Ultimate Review Of Best Safety Razors In 2023

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Choosing the best safety razor for hair is akin to choosing a life partner; you need to go through several options before settling on one that you really get along with.

Like in real life, however, we don't really have the time to test all the products we come across to find the ideal razor for our shaving needs. It's all about a matter of luck-sometime, you might get lucky, and other times, which is usually most of the time, we end up with crap.

Now, if you're tired of wasting your money on razors that don't deliver on their promise, keep on reading because I compiled a list of the best safety razors that you'll seriously like.

Safety razors have been in the grooming domain for the longest time as I can remember. Though their usage went to a dip, they've seen a remarkable boom in recent times along with their cousin straight razor.

See, there're numerous reasons why safety razors are quite a popular shaving option; these grooming tools are convenient, easy to use, and inexpensive. But the major attraction for most men is the superior, closest shave that a safety razor can deliver.

Now, for whatever reasons you might be in search of a safety razor, we've created a list of the best safety razors in the market. Without further ado, let's jump straight into the world of real man's art of shaving!

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Handle Grip

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Top 5 Safety Razors In The Market For The Money

Safety razor set

Safety razor set

Merkur 1904 - Best Open Comb Safety Razor

If you've thick beard as I do, you know how tough it is to shave with a closed comb razor; in most cases, it will require you to take more than 3 passes to achieve a clean shave.

But here is the thing- 3 passes are way too many, and will negatively affect your skin.

The good news is, you can either opt for an aggressive razor like the Parker 99r or choose an open comb safety razor such as Merkur 1904, which is ideal for men in search of more aggressiveness. 

Merkur 1904

Features and Benefits

Not For Beginners

First things first, I wouldn't recommend this razor for the newbies because it's just too sophisticated, high-quality and cutthroat, and above all, the blade exposure to their skin would result in cuts and nicks.


With a modest length of 3.2 inches, Merkut 1904 is definitely on the shorter side compared to the average safety razors. However, I found it comfortable, and so did many users, but, it was a challenge to use for those with the busty hands.

Weight and Balance

Merkur 1094 weighs at 2.3 ounces, and this was quite below what I typically prefer for my safety razors. But for some reason, it doesn't feel light to me as it has the right amount of heft, and it feels sturdy in my hands. 


A prominent feature that you're likely to notice on this model on your first encounter is the hexagonal blade that comes alongside narrow grooves for a simply classic look.

While the engraving does provide a bit of extra grip, it's not the same as grip we see in the popular knurling technology. Nevertheless, I found it quite okay, though it felt awkward for the first time, especially considering I'm used to the circular handles.


Generally, there're mixed reactions on the performance of this razor, with some saying it's aggressive, while others were saying it's moderately aggressive. 

While open comb razors tend to be more aggressive, the small blade gap on the 1904 razor tends to cancel the aggressiveness to provide something right in the middle.

I love the moderately aggressive nature of 1904 as the razor design gives me the ultimate control on how to operate the razor, and it gives me a gentle and smooth shave.

However, I need to reiterate that I wouldn't recommend an open comb shaver for a beginner just getting started on wet shaving.


  • Moderately light
  • Close and superior shave
  • Aesthetically appealing


  • Not the best grip

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Merkur Slant 37c - Best Slant Razor for the Sensitive Skin

There're not many slant shavers in the market, and I think the most common reason why men avoid slant razors is that they believe they are really aggressive.

True, some of them are aggressive, but in the hands of a skilled wet shaver, a slant razor will deliver an extremely close shave with a few passed. In my opinion, the biggest challenge with slant shavers is probably the usage technique and complex learning curve that comes with slant razors.

Having said that, Merkur 37C is my favourite slant shaver in the market, and this model is similar to other Merkur razors, except that this model comes with a slant bar as opposed to a straight bar.

Merkur Slant 37c

Overall though, pretty much of the other aspects, including design, material, and aesthetics, do not differ a lot from every other Merkur razor.

But is this slant shaver right for you? Let's find out.

Features & Benefits

Slant Bar Razorhead

A defining feature of this razor is the slant razor that we found quite efficient at offering a close shave than other contemporary razors on the market. Unlike the popular straight shavers, the slant angle on this model lets the blade "slice" the hairs at an angle as opposed to chopping off at perpendicular angles for an even more superior shave. Ingrown hairs don't stand a chance!

But how does this angle affect the aggressiveness of this model?

More than Moderate Aggressiveness

As we had mentioned earlier, a lot of men are always intimidated by the slant bar razors, but this is not exactly true.

Sure, I found Merkur to have more than moderately aggressiveness, but it was still within the manageable levels, and I think it all boils down to technique. 

There's definitely a learning curve when using Merkur 37C and other the slant razors in general, and if you're not good enough, this razor is less forgiving. But if you get to learn the ropes, this razor is a pretty moderate aggressive type and is incredible at offering a close shave.


With a weight of 2.79 ounces, Merkur 37C is slightly below average in regards to weight, and I wished that it had added a few ounces on to it.

