Ultimate Review Of Best Canister Vacuums In 2023

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Looking for a powerful vacuum to clean your floors? If so, consider acquiring a canister vacuum to meet your cleaning needs. A canister vacuum is similar to the upright vacuum but with a distinct design difference i.e. the canister unit is pulled from behind the user instead of being pushed as is the case with upright models.

This difference in design allows the canister vacuum to extend some functionalities of the upright vacuum enabling it to clean much more and also allow it to cater for specific user preferences and needs. Below is a detailed description of 10 of the best canister vacuums on the market to help you find the best cleaner for your home.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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Cleaning Purpose

Corded Cordless


Easily go from cleaning carpets to hard floors


Multi-Surface Cleaning


Safely and completely cleans bare-floor surfaces


Other Great Recommendations

Ideal for cleaning low to medium pie carpeting, area rugs and all smooth flooring


Safely clean delicate surfaces like drapes and upholstery


Clean tight spaces and detail small areas


Best for carpets and hard floors


Clean all floor surfaces from bare floors to plush carpets-one


Multi-Surface Cleaning


Multi-Surface Cleaning


The Best Canister Vacuums In The Market That Money Can Buy!

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BISSELL Zing Bagged 4122 - Best Canister Vacuum in 2019

BISSELL Zing Bagged 4122

 Are you looking for a bagged canister vacuum that is both lightweight and allows for very easy cleaning of bare floors, rugs and carpets? Then look no further than the Bissell Zing bagged canister vacuum. This is one of the friendliest vacuums on the market. It comes with a telescoping wand that can easily reach dirt in obscured areas like under the furniture and even on ceilings. The wand is retractable and can rewind at will. Users of this vacuum can also easily transition the cleaning capabilities from carpets to hard floors with just a flick of the switch.


  • It comes with powerful suction that sucks dirt from both high and low areas in a home i.e. under furniture and on drapes and ceilings.
  • Multi-surface cleaning capabilities. It can clean hardwood floors, carpets, rugs e.t.c.
  • It has a telescoping wand. The wand can stretch and retract at the push of a button.
  • It has a full bag indicator that eliminates the need for constant monitoring.
  • It comes with variable suction control.


  • Some parts may become lose and fall off with time.

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BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless, 4122

BISSELL Zing Rewind Bagless, 4122

This vacuum cleaner weighs about 10 pounds and is one of the cheapest on the market. Don t let its price fool you though; it matches the higher priced brands in terms of cleaning quality and value. If you prefer bagless canister vacuums and are looking for a machine that is easy to maneuver and consumes less power then consider acquiring this bagless canister model.

Additionally, the Bissell Zing rewind is also good for cleaning car interiors and removing hair particles from a wide variety of surfaces. This eliminates the need to purchase separate vacuums for these types of cleaning.


  • Bagless convenience. It has a dirt canister that can hold up to 2 liters of waste.
  • Multi-surface cleaning. From hardwood floors to carpets and rugs the Bissell Zing Rewind scores highly in cleaning just about all floor types.
  • Lightweight design. This makes it highly portable and easy to use in cleaning stairs.
  • Very low priced. It s one of the cheapest vacuums on the market.


  • It is composed largely of plastic parts which are easy to break.
  • Its 15 ft electric cord is not convenient for people with large rooms.

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Eureka Mighty Mite, 3670G

Eureka Mighty Mite, 3670G

If you re looking for a bagless vacuum that is great at picking up tiny hair particles, is highly durable and costs less than $100 then the Eureka Mighty Mite vacuum is sure to meet your requirements. While this machine is excellent for vacuuming carpets and rugs its main prowess is in cleaning bare floors mainly of wooden and tile nature.

The Mighty Mite, true to its name, is a mighty machine with a 12 amp motor with a powerful suction that makes general floor vacuuming a breeze. It employs a triple filtration mechanism that leaves both the air and flooring free of dust and other forms of pollutants.


  • Power-Touch handle The vacuum comes with fingertips controls that make it very easy to use.
  • Additional ports Has a blower feature that enables outdoor usage to disperse leaves.
  • 20 inch extension cord The long cord allows great convenience in cleaning large rooms.
  • Compact size Requires very little space for storage.


