Ultimate Review of the Best Lap Desks in 2023

Best Lap Desks

If you're like me, there're days when you simply don't feel like getting out of bed- be it flu or simply plain laziness.

But when you need to work on your laptop, there’s not much you can do but force yourself to stand up.

Of course, you could try the pillow mountain method, but speaking from experience, balancing your laptop on your lap isn’t the most comfortable experience.

This is not to mention the fabric underneath might cause heat build-up on your laptop.


Invest in a lap desk.

A lap desk, also known as a bed desk, or breakfast tray, provides a convenient and comfortable way for us to work.

Basically, it replicates what a regular desk does, but it's built with convenience and portability in mind.

These nifty contraptions aren't only suitable for working on the bed, but they've versatile applications, and you take them as far as working right from your sofa, in the park, or even lounging at your backyard.

Now, whether you're planning to do some typing, take some notes, sketch, receive a zoom call, or catch your favorite show, you'll certainly find an option for you in our review list of the best lap desks.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick

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1.75 lb


22.25 x 14.5 x 2 in


1.1 lb

High Impact polyester

33.07 x 13.78 x 1.57 in


9.25 lb

Leather and Micro Fiber

Other Great Recommendations

17.9 x 13 x 2.6 in


1.3 lb


11 x 16.5 x 1.2 in


3.79 lb


Best Top 5 Lap Desks in the Market for the Money 

Best Top 5 Lap Desks in the Market for the Money

Avantree College Adjustable Laptop Table - Best for Large Laptops

Topping our list of the best lap desk is the Avantree College Laptop table.

It’s a sturdy unit, and even better, it has every desirable feature you would want to see in the ideal laptop table.

But is the table, along with its features, the right model for you?

Avantree College Adjustable Laptop Table

Features and Benefits


Right from the box, Avantree Table will strike you with the sleek look and modern design.

The wooden surface, for instance, has a classical appeal and will add to the overall charm of the table.

The use of high-quality material is also noticeable during the simple assembly process.


Avantree Laptop Table is well built and one of the sturdy options in the market.

For starters, the wheel's wide base provides more stability, and it's less likely to topple.

It doesn't wobble, either, and is quite a handy option for performing the delicate stuff such as notebook writing or even drawing.

Now, while we don’t recommend using the table for other purposes apart from holding your laptop, some users repurposed the desk as a table for holding dishes and snacks for their kids.

It's an ideal option for kids as they're just sitting on the floor.

While at it, ensure the joints are locked, and the table is sturdy enough to prevent slippage of food.


Avantree Desk features a wide base measuring 23.62”x12.99”x0.35” and can support even the larger types of laptops up to 17 inches.

Great View

The 30-degree tilt angle on this desk allows you to position your laptop to the optimum viewing angle.

So, regardless of your viewing position, you can either bring the screen close you your face or further away, depending on your viewing needs.

A plastic slab stops the laptop from slipping the table and keeps your laptop at the preferred angle.


Adjustability is probably the biggest benefit of the Avantree Laptop Desk.

For starters, the legs have an adjustability range of 9.4"-12.6".

Now, if you work in an office for long, you know the importance of taking regular breaks. However, with this desk, you don't have to leave your workstation since you can simply elevate your laptop height to allow working while standing.

Of course, you can purchase a standing desk, but that would cost anywhere 10-20 times what you get with Avantree Desk.

The good thing with the entire adjustment process is the ease of use. For instance, the simple press of a button releases the lock, allowing you to adjust.

On the other hand, the auto-lock feature holds the adjustment in place, and from the reviews, the desk is less likely to slip.


With a modest weight of 1.75 ounces, Avantree Desk is among the lightest in the market.

Combine the unit's lightness and the compact and foldable design, and you get an extremely portable laptop desk.

It doesn’t matter whether you need to use your desk in your bed or sofa, but the Avantree will provide an easy, comfortable, and ergonomic working space.


  • Simple, intuitive design
  • Premium material construction
  • Wide base


  • Expensive

Check Avantree College Adjustable Laptop Table Price on Amazon

LapGear XL-With Wrist Wrest

If you're accustomed to resting your hands when operating your laptop, you'll love LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk's wrist wrest function.

