Ultimate Review of the Best Smart Water Bottle in 2023

Best Smart Water Bottle

*Gulp* *Gulp* 

Oh, nothing to worry. We were drinking the hour’s quota of water to stay hydrated. Ah. Did you forget by any chance? You won’t be the first person to do so. Yep. Many of us get so immersed in our daily life that we don’t remember the essential details to follow, right? 

Unless we start feeling tired or parched, we don’t grab that glass of water. And even then, we lean towards soda, coffee, tea, or some other beverage. But the sad truth is that they aren’t water. We aren’t going to lecture you about the advantages and disadvantages of beverages. Our aim is something different.

What? We are going to steer you towards having those 2 liters of water every day. Yes. How? Well, that’s simple. Take a look at how we are sticking to our daily water intake goal. It’s not any secret of the universe. It’s the technology that helps us. 

Nope. We don’t set reminders on the phone. It’s something similar. We’ve got a smart, super smart water bottle, next step to your traditional models or shaker bottles, if you like,  that reminds us to drink water. Yes! When you can have smartwatches that track your health, why not have a smart water bottle that helps you with the same? 

Connect it with your mobile through the app and bingo. Your water bottle is going to be that nagging yet a loving friend who wishes the best for you. No more dehydration or exhaustion due to less liquid intake! And you won’t be drinking too much water at once and too little later on. The smart water bottle is smart enough to help you divide the quantity throughout the day. 

You love the idea, don’t you? But here comes the tricky part again. Come on, don’t let those shoulders droop. We’ve got you covered as always. We did the heavy work of sorting the best smart water bottle in the market and listing them for you in detail. And yes, along with more information to consider when buying a smart bottle. Time to push up the sleeves and get started!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!






20 fl oz (592 ml)

Bluetooth; App; Fitness trackers


16 fl oz (473 ml)

Bluetooth; App; Gramin;


16 fl oz (473 ml)



Other Great Recommendations

16.9 fl oz (500 ml)

Personalized App; Fitness trackers


13.5 fl oz (400 ml)

Wi Fi; App


Best Top 5 Smart Water Bottle in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Smart Water Bottle in the Market for the Money

Hydrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle - Editor's Choice 

The first best smart bottle on our list is the third generation model by Hydrate Spark. While Spark 2 was great, it still had a few issues that need to be tackled, and hence, Spark 3 came into the market. From having a better battery life to being sturdier, this model is attractive as well. The tracker and sensors are accurate. You don’t have to even think about miscalculation. 

Whether it is the design, the app, or cleaning, Spark 3 tops the list in almost all features. Are you wondering how? Take a look at the details below, and you’ll understand. 

Hydrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle

Features and Benefits 


Sleek, sturdy, and trendy are the adjectives that come to our mind when we see Spark 3. It’s a beauty to look at, don’t you think? It comes in different colors, so take your pick. Not just that, the entire bottle glows at the reminder time. Imagine holding a glowing bottle in some lovely color. Feels like you’re in a fantasy world, doesn’t it? 

The bottle is BPA-free and is safe to use. It’s made of plastic and has a silicone cap. The best thing is that the shape is not overly smooth. It has a pattern that improves your grip. Yep. No need to worry about the bottle slipping from your hands. 


The battery and the sensor are located at the bottom of the bottle, making it a bit thicker. This also means you’ve got to place the bottle on a surface for it to calculate the change in water levels. If you are using it while jogging, you’ll need to either pause and place it somewhere or check the final update after you’re done. There is a long sensor inside the bottle that measures up the liquid. It runs on a single battery (compared to 2 in the previous version).  

The free app works great. It’s absolutely amazing. It can be used on iOS and most Android phones (just make sure yours is listed). The setup couldn’t have been easier. Sign-in and customize your account. That’s it. You’ll get a personalized goal and tracker. Now pair the bottle with the app using the Bluetooth (super easy again) and start using it. You can also track your history to see the improvement in your lifestyle. Awesome, isn’t it? 