  • Not so great in picking dust and hairs off carpets.
  • Extra costs in buying replacement bags.
  • Occasionally prone to breakages.
  • Non-retractable cord.

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Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition

Miele Complete C2 Limited Edition

The Miele C2 model boasts of a powerful 1,600 watt motor that makes it highly efficient in cleaning dust off hardwood floors. This suction also makes it great for cleaning smooth flooring, rugs and even carpets. It is a unique model which comes with special settings that can further dust and clean upholstery.

If you re searching for a machine that has great performance, is easy to use, is attractive and has features that most vacuums don t then the Miele C2 has you covered.


  • 1600 watt motor. - This provides the vacuum with great power that can remove dirt and grime embedded deep in carpets and hardwood floors.
  • It has a turbo floor brush. -This brush works in conjunction with an air driven rotating roller to agitate dirt for easier suction and to pick up pet hairs.
  • 33 foot operating radius - This provides great comfort and convenience in cleaning large rooms.
  • Air clean sealed system This system traps and retains over 99.9% of dust and other minute illness-causing particles in the air.


  • Less than optimal performance on slate tiles
  • High energy consumption.

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Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe

True to its name, the Bissell 1161 is a top notch corded unit specialized for cleaning hardwood floors. Its powerful suction, fingertip controls and rubber wheels make it a great investment for homeowners looking for a vacuum that is easy to control and can clean delicate surfaces as well as hard ones. Compared to most, its brushes have extra soft bristles that can cater to delicate materials like drapes and upholstery. Its automatic height adjustment, suction control features and its versatility in cleaning a wide range of flooring types makes the Bissell 1161 one of the best bagless canister vacuums on the market.


  • Powerful but gentle Can clean both tough and delicate surfaces with ease.
  • Rubber wheels. Ensure no scratching or marking of flooring surfaces.
  • Fingertip control Allows users more flexible control especially when suctioning delicate surfaces.
  • Multiple cleaning attachments. E.g. telescoping extensions, crevice tools, dusting brush e.t.c.
  • Easy to empty bin Tank opens from underneath for no mess disposal.


  • Short power cord. Might require different plug-in locations depending on room size.
  • 7 amp motor Slightly less power compared to other canister vacuums.

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Hoover CH30000 PortaPower Lightweight

Hoover CH30000 PortaPower

If you need a device for small carpet cleaning jobs in the office or at home, the Hoover CH30000 is among the best to consider. This model is lightweight and compact making it very easy to carry and store in areas with limited space. It is also very easy to use and comes with multiple attachments e.g. furniture nozzle, two chrome wands, dusting brush, floor brush e.t.c that make it suitable for a wide range of cleaning. It is built to carry either a commercial cloth or paper dust bag for extra convenience depending on the type of cleaning being carried out. A paper bag can be used for regular dusting jobs while the cloth bag for vacuuming sharp objects.


  • It comes with a re-usable commercial cloth bag and a separate paper option.
  • Has a 33 inch SJT cable for an expansive vacuuming area.
  • Comes with a built-in blower that provides an extra cleaning option for maintaining your home.
  • It has a compact structure allowing for easier storage.


  • Not recommended for hardwood floors.
  • Motor needs to be replaced at least every 2 years.

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Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal - Best Canister Vacuum for Pet Hair

Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Anima

Are you tired of using corded vacuums that constantly fall over as you drag them along in your cleaning? If that s the case the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball canister vacuum is here to combat this problem for you once and for all. As the names suggests, this vacuum is ball shaped and is cleverly designed to right itself any time after it falls.

This vacuum is also built with an extending cleaning handle that can rotate in three directions thus making it much easier to snag cobwebs and dust near ceilings and other hard to reach areas.


  • Maintains its powerful suction continuously through its 36 Cinetic tips that effectively separate microscopic dust that might interfere with the motor and lower performance.
  • No washing or replacement of dirty filters. The dust separation mechanism is so efficient it eliminates the need for manual cleaning.
  • Rights itself when toppled providing extra convenience to the user.
  • It uses carbon fiber filaments and stiff nylon bristles to clean. The carbon filaments are super effective in picking fine dust particles while the nylon bristles can dislodge embedded dirt.