Even so, it doesn't feel light to me, and I guess it's because of the incredible weight distribution and the convenient placement of the balance points.


37C has a grip that is just about anything out there, and we were pleased by the cross-sectional mid-knurling on the mid-section that gave us an excellent and secure grip.

The only thing I wished I could is to change the handle length. Sure, at 3.3 inches, the length is by no means short, but for users with large hands like mine, I would have preferred something a tad longer.

Nonetheless, the incredible grip perhaps was what compensated for the lack of size, because I still felt comfortable using the razor, but for men with above-average hands, this razor can be quite a frustration to use.


  • Ideal for the sensitive skins
  • Close shave
  • No repeated passes


  • Learning curve

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Edwin Jagger DE89 - Best for Beginners

If you're starting out on wet shaving, you don't need to get fancy with a razor; instead, you need a simple, no-frills model, and this is precisely what Edwin Jagger DE89 offers.

Edwin Jagger DE89 is a moderately aggressive razor, perhaps one of the best safety razors for the beginners. However, though it's generally referred to as a "beginner" razor, it similarly appeals to the seasoned shavers because the moderate aggressiveness feature is right in the sweet spot for most men.

Edwin Jagger DE89

Features and Benefits


I know that aesthetics should never be a concern when purchasing a safety razor, but I've to admit I was tempted to.

Edwin Jagger comes with a consistent chrome finish, akin to the one you find on a Rolls Royce. And though the finish doesn't not in any way contribute to the performance of this model, it makes the Jagger DE89 one good-looking safety razor. 


Edwin Jagger comes with excellent size and weight, though I find the 2.2 ounces actually lighter than I typically prefer. 

Even so, the weight distribution and balance points are so impressive that the lightness of this model didn't really bother me.

Moderate Aggressiveness

One of the biggest mistakes we see with beginners is getting a mild razor because they're intimidated by the aggressiveness of the safety razors. While we agree there's a learning curve to using these razors, and you probably are going to experience a few nicks, using an overly mild razor isn't going to help, either.

The moderate aggressive nature of the Edwin Jagger, however, will provide you with a super finish. Additionally, it will not irritate your skin, and at the same time, it will give you room to experiment with different blades and try new shaving techniques.

3-Piece Safety Razor Ease of Use

Edwin Jagger is a 3-piece safety razor consisting of the handle and two pieces that make up the razor head. 

Now, with so many pieces, I know you might be concerned with the ease of use, but no need to fret because the process of loading the blades is quite simple, even for the beginners with no shaving experience.

To insert a new blade, start by unscrewing the razor head, then put the new blade between the head, before reassembling by screwing the handle back into the head.

As its a 3-piece adjustable safety razor, My only caveat is that you should ensure that you don't over-tighten the head when putting the razor as this can result in accidental stripping of the threading.


  • Beginner-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Superior finish
  • No skin irritation


  • Slippery handle for the BL Series

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Parker 99r - Best Aggressive Shaver

Parker 99r, alongside its siblings, the 65r and 91r, are called the "Super Heavyweight" razors and are among the most aggressive razors in the market.

Unlike the Edwin Jagger, I wouldn't really recommend these safety razors for the beginners or even users with thin hair or even sensitive skin.

Generally speaking; however, I would say that this shaver is loved by men, but it doesn't appeal to all the wet shavers as its quite niched but serves its target demographic quite well.

Parker 99r

Features & Benefits

Weight and Balance

Weighing at 3.4 ounces, Parker is pretty hefty and a whole ounce heavier than Edwin Jagger.

Nonetheless, Parker feels quite natural because it comes with excellent weight distribution, and the entire unit is well-weighted, and this makes the model feel more like a higher-quality razor.

Even better, the safety razor seemed to fall at the perfect angle for shaving, and you don't really need to use your strength to guide the blade as much; instead, you simply slide the blades over your skin for smooth, gentle passes.

Long Handle

Parker 99r is one of the biggest razors in the market with a handle length of 4.0 inches.

And because it's so long, it's geared for the men with above average-sized hands or those with burly hands who can't stand the feel of a tiny razor.

Performance-Aggressive Safety Shave

Parker 99r is outright an aggressive razor and is suited for men with thick beards.

Featuring a pretty sizeable blade gap, alongside a large and hefty structure, Parker 99r has all the features you need for an aggressive shave and will deliver a slightly closer shave.

However, the biggest gripe with the aggressive razors is they typically cause more nick, cuts, and razor burns, especially if you aren't using really good form.

Even so, I found this shaver quite a pragmatic unit for users with thick and coarse hairs, but wouldn't really recommend the razors for those with the sensitive skins or light hairs.

Ease of Use

Like a majority of other butterfly razors, we found it quite easy to replace the double-edge blade on the Parker 99r.

However, if you end up purchasing this razor, ensure that you don't over-tighten when inserting a new blade as you risk the possibility of breaking the hinges.


