Ultimate Review Of Best Tactical Gloves In 2023

Best Tactical Gloves

It's generally assumed that tactical gloves are a reserve for the military, combat specialists, or law enforcers.

In reality, however, tactical gloves are simply more than just shooting gloves.

Tactical gloves allow the modern man to pursue the rigors of life in comfort while staying protected.

This personal protective equipment offers the necessary protection for your hands in a lot of different scenarios, including hiking, camping, paintballing, cycling, and more.

The good thing with the best tactical gloves is that you don’t have to sacrifice personal taste for practicality.

A well-constructed military tactical glove, for instance, will not only allow you to protect your hands from the unforgiving elements but will compliment your ensemble by adding some refined reinforcement.

That said, when it comes to selecting the right pair of tactical glove, it can get a bit challenging.

Ideally, the right pair should be sturdy enough to protect you against the cut and scrape.

It should also be flexible enough to provide the tactile sensation to unleash your self-defense knife without hesitation, or even pull the trigger on time.

Finally, your gloves should be comfortable enough, offering sufficient warmth and fit.

Fortunately, you don't need to beat about it because we've rounded up the best five tactical gloves in the market.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Touchscreen Capability


Leather/ Thermoplastic rubber (TPR)

Full Finger


“Selective forschette material."

Full Finger



Full Finger


Other Great Recommendations

Treated Leather



Spandex, PU layer

Full Finger


Top 5 Tactical Gloves in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam M-Pact - Editor’s Choice

Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact Glove is a durable and hard-wearing option designed to last for many years.

The quality on the M-Pact glove is pretty decent, and though not the best in the market, it’s quite desirable, especially considering what you pay for this glove.

Though they’re specially designed for military combat and Special Forces, we found them to be an excellent choice for hunting expeditions, hiking or horse riding.

Best Tactical Gloves

Features and Benefits

Durability and Protection

It would be fair to say that the durability of a glove walks hand in hand with the protection it provides.

M-Pact glove is injection-molded with a thermoplastic rubber knuckle guard that protects your hands against impacts, cuts and damages that you might severe during high impact situations.

Better yet, the guards don’t stop on the knuckles, but they extend through the fingers as well.

Now, while the protective knuckle extension to the fingers is certainly a good thing, it doesn’t sit well with some people because it hinders the finger movements.

Palm Protection

Protection on the M-Pact isn’t only limited to the knuckles and fingers alone, but it extends to the palm of your hands.

With a thick D30 palm padding, the Mechanix Wear Tactical M-Pact Glove will effectively absorb and dissipate the high-impact energy and vibration on your palm.


Interestingly, however, despite the thick padding, this glove doesn’t suffer from issues of dexterity, thanks to the two-piece palm design that eliminates bunching and promotes dexterity.

The padded palm offers seamless performance, with the 0.8mm synthetic leather striking the perfect balance between dexterity and toughness.

When in use, the padded M-Pact glove offers the perfect amount of precision, and the tactile control you need while out in the field.

TrekDry Material for Breathability

On the upper section of the M-Pact glove, you'll find the form-fitting TrekDry material that helps with ventilation to keep your hand cool.

Alongside the TrekDry, you’ll also find Multi-Cam camouflage, which blends perfectly with a combat uniform, while providing the perfect camouflage in outdoor environments.

  • Excellent quality
  • Protection of knuckles and palm area
  • Ventilation
  • Stitching is not the best

Check Mechanix Wear Tactical MultiCam M-Pact Price on Amazon

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves - Best for Combat

If you shoot a lot, then you would want a glove rich in dexterity.

One such option is the PIG Glove, and no, they're not made out of pigskin.

A dexterous option, the FDT promotes user comfort, while at the same time giving you full usage of your fingers without having to remove the gloves.

But how effective are these gloves?

Let's put them into the test.

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves

Features and Benefits

Durability and Protection

PIG Alpha is constructed from a uni-layered blend of Forschette and Clarino.

With the single-layer construction, it's easy to think the PIG Glove is not protective enough, but in reality, it will keep both your hands and fingers safe.

I agree, the synthetic construction is not as heavy-duty as the leather construction we had seen on the Mechanix, but it’s not a deal breaker since the PIG Glove is tailored for the lightweight tasks such as shooting.

Nonetheless, it’s not to mean the PIG Glove is like your regular glove. No, it has more of a tactical approach, especially with the double padding on the knuckle area that protects against impact.

Lightweight and Breathable

The single-layer design is less bulky, and lightweight, which I find great, especially when you've a lot of gear to carry, and always trying to shave a gram here or there to make your load even lighter.

Secondly, unlike the hefty gloves, lightweight material construction is breathable and will minimize sweating in hot weather.

In particular, the inside Forschette material has moisture-wicking properties, and so, it’s easy for your hands to stay cool even during the warm conditions.

Flexible- Ideal for Shooting

The flexibility on the PIG Glove is a treat that many manufacturers try to achieve without sacrificing on the function or protection but often fail.

An ideal option for shooting, PIG Glove features a sensitized and isolated trigger finger.