Usage and Maintenance 

Spark 3 is easy to use and maintain. Yeah, you can’t dump it in the dishwasher, though. The lid and bottom ring can go in. We’d say it’s better to clean it with your hands using warm water. A rubber seal prevents the bottle from leaking through the bottom. If you find the bottle dripping, the chances are that you’ve reversed the seal and need to put it right. The only disadvantage we find with Spark 3 is that there is no insulation. You can’t use it as a thermos


  • Cute design and great grip
  • Seamless connectivity and sync
  • Connect to app and fitness trackers
  • Customize the colors of LED lights for reminders


  • Can’t maintain water temperature 
  • Can’t be washed in a dishwasher 

Check Hydrate Spark 3 Smart Water Bottle Price on Amazon

Ozmo Smart Cup and Water App Bluetooth Connected - Best for Athletes

In the second place on our list is this smart water bottle by ozmo. People with an active lifestyle will love this bottle. While the design and model are quite simple, the grip is excellent, and so is the cap. Leakage will never be an issue, especially if you move around a lot and need to drop the bottle in your bag. 

It has a few not-so-favorable features, but when the advantages outweigh a large margin, you can say yes to ozmo with a happy smile. Take a look. 

ozmo Smart Cup and Water App Bluetooth Connected

Features and Benefits 


The bottle comes in different colors but is plain and simple. However, it is effective in updating our intake to the app, syncing with Garmin and Apple, and tracking your overall wellness progress. Made using BPA-free heavy-duty plastic with an inner lining of Tritan as insulation, the bottle is indeed a complete package. It can measure your water and coffee intake. Yes, both. The battery is the biggest plus point of this model. Well, it lasts for 3-4 weeks. That’s awesome, right? 


Since it comes with a free app (that can be downloaded from the App Stores), you can customize the goals based on your height, weight, and body type. No more downing 2 liters, whether you need them or not. The app will calculate how much water intake your body needs and will plan your intake schedule accordingly. That’s super cool, isn’t it? 

You can also connect it via Bluetooth to fitness apps/ watches like Garmin. It also connects to FitBit. But it doesn’t send information, only gathers it from there. Guess we can’t have it all. Sigh. 

But hey, there have been no connectivity issues either. The ones that work do their job to perfection. And didn’t we tell you about the LED lights that glow on the smart cup? Yep. They flash when you’ve reached your goal. You can congratulate yourself every day. 

Usage and Maintenance 

We could say that ozmo is a useful bottle for coffee lovers as well. It can actually detect if your bottle has coffee or water (yes!) and can keep the coffee at 144 degrees F. 

The bottle is easy to use and clean. Always use warm water for cleaning. If you’ve carried other drinks in it, use a vinegar solution mixed with warm water. Shake the bottle, use a brush, and wash it off. Let it dry completely before refilling it. Most smart bottles need personal care to keep them fresh. We can surely do that, right? Just don’t place it in the dishwasher. 


  • Rechargeable battery with super-fast charging 
  • Long battery life 
  • Has a vibration alert feature 
  • Lightweight 
  • Apple and Android apps 


  • FitBit connection issues
  • 16 oz capacity (you’ll have to refill a bit more frequently)

Check ozmo Smart Cup Price on Amazon

LIZ 16 oz- Smart Bottle with UV Sterilization - Best for Travel  

LIZ by Noerden (a French company) is a unique entry into the smart bottle arena. Why? Well, because it’s not sufficiently smart, but it is much more than a regular water bottle. We confused you, alright. Let’s explain first. 

Liz doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity or an app. It doesn’t help you sync with any devices (hardly possible with no source). But, it does remind you to drink water once every 2 hours. It keeps the liquid inside hot or cold (yes, the bottle is insulated). 

However, the reason we added it to our list is that it has a small built-in UV light emitter that kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the liquid inside the bottle. And it certainly works. Oh, yeah. Here’s more about this unique and interesting semi-smart water bottle.

LIZ 16 oz- Smart Bottle with UV Sterilization

Features and Benefits 


Liz looks sleek and elegant, doesn’t it? We love the simple and classy design and shape of this model. You can get Liz in two different capacities. While this one is 16 oz, the other is much smaller with 12 oz and is more suited for beverage drinkers. 

