Ultimate Review Of Best Metal Detectors In 2023

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A metal detector is one piece of gadget that can be used in various contexts. For security purposes alone, the best metal detectors can do what ordinary guards cannot. Just pause for a while and think about what it could take security guards to detect handgun or other harmful metals. In a typical public place with large entrances, we all know that things do happen.  

Meanwhile, there are varying other use cases where this tool delivers real value. Even though I don't know you too well, I am very sure you have a clear idea about the use cases you have in mind.  

First, it is very obvious that many people often think about metal detector price when they are actively searching for one. To make the purchase decision easier, we'll bring you the best metal detectors under $200. This is to ensure that what you will find in this buying guide is affordable, especially if your current budget is within that price range. In addition to this, you'll find the best types, brands and models in the marketing as you are reading through these reviews.  

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Dimensions (Inches)




22.0 x 11.0 x 6.0



22.0 x 8.0 x 5.0



9.0 x 6.0 x 22.0 



Other Great Recommendations

28.5 x 10.25 x 6.25



22.0 x 8.0 x 5.0



Types of Metal Detectors  

Both in functionality and design, there are different types of metal detectors. The key point is that each of the major types you'll find in the market work differently. Understanding these differences might be somehow relevant in deciding the one that will suit your current needs. Now let's look at this piece of technology and the core variations below.  

Please note, if you already know the type you want and what you intend to do with it, you can skip this section entirely and move to the best metal detector reviews below.  

Beat Frequency Oscillation Detectors (BFO) 

Based on its design and technology, this is the simplest type of metal detector. During my research, it becomes obvious that many beginners in treasure hunting sport often find this one to be the best. In fact, I found many people describing it as the best fortune finder metal detector. Inside it, there are two main but separate wire coils. This the key thing that it uses to do metal detection.  

At a constant frequency, this tool creates a real signal. Then as you move the detector around, one of the coils will detect when a found metal object interfere with the said frequency. When this happens, the user will get notification by sound or beeping light.  

As you are reading these metal detector reviews, there will be an indication of the category that each of the products in this list belongs to.  

Low Frequency Metal Detectors  

Talk of metal detectors with high-end technology, this is the exact type. Similar to the first type mentioned above, it has two coils for transmitter and receiver functions. In relation to how the name sounds, it works by emitting a low-frequency magnetic force for metal detection. On the other hand, the receiver coil gives a signal when an object is detected. With the electric circuit, you can be able to tune inclusion and exclusion signals regarding the type of metal you are intending to detect.  

Are you intending to detect more of gold, aluminum, steel or silver? This type is likely to be the best metal detector for your needs.  

Pulse Induction Detectors  

As a core differentiating factor, this one works mainly with a single coil. In practical terms, this coil works both as transmitter and receiver. With this, you can transmit pulses of electricity into the ground. These pulses do real metal detection. When an object is detected, the magnetic field will then send a signal through the control box. According to some experts, this is usually the most expensive when you think about metal detector price in general.  

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Main Uses of Metal Detectors  

Like I have noted earlier, there are different reasons that bring people into the market when they are in need of metal detector. From the last section in this metal detector buying guide, you already know that there are different types you can find in the market. The other way to look at it is that there are different ways that people intend to use detector. Whatever, your own peculiar purchase intent, here some of the major uses of metal detector.  

Metal Detector For Treasure Hunting  

Are you one of those individuals interested in hunting for precious metals as a sport? One thing is very clear, you cannot succeed or even start in that treasure hunting sport if you don't have the required tools. That's why I have taken the time to compile a list of the best metal detector reviews. Whether you are looking for specific models under $200 or $100, you are definitely going to find one that will suit your current need perfectly.  

Metal Detector For Woodworking  

If you need a stress free woodworking experience at all times, this simple tool will make that possible. What this type does is to detect the presence of nails, staples and screws before you use expensive tools on the wood. Practically, this helps to protect your woodworking tools as well.  