  • Costs more than most canister vacuums.

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Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex

Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex

From the first glance the Electrolux grabs people s attention with its fierce looks brought about by a flashy sleek body painted with gray and black complemented with a sharp red. There s nothing common about this vacuum and the intuitive external engineering communicates this. Performance wise, this machine is very effective at cleaning both bare floors as well as high pile carpets. It also does an excellent job at scooping up general dirt as well as animal hairs. Through patented brush roll cleaning technology this vacuum provides a self cleaning brush that can remove any tangles from the brush roll without any human assistance.


  • Easy empty technology This vacuum has a slim bagless dust cup that has an opening positioned at the bottom that enables the user to easily empty the contents.
  • Washable HEPA filters. The filters require only a simple wash to eliminate trapped dust and allergens thus requiring less frequent replacements.
  • Versatile tools Vacuum is equipped with tools such as an upholstery nozzle, a crevice tool e.t.c to facilitate easy cleaning of hard to reach areas.


  • Some parts are made of plastic which is prone to breakage.
  • Not the best option for pet owners.

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Eureka Mighty Mite, 3670H

Eureka Mighty Mite, 3670H

This unit was built to clean hard to reach areas in the home or the garage. It is also great for cleaning the edges in the stairs. While it is a great addition for homeowners with bare floors, users with mostly carpeted areas are bound to find the machine slightly less effective.

For a highly carpeted home a different vacuum should be considered. However, if you need pet hair, dust, debris and other forms of minute pollutants and agents eliminated from your garage or workshop floors then consider this vacuum to do a superb job. The Eureka 3670H also comes with a blower port that can be used to disperse sawdust, leaves and other larger forms of waste from garage and workshop floors.


  • Easy to use finger tip controls These make controlling the vacuum an almost effortless exercise.
  • 20 inch cord Enlarges the vacuum s radius for quick and efficient cleaning.
  • Compact design Allows for storage in areas with minimal space.
  • Additional port Facilitates the disbursement of leaves and other debris through continuous powerful bursts of air.


  • The vacuum hose can easily kink causing a loss of suction.
  • Not the best option for cleaning rugs and carpets.

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Oreck Compact Cleaner

Oreck Compact Cleaner

The Oreck compact is perhaps the most versatile vacuum on the market. In addition to regular dust suctioning from floors, this machine can also be used to clean sofas, ceilings, workshops, dorms, RVs e.t.c.

It is among the best vacuums for eliminating dirt in hard to reach areas such as crevices, blinds and high ceilings due to its great suction force. The suction is so great it can pick up a 16-lb bowling ball! At just 4 pounds, it is very light to lift and carry around.


  • Reaches hard to clean areas easily e.g. mantels, blinds, high-ceilings e.t.c.
  • Super strong suction power. Can pick up a 16 pound bowling bowl.
  • Uses disposable hypoallergenic dust bags which are more sanitary than dust cups.
  • Comes with a wide assortment of cleaning attachments designed to clean everything from floors, ceilings and even electronics.
  • Lightweight At just 4 pounds users can easily wear it over their shoulders and continue with cleaning for hours.


  • It comes with an additional blower port that is both uncovered and unfiltered.
  • Lacks a beater brush. Not ideal for a fully carpeted home.
  • Can be a little noisy.

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Signs You Need a Canister Vacuum

You need A Canister Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most import cleaning machines in both domestic and commercial environments. For many, it is a favorite due to its ease of use and ability to clean homes and work environments quickly and efficiently; in some cases even without them having to be present.

In the beginning, the architecture of a vacuum was simple. The models at the time shared a similar design and structure with a minimal disparity in their functionality. Today, however, with the vast evolution of technology the cleaning industry has transformed and now boasts of hundreds of different vacuum cleaner models created to carry out specific functions.

Having a vacuum cleaner is not enough. You need one that can satisfactorily meet your needs. Here are 7 signs you need a canister vacuum.