Are you worried about the glossy finish? There’s nothing to fear. It doesn’t stain. Well, technically it does. But you don’t have to see your fingerprints on it each time you hold it. Phew! And its anti-slip silicone base is a gift indeed. The bottle won’t slip on smooth surfaces. Relief! 


There is nothing much to mention in this section about apps or fitness trackers. But hey, it is still smart (we told you already) and so it will do its job of reminding you to drink water. On average, you’ll have to refill the bottle 3-4 times to reach the daily quota of water intake. 

The lid is the life of this bottle. It is truly smart and does the job. It has the built-in UV rays emitter to purify water. The touch-sensitive lid also acts as a temperature tracker. It flashes different colors of lights to indicate the temperature. 

  • Blue - cold
  • Yellow - warm
  • Red - hot
Usage and Maintenance 

The insulation can keep the liquid inside hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours. It’s great for overnight carrying if you are traveling or camping or even working all night and don’t want to get up to make coffee/ tea. It’s totally leakage free and can be carried anywhere. 

The best part is that Liz can be washed in the dishwasher. Yes! We knew you’d love it. No need to brush and shake this one by hand. 


  • Dishwasher-safe 
  • Self-cleaning and sterilization technology 
  • Rechargeable battery (using a USB cord)
  • Made of 304 stainless steel with BPA-free plastic lid 
  • Silicone anti-slip pad at the bottom of the bottle 


  • No Bluetooth or app/ tracker connectivity 
  • Can hold only 16 oz liquid 

Check LIZ 16 oz Smart Bottle Price on Amazon

LifeFuels Smart Bottle- Water and Healthy Beverage Infuser with Tracking App - Best for Flavored Water Lovers 

Oh, my! We’ve got this amazing smart bottle for you, and we can’t wait to talk about it. What’s so great? This bottle isn’t just a tracker or a reminder. It’s an infuser. Why drink plain tasteless water when you can flavor it with fruits, vitamins, and minerals? 

We aren’t exaggerating. LifeFuels couldn’t have picked a better name for this one. If you are one of those who are dreading the thought of drinking plain water all day, this one is for you. Place those FuelPods (cartridges) in the allotted slots and press the infuser button. You can mix up flavors and do much more. How much more? Take a look below. 

LifeFuels Smart Bottle- Water and Healthy Beverage Infuser with Tracking App

Features and Benefits 


The design isn’t aimed to make you go wow. The base has the electronic set that disposes a fixed amount of concentrate from the FuelPods to the water. You can do that using the app or by pressing the button on the bottle. Cool, right? 

The bottle comes with a handle. It’s sort of necessary since the bottle is heavy and also doesn’t fit in the regular holders. 


You can connect the smart bottle to the app that comes with it. We absolutely love the app and the features it has. It works on iOS and Android and asks for personalization of your account to set, regulate, and track your goals. We only wish the battery life was better. 

Usage and Maintenance 

What do you think about the usage? The flavored water isn’t too sweet, thanks to stevia that’s used as the sweetener in the FuelPods. Each pod can be used 30 times. But the cleaning is something you’ve got to work on real hard. The bottle comes apart from the base to make cleaning relatively easy (it’s still hard work). Be careful not to clean the base with water. 


  • Flavored water with minerals and vitamins
  • Wonderful and seamless app for tracking and mixing 
  • Rechargeable battery 
  • Various flavors to choose from


  • On the heavier side 
  • FuelPods are expensive 

Check LifeFuels Smart Bottle Price on Amazon

Gululu- The Interactive Smart Water Bottle & Health Tracker for Kids - Best for Kids 

What? You thought smart water bottles were only for grownups? What about our little ones then? Getting them to drink water is much harder, isn’t it? Why not get them their smart bottle that’s cute and useful? 

Though the bottle has been discontinued, you can still find them in the market. You’ve just got to search a bit. It comes with an app (designed for kids) and has parental restrictions to prevent over-usage. Perfect! 

