UAV technology


Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) today have created a real revolution in the art of conquering the sky. The only thing that limits the time these flying drones can spend in the air is the reserve capacity of their battery, which usually lasts for 15-20 minutes.

At the moment there are many existing models of quadcopters and each of them is unique.


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Some people worry that because of these machines their personal lives will become public domain, while others, on the contrary, try to make the unmanned drones work to their advantage, creating more and more new designs. So, let’s try and figure out what these flying machines are capable of.

Fantastic dance of drones in the air

Rapid development of radio-controlled gadgets has made them very popular. UAV technology allowed the drones to be used not only for video recording, but also for various shows. For example, a Japanese troupe called Eleven Play choreographed a fantastic dance using three quadcopters that gracefully move across the stage like dancers floating in the air.

Although the unison of movement of the drones could be better, from the aesthetic point of view such a performance looks amazing.

Unmanned drones weaving a web

One of the Swiss schools in Zurich recently developed unmanned drones with artificial intelligence. These quadcopters are capable of finding the way to a given point and uncontrollably perform specific tasks. They can even weave webs by freely interacting with other devices.

Anti-Drone technology can make you invisible to quadcopters

Today UAV technology is not standing still. Unmanned drones have become even more affordable, which makes the issue of personal privacy even more relevant.

The Domestic Drone Countermeasures Company introduced a very effective technology that allows making any person invisible to flying drones. The principle of operation of such a system, though, still remains a mystery…

Drone-security guard monitors the airspace

The Secom Co Ltd Company developed an autonomous drone-guard who can monitor one’s safety. If a stranger, for example, enters a parking lot of a commercial facility, then the drone-guard will fly up to the intruder and take photographs. Thus, an unmanned spy can track down suspicious people even in places where there are no security cameras or they are far away.

Postmen in France getting ready to fly

Recently, a postal service under the name of La Poste Group announced that it is testing a completely new delivery system of correspondence. It intends to deliver newspapers using the UAV technology; that is using radio-controlled devices created by the Parrot Company.

Currently, a group of twenty postal workers manages to overcome fences and other obstacles with the help of twenty flying drones, which in the future will help them to reach remote areas as well.

Postal workers can control gadgets using applications on such devices as the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This idea can become very beneficial, because with the help of drones that can fly up to fifty meters it is possible to fly over angry dogs and parked cars.

Quadcopters contolled by the power of mind

American professor Bin He, specializing in bio-engineering, introduced a new development that allows to control a quadcopter only through the power of thought. A person puts on his head a controller made up of 64 sensors that record the activity of different parts of the cortex of the brain and convert it into control signals.

In the longer term, due to this new UAV technology it will become possible to significantly simplify the lives of people with disabilities.

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