  • Aggressive performance
  • Sturdy
  • Good weight and balance


  • Not ideal for users with sensitive skins

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Feather "Popular" Safety Razor - Best Budget Safety Razor

Feather "Popular" is a creation of Feather, a Japanese brand renowned for creating ultra-sharp and durable razors.

However, unlike a majority of the established brands in the grooming industry, Feather has a few items in their stable. In fact, they only have two models: Father Popular and Feather AS-D2.

And today, we shall be looking at the more entry-level and beginner-friendly Feather Popular.

Feather "Popular" Safety Razor

Features & Benefits

Budget Option

If you're unsure whether you want to get into wet shaving, Feather Safety Razor is a great place to start without breaking your bank.

And because it comes at a lower price tag, it doesn't imply that it's a flimsy product; in reality, it's a surprisingly incredible razor that even outclasses some of the high-end models.


Feather "Popular" weight 1.2 ounces, and is among the lightest safety shavers in the market.

However, this did not go along with me because if you've been reading my reviews, you're probably aware that I'm not a fan of light razors and prefer the hefty units that do not force me to do a lot of work but instead, let the weight of the razor head does the work for me.

Nonetheless, I found the weight and balance surprisingly decent. I loved how the metal knob comes with a heftiness that allows it to do all the work for me.


Generally, the grip on this razor is simply incredible, and despite being fabricated from plastic, it's not slippery. Regardless of how I held the handle, I achieved an excellent grip.

Sure, it's not similar to what you'll get with Parker 99r, but you shouldn't have any issues handling it.

Long Handle

Tying up with the parker, this safety razor comes in at 4.5 inches long, and for users like me with pretty large hands, I found it a cinch to use and easy to handle. If you've small hands, this isn't probably the razor to choose.

Moderate Aggressiveness

A majority of the budget shavers usually provide a mild shave, but Feather "Popular" offers a pleasant, moderately aggressive shave.

The biggest issue I found with this razor is that it's built for the beginners in mind considering the price point, but the slightly more aggressive nature negates all this. In my opinion, this isn't a razor for the beginners looking for a mild entry-level shaving experience, but instead, an ideal solution for those looking for something a bit more aggressive because you've thick or coarse hair.

Ease of Use

Typical of a butterfly open safety razor, the blade replacement on this model is pretty easy as all you've to do is twisting the knob below the razor head, and the top opens.

However, I've to admit I'm not a fan of the butterfly razors, though they're quite easy to use. In my opinion, however, these types of razors are not quite as durable and the 3-piece safety razors.


  • Excellent shave quality
  • Light but with incredible balance
  • Budget-option


  • Susceptible to breaking

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Best Safety Razor Buying Guide

safety razor buyer guide

When purchasing a safety razor for use, there're several essential features that you need to consider. 

Some of these include:


There're several aspects to a handle, and this is why many of the wet shave users consider the handle as the most integral part of a safety razor.

For starters, the handle to your razor should have the ideal length to match the needs of your hands; it should neither be too long nor short, either.

It should also provide the weight and balance required to hold the razor in place and let the razor head slide across your face with minimal input from your side.


The next factor to consider is the weight of your razor-if it's too heavy, it can drop, consequently cutting your face. On the other hand, if it's too light, you might press it too hard on your skin, and this can result in abrasion.

Balance and Grip

If your shaver has an excellent grip and holds tight, even when your hands are wet, it becomes for you to control the razor for a cleaner and smoother have, free from accidents and mishaps.

Quotation marks image white opaque


  • What is the best safety razor on the market? Well, I hate to be that person. Its a cliche' but it really depends. All the models above are here on merit and are geared at different wet shave enthusiasts' levels. If you insist, Merkur 1904 wouldn't disappoint you any day.
  • What is the best safety razor for a beginner? Edwin Jagger DE89 for all the details delivered in perfect proportions to cater to entry-level wet shavers.
  • Why are safety razors the best? As with any cyclical trend, there seems to be a growing affinity towards wet shave market. Without a shadow of a doubt, along with straight razors, its the closest you can get to practising the art of shaving in its purest form
  • Which Merkur razor is best? Merkur 1904 is the safety razor we recommend if you are not sure about more delicate details of wet shaving using safety razors.


The chrome-plated Merkur 3-Piece Double Edge Safety Razor is still the best razor on the list. Even though it is a bit complex to use, you won't get enough of the services by the razor. Since it is both a closed and open operation, you can use it safely on your skin and enjoy smooth outcomes. Additionally, the razor is cost-effective, so you can get one and change the way you shave. Since it is durable, you'll get the value for money.


Now, you have it- we've provided you with a list of the best safety razors in the market, and all you've to do is to pick a model that you think will fit your shaving needs.

However, whatever model you pick, remember that safety shavers aren't always better and aren't any "safe," as their name suggests.

In any case, similar to any razor, their performance and efficacy will ultimately depend a lot on the many factors, including weight distribution, length of the handle, type of blade, and, more importantly, your shaving technique.

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