Gululu The Interactive Smart Water Bottle & Health Tracker for Kids

Features and Benefits 


Made from BPA-free high-quality plastic, this bottle is completely safe for kids. It’s sturdy, considering the age group for which it has been designed. Apart from the removable bottle spout, you will get another extra, just in case it’s necessary. 

It takes three hours to be fully charged and works for three days. You can plug it in and place it on the solid charging stand. The LCD screen on the side of the bottle allows kids to see the progress of their games (not standard games) and learn healthy habits. 


The bottle uses Wi-Fi to connect to the app. As a parent, you can track their water intake and ensure that they are drinking enough of it. Guess what? The bottle has sensors that will tell you whether the kid drank the water or simply emptied the bottle. Yes! 

The app allows kids to play games and score points. Their water intake is tied to their game levels. For example, if they need to clear a level, they’ve got to reach their daily quota of intake or so. Are you worried that they’ll get too addicted to the games? Well, you can restrict that by setting modes for school and bedtime. Cool, right? 

Usage and Maintenance 

It is leakage proof and has a top lid that makes the bottle look like a complete unit. The best part is that the bottle is easy to clean. You can’t load it in the dishwasher, but you can wash it with your hands. Why not teach your kids to keep it clean? Let them learn to care for their items. That would be great, wouldn't it? 


  • Attractive, sturdy, and kid-friendly 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Comes with removable bottle spout 
  • The LCD screen on the bottle for kids to see daily progress 


  • Discounted by the manufacturer 
  • Might have a sudden loss of connection (temporarily)

Check Gululu The Interactive Smart Water Bottle Price on Amazon

Best Smart Water Bottle Buying Guide

Best Smart Water Bottle Buying Guide

The list was super cool, wasn’t it? We love each of those bottles. But there’s no point in buying them all. Maybe there is (we totally like the idea), but you will still need to know how to buy the one that suits your needs. Whether it is app connectivity, quantity, durability, or any other feature, you’ve got to decide and pick the one for you. 

Do we see you hesitating? Is it because you are not sure if you want a smart bottle when you can drink water regularly without reminders? 

Of course, if you never had any issues with forgetting to drink water every hour, this bottle isn’t compulsory for you. It’ll still be nice to have on in hand when you are busy. 

However, if you can’t remember even to have food on time, water isn’t going to top your priority list, right? Ah, we see you nodding a little. Do you know something? It has been found that one in every five doesn’t drink water (as plain water). Shocking? Not really. They rely on other beverages. A liquid is a liquid, right? Wrong. 

Water is water. The rest are different. Nothing should substitute your water intake, especially in a world where you are too busy to track your health. You’ve got to take care of yourself. While you already know the benefits of drinking water, here are the benefits of using a smart bottle for the same. 

  • You don’t need to make an effort to remember.
  • You can carry your water (and avoid drinking outside water).
  • You can monitor how much water you drank throughout the day.
  • You can align your water intake goals with your other fitness goals.
  • A smart bottle will look good in your hands. 
  • You can carry it anywhere; office, gym, camping, parties (yes, even there), etc. 

Now, let’s see the important factors you should consider when choosing a smart water bottle. Not all of them might be important to you. But you’ll know which are and aren’t to make the right decision. 

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Best Smart Water Bottles

The first thing to do is to make a list of things you want the smart bottle to have or do. Then, you compare that list with the one here and tick the boxes. Or, you can simply tick the factors as you read. Saves time that way, doesn’t it? Shall we start right away then? 

  • App Synchronization 

Some smart water bottles have an app that can be used on your mobile or smartwatch. Each time you drink water, the app is going track and add it to your quota of hydration goals. And yes, these apps also ping you with timely reminders. A good app is going to be really helpful, isn’t it? 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

Your smart bottle has Bluetooth. You use it to connect to the apps and sync data. But, that’s not it. What’s more? Here you go. Some models allow you to play music through the Bluetooth speakers. Yes! Imagine your bottle belting out some music as you work out in the gym or jog through the park. Wonderful, right? 

