Ultimate Review Of Best Shaker Bottle In 2023

best shaker bottle to buy

Ordinarily, shaker bottles are used for mixing protein powder supplements.

They feature a strong mixing function ensuring all powdered additions are mixed up wholly and smoothly, with no worry about lumps not dissolving in your drink.

However, their usefulness is not only essential for the fitness and nutritional freaks, but also to the ordinary persons, thanks to their added convenience and practicality.

They’re packed with handy features to promote ease of use; a removable top allows easy scooping of powder; a seal prevents leaking of your shake or water and detachable parts for easy cleaning.

However, depending on the mixing mechanism, these bottles can differ quite a lot from one another.

This means narrowing down to your shaker bottle can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide, reviewing the top 8 shaker bottles in the market.

We’ve also included a handy buying guide to help with the selection process.

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!







Phthalate & BPA-free plastic

20 Oz

1.2 Lbs.

9.38 x 3.95 x 7.32 inches

Phthalate & BPA-free plastic

22 Oz

8.0 Oz

3 x 4.13 x 8.63 inches

BPA-free acrylic

20 Oz

14 Oz

3.54 x 3.54 x 10.5 inches

Other Great Recommendations

Phthalate & BPA-free plastic

28 Oz

11 Oz

3.75 x 3.75 x 6.75 inches

Stainless steel

28 Oz

11.2 OZ

4.5 x 4.5 x 9 inches

Phthalate & BPA-free plastic

20 Oz

4 Oz

6.5 x 4 x 4 inches

Phthalate & BPA-free plastic

5.4 Oz & 6.75 Oz. 

0.55 Lbs.

3.75 x 3.75 x 9.7 inches

Phthalate & BPA-free plastic

20 oz

0.95 Lbs

3.46 x 3.46 x 10.43 inches

Top 8 Shaker Bottles in The Market for The Money

Top 8 Shaker Bottles

Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle - Editor’s Choice

Topping our list of the best shaker bottle is the Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle, a product of BlenderBottle.

BlenderBottle has been around for quite some time and has consistently made quality shaker bottles. Their Classic line is the most popular range of shaker bottles in their stable, thanks to their reliability and effectiveness.

The Blender Bottle Classic Loop has numerous desirable features, which makes the bottle an intriguing option for the fitness enthusiasts and nutritionists.

<a href=Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle" data-id="12519440" data-init-width="384" data-init-height="606" title="Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle" loading="lazy" src="https://thewiredshopper.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/06/Blender-Bottle-Classic-Loop-Top-Shaker-Bottle.jpg" data-width="384" data-height="606" width="384" height="606" data-link-wrap="true">

For starters, the bottle is available in 28 oz cup sizes, which I believe offer sufficient space for creating ample amounts of protein shakes, scrambled eggs, or even iced coffee.

Even better, the Blender Bottle Classic Loop set includes two 28 oz cups, giving you the option of alternating between the bottles every week.

The biggest highlight on the Blender Bottle Classic Loop is the patented mixing system that uses a unique stainless steel wire whisk they call the BlenderBall. The system acts as an agitator and can quickly whip your supplements without leaving any clumps or lumps.

At the same time, the mixing system is also quite a handy kitchen tool for mixing salad dressings, scrambled eggs, and pancake batter.

Moving on, the material construction for this model is quite sturdy, but more importantly, the plastic is phthalate-free and dishwashers safe, making clean up quite simple.

The overall design is also easy to use, and this is evident through the wide mouth that makes it possible to add scoops of powdered mixes, meal ingredients, and liquids with ease.

The addition of a loop at the top is also a welcome bonus as it lets you attach your keys while working out, or even attach the bottle to your bag.

The screw on the lead offers a seal-proof cap, preventing any drip when drinking from the bottle. While the lid can be a little tough to open and close, it's a good thing because the seal is tight, and once sealed; no liquid can get out.


  • Generous volume
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Easy to use


  • Lacks variety in colors

Check Blender Bottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle Price on Amazon

BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle - All in one Shaker Bottle

BlenderBottle ProStak is the ultimate all in one shaker bottle. It's a feature-rich bottle incorporating a 22-ounce shaker bottle, a 150 cc jar, a 100 cc jar, a pill organizer, and a blenderball wire whisk.

Simply put, the added container accessories help in adding more storage space to your blender bottle.

In particular, I love the “pill” type insert that offers an ideal and dry space to store your vitamins and pills on the go.

BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle

For the rest of the sections, a unique Twist n’ Lock feature keep the jars independent, and the contents secure, with or without the bottle.

