove to purchase.

Battery Life

There’re several elements to consider when selecting a glove, regarding the battery life.

Or instance, how long do the battery last? How much is the cost of the battery replacement? And how easy is it to find a replacement?

By answering the above questions, it’ll be easy for you to determine the right LED gloves for your needs.

However, to extend the life of a battery, it’s always a good idea to remove the battery after each use.


LED gloves are designed to find the creative side of every person.

When the music starts, wave your hand around and let the glove explode the air.

The LED gloves are also a great way to control the color entertainment of your party of nightclub.

The best LED gloves are also a great gift option, and so, whether it’s Halloween, birthday parties or raving, you can have fun and be lit up.


How can I find different sizes of LED gloves?

When you are looking for a size fit glove,  click on the section indicated size chart.  You'll get various sizes to fit your hands.  pick the size that is comfortable with you and try it out.

Are LED gloves durable?

The gloves will last you for a longer time under good use. LEDs are delicate and will need careful use for durability. Avoid using gloves during demanding tasks. Also do not use the gloves in water conditions unless they are indicated waterproof.

Are LED gloves recommended for motorcycle riding?

This is one of the top uses of the LED gloves because you want to look stylish.  Features like the waterproof baggie liner, Thinsulate Insulation, and a re-designed grip make the gloves worth your motorcycle riding.

Do LED gloves come with a warranty?

Depending on the manufacturer, you’ll get a warranty of one year to back the purchase. This lets you enjoy the entire time of the warranty assessing the functionality of the gloves. Always look for gloves that come with a warranty to invest wisely.

Current Best Selling LED Gloves!

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