  • Type of Reminder 

Well, the job of a smart bottle is to remind you to drink water regularly. Reminders are the only way it can do that for you. Doesn’t need much science to figure it out, right? But, what type of reminder would you like? Do you want the app to send you a notification? Do you want the display on the bottle to light up? Do you want the bottle to beep at you? Maybe you want it to vibrate and threaten to fall off the desk. 

girl drinking water with smart bottled water

Different models use different methods. Some use more than one to make it easy for you. It’s all about pleasing the users, ain’t it? You’ve only got to think about which one you are most likely to appreciate and choose that bottle. 

  • Display 

For most smart bottles, the display is at the side of the bottle. The models that use visual reminders change the color of the display to indicate that you’ve got to gulp down some water. What’s more, some bottles also change display lights depending on the liquid's temperature inside it. If you prefer drinking hot water (yes, a few models act as thermos as well), you will know how hot the water inside is. We love this feature. 

  • Battery Life 

This is something you’ve got to consider quite seriously, isn’t it? The last thing you want is to end up with the battery dead in the middle of a busy day. So how do you choose? You can either go for the ones with external or internal batteries. If you use Bluetooth speakers, well, the battery isn’t going to last long. But if you want the bottle to only remind you to drink water, the battery will last for a while (even more than a week). That again depends on the brand and model. 

  • Durability 

How important is this one! You’re agreeing with all your heart, we see that. Why not? When you spend a considerable amount on buying a smart bottle, you want it to work for a decent time. That’s your right, isn’t it? And if you happen to be a lover of outdoors, the bottle needs to be more than smart. It’s got to be sturdy and durable. 

There is no use having a smart bottle that cracks the first time it slips to the ground. Dainty pieces aren’t going to work here, right? You could pick the ones made of metal or any other material instead of glass in such instances. 

  • Other Beverages 

Didn’t we mention already that some models can be used as thermos? Here you go. If you like to carry some other beverage at times, go on and buy a smart bottle that allows you to store tea, coffee, or flavored drinks. But, don’t forget to clean the bottles thoroughly afterward. You don’t want them to stink, do you? 

  • Brands

There’s a reason brands are popular, right? Most of us are brand lovers and equate the brand name with quality. It works even with smart bottles. More so because the sudden increase in demand has resulted in new brands popping up in the market. They claim to offer everything for a cheap price. Is it really possible? You know the answer, don’t you? You also know to be wary and choose only the best, right?


Do we see you ready to order your smart bottle? Great going. We’d love some company in flaunting our newly acquired water bottle and telling everyone that we are on the way to have a healthy body (we could always say that, you know. It’s motivating *wink*). 

Before you go and buy (or even after you place the order), remember that you’ve got to take care of your companion, the smart water bottle. Clean it occasionally. Let it air and dry to avoid the musty smell. Use a vinegar solution to clean it if you pour other drinks into it. Try not to drop it too often. Even if it is durable, it can’t last forever if it keeps getting bashed, right? 

And, drink water when you see the reminder. Ah, we can hear you chuckle at this one. But yeah, no smart bottle will work if you still don’t drink up water. Yep. So make that promise to yourself and keep it. Cheers! 

Editor Notes:

Are smart water bottles easy to use

Smart water bottles are easy to use since manufacturers provide a guideline on fixing them for easy usage. Additionally, the bottles are small, so you'll find them easy to insert in a bag and move.

Is the plastic used in the production of smart bottles safe?

In most cases, renowned brands will make their bottles from safe plastic to ensure they are safe for your health. Always avoid bottles made from harmful plastic and keep them safe and away from hot drinks.

Is it easy to clean the smart bottles?

Smart bottles are easy to clean. All you need is to follow the cleaning guidelines provided by the manufacturer. We recommend you use sodium bicarbonate for cleaning your smart bottle. After cleaning, dry the bottle before the next use.

How can I eliminate the strange smell in my bottle?

A strange smell from a smart bottle indicates overstayed water or lack of fresh air into the bottle due to prolonged caping. You need to clean the bottle after every use and dry it well. Additionally, leave the bottle open when drying it to ensure fresh air gets into the bottle.

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