The shaker bottle also does a pretty great job with the blending part. The patented Blenderball wire whisk provides the whipping power, mixing your drinks to a smooth consistency, free of lumps.

Another good thing with the BlenderBall is the 316 surgical-grade stainless steel construction, which ensures the whisk doesn’t rust, chip or peel, even when left in water for extended periods.

The quality construction is also projected to the overall bottle design; the BPA-free and high tensile plastic is not only safe and non-toxic but also resistant to falls. The plastic is also dishwasher safe.

For ease of use, you’ll appreciate the loop handle design, integrated with a StayOpen flip cap, which makes it easy to carry the bottle, while at the same time offering a convenient place to attach your key while working out.

Finally, the shaker bottle doesn't leak, so you won't have to worry about getting your gym bag wet. However, always ensure you tuck your lid in all the way and twist the lock tightly.


  • Generous volume
  • Consistent
  • Leak-proof


  • Bulky

Check BlenderBottle ProStak System with 22-Ounce Bottle Price on Amazon

InstaShaker Protein Shaker Bottle - Best Blender Shaker

If you like the concept of a blender but would prefer something similar to a traditional shaker bottle, then the InstaShaker Protein shaker can be an inspiring option.

This shaker bottle strikes a balance between the convenience of an electric blender and the functionality of a shaker bottle.

To give you an idea of what we mean, the InstaShaker features a powerful 16000 rpm motor that seamlessly dissolves the lumps in the jar to create a smooth and consistent drink.

InstaShaker Protein Shaker Bottle

The motor is quite powerful, too, and it creates a powerful vortex, sufficient to handle a variety of foods including eggs, pre and post-workout supplements, superfood, powders, meal replacement shakes, and more.

Better yet, the InstaShaker saves you from the hassle of manual mixing because it’s a rechargeable option that can create shakes in under 30 seconds.

Cleaning the shaker is also quite easy as you simply need to add water, and you preferred detergent, spin for a few seconds and rinse.

The performance of the Instashaker also matches the quality construction, with the acrylic plastic offering reliable and durable performance.

When in use, you don't have to worry about the contents of the bottle spilling in your bag because of the rubberized seal proof cap.  The cap is also easy to use, and it features a loop for convenient holding.


  • Durable
  • Convenient
  • Fast and efficient mixing


  • Heavy

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Wonder Woman Classic Shaker Bottle - Best for Women

As its name suggests, the Wonder Woman Classic Shaker Bottle is an ideal shaker bottle for the women.

However, there’s nothing unique underlining its suitability for use by women save for the pink color and batgirl superheroes. Otherwise, the shaker bottle is ideal for use by anyone.

It features numerous desirable features, including a generous capacity of 28 ounces, the largest we’ve come across so far.

Wonder Woman Classic Shaker Bottle

The shaker is also dishwasher-safe, a big plus if you lack the time for hand-washing your bottle. You simply need to toss it into the dishwashing machine to get it sparkly for your next workout.

The shaker, like all our other listed options, is an eco-friendly option because it's BPA/phthalate-free; you won't have to worry about toxic elements leaking into your drink.

The biggest highlight on the shaker is the BlenderBall, a key component in the in-house mixing system. The whisk, designed from 316 stainless steel is durable and reliable, too.

The mixing mechanism makes it possible to whip a variety of drinks and foods, including smoothies, protein shakes, salad, dressing, and pancake batter, without worrying about lumps.

Wonder Woman Classic Shaker Bottle is also easy to use a shaker, and this is manifested through a wide mouth to make mixing easier. It also means fewer ingredient spills outside the bottle.

The carry loop top, on the other hand, makes carrying the shaker a cinch, while the secure screw-on lid makes it easy to operate the shaker.


  • Lightweight
  • Safe
  • Easy to use


  • No steel ball

Check Wonder Woman Classic Shaker Bottle Price on Amazon

Stainless Steel Protein Shaker (28-oz) by Homiguar - Best Steel Bottle

While plastic is the most popular option with shakers, stainless steel is the second most popular option.

As a second option, it’s easy to despite the steel shakers, but in reality, their performance is quite identical to that of the plastic shaker bottles.

And depending on the construction and brand, some of the stainless steel shaker bottles are even better than the plastic bottles; this is the case of the Homiguar Protein Shaker.

Stainless Steel Protein Shaker (28-oz) by Homiguar

The stainless steel construction on the Homiguar Protein Shaker is sturdy, protecting your shaker from chips, dents, and other damages.

