Where to Vote for Minecraft Mob?

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Where to Vote for Minecraft Mob?

This year’s mob voting is quite different from the previous years. While the voting in 2017, 2020, and 2021 was done on the official Twitter account, this year presents three options to do the same. They include:

  • A particular Bedrock Edition server
  • Minecraft.net
  • Minecraft Launcher.

Let us discover each of the ways in-depth:

A Special Bedrock Edition Server

This method is one of the unique ways of handling mob voting up to date. Players in the games will be allowed to join the unique server when they are represented with the chance to vote for the mob they want to see in the game. 

You will be provided with multiple blocks bearing signs inside the unique server. The block will also have the name of the preexisting mob from the game. Every option will have a lever on them, allowing you to submit your vote.


This second method of voting will be open to players from all platforms. It will be conducted on the official Minecraft website. If you have a computer and a stable internet connection, you can vote from the comfort of your seat. Log in to your Microsoft account to participate.

Minecraft Launcher

Here, you participate in the game through the game launcher. This voting method is available to all PC, and thus Bedroom and Java players will utilize it to vote for their favorite upcoming mob. See below how you vote:

  • The tab contains choices; click on the one you want.

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When Is the Next Minecraft Mob Vote?

Mojang hosts its live events every year. Before 2023, whenever they wanted their fans to vote for a mob, they chose Twitter. They then set up a platform where fans were requested to vote for their favorite mob. 

This trend, however, stopped in 2021 when players voted for Allay to be added to the  Wild Update. The year 2023 saw a change as Mojang expanded on its official launcher. It released more features in Bedrock Edition, creating a bigger space for every gamer to vote.

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Mob Vote on Official Game Launcher 

As prior mentioned, Mojang has gradually expanded its game launcher and incorporated new features. Participants will be allowed to vote from their official game launcher in the next event that will be held on October 15th.

In this new voting system, a new section called ‘Minecraft Live’ will pop up along Bedrock Edition and Dungeons. Here, members will be allowed to vote for their upcoming mobs. Take note that you will be required to have an official game launcher that only applies to those who own the game.

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Minecraft Mob Vote 2023

 The year 2023 will see some changes in voting. These changes include:

  • Forgotten Vote 2023
  • Biome Vote 2023

Forgotten Vote 2023

This will be a new and different kind of voting in the Minecraft announcement streams. In this new voting discovery, mobs that lost the previous votes will be granted a second chance. On the same, the top two mobs will be added in the following three updates. 

It will be the first voting where we will have two winners. The four candidates will include Mob D: The Hovering Inferno (Minecraft Earth, 2017), Moobloom (Minecraft Live, 2020), Iceologer (Minecraft Live, 2020), and Pike (Minecraft Live, 2023). 

The Pike was eliminated in the first round. The Moobloom was victorious with 66% of the total vote, while Iceologer took second place with 33% of the total vote. Both the Moobloom and Iceologer were added in 1.27 and 1.28.

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Biome Vote 2023

Unlike in the past years, 2023 brings a new Biome into the game. Under this new feature, three candidates will be introduced, and only one might win. The three candidates are Chaparral, Orchard, and Wasteland. Chaparral was removed in the first round, and Orchard became victorious.

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Minecraft Mob Vote 2023 Results

Mojang’s official date for Minecraft Live 2023 will be in October at noon EDT. The results will be announced during this live event. However, players will be allowed to vote before the event beginning on October 14th, 2023. This means players have a 24-hour window to vote for their preferred mob hours before the winner is announced in the live event.

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Final Thoughts

Confidently, we think all questions you had about voting for Minecraft have been extensively answered. If you have been participating in the game for years, catching up with the latest developments in Minecraft mob voting will be easy. Newbies to the game are not locked out either; the above information provides well-detailed information that will help you become a pro overnight.

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