Here, the finger trigger is designed with the thinnest material available to help with sensitivity, and so, it's easier to feel the trigger, thus giving you better control of your weapon.

Away from the trigger finger, the overall glove is designed with flexibility in mind.

For instance, every individual finger has at least a single flex area. The flex area is a small portion of the glove that lacks padding, and it's of great help with the flexibility of the joint finger movement.


If you can’t go for long without sliding into your smartphone, you’ll find PIG Glove quite handy.

The material construction on the fingers is touch screen conductive, and so, you can operate your touchscreen device without losing on the tactile dexterity.

Comfort and Fit

The PIG Glove only extends to the wrist, and so, they don’t interfere with your wrist movement.

  • Lightweight
  • Highly dexterous
  • Comfortable
  • Tad Expensive

Check PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Gloves Price on Amazon

Seibertron Full Finger Tactical Gloves - Best SAP Gloves

SAP gloves, also known as weighted knuckle gloves, are specially designed for defense and hand-to-hand combat.

While they resemble the ordinary gloves, the reality is that they’re specialized.

With the Seibertron, for instance, you get a tough synthetic material that is capable of inflicting damage with each blow, while at the same time protecting your hands.

Seibertron Full Finger Tactical Gloves

Features and Benefits


Seibertron, unlike other tactical gloves on our list, is designed with both utilitarian and fighting purposes.

The overall design is made to allow for defensive maneuvers, while at the same time, having the ability to deliver devastating blows to an opponent.

It's for this reason that these gloves are a popular option among the special ops, police, and the military Forces.


The Seibertron Tactical Gloves are a full-finger option, and so, your hands are completely protected.

Secondly, they come with padded knuckles that will inflict the most injury on your assailant, but they’re also the primary reason your fingers are protected in the first place.

While it's possible to strike someone without wearing gloves, you can suffer just as great of an injury your opponent is going to receive.

With the Seibertron Tactical Gloves, however, it's easy to avoid the cuts, bruises, and even lacerations on your hands.


The anti-skid polyurethane material on the palm provides traction.

The grip on the palm is beneficial in several applications, including letting you hold the slippery objects.

More importantly, however, it gives you traction while shooting, which helps to maintain your aim.

This further underlines why the Seibertron Tactical Gloves are ideal for the special ops and police missions.

Comfort/Fit/Ease of Use

For convenience purposes, the Seibertron Tactical Gloves feature a Velcro fastener that lets you securely fasten your gloves for the perfect fit.

What I like about the Velcro fastener is that durable and modest, which is opposed to the complicated clasps and buckles.

With the Velcro fastener, it’s far easier to put and remove these gloves when you need to.

Basically, the Seibertron Tactical Gloves provide the best choice for your tactical shooting needs, especially when you want the added protection of a full-fingered glove.


To adequately deliver more devastating blows, the Seibertron Tactical Gloves are designed to be a bit bulky, which doesn’t augur well with some users.

  • Durable
  • Protective
  • Allows defensive maneuvers
  • Heavy

Check Seibertron Full Finger Tactical Gloves Price on Amazon

Mrsight Half Finger Fingerless Tactical Gloves - Best Budget

If you're on a budget and still searching for a high-quality tactical glove, Mrsight could be an incredible option.

Despite the budget tag, this tactical glove provides you with value for your money, and surprisingly, it doesn't skimp on the performance.

While it doesn’t have the frills and frays we saw on the PIG Glove or Mechanix, it’s a performance-oriented piece and will provide you with just the sufficient protection.

Mrsight Half Finger Fingerless Tactical Gloves

Features and Benefits

Durability and Protection

Mrsight is made from a combination of nylon mesh and leather, with the nylon mesh covering the palm area, while the leather covers the fingers.

Admittedly, the material construction here is not the best, especially regarding the protection element.

However, it’s still sufficient enough to protect you from the lightweight to moderate safety risks.

The good thing with the glove is that the knuckles and the pam area have a double layer of leather, which helps to protect you against any type of contact.

Still, the Mrsight are not a heavy-duty option and would advise anyone wearing then for protection in the arduous environments.

Fingerless Design

This is probably the selling point on this glove.

The fingerless design has numerous benefits, but the most important one is increased ventilation.

With these gloves, there's the free flow of air, and your hands will always stay cool and free from sweat.

Secondly, this design makes it easier for users to operate their touchscreen devices while wearing gloves.

Finally, the fingerless design offers the much-needed flexibility for the movement of your fingers.

In particular, this is an essential feature for the shooters as they can feel the trigger and can accurately pull it when the time is right.


Mrsight is quite limited in their padding, especially when compared to other gloves on our lits, and so, you shouldn’t expect premium protection.

Secondly, while the nylon mesh and open finger design make the glove breathable, it's not to its entirety because the leather material on the palms is not the most breathable.

Away from the few drawbacks, Mrsight is impressive on the overall performance.

The admission price, which is about a third of the Mechanix Glove makes it even more desirable.

