Ultimate Review Of Best Ninja Blenders In 2023

Best Ninja Blenders

If you’ve been in the hunt for a blender recently, then you’ve probably run into the Ninja brand.

This shouldn't come as a surprise since Ninja is one of the pioneers in small household appliances.

Currently, Ninja sits at the helm of the blender game, tug to tug with Vitamix, of course, and their products are quite popular because of their quality design, technology, and performance.

The Ninja blender stable has a collection of blenders for almost everyone, from those on a budget to those who need a premium model for commercial application.

Still, within the Ninja line of blenders, there’re crucial differences between individual models, making some models suited for your needs than others.

The good news is, regardless of your budget, or what particular kind of blender you are after, our list of the best Ninja blenders should help you find the right option for your blending needs.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Pitcher Size




1000 W

72 oz

7.1 Lbs.

10.6" x 8.2" x 15.8”

1000 W

72 oz

1.0 Lbs.

5.0” x 5.0” x 5.0”

1500 W

72, 43, 24, 18 oz

10.10 Lbs.

7.0” x 10.0” x 17.”

Other Great Recommendations

1500 W

72 oz

9.2 Lbs.

9.5” x 8.25” x 17.75”


72 oz

11.4 Lbs.

8.86” x 10.82” x 17.32”

Top 5 Ninja Blenders in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Ninja Blenders

Ninja BL610 - Editor’s Choice

The Ninja BL610 is an incredible mid-priced option for personal and household use.

It offers the versatility and the power you would hope from the premium options without a hefty tag.

A truly gateway blender, Ninja BL610, is a robust and professional blender that works well with unparalleled finesse.

Ninja BL610

Features and Benefits


Ninja BL610 has a professional and sleek design, which brings about several benefits.

Notably, the sturdy outdoor casing is breathtaking to behold and will easily complement any kitchen countertop.

The sleek design also brings about the convenient placement of the control functions for smooth operation.

Users also find it easy to store the blender, thanks to the low profile design; with a dimension of 10.6" by 8.2" by 15.8”, this blender easily fits the limited storage available, including the low-shelf cabinets.

Finally, the paltry 7.1 pounds makes the blender lightweight enough and won’t exert unnecessary drag or inconveniences when moving it.


The Ninja BL610 has 1000 watts of professional performance power, strong enough to crush even the toughest of the ingredients in a matter of seconds.

The motor power drives the sharp blades, cutting off and shredding your ingredients to the finest particles.

So, whether you've veggies, fruits, seeds, or even ice, the blender is powerful enough to blend the bulkiest of your ingredients.

With such power, it’s easy to assume the blender is noisy, but surprisingly, it doesn’t generate the noises that characterize other blenders of a similar power rating.

 Though not entirely silent, it makes this Ninja blender usable for quiet areas such as libraries, offices, or laboratories.

Pitcher Size

The 72-ounce pitcher on the Ninja BL610 is a far cry from similarly-rated blenders that come with a 64 once pitcher.

The extra 8 ounces is large enough to make a significant difference in capacity and it means that whatever you're using the blender for, you’ve enough space for the entire family.

If you’re making a smoothie, for instance, the pitcher size is sufficient to hold drinks for 6-9 on a single batch, depending on your serving size.

Easy to Use

The ease of use on the Ninja BL610 is manifested in several ways.

For starters, assembly is a cinch, as it’s easy to detach the blades and the pitcher and put them in your dishwasher after every use.

The control buttons are also clearly marked, and so, you won’t have any difficulty during operation.

The model also incorporates several in-built safety features, and it won't start when everything is not positioned correctly.

  • Powerful enough to crush the tough ingredients such as ice, and seeds
  • Voluminous capacity for use on the entire family
  • Easy to use
  • Lacks pulse function

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Ninja NJ600 Budget option

If you feel the pricing of the Ninja BL610 is a bit high, you might as well consider the Ninja NJ600, which comes at a more budget-friendlier price.