  1. You re tired of constantly having to right ? your current vacuum.

If you own an upright cleaner you re all too aware of this annoyance. Almost all upright vacuums are designed to be pushed in order to clean. Because of their design they cannot stand on their own and require support. Constantly having to raise them up every time they fall over can be a pain.

If you d like to be able to have a smoother cleaning experience with a machine that instantly picks itself up every time you let go of the handle you can do so through the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal Canister Vacuum.

  1. You want a vacuum you can also use on your lawn.

You ve gone a couple of days without cleaning your floors and you notice they re filthy; there are scattered food particles on the floors, dog hairs have collected on the corners of the kitchen table e.t.c. You look outside and you notice massive amounts of pine cones and leaves on your lawn.

Wouldn t it be nice if you could clean both areas with a vacuum? Unbeknownst to many, it is possible. Some canister vacuum models can alternate as both leaf blowers and indoor cleaning machines. A good example is the Hoover CH30000 commercial canister vacuum.

  1. You want a vacuum that is easy to carry.

As a rule, upright vacuums cleaners tend to be heavy. Canister vacuums, on the other hand, are much lighter. This is largely due to their structure and design. They have a retractable hose and a canister (dirt bin) which are built from very light materials in order to make the machine weigh less, in some cases, as little as 4 pounds!

The Oreck compact canister vacuum is one such vacuum. If you own a big house or are tired of constantly having to haul a heavy upright vacuum it s time to consider acquiring one of the many canister vacuums that weight less than a sixth graders backpack.

  1. You want a vacuum that can clean ceilings and drapery.  

The upright vacuum s rigidity makes it almost impossible to clean high-ceilings and hanging drapery such as long curtains. The solution is a canister vacuum. These vacuums brandish long retractable hoses that can easily reach hard to clean areas such as high-ceiling, mantels pieces and chandeliers.

Since only the mouth is pointed towards the dirty area, it is much easier to clean these areas as less weight has to be lifted.

  1. You want a vacuum that is super easy to maneuver.

The ease of maneuverability of a vacuum determines the speed and efficiency of cleaning that can be carried out. A canister vacuum is much more flexible than an upright vacuum. Since only the mouth is directed to a dirty area compared to the entire weight of an upright vacuum, canister models can be controlled to clean dust quicker and more efficiently.

Many also come with finger-tip controls that make the vacuuming exercise even more effortless. The Eureka Mighty Mite canister vacuum is a perfect example of a canister model that can effortlessly be manipulated to do a superb job in a short time span.

  1. You re tired of washing dirty filters.

You are fortunate to have a vacuum that cleans dust and other minute particles from your home s environment. However, the task of washing dirty filters every now and then does not sit well with you.

The good news is you don t have to. At least not while some canister vacuums exist that make this chore obsolete. The Dyson Cinetic Big Ball Animal canister vacuum is the only vacuum on the market with a highly sophisticated mechanism for sorting dust and other allergen particles thus entirely eliminating the need for washing or even replacing vacuum HEPA filters.

  1. You want a vacuum with a wider cleaning path.

Are you re looking for ways to save a couple of minutes vacuuming? If so a vacuum cleaner with a wider cleaning path is sure to do the job. As a rule, canister vacuums tend to have wider cleaning paths compared to other vacuum types.

Once you factor this feature with their ease of use, ability to easily reach hidden and hard to access areas, their lightweight nature plus their easy maneuverability and control, you have the perfect cleaning machine that guarantees to perform a quality job and provide you with more time to focus on other activities.

Selecting the Right Canister Model (Buyer's Guide)

There are several important factors to consider before settling on a canister model. Below are 10 factors to keep in mind next time you go shopping for a vacuum.

  1. Your budget.

Before embarking on a purchase mission, determine how much you re ready to part with beforehand. The market is saturated with hundreds of diversified vacuums featuring a variety of styles, high-tech features and functions making it easy to get carried away and overspend on a canister model that is expensive but lacks in performance quality. Remember, price is not always an indicator of value for money.

You can find highly durable and optimal performing vacuums that cost as little as a $100 or less. The Bissell Zing bagged canister vacuum is a high performance model that costs only $49.99!!!

  1. Type of flooring

Canister vacuums in general can give bare floors, regardless of the nature of the material, an excellent clean without a hitch. However, the disparity becomes obvious when dealing with thick flooring such as heavy carpets and rugs.

