How to Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error

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How to bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error

If you are an HP printer owner, you will notice that the printer is notorious for cartridge errors. Whenever your printer encounters these errors, it will not function properly. Let’s look at how to bypass HP printer cartridge error.  

There are several methods of bypassing printer cartridge errors.

First, remove and reinstall the designated cartridge 2-3 times until it securely sits in the slot to overcome an HP printer cartridge error. Next, turn off the printer and take out all the cartridges. Gently wipe the cartridge and carriage contacts with a dry, lint-free cloth and reinstall again.

HP Printer Ink Cartridge Secret Reset Button

The HP printer ink cartridge has a secret reset button that you can use to refill the cartridge to avoid buying a new one. This feature is helpful as it will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. So here’s how to locate and use the secret reset button.

  • After your printer has started blinking orange indicating an imminent cartridge change, look for a tiny black button on its side. (The location differs from model to model, so ensure you read the user manual)
  • Press and hold the button for 5 seconds using a paper clip or similar object.
  • Release the button, and the printer should restart and recognize the cartridge.
  • If you are still getting a cartridge error, repeat the process.

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HP Blocking 3rd Party Cartridges

Is your HP printer giving you error messages regarding cartridges being locked? You may have fallen victim to its 3rd party cartridge blocks. HP blocks counterfeit and remanufactured cartridges to protect its users from low-quality products. This feature affects counterfeit and third-party cartridges—meaning that you may need help if you want to use these third-party cartridges. 

Steps for Non-Internet Users

To bypass these third-party cartridge blocks, you can toggle the printer’s control panel settings if your printer isn’t connected to the internet. After that, follow the steps below:

  1. While on the control panel setting, find the devices and printers section.
  2. Look for the cartridge protection tab. You’ll find it in the HP toolbox.
  3. Click on the “Disable Cartridge” tab and save.

Steps for Internet Users

If your printer is connected to the internet, you can use its IP address. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Find your printer’s IP address in the settings menu.
  2. Copy and paste this IP address on your browser’s search bar to configure your printer.
  3. Launch the settings tab and disable cartridge protection.

Note that if your printer updates again, it will re-enable these settings. Head to the web services section and disable updates to prevent such an occurrence.

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Why Is My HP Printer Saying Incompatible Print Cartridge?

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Your printer might be saying “Incompatible print cartridge” for two reasons:

  • When you have placed a cartridge in the wrong slot
  • If the cartridge model number doesn’t match your printer’s—hence incompatible. 

So, how can you fix this error? 

  • First, you must ensure you have installed the cartridges correctly in their slots. 
  • Cross-check its model numbers to ensure they match the printer model number. 
  • You can also gently clean the contact points of the cartridge using a dry lint-free cloth.

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HP Printer Cartridge Problem Remove and Reinstall

How exactly are you supposed to remove and reinstall these cartridges? Follow the steps below:

Step #1: Turn on the printer, open the cartridge access door, and wait until the carriage stops moving.

Step #2: Push on a cartridge, which will instantly be released from the printhead.

Step #3: Slide the cartridge back into its slot and push it to lock in place.

Step #4: Please do the same for all the cartridges, ensuring that you place them in their correct slots.

Step #5: You can now close the ink access cartridge door.

HP Printer Incompatible Cartridge Error

To receive the HP printer incompatible cartridge error, either your cartridges have been wrongly placed or are incompatible with your printer. 

To ensure compatibility:

  • Cross-check if the model numbers on the cartridges and printer are the same. 
  • You should also carefully install the cartridges in their respective slots.

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How Do I Bypass an Incompatible HP Ink Cartridge?

If you’re asking yourself: “How do I bypass an incompatible HP ink cartridge error?”, the process is quite simple. Here we’ll cover several steps to evade this error, including the general steps and guidelines for non-Mac computers and the HP Smart app.

What Are the General Steps?