Metal Detector For Security Guards 

For the purpose of security, there are two main types you'll find in the market. There is the walkthrough type. And then there is the handheld metal detector which is the most common and affordable model. Here is the type used mostly in public places like school, hotel, banks, churches, airports and some security outfits. If you do a fresh search for the best handheld metal detector for security guards, you'll definitely find many affordable models within your reach.  

Industrial Metal Detector  

Technically, this is the most complex type and it is more expensive regardless of where you choose to buy one. In food and pharmaceutical industries, high precision manufacturing is a must. The other thing is that there is always to need to comply with regulatory law regarding the products that many companies being into the market. Obviously, this is meant to protect consumers and society harmful food and drug contents. This is where industrial metal detectors serve really well.  

Having looked and the types and use cases, let's move to the actual reviews. From here, you can find what you want and move straight to Amazon for seamless purchase.  

The Best Metal Detectors In The Market For The Money!

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Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector 

For some reasons, there are people that come into the market with a specific interest in Garret metal detector. Fortunately, from this brand, you'll find many models that are probably within your current budget. Examples include Garret Ace 250 and Garret Ace 200 that is being reviewed here. If you are one of those people, you can go check these ones now on Amazon.  

First things first, this Ace 200 model is meant detecting metal treasures like jewelry and coins in different terrains. Based on what I found from past users, this one can serve both kids and beginners very well. The dimensions of this product are 9L x 6.5W x 51H inches.  

Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector

Assuming you have a question about its country of origin, Garret Ace 200 was made in the USA. As a very light hunting tool, its weight is just about 4.2 pounds. It has about 3 functional search modes which include zero disk, coins and jewelry.  

The zero disk mode targets almost all types of metal you can think of. On the other hand, coins and jewelry mode helps you to detect coins and jewelry just as the names suggest. The key point here is that you can choose the type of metal you want to be detected. With the cam locks, you are guaranteed to have stable stem while hunting for fortune in varying terrains.  

Moreover, you'll have 4 sensitivity adjustment options when you buy this Garret metal detector Ace 200. Interestingly, people have different heights can make perfect use of this tool because of its adjustment options. The other interesting features are the audio tone and LED light. These are the features that make it easy to get a prompt signal when your preferred metal is detected.  

Please note that even though this mode is a waterproof metal detector, it is not submersible. It is only the coil that can be used in water.  

Assuming you have a question as to whether this can detect gold, yes is my answer. However, it doesn't come with Velcro arm strap. In terms of its features and price point, the other modes that come close are Bounty Hunter DISC22 and RM Ricomax and Garret Ace 300. But these ones are light more expensive.  


  • Waterproof search coil 
  • Great for kids and beginners  
  • Two years warranty  
  • Adjustable search modes 


  • The battery drains quickly  

Check Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector Price On Amazon

Fisher F22 Metal Detector 

With our Fisher F22 metal detector review below, you'll what you need to decide whether this model is good for your peculiar need or not. Let's dive in. 

The very first impressive thing I noticed about this weatherproof metal detector is the sensitivity adjustment feature. While other competing models offer just 4 levels, Fisher F22 comes with 10 sensitivity adjustment options for users in different categories. According to the statements of past users found during my research, this one can go as far 9 inches deep in order to detect the exact type of metal you choose. Through the weatherproof control box, you can choose whether you want to detect coins, jewelry, artifact, custom or all metals. With the adjustable audio FE-Tone, you can amplify iron signals. This helps users to reduce the incidents of digging up unwanted targets within reach.  

Fisher F22 Metal Detector

When you are in a low light atmosphere, the LCD has a backlight which makes it possible for your treasure hunting without losing sight of what is important. Still, on the target ID, there are 9 segment visual target category and numeric target IDs ranging between 1 – 99.  

Having a non-volatile memory means you can save your preferred settings with ease. This model is powered by two AA batteries which guarantee 25 – 30 hours operation.  