If your home is dominantly covered by mid-to-high pile carpeting ensure you choose a model with above average suction or a model that comes with a Brushroll or a separate power attachment for deep carpet cleaning. The Electrolux EL4335A Corded Ultra Flex Canister Vacuum is an example of a canister model that suits these criteria.

  1. The layout of your home.

Generally speaking the architecture of your home is not something most folks think about when shopping for upright vacuums. However, for canister vacuums this is a requirement. If your home is built using an open floor plan then the ability to maneuver the vacuum is not a major concern hence heavier models can be used without a hitch.

However, if your home has lots of stairs then maneuverability becomes an issue thus you will need a vacuum that is light to carry and easy to maneuver especially when cleaning the corners between the stairs. A longer hose is also preferred to reach tucked away spots easily.

  1. Purpose

Part of the reason there are so many models on the market is to make it easier and more efficient to perform specific cleaning tasks. By outlining the specific tasks you want the vacuum to perform you ll save yourself valuable time looking at models which don t cater to your specific needs.

If you have pets and need the vacuum to remove hairs from furniture and floors then consider a vacuum with HEPA filtration that can trap up to 0.3 microns of particle size. The vacuum also needs to have strong suction. For deep carpet cleaning a motor with a high amp, preferably in the double digits, is highly preferred.

This goes hand in hand with the purpose of the machine. Vacuums are built with different strengths depending on the functions they are to carry out. While it might seem okay to purchase a vacuum with very high suction power for regular bare floor cleaning, be advised you are bound to incur higher utility costs e.g. electricity, as a result for an activity that would cost much less had you chosen more wisely.

When it comes to performance, consider purchasing green vacuums as these have similar cleaning capabilities with many high-performing vacuums but they consume much less power overall.

  1. HEPA filtration.  

Do you have allergies or live with someone suffering from an allergen based condition e.g. Asthma. If so, it is highly advisable you go for a canister model with HEPA filtration. A High Efficiency Particulate Absorbent (HEPA) filter will trap particles as little as 0.3 micrometers in the air during cleaning ensuring potential allergens are eradicated.

This leaves a much more hygienic living space. HEPA filtration vacuums are also just as important especially if you have pets in the home for trapping fine animal hairs. With HEPA filters, price is usually an indicator of quality. If you d like filters with higher efficiency be prepared to fork out more for much better service.

  1. Bagged or bagless.

Canister vacuums come in two varieties: bagged and bagless. Each has its pros and cons.

Generally, bagged canister vacuums especially those with cloth bags e.g. the Hoover CH30000, tend to offer a much higher level of filtration than bagless models. They also tend to operate more quietly.

Compared to the bagless models they are also more durable and cheaper. On the other hand, bagless canister vacuums are more convenient to maintain since there is no need for constant replacement of dirt bags. Although they tend to be noisier and cost more, they have the added advantage of maintaining high suction power throughout the cleaning process even when the dirt canister is filling up a feature that lacks in the bagged canister models.

Regardless of the type of vacuum you choose, ensure the dirt compartment is large enough to avoid frequent replacement or emptying. Also, ensure the model you pick comes with an indicator that notifies you when the dirt container is full.

  1. Ease of use  

Avoid vacuums with complex designs and features. In canister vacuums, complexity does not always translate to higher performance quality. Some models boast of a wide variety of high-tech features but prove to be difficult to operate and maintain. To be safe, stick to simpler models from brands with proven track records that are easier to use.

If your home is heavily carpeted, pay close attention to the wheels of the vacuum. Small wheels can get stuck or get entangled with cords and electrical cables making it difficult to vacuum. You might end up wasting time and straining unnecessarily. The machine also needs to be light for easier dragging and lifting especially when cleaning rooms located up a flight of stairs.

  1. Noise level

Different vacuums produce different noise levels. This level is measured in decibels. The higher the number of decibels: the noisier the vacuum. As a rule, avoid vacuums with more than 85db of noise. Machines between 60-65 decibels are preferred.

