How To Turn Off Chromecast? (Simple Steps!)

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How To Turn Off Chromecast?

Do you own a Google Chromecast but are still learning how to utilize it? Compared to online streaming services like Netflix, you are easily logged in when you go to the app and logged out when you close it. Chromecast, on the other hand, is a little device plugged into the HDMI port of your TV set, allowing you to stream video content from many online sources.

Most of the time, you plug it in and just leave it there, forgetting the device most of the time. So long as it is there, it is switched on. There are reasons why it stays on (they will be discussed later), so you need to take the right steps to actually turn it off.

Why would you want to turn it off? Your device might be fine connected to your television at home, but in some cases, you might want to move it to another TV. You might also want to limit access to it when other people are sharing your home or visiting. Whatever your reasons are, you might still want to learn how to fully disable your Chromecast.

Why Is Chromecast Always On?

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As long as your device is plugged in, it can be accessed by your TV. It also retains access to the Internet, which is important for it to do certain tasks in the background. Mainly, these devices stay online to be able to receive the newest firmware and security updates. You will not receive any notifications of these updates, and the device will simply download and install them automatically.

By doing this during downtime, you will not have to wait for updates to be installed before you can use your Chromecast. It also limits any security risks just in case you dismiss or forget to download the newest update. Your Chromecast will always be ready to function normally when you need it because it does all of these other tasks while you are sleeping or at work.

The stick does all of these in standby mode, which switches on after you turn off your TV. It will not consume the same amount of energy but will still be able to update. Disabling or turning off your device will make you miss out on the updates. This means, while you may want to switch it off for certain reasons, it should be done properly and only when really needed. Simply unplugging the device can also damage its firmware and the hardware itself.

Another important thing to know is that you should never, ever attempt to switch it off while updates are being installed. This can lead to errors and serious problems with your Chromecast stick. So check if the LED light on it is flashing orange (or red for 1st generation devices), which means an update is downloading or installing. You will have to wait for it to finish before you try disabling it.

Switching Off Your Chromecast

How to Factory Reset Chromecast

Once you are finally ready to switch off your Chromecast stick, follow these steps to do it properly. Technically, there is nothing wrong with just pulling it out of the HDMI port as long as the TV is off and the device is not updating. Still, you should follow these steps to avoid any crashes or mistakes.

1. Turn Off the TV

You will need to first switch off the TV set your Chromecast is attached to. It will go on standby mode a few minutes later.

2. Stop Broadcasting

Take the phone or laptop you use to control the Chromecast media content. You can do this by clicking or tapping on “Stop Casting/Disconnect“.

3. Unplug The Device

Once you have disconnected it, you can unplug it from your TV’s HDMI port.

Should You Leave our Device Plugged In?

For important reasons like switching to a new TV, plugging it out makes sense, but otherwise, you should try to keep it connected at all times. The main reason is that the longer the stick is disabled, the more updates it misses out on. When you eventually plug it in, you might end up waiting for a long time just for it to update to the recent settings.

While it is doing so, you will not be able to use it for streaming. This is the main reason why these updates are done automatically when it is idle or on standby mode. By the time you switch on your TV, it already has the newest updates, and it should be ready for use immediately.

How To Turn Off Chromecast Remote Notifications

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If you simply find the notifications too much, then what you really need is to simply switch the remote notifications off. This is much more helpful especially when several Android devices are also used as a remote for the device. Not only can other people receive your notifications, but it can severely affect your viewing.

Dismissing notifications on an Android device is quite simple, all you need to do is to swipe them away. This doesn’t fully turn them off, though. To do this, you will need to disable them permanently. Once you get a notification, you need to tap on the gear-shaped “Settings“ button. Toggle the slider to the left so you can see an option to turn off “Show Remote Control Notifications.“ With that, you can say goodbye to network-wide system notifications on all Android devices in the vicinity.

Should You Keep Your Chromecast On Or Turn It Off?

Do you want to turn off your Chromecast to save electricity? Doing so will make a tiny difference in your electric bills because the device itself uses only a minimal amount of electricity when it is on standby mode.

If you are worried about security, then disabling it is not the key, either. This means your stick is missing out on critical updates designed to keep them safe and running smoothly. The best thing to do is to just keep it plugged in at all times unless you have a real need to turn it off.

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