Below are the general steps you can follow:

  1. Remove all the cartridges from your printer.
  2. Reinstall the incompatible ink cartridge to your printer and power it down for about fifteen minutes. Ensure to disconnect it from power.
  3. Turn on the printer and insert the subsequent incompatible cartridges one at a time.
  4. Power off the printer again for a minute without unplugging it from the power source.
  5. Repeat step 3 until all cartridges have been installed
Printer Ink Toner Technology

Steps for Non-Mac Users

Alternatively, you can fix this error using the steps below if you own a non-Mac computer.

  1. Launch your computer settings and click on the printer settings in the control panel option.
  2. Look for either the “Printer properties” or “Advanced Printer” option.
  3. Disable “ports” by clicking on them.
  4. Now enable “Bidirectional Support,” and the errors should be fixed.

How to Bypass Incompatible HP Ink Cartridge Using The HP Smart App

You can bypass an incompatible HP ink cartridge using the HP Smart App. Below are the simple steps you need to follow:

  1. Launch the Smart app and open “Printer Status.”
  2. Find the printer with the cartridge error and click on it.
  3. Disconnect the printer from Wi-Fi and reconnect it afterward.
  4. You can now head back to printing, as the error will be fixed.

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How Can I Override My Ink Cartridge Not Recognized?

To override an ink cartridge not recognized error, there are several steps you can follow, depending on the possible cause of the error.

You can:

  • Clean the metal contacts
  • Ensure all the protective cartridge strips have been removed
  • Reset your printer memory

With the protective strips, you must ensure they have all been removed and do not obstruct any contact between the cartridge and the metal contacts.

Ink Cartridge Not Recognized

How to Clean HP Cartridge Metal Contacts

To clean the metal contacts, follow the steps below:

  1. Power down the printer and take out the unrecognized cartridges.
  2. Gently wipe the cartridge metal contacts and carriage with a dry lint-free cloth.
  3. Reinstall the cartridges.

How to Reset HP Printer Memory

Alternatively, you can reset your printer memory, since it might still recognize the old cartridges. To reset your printer memory, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove all the cartridges from your printer.
  2. Reinstall the old ink cartridge to your printer and power it down for about fifteen minutes. Be keen to disconnect it from the power supply.
  3. Turn on the printer and install the unrecognized cartridges one at a time.
  4. Power off the printer again for a minute while still plugged into the power source.
  5. Repeat the 3rd process as you install the other remaining cartridges.

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How to Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error – FAQs

How to Bypass Depleted Cartridge HP 8600?

The HP 8600 is designed only to print when all ink cartridges have sufficient ink. Hence, it is impossible to bypass depleted cartridges in this printer.

Is HP Blocking 3rd-Party Cartridges 2022?

Yes, HP blocks third-party cartridges. The reason for these blocks is to protect users from counterfeit cartridges that might compromise printer functionality and quality. However, you can disable cartridge protection to use third-party cartridges in your printer.

How Do I Trick My HP Ink Cartridge?

You can “trick” your HP ink cartridge by disabling cartridge protection, pressing the secret reset button, rebooting your printer, and overriding cartridge memory.

How to Bypass Depleted Ink Cartridge on HP Printer 9010

In case of such an error, select Hide and tap the top black bar on the printer’s display. Then, select Ink Drop and examine each of the four ink cartridges to check if you have an empty or low ink cartridge on hand.

How to Bypass HP Printer Cartridge Error 2022?

To bypass HP cartridge error 2022, remove and reinstall the designated cartridge 2–3 times until it securely sits in the slot to overcome an HP ink cartridge error. Next, power down the printer, taking out all the cartridges. Then gently wipe the cartridge and carriage contacts with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove any debris that might have accumulated.

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With HP printers having occasional cartridge issues, knowing the proper steps to bypass cartridge errors is essential. You can use several methods, from resetting cartridges, rebooting your printer, disabling cartridge protection, overriding cartridge not realized errors, and fixing incompatible ink cartridges. Follow these steps to ensure your HP printer stays in the best condition and functions properly.


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