Manufacturers are always striving to lower the noise even further by producing accessories that can further muffle the sounds. While sound insulation accessories are available for some models they tend to be relatively pricey. Nonetheless, they are worth the money especially if you have an elderly person or little children in your home.

  1. Accessories

When it comes to cleaning, it is not always possible to buy a separate canister vacuum for every individual chore. Because of this, it is advisable for you to choose a canister vacuum with a wide array of accessories that can facilitate cleaning in all areas without you necessarily incurring high costs in purchases.

A crevice nozzle, a dusting brush, an upholstery brush e.t.c are accessories that can be added to the vacuum to meet specific cleaning needs.

Additional Points to Consider

  • Tank capacity

Tank capacity stretches beyond the need to have a bag that is large enough to avoid the inconvenience of replacing it frequently. That s just a part of it. There s a much larger issue connected to tank capacity performance. The performance of many vacuums (bagged ones in particular) tends to decline especially as the dust bin continues to fill.

This is largely because many bagged models use technology that relies on the current state of the bin compartment to create the vacuum required to subsequently contribute to the suction power needed to pick up dust. This is another important factor to consider especially when shopping for vacuums.

  • Air pressure

This is the force that ushers dirt particles from a surface into the dust tank. It is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) The higher the figure the more effective the vacuum.

Please note, just because a vacuum can attain a very high pressure level doesn t mean it should be allowed to maintain that pressure for a long period. In retrospect, consider the motor of the vacuum. The motor should be able to sustain desired high pressure for the vacuum to last long.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics refers to the optimization of a product for human use. In canister vacuums, ergonomics refers to the factors that determine how human beings can be able to efficiently and safely interact with the machine. In this respect, consider the weight of the vacuum, the size of the wheels, the construction of the handles, length of electrical cord and the general maneuverability. These factors will contribute greatly to how well you ll be able to utilize the unit.

  • Warranty

Always consider the warranty on a vacuum before purchase. Warranties can range anywhere from 6 months to 2 years or even longer depending on functionality of the machine, price and the brand.

As a rule, it is advisable to buy vacuum cleaners from recognized brands as these have a track record of reliability and consistency. Established brands also tend to have longer warranties for their products. Avoid purchasing any vacuum, no matter how lucrative the deal, if the vacuum is not accompanied with a warranty as many vacuums are prone to breakage within the first 6 months of use.

  • Support

This is all about brand reliability. Established brands tend to be more reliable and offer services that assist their customers in making the most effective and correct use of a product i.e. canister vacuums.

This also includes providing much needed assistance in the troubleshooting and maintenance of the vacuum. Warranties also fall in this category. As a customer you are more likely to receive quick service when claiming a warranty for your vacuum from a recognized brand compared to other emerging companies.


Canister vacuums in general are preferred to upright vacuums due to their light weight and ease of mobility. Their maneuverability is much simpler and requires minimal effort to accomplish.

Their cleaning potential is also greater than most upright vacuums. They can clean stairs, under furniture, walls and any forms of upholstery decorating the walls e.g. curtains with ease.

While these vacuums do have a downside e.g. some individuals find the act of dragging the canisters as they clean a bit awkward, some of the vacuums have small wheels, and the replacement of some vacuum parts can be somewhat cumbersome, the vacuums pros far outweigh the cons. overall the canister vacuum cleaner is a superb machine and a great addition to any home especially for homeowners with bare floors.

If you re really serious about acquiring this unit for your cleaning tasks it is advisable that you invest significant time learning about the different brands on the market, plus the strengths and weaknesses of specific models before spending your hard earned cash.

Editor Notes:

Previously, our best pick was Bissell Zing Bagged Canister Vacuum, which served large cleaning areas with ease. The Bissell Zing Canister, 2156A Vacuum, Green Bagless, is now the best selling. It is a bagless type, so you won’t spend more on purchasing bags as you do with the bagged model.

Like the bagged type, this bag has a retractable cord that relieves you from rolling the cord manually after cleaning. 

It is small and hence easy to operate on a variety of floor surfaces. The high suction power leaves the floor clean. It has a handle that enhances easy carrying making mobility easier. Lastly, the small size means you’ll not have trouble storing in limited spaces.

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