  • Budget option
  • Moderate protection
  • Good quality
  • No comfortable

Check Mrsight Half Finger Fingerless Tactical Gloves Price on Amazon

FREETOO Gloves - Most Versatile

Freetoo Gloves are a great alternative to MrSight Gloves.

Their strong point, however, is not on their price, but rather on their versatility.

These glove options are flexible enough to be used in an extensive range of applications ranging from motorbiking, paintballing, shooting, and other tactical applications.

freetoo tactical gloves

Features and Benefits

Design and Protection

There has been a concern with the aesthetics of the glove, but in my opinion, these gloves have a lovely look.

They’re simple and very practical too.

Moving on, the Freetoo gloves are designed from several materials consisting of Spandex, PU layer, and Velcro.

The material construction is not the best we've had, but the protection is decent.

In particular, I love the dual-padded knuckles that help with protection against impact.

The leather coating on the palms, on the other hand, offers decent protection, while at the same time promoting grip and helping with skidding.


Just below each of the knuckles, Freetoo gloves have small holes that help with the free flow of air inside the glove.

When in use, you’re less likely to soak in sweat, and your hands will remain cool at all times.

Flexibility/ Fit

The design of Freetoo covers your hands, extending up the wrist.

As such, this glove is less likely to limit your wrist movement, thus improving the overall flexibility.

It's also worth pointing out that the area just below the wrist is designed from spandex, a stretchable material that aligns with your hand and helps with movement.

  • Knuckle and palm protection
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Not the most durable options

Check FREETOO Gloves Price on Amazon

Best Tactical Buying Gloves Buying Guide

Best Tactical Buying Gloves Buying Guide

When you're involved in a tactical situation, you must protect your hands because they're always exposed to harm all the time.

For the best protection experience, we’ve outlined the critical factors you need to consider when selecting the best tactical gloves.

Features to Consider When Selecting the Best Tactical Gloves

Material Construction

The choice of material plays a crucial role in determining the overall quality of your glove.

In most cases, material construction determines breathability, stretch, comfort, durability, and much more.

The common material used for the tactical gloves include:

  • Leather: Leather gloves are durable, comfy, and flexible.  Their drawback is they're not breathable enough.
  • Rubber: Like leather, rubber is flexible and protective. Often, rubber is used in protecting the fingers and the knuckle.
  • Nylon/Polyester: Both materials are tough, though nylon is a bit superior material because it's water-resistant. Polyester is wrinkle-resistant, though.
  • Spandex: A stretchable material that is often blended in other materials in enhancing the overall flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • Velcro: Velcro gloves are heavy-duty options, and with these gloves, you can wear them for an extended period. They provide excellent results when carrying loads or when in use in tough environments.


After material, the next element to consider is the design.

Generally, combat gloves are designed to cover your entire hand to protect it completely against any abrasion or injury.

However, a full hand design is not a practical option for tactical shooting glove, and for this reason, a majority of the shooting gloves are designed to have a fingerless design.


Protection is the most crucial element of a tactical glove.

Normally, the glove design determines the level of protection.

For instance, some of the gloves normally provide extra materials on the palm area or the knuckle for enhanced protection.


While insulation is not a necessity, it’s a crucial element, especially if you’ll be wearing them during the cold season.

A well-insulated glove keeps your hands toasty and warm when it cold, but remember insulation normally comes at the detriment of flexibility and dexterity.


Padding is necessary for providing supplemental protection to the most exposed parts of your hands.

Now, depending on your activity, you need to invest in a glove design with the supplemental padding where you need it most.

For instance, knuckle reinforcement offers an incredible tactical benefit when you need to knock some teeth out.

The palm reinforcement, on the other hand, is handier when you need to protect yourself, while the Finger reinforcement keeps your fingers more protected.


Wearing a tactical glove is more than a whim or fashion statement; it a necessity.

Without tactical gloves, your hands are exposed to the safety risks elements, which might several affect your overall performance.

The good news is, we've already compiled a list of the best tactical gloves in the market, and so, choosing one for your needs shouldn't be challenging anymore.

Go through the list and pick a model that you think will best address your needs.

While at it, keep in mind essential elements such as fit, comfort, material, and protection.


Are tactical gloves worth it?

Even though the tactical gloves are known for military and combat specialists,  they are also good for protection while undertaking outdoor fun activities like cycling, camping, and hiking, among other uses. They are well constructed and practical for the task and will protect you against injuries. These gloves come from quality materials to last for years.

How should the gloves fit?

The tactical gloves should fit well without getting too tight or loose. Check the sizing chart and pick the correct size for your hands. It is also good to avoid gloves that come from poor-quality materials that overstretch. Loose gloves will cause blisters, resulting in injuries and preventing you from leading a successful outdoor event.

What should I do to smelly gloves?

It is important to remove gloves when not in use. This ensures you leave the hands to breathe and eliminate the sweat. Also, washing gloves and drying them removes bad odor, which lets you feel comfortable when using the gloves.

Are tactical gloves legal with civilians?

Some states like California have strict rules concerning these protective gloves, so most of them are prohibited. You can check the rules in your area to find out if they are allowed. Also, the gloves can bear a warning regarding usage in your state.

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