Expectedly, the search coil has been proven to be weatherproof. This means you can use it perfectly in wet conditions whenever you like. Unlike some others included among the best metal detector comparison here, this particular model works with a search coil that is submersible.  

Another interesting feature is the notch. With this feature of Fisher F22, you'll have guiding information regarding the relative depth of the objective target. As a mark of great confidence in its performance, five years warranty is what you get on this one. If you search around a little bit further, you'll find larger search coils that can work with F22.  

Regarding price and affordability, if you are looking for the best metal detectors under $200, this is obviously not the one for. However, Fisher F22 is slightly above $200. The other models you may want to consider include Bounty Hunter PROLONE, Bounty Hunter Quick Draw.  


  • 5-year long warranty  
  • Weatherproof search coil 
  • Easy to use  


  • Not the best for relic hunting  
  • The accuracy needs improvement  

Check Fisher F22 Price On Amazon

Treasure Cove TC-1018 

Are you looking for a waterproof metal detector for beginners and pro hunters? Look no further. The Treasure Cove TC-1018 is now within your reach. Regardless of the surface or terrain, you want to use this for, it comes with the capacity to detect objects within 8 inches depth.  

Basically, this one has three main detection modes. First, you'll have an all-metal detection mode. With this mode, you'll be able to pick up all metals within detection depth or distance. Secondly, there is the pinpoint mode which is usually sensitive to the proximity of chosen metal. In this mode, this detector will continue to make a louder signal tone as you get closer to the metal within reach. Then thirdly, there is the discrimination mode. This is the main feature that will make it possible to separate valuable metals from junk metals.  

Treasure Cove TC-1018

By using this third detection mode, you don't have to waste time picking junk metals like nails, soda can and other unwanted metals. For a short duration of time, you may decide to submerge this tool inside water. Hence, the search coil is waterproof. In fact, if you are looking for an underwater metal detector, Treasure Cove TC-1018 is a good option worth giving consideration.   

One key differentiating factor is that this metal detection tool comes with complete accessories. At the very point of purchase, you'll find other things like a carry bag, trowel and headset. Between 23 and 34 inches, you may choose to adjust the shaft length as you like.  

To get started with, there are two 9 volts AA batteries meant for it. Just below the control box, you'll find a low battery indicator. And then, there is a volume control button on the box as well, this button makes it easy to hear the sufficiently loud signal in a noisy atmosphere.  

The dimension of this product is 9 x 6 x 22 inches while its weight stands at 1.5 lbs. Based its adjustable features, you can pack it comfortably into a suitcase while traveling. Like many other products reviewed here, you can buy Treasure Cove TC-1018 on Amazon.  


  • Auto ground balance 
  • 10-warranty  
  • Metal discrimination mode 
  • Priced under $200 


  • Makes false signal sometimes  

Check Treasure Cove TC-1018 Price On Amazon

Bounty Hunter QSI Silver Metal Detector  

For prospective buyers specifically interested in the best metal detector under $100, this Bounty Hunter QSI review is for you. While doing the research for these metal detection tools comparison, I discovered that this brand Bounty Hunter is one of the top sellers in the market. As a matter of fact, I also found that there were many purchases of this product that followed the recommendation from past users. Obviously, these past users experienced great satisfaction before recommending Bounty Hunter models to their friends and family.  

According to some past users, the automatic ground balance feature of this product helps to prevent false signals. This is one of the key factors that treasure hunters care about. Perhaps, false signals during metal detection hunt often waste a lot of time.  

Bounty Hunter QSI Silver Metal Detector

With the digital LCD screen, you'll have a clear display of target ID and 3-tone audio feedback system. For deeply engaging treasure hunt, you'll get 8 inches interchangeable waterproof search coil.  

Bounty Hunter QSI control box has a circular but sturdy design. Among other things, this detector has been proven to work well for both fresh and salt water. It is powered by two alkaline batteries but not included in the package at the point of purchase. Like some others already reviewed here, it is made in the USA. Please note that this one belongs to the category of very low frequency (VLF) type of metal detector.  


