How Much is Minecraft on Switch?

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How Much is Minecraft on Switch?

Minecraft debuted in 2011 and ranked as the world’s second-best game. The Switch version of Minecraft was released in 2017 and thrived on iOS, Android, Linux, and Raspberry Pi platforms. Minecraft for Nintendo Switch is available in various markets at varying prices. Keep intact and scroll within the article for ultimate information.

Minecraft is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $29.99. Physical copies are available at the retail shop. Minecraft players can also upgrade the Nintendo switch edition for free in the eShop Switch. 

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The Cost of Switch Version of Minecraft

Before downloading Minecraft, it’s imperative to consider the price. But if you genuinely need to buy Minecraft for the Nintendo Switch, the Minecraft Switch version on Nintendo Switch eShop goes for $29.99.

The Minecraft game is about placing blocks and engaging in thrilling adventures in different modes. You can also avail the Minecraft Bedrock version from the eShop on your Switch. Minecraft players can purchase physical copies of the game at their favorite retailers.

Minecraft players who purchased Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition can upgrade the version free in the eShop on Switch. The upgraded version of Nintendo Minecraft allows you to play online with players on other platforms. Minecraft for Nintendo Switch provides you with the whole Minecraft experience on a hand-held console.

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Minecraft Switch Download

There are two versions of Minecraft for the Switch, including Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition and Minecraft Bedrock Switch Edition. The Nintendo Switch instructions work well with all models of Switch. Downloading Minecraft largely depends on the console you are using. The process of downloading Minecraft on Nintendo Switch is as follows;

Option 1

  • Turn on your Switch, and press the home button on your right to go to the home screen. Then, tap Nintendo eShop from the home screen. On the pop-up menu, select a profile to use with the eShop
  • Select the browse/ search bar and type Minecraft using the on-screen keyboard
  • Select Accept or press the plus (+) button on your right joy-con
  • Select Minecraft from the search results, and then press ‘proceed to purchase. If you had already purchased the Nintendo Switch Edition earlier, the button should read Free Download.
  • Confirm your order by selecting the mode of payment; Nintendo eShop Card, Credit Card, or PayPal.
  • On the pop-up menu, tap the required amount only. Selecting other amounts will add the amount to your eShop wallet for future purchases.
  • For purchases using a credit card, select Use this credit card. Input card details if you haven’t stored your credit card information with the eShop
  • Select add funds and purchase. You will be prompted to add funds if you don’t have enough money in your account.
  • Press the X button on your controller to leave the eShop
  • Press close Nintendo eShop
  • Minecraft will download automatically to your Switch, after which it will start playing upon completion.

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Option 2

You can purchase Minecraft download code from readily available links. Once you buy the digital codes, you can find them under ‘Account Home’ then Digital library. Follow the following steps to get Minecraft on Switch via digital code;

  • Select Nintendo eShop from the Switch home screen
  • Select Redeem code on the menu to your left
  • Enter the already purchased digital codes
  • Confirm that you want to download Minecraft onto your Switch

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Minecraft For Nintendo Switch Lite

Suppose you are ready to start a magnificent journey into Minecraft’s ethereal blocky world. In that case, you can rest assured to engage in a gaming experience you will never forget. You can play Minecraft on your Switch Lite. In addition, Nintendo Switch Lite comes with a free copy of Minecraft. 

The pocket edition Lite version of Minecraft allows you to build on the go. It offers endless possibilities for play whenever you travel, sit at the park, or hang out with friends. Minecraft for Nintendo Switch supports cross-platform multiplayer on platforms such as PlayStation 4, iOS devices, Android, Windows, Xbox Series X/S/, and Xbox One.

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Minecraft players require a Nintendo Switch Online membership to play online multiplayer. You can play the simulation game with up to 8 online players. The game provides excellent content and gameplay, especially for first-time Minecraft gameplay purchases. Minecraft pocket edition comes bundled with skins and DLC packs such as Super Mario Mash-up pack, natural texture pack, battle & beasts skin pack, and Campfire tales skin pack.

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The Switch Minecraft version delivers the best performance and unforgettable core Minecraft experience on intriguing adventures and crafts. The Switch version lacks mods and server-based experiences. Still, it’s an excellent choice for multiplayer games with other console users. The simulation allows up to four player split-screen on a single Switch.

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Cost of Minecraft on Switch at Gamestop

Purchase Nintendo Switch from Gamestop and explore randomly generated worlds to build amazing things, from simple homes to grand castles. The Minecraft Switch Edition is available on Gamestop for $27.99. Gamestop is a reliable alternative market to source Minecraft for Nintendo Switch.

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How Much is Minecraft on Switch? FAQs

Is it worth it to get Minecraft on Switch?

Generally, the Minecraft game for Nintendo Switch is a perfect fit for players who like adventure, crafting, and survival game modes. Minecraft for Nintendo Switch is ideal for entry-level or if you are new to Minecraft. The game delivers some of the best performances and gameplay.

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Is Minecraft on Switch the Full version?

Yes. The Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft is a full version game. The game incorporates features like PlayStation 4, Windows, Xbox One, and mobile devices. The Minecraft Switch version offers a complete Minecraft experience. Dive into adventures and fight your way through to conquer varying game modes.

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Final Thoughts

Minecraft Nintendo Switch Edition is a great game to play with your friends. Minecraft on Switch is a perfect simulation if you are new to Minecraft. Whether you are looking for Minecraft full version or Minecraft Switch Lite, follow the steps mentioned above to download Minecraft on Switch at relatively affordable prices.

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