Switch Lite Won’t Turn On – Reasons And Solutions

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Switch Lite Won't Turn On

Your Switch Lite, just like any other device, is not perfect. Even though uncommon, you may experience some software or hardware complications. Sometimes Switch Lite won’t turn on, or it may become unresponsive—hurting your gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Check the docking station and power cables for any damage, or try a spare.
  • Try a hard reset.
  • Try official cables to make sure, as some 3rd-party may work.

This article provides reasons and low-tech solutions for your Switch Lite not turning on.

Let’s dive right in!

What Are Some Reasons My Nintendo Switch Won’t Turn On?

There are a lot of different things that could cause your Nintendo Switch to have difficulties starting up or turning on. Here are a few of the most typical explanations:

  • A flat battery

  • Broken Console

  • An issue with the electricity supply, either from the cord or the wall

  • Software problems

Switch Lite Won’t Turn On or Charge

Some issues reported by Nintendo Switch Lite users include:

  • Despite repeated attempts to turn on the Nintendo Switch, the device will not turn on.

  • The screen will be blank whether the console is portable or tabletop, but the speakers will still work.

  • Pressing either the Home or Power button does not affect the Switch Lite in Sleep mode.

So, what is the solution to these problems?

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  • Click the Power button on the top-left and hold it for 20 seconds. That will force the Switch system to shut down. Then power it back on by clicking on the Power button once.

  • Next, you’ll need to reset your AC adapter. Here’s how:

    • Unplug the AC adapter from the power supply and the device. Leave it for up to 30 seconds.

    • You’ll need to check that you have a suitable Switch Lite adapter. Confirm it is model number HAC-002.

    • If you’ve been using a different Adapter, replace it with the Charger for Nintendo Switch Lite Charging Dock Station, Compatible with Switch Controller.

    • Ensure that there is no damage to the docking station and charging cables. If there are damages, you’ll need to order a replacement.

  • Now, plug in the adapter to the Switch Lite and a wall outlet—not a power extension.

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Expect to see any of the following results:

  • Entrance screen displaying. In case the entrance screen displays, let the Switch Lite charge. Once charging is complete, be sure to do a system update.

  • Battery charge indicator. The battery charge indicator displays on the top-left corner of your screen when the Switch Lite’s battery charge is low. It would be best if you allowed it to charge (for at least 30 minutes) before you can click on the power button.

  • The screen remains blank. If your screen does not power on, perform a forced shutdown by holding the Power button for up to 12 seconds.

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Nintendo Switch Lite Won’t Turn On After Hard Reset

The Nintendo Switch may refuse to power on even after a hard reset. Here’s what you need to do:

Charge the Battery

If the battery dies, your Nintendo Switch Lite won’t turn on after a hard reset. Therefore, you’ll need to charge your device with a suitable adapter for 3 hours. Then try powering on the console.

Use a Different Dock or Adapter

Note that if you have a faulty adapter or dock, your Nintendo Switch Lite won’t turn on after a hard reset. You can explore other charging alternatives, like using a different charging dock from Nintendo.

Before you plug in the cable, check the device’s charging port. Ensure that there’s no dust or debris. 

To remove dust and debris from the charging port, dab it with cotton on the end of a little toothpick. When you do this, you need to be careful. If you scrape too vigorously, you could bend the charging pin connectors. A few drops of isopropyl alcohol at 95% can do the trick.

You should also ensure that the wall outlet is functional. Try connecting the adapter to different outlets. That way, you can detect a faulty wall outlet. We recommend plugging the adapter directly.

If, up to now, the Switch Lite won’t turn on, follow the steps below:

Remove the SD Card

To prevent losing data during the reset process, take out the MicroSD Card. It is also crucial since it will reveal whether the MicroSD Card is corrupt.

Do a Soft Reset

To perform a soft reset, follow the steps below:

  • Charge the Nintendo Switch Lite for up to one hour.

  • Now disconnect the charging cable from the dock or Switch.

  • Next, Press the power button and hold it for 20 seconds, then release it. The Nintendo Switch Lite will shut down.

  • Now press the Switch’s power button again to turn it on.

No change yet? Don’t worry. Go to the next step.

Try a Hard Reset

To do a hard reset, follow the instructions below:

  • Charge your device for 30 minutes.

  • Unplug the AC adapter from the wall outlet. Also, disconnect your charging cable from the Switch Lite.

  • Wait for 30 seconds. Then press and hold the power button with the volume up and down buttons simultaneously.

  • Hold the buttons until you see the Nintendo logo appearing on your screen.

  • In the Maintenance mode menu, click on Initialize Console. Note that this option erases all your gaming data.

  • Click on Continue.

If, after this hard reset, your Switch Lite won’t turn on, the device may have hardware issues.

Check for Damages

Check your Switch Lite for physical damages. If your Nintendo Switch makes a crackling, snapping, or popping noise when you flip the lever, it’s probably broken. You’ll therefore need to order a replacement.

Switch Lite Won’t Turn On After Replacing Joystick

Your Switch Lite won’t turn on after replacing joystick because:

  • You may still need to reconnect the battery.

  • The motherboard is not working because of poor reassembling.

  • You damaged a different component in the Switch Lite.

You need to check whether you’ve reassembled the Switch Lite correctly. If unsure, contact Nintendo support for professional help.

Nintendo Switch Not Turning On While Charging

Your Switch may not turn on while charging, even when correctly charging it. Here’s why:

  • You’ve drained the battery completely by overuse. Therefore, you’ll need to let it charge for a while.

  • Possible screen freezes on the Switch. When your screen freezes, the Switch’s screen may remain blank even when it’s charging, to be sure, you need to watch for the charging symbol.

Nintendo Switch Won’t Charge

If your Nintendo Switch won’t charge despite several attempts, here’s what you should do:

  • You need to check your docking station or the power cable. The problem could be faulty charging accessories. In case they are faulty, consider replacing them.

  • Also, check for any physical damages.

  • If the charging accessories are in good condition, you may need a soft reset. If the soft reset is ineffective, try a hard reset.

How to Turn on Nintendo Switch

To turn on the Nintendo Switch, press the power button. It is on the top of the console. If you have connected the console to a dock, you will see a green light from the cradle.

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