  • Interchangeable search coil 
  • 5 years warranty  
  • You can submerge in water without worries 


  • The beeping can be annoyingly constant  

Check Bounty Hunter QSI Price On Amazon

Fisher F44 Metal Detector 

Here is a second model from the same brand Fisher. Slight above what you get from other competing models are the five search modes built into this small detection machine. Regarding this particular feature, you can use it for jewelry, coins, artifact, custom and all metal detection. Whenever you select any one of these, it will be displayed perfectly on the control box. On the same screen, there is an indicator that will show you when the battery needs charging or replacement.  

On the menu category, you'll have the options to adjust volume, notch and sensitivity. Regarding this sensitivity feature, there are 10 different levels you can work with. In order to make a differentiation between the metal being detected, there are four different audio tones on this tool. These tones include high, medium, low and bass. 

Fisher F44 Metal Detector

Sometimes, you might get into highly mineralized soils. In such terrains, the manual and automatic grand balance will help you do your detection work with ease. However, I found that Fisher F44 is not the best for wet grounds. Unlike other detectors, this tool can go 10 inches deep to detect whatever type of metal within reach. And the best part is that you'll get an indication of how deep the metal when you are working with it.  

Before you make the commitment to buy Fisher F44 metal detector on Amazon or any other site, please note that it doesn't come with a headset like some others in this review. Meanwhile, you can find an affordable Fisher Stereo headphone that is compatible with it. If the type of coil is a priority for you, be informed that concentric coils are what this tool is made with.  


  • Deeper detection level 
  • More sensitivity options  
  • Manual and automatic ground balance 
  • Good for rainy and dry ground hunting 


  • Doesn't have height adjustment  

Check Fisher F44 Price On Amazon

search with a metal detector in sedimentary sediments

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do you need a license to use a metal detector?  

The answer is no. however, you may need to seek permission when you want to do hunting within public places to like parks or beaches.  

Are metal detectors sensitive?  

Yes, most of the models reviewed here have varying levels of sensitivity. Basically, you'll find numbers defining differences like this. But please note that the actual levels of sensitivity may differ from what is stated when you buy one.  

Can you use a metal detector under water?  

Yes, but not all of them. Refer to the metal detector reviews above and you'll find one or two models that can be used perfectly under water. The key thing to understand here is that being waterproof is the same as being submersible. Take that into account if you are looking for the best underwater metal detector.  

Which metal detector goes the deepest?  

As for the ones reviewed in this buying guide, there are highlights of how deep that each one can go. This is mainly defined by inches or feet. Just take a better look at the models above and you'll find the indication for each.  

Where can I buy a metal detector? 

First, you have to decide whether you want to buy metal detector online or offline. Assuming you choose the online option, you can buy any one of these on Amazon. If you follow the link around each product above, you'll land on Amazon where you can find even more options.  


Probably, you already know the key features that matter to you more than all others. Following the highlights around each review about, you'll find what you need to do informed metal detector comparison. As noted earlier, all of the products mentioned so far can be found at different price points. While some are being sold under $100, there are some that require you to make $300+ budget. The implication is that if the price is not a big issue, you are definitely going to find one that will match your current need.  

From the control box to adjustment level and water resistance, I bet you'll find what you want here. Just remember to see permission in those public places where it is likely to be required. Finally, endeavor to confirm the warranty, return and replacement policy before you click the order button.  

Editor Notes:


The Garret Ace 200 Metal Detector is still our best pick because it will do more despite the low price tag. The detector senses metal components deep on the soil to deliver the treasures you’ve been hunting. It is easy to assemble and will take less than 30 minutes to put together. It has a widescreen to show the depth. Additionally, the unit is lightweight and will be easy to carry throughout the day while looking for the coins. Even though it is made of plastic, it is still durable and will serve you for ages. The tree function search modes will let you find jewelry, coins, and zero disks. It is perfect for beginners and intermediate levels.

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