Despite the budget tag, the Ninja NJ600 is stylish, easy to operate, and, more importantly, it does a great job of making smoothies.

Ninja NJ600

Features and Benefits


Ninja NJ600 is a tall, slender blender, contrary to the BL510, which came with a wide base and lower profile.

Unfortunately, the taller design might pose a challenge when it comes to storage, since the blender might fail to fit in most cabinet spaces.

In my opinion, though, storage should be the least of your worries when selecting a blender.


Ninja NJ600 belongs to the Total CrushTM series, which boast of a unique blade technology, and which the manufacturer claims can process a wide range of food products.

The Total CrushTM blades are built to master any form of food resistance through the unique placement of the blade.

Inside the pitcher, Ninja NJ600 has a 6-blade technology; an arrangement that prevents the blender from stalling under heavy load, and expediting the extraction of juices from your blend components.

The sharp blades on the Ninja NJ600 can slice through a wide range of foods within seconds, and this trait also gives rise to the awesomeness in the texture and flavor.


With 1000 watts of power, Ninja NJ600 capable of performing all the blending tasks with ease, and this includes ice blending, smoothing to veggie purees.

Pitcher Size

Ninja NJ600 has a generous pitcher size of 72 ounces, leveling up with that of the Ninja BL610.

The voluminous pitcher size means it’s easy for you to make a large batch for your entire family, without needing to make several batches.

Speed Functionality

The three-speed settings on the Ninja NJ600 determine the pace, and by extension, the quality of the final blend.

The speed functionality is accompanied by a pulse function that accelerates the shredding pace, therefore granting you the ability to determine the quality of your desired outcome.

The pulse button expedites the blending process, an arrangement that allows users to break down the thickest of the mixes further quickly and within seconds.

  • Budget option
  • Speed settings and pulse functionality
  • Powerful
  • Not easy to operate

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Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender 1500 watt - Duty Option

Few blenders in the market can match the performance offered by Nutri Ninja BL642.

The Nutri Ninja BL642 is a top of the line blending machine with a mind-boggling 1500 watts of power.

This blender literally takes the guesswork out of preparing your favorite smoothies and drinks.

If anything, it has all the features that you would expect in the top-end models, and yet, it’s affordable.

The addition of the Auto-iQ Technology and plenty of pitchers accessories makes the model even a more value purchase.

Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender 1500 watt

Features and Benefits


Nutri Ninja BL642 is quite a powerful model; I mean, few household blenders have a capacity of 1500 watts.

The powerful motor is enough to oust any worries that the blender won’t handle the ice or even crush the frozen whole fruits.

Blade Design

The unique blade design on the Nutri Ninja BL642 goes a long way to crushing any ingredients placed inside the blender.

The blade design consists of blades that work collectively to deliver a nutritious and delicious smoothie.

The first set, the “Total Crushing” blades are standard among all the Ninja blenders and are quite handy in crushing the ice into fine particles.

The second set, also known as the “Pro Extractor” breaks down the fruits, seed and the veggies, and so, you’re not going to miss the any health benefits of your smoothie.

Pitcher Size

Nutri Ninja BL642 comes with a 72-ounce blender pitcher that lets you make large batches of smoothies and juices on a single serving.

Accompanying the 72-ounce pitcher are various cup sizes with volumes measuring from 18, 24, and 32 ounces.

Depending on the cup sizing you choose, you can make smoothies that fit to your blending needs without wastage.

Moreover, all the cups are ‘Sip and Sealed” meaning you can tag along with your cup wherever you go without worrying about spilling the contents.

Auto-iQ Technology

Auto-iQ Technology is probably the selling point for this blender.

It comprises of a set of timed and intelligent blending programs that memorize the various commands you dial in the past, and automatically recalls them wherever you want.

The technology lets the blender automatically implement your past programs without input from your side, which offers a hands-free operation while simultaneously bringing out uniform outcomes.