The construction also features an anti-fouling surface that keeps the bottle surface crisp, clean, and free of any odors.

The material is also BPA-free, so you won’t have to worry about toxic elements leaking into your water or foods.

The shaker has quite a versatile application in the sense that it can be used to mix various drinks and foods, including smoothies, protein shakes, juice, or any beverages.

For convenience and ease of use, the shaker features a leak-proof silicone lip cap with a striped metal ring that makes opening a cinch.

The flexible handle, on the other hand, promotes ergonomics on the Homiguar Protein Shaker by allowing you to carry the unit whenever you need to move it from your homes.


  • Durable stainless steel
  • Anti-foul material
  • Easy to use
  • BPA-Free


  • Not 100% watertight

Check Stainless Steel Protein Shaker (28-oz) by Homiguar Price on Amazon

Classic Shaker Bottle - Simple Shaker Bottle

The Classic Shaker bottle is standard, probably the truest form of shaker bottles in the market.

It has nothing fancy; yet, it’s quite functional and delivers on its promise.

It’s among the few modest options in the market and an ideal option for those who are looking for something simple and easy to operate.

The biggest benefit and probably what separates this model from the rest is the fact that it comes with three sets of containers, providing you with value for your money.

Classic Shaker Bottle

All the containers are made from BPA-Free and durable plastics, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals infiltrating your drinks or foods, a situation you certainly need to avoid at all costs.

Another benefit of this shaker is the powerful whipping power, thanks to the robust mixing system. To use the system, you simply need to add your contents and let the BlenderBall do its thing.

It's powerful enough and can whip a variety of foods and drinks consistently, including juices, smoothies, and shakes.

At the same time, the mixer is also a handy kitchen appliance as it works well for foods such as salad dressing, pancake batter, applesauce, and scrambled eggs.

The flip cap on the shaker no only adds value to your purchase, but it makes t easier to prepare your favorite drink.

The cap is equally ergonomic, making it easier to operate the bottle.

It also features a carrying loop top that eases the portability.


  • Mixes drink perfectly
  • BPA-free
  • Set of bottle
  • Ergonomic


  • The set comes in a single color

Check Classic Shaker Bottle Price on Amazon

Shaker Bottle for Protein Shakes - Most Aesthetic

If you care about the aesthetics of your shaker bottle, the Shaker Bottle for Protein Shakes would be an intriguing option.

The clear body and black plastic cap is candy to the eye and will get heads turning.

It's also quite functional too; the BPA-free and phthalate-free construction also mean you don't have to worry about toxic chemicals leaching into your feed. The material construction is not only safer but durable, too.

Shaker Bottle for Protein Shakes

The best feature, however, is the number of accessories.

The bottle comes with a big stackable container measuring 5.4 oz and 6.75 oz.  Also included is a pill organizer with three storage sections for storing your pills and vitamins.

An additional two storage compartments are also quite handy in storing items such as pre and post powders.

Generally, the storage compartments add to the overall versatility of the shaker bottle, in terms of storage and convenience.

It’s even possible to store water in the main compartment for rehydration.

Basically, this shaker can effectively be used for various applications, from preparing smoothies, scrambled eggs, to scrambled eggs.

Despite the plentiful of accessories, the shaker is extremely easy to use.

The secure flip-top lid, for instance, offers a leak-proof seal, giving you confidence when transporting the shaker.

The CrazyTension spring holding the mixing system stays connected to the lid, boosting the shaker's functionality since you don't have to worry about losing the whisk ball.


  • Easy to clean
  • Versatile
  • Light
  • Easy to use


  • Durability issues

Check Shaker Bottle for Protein Shakes Price on Amazon

Promixx 2.0 - best for supplements

The Promixx 2.0 resembles InstaShaker in several ways, but notably, both of them are electric shakers.

Sure, while their performance doesn’t come anywhere close to the full-fledged blenders, but the Promixx 2.0 is a shaker you can rely on.

It’s easy to use and clean; you can have your favorite shakes blended with a touch of a button. And despite having a stainless steel construction, this shaker is lightweight.

Promixx 2.0

This option is also a cinch to use since it relies on electricity to spin the mixing system.

When working, it mixes your components silently, and you don’t have to worry about noise or disturbance.

The performance is also quite impressive, and an ideal option if you’re in search of a shaker that can deliver consistent and lump-free shakes.

Finally, the shaker has a storage jar, which you can store your powder and, at the same time, use the shaker as a water bottle.