For the ultimate diversification, the Auto-iQ Technology consists of five Auto-iQ Programs that provide you with plenty of blending options.

With the five options, you can always be sure that you’ll find an option that uniquely suits your desired blending needs.

  • Intelligent design
  • High power output
  • Unique blade design
  • Weighty

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL773CO) - Best for Semi-Professional Use

The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is like a Swiss army knife of kitchenware; this blender allows you to do many things.

It's an appliance that does what could be done by more than one machine; it's a mixer, juicer, and food processor.

Therefore, it presents an incredible value to any household because you don't need to buy separate items for the different tasks.

Besides saving money, it saves the space and occupies less space than many of the blenders for doing the different tasks.

Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL773CO)

Features and Benefits


As we had hinted in the introduction, this blender is quite versatile, regarding functionality since you can use it as a blender, food processor and mixer.

As a mixer, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System lets you mix dough with it and extract juices from the veggies and fruits.

As a blender, you can use it for the regular blending task on the generous 72-ounce pitcher. Alternatively, you can attach a single-serve cup that allows you to make a smoothie for yourself.

The same goes for the food processor function.  You've the option of using the sizeable 64-oz bowl, or the smaller mini-prep bowl for the solo portions.

Power Output

The 1500 watt power output levels with that of the BL642, we’ve reviewed above.

The enormous power gives the blender exceptional ability to crush even the hardest of the ingredients you've never imagined.

Alongside the power output is the proprietary "Total Crushing Technology" that easily crushes the ice and frozen fruits without leaving any particles whatsoever.

Besides providing a smooth texture for your smoothie, the Total Crush Technology also enhances the total nutrient extraction so that you can benefit from the nutrient content of your ingredients for guaranteed good health.


Another selling feature on this blender is the voluminous 72-ounce pitcher that lets you blend large enough batches for the entire family.

Alongside the large pitcher, this model also has three personal sizes "to go" cups with lids, which offer a perfect way to experiment with the different ingredients for drinking whole on the go.

  • Powerful
  • Pulse function and three sped settings
  • Value purchase
  • Noisy

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Ninja Smart CT661V - Best Dual Blender

Our last pick is the most advanced model of Ninja.

It's quite futuristic with regard to the operation as it comes with tons of smart features.

Additionally, it has an impressive design, it's convenient, and it incorporates a host of additional features.

Ninja Smart CT661V

Features and Benefits

Power Output

The Smart Ninja has a powerful 1400W motor.

Though the power rating is slightly below that of the Nutri Ninja and Ninja Mega Kitchen System, the performance is similar.

 The blender is powerful enough to crush all your ingredients, and this includes the tough ice as well as the frozen fruits.

Essentially, the Smart Ninja will help you make a variety of foods, including fruit smoothies, fresh margaritas, and more.


The 6-stacked blades on the Smart Ninja offer a fantastic crushing power.

When in use, the sharp blades chop the fruits and veggies with ease, and according to some users, the performance of the blades is exceedingly similar to that of a real food processor.


The touchscreen option promotes an easy operation, since all you’ve to do is touch a button or two.

Other automation functions include the Auto-iQ programs that let you make smooth to ice cream in just a press of a button. The Auto-iQ program memorizes the various commands you dial in the past, and automatically recalls them wherever you want meaning, you don’t have to guess the programmed cycles.

The Smart Vessel Recognition, on the other hand, recognizes the container you're using to blend for easy calibration and setting of the programs.

FreshVac Pump

The FreshVac Pump is a cool feature that removes oxygen from your blend ingredients.

Why is it a great feature?

By removing oxygen, your food can remain fresh for longer.

Also, your drink will have less foam and air when you take a sip.

Generally, this feature helps to improve the overall quality, taste, and color of your food.

  • Powerful
  • Keeps food fresh for longer (up to 8 hours)
  • Automation of ease of use
  • FreshVac Pump is a challenge to use

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Best Ninja Blender Buying Guide

Best Ninja Blender Buying Guide

Despite the blenders coming from the same brand, there still exist core differences between them, which make one model better suited for your needs than others.

To make the selection process easier for you, we’ve outlined some of the critical elements you need to consider in your next Ninja blender purchase.

Ninja Range of Blenders

Ninja has a large and extensive range of blender, each blender line suited for specific blending requirements.

The common Ninja blender lines are:

Nutri Ninja Blenders

If you’re aim is to make healthy nutritious drinks and smoothies, then the Nutri Ninja range is perfectly designed for this role.

Though they're still adept at the basic blending tasks, they're more efficient at getting all the valuable nutrients out of the veggies and fruits to create healthy drinks.

They feature a strong, sharp blade alongside a powerful motor that can completely break down the veggies, fruits, and even seed for maximum nutrient value.

Ninja Smart Kitchen System

Also, known as the Intelli-sense Ninja kitchen system, this range of blenders consist of multi-purpose and powerful blenders that contain all the basic features of a traditional blender alongside a spiralizer and food processor.

Changing from one function to the next is a cinch, as they’re quite user-friendly, with some featuring a touch screen for easy access.

Ninja Chief Blender

The Chief Blender line of blenders consists of ultra-powerful blenders that have greater speed and power.

Most of these options use a strong cyclonic force to draw ingredients and to achieve the perfect texture and consistency.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Ninja Blender


The motor’s power rating infers to a blender’s power output. So, the higher the motor rating, the more powerful a blender is.

Though a higher power output translates to more power consumption, it gives a blender more torque for crushing through the blending components, thus giving you a creamy, smooth, and consistent texture.


The texture of your blend is, in most cases, determined by the speed of the blender.

The more speed settings you’ve, the more the variety of drinks you can make.

Fortunately, for most of the Ninja blenders, they feature at least low, medium, and high speeds, alongside a pulse function and other pre-set that automates the blending process.

Pitcher Size

The pitcher size determines the amount of blend that you’re capable of making at a single time.

For the moderate families of 4-6 individuals, a blender with a 72 or 64-ounce pitcher size is ideal as it lets you make large batches for a single serving.


The most common accessory on the Ninja blenders are the additional blending cups that make it easy for you to create different quantities of juices and smoothies on the go.

Some also feature containers that will allow you to blend and carry your drinks in the same container.

Nonetheless, always check that the accessories significantly increase the cost of the product. If that's so, it might be worth buying such a blender.

Ease of Use

Always opt for an easy to use blender.

Choose the blenders that have pre-set programs, and those that aren’t sophisticated to use.


Of course, you would want a durable blender, and one that will give you years of service without breaking down.


 Ninja, as we've seen above, offers quite a range of powerful and reliable products.

All their offerings we've listed above are quite functional and will serve you for a long time to come.

Ultimately, however, the choice of a blend will depend on your blending needs.

Also, remember that other actors such as blending speed, power, ease of use, cleaning efficiency, and others will also determine what Ninja blender you should opt for.

Current Best Selling Ninja Blenders!


Are the Ninja blades rust-proof?

Ninja blenders have steel blades that are rustproof and durable. You can blend anything without fear of rusting and corrosion.

Why is the blender flashing red light and not working?

The issue could be the lid not being in the right position and not closing well.

Are the Ninja blenders durable?

Under good use, the blenders will serve you for 365 days. This is also explained in the warranty that gets you one year of backing. You need to use the blender carefully to enjoy long-lasting benefits.

Is there a fuse in a Ninja blender?

Yes, open the button of the blender to access the fuse. The fuse is functional if your blender is in the right shape. If you plug your blender in the power socket and realize it is not working, maybe the fuse has blown off.

Can I repair a blender?

There are changeable parts like the blades that have worn out. You can also check other repairable parts for repair. However, the cost of maintaining a blender could be close to the one you’ll need for a new blender, so analyze to repair or get a new blender.

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