  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Convenient


  • Expensive

Check Promixx 2.0 Price on Amazon

Shaker Bottle Buying Guide    

Best Shaker Bottle

Incorporating nutritional shakes into your training routine can be a big step towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

Nonetheless, the criteria for choosing a bottle shaker isn’t always clear.

For this reason, we’ve prepared a handy bottle shaker guide that will help you with the selection process.

What to Consider When Choosing a Shaker Bottle

Material Construction

Plastic is by far the most common material used for shaker bottle construction.

However, some great options can also be found in stainless steel.

Nonetheless, high chances you’ll purchase a plastic option, so you need to understand the different types of plastics and their practicality.




Common Plastic

  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Biodegradable
  • May contain BPA


  • All benefits of common plastics
  • Don’t contain contaminants
  • Tough
  • Don’t produce odors
  • Not biodegradable

Stainless Steel

  • Tough
  • No BPA
  • Hold temperature well
  • Heavy
  • Slippery


The need to purchase a shaker bottle is to carry it around while traveling or while working outs, so you need a sturdy bottle that can withstand the drops and dings of the daily life.

While cheap plastics are inexpensive and seem like a good choice, they’re flimsy and will inevitably break.

So, yes, choose a premium material, preferably metals or solid plastics that don’t break easily.

Mixing Mechanism

Naturally, a shaker shouldn’t fail in this function.

A good mixing mechanism is a difference between a smooth shake and one full of chunky lumps.

Many units normally use a shaker ball, working like a whisk to whip up powders and liquids.

Others use a mixing grid to break up the lumps to make the drink smoother.

Either way, your shaker should properly mix the ingredients inside for a smooth shake.

Tight Seal

The last thing you need is to spill your protein shake contents in your training bag and running your clothes or laptop.

You need to choose a bottle with a tight seal that won’t break any liquid.


The perfect bottle should be lightweight and shouldn't fatigue you even when carrying it for extended periods.

Besides lightness, the bottle should be easy to use, in the sense they shouldn’t be clunky.

The ideal bottle should be easy to grab and should offer sufficient grip to prevent slippage, even on sweaty hands.


The capacity of a shaker refers to the volume it can hold.

The right capacity is dependent on your drinking needs.

Choose a shaker, which is big enough to satiate your protein shake needs.

Dishwasher Safe

Although this feature isn't the highest priority when choosing a shaker bottle, it may be worth considering.

The ability for you to wash your shaker regularly is essential in preventing the build-up of bacteria.

See, shaker bottles can get smelly, so being able to throw the bottle in the dishwasher for a thorough clean is a big advantage.


BPA or Bisphenol is a toxic chemical found in most of the plastic products.

The chemical can interfere with your body hormones and even result in the formation of cancer. Exposure to BPA can also result in infertility, type 2 diabetes, and metabolic disorders.

All in all, BPA is not good for your health, and it’s not a component you should ingest daily. So, ensuring your bottle is BPA-free is crucial.

Extra Compartments

Basic bottle shakers usually have a single compartment for the liquid, basically making the bottle a mixing and drinking bottle.

Some models, however, include extra compartments for your various ingredients such as protein, fruits, capsules, and other supplements.

They provide variety to what you can carry, and they make it easy to prepare a nutritious and hydrating blend.


Nutritional shakes provide an effective way of gaining energy and essential nutrients.

The shakes also help us stay hydrated to avoid the risk of fainting or feeling ill.

And if combined with a training routine, protein shakes can help us gain muscle mass.

And now that you’ve a list of the best shaker bottle, it’s easy to make your favorite shake.

You simply have to select a bottle you feel will address your needs; ideally, pick a BPA-free bottle, and one that aligns with your lifestyle.


Is the shaker bottle worth it?

A shaker bottle will benefit fitness enthusiasts who are tired of mixing lumps in their mixtures. Ordinary bottles will not shake the mix well to deliver a refined outcome for the supplement, and that is why a shaker bottle comes equipped with features to help you mix the supplement and enjoy it. These bottles are cost-effective, and based on what they can deliver; they are a great buy.

Are the shaker bottles microwave safe?

The shaker bottles are microwave safe and come with a lid to cover the contents while in the microwave. The caps are screwed on the bottle, which means they will remain tight. Sometimes, it is not advisable to have the bottle in the microwave for an extended time because it can lead to internal pressure building up and causing the lid to pop up and spilling your expensive supplements.

How do I prevent the bottle from smelling?

Smelling bottles irritate users, and this will need the user to wash them thoroughly to keep the bottle clean. After washing the bottle, leave it open for free airflow, which will prevent smelling. Luckily, the bottles are dishwashable.

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