It's a sturdy and reliable option, too, and will enhance your user experience.

LapGear XL

Features and Benefits


Just by looking at this laptop desk, it's easy to tell it's designed with functionality, ease of use, durability, and style in mind.

The size of the work surface, for instance, fits most of the laptops, while at the same time providing users with sufficient space for storing accessories such as the mouse.

The design is also well-thought off and aimed at providing users with the most convenient portable workspace.


The XL version of LapGear comes with a dimension of 22.25 x 14.5 x 2 inches.

More importantly, however, it offers a generous working space for users, and can hold a laptop up to 17.3”.

While the working surface is quite big, especially the width, its ability to hold its wrist rest severely limits longer laptops.


LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk is built for convenience and designed to be the right for everyone.

The built-in mouse pads of both sides are built to be used by the right/left-handed users.

Comfort and Stability

LapGear XL features a premium dual bolster cushion stretching the full length of the lap desk.

The cushions are filled with expanded polystyrene beads, which won’t dig into your legs or cut off circulation.

Instead, they mold the shape of your legs, therefore providing even greater comfort and flexibility.

They also automatically sit at an angle when on your laps, and it’s easy to make angle adjustment for the perfect viewing experience.

The best feature of the dual cushioning is the enhancement of ventilation, allowing cool air to move between the desk and the lap to keep your laptop cool.

Two Velcro Pockets

The backside of this lap desk features two pockets, perfect for storing the small electronic accessories such as cords, USB, mouse, and headphones.

Both of the pockets come with a zipper to secure your accessories.

They're also accessible from side to side, making it convenient to store or pull any accessory without the need to take your laptop off.

Wrist Cushion

For ergonomic purposes, this lap desk features a special raised wrist rest for its users.

The soft-touch wrist rest offers an incredible layer of comfort while using your laptop.

Of course, not everybody is fascinated by a wrist cushion, but if your primary interest is on the ergonomic benefit of the lap desks, you'll love the LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk.


  • Built-in wrist rest
  • Ambidextrous mouse pads
  • Storage compartments


  • Bulky design

Check LapGear XL Price on Amazon

Couchmaster CYCON - Best for Gaming

Gamers fall into two categories-PC gamers or Console gamers. But what if you could blend both of the two worlds?

That’s what Couchmaster Cycon offers; the comfort of console gaming with the laser-sharp precision of PC gaming.

Couchmaster Cycon offers the perfect platform for the long gaming session.

The large cushions provide optimum support for your forearms, the integrated USB 3.0 offers connection, while the chip technology will run the whole set up without a separate power supply.

Couchmaster CYCON

Features and Benefits

Ergonomic Lapboard Design

Cycon is differentiated from other lap desks on our list because it's more like a lapboard, meaning it doesn't rest on your laps. Instead, the cushions act as a pillar to raise the cross-board over your legs.

This patented design allows you to utilize or operate your mouse and keyboard directly from your couch without exerting much strain on your spine from constant hunching.

With the lapboard, it’s easy to settle for long gaming sessions without feeling fatigued.

Lots of Space

During gaming sessions, the last thing you would want is conserving your space. This is extremely distracting and can even ruin your gaming experience.

However, with this option, you'll be pleased to know you've plenty of movement space, and you don't need to conserve space.

It's easy to smoothly glide your gaming tool across the surface and even make a sudden movement without worrying about running out of space.


After extended gaming sessions, it’s easy for your hands and wrists to feel fatigued.

However, the Cycon puts an end to that, and you won't have to worry about the aching wrists and forearms.

The cushions on the lapboard will support you, while at the same time holding your arms in the most comfortable position for you.

USB 3 Cable

The integrated USB 3.0 hub offers you enough connections to hook up your headset mouse, keyboard, and one additional accessory.

The best part of the connection system is it connects right up to your PC without the need for additional power supply.


The creators of this longboard have gone the extra mile to include a couple of pockets for storing your beverages, mouse, or any other crucial accessory.

So, all your crucial gaming components are simply a reach away.

Internal Cable Management

If you’re worried about tangling yourself with the gaming wires, you’ll appreciate the internal cable management system that lets you route your wires and have them out of sight and out of mind.

 4 USB Port

Finally, Cycon offers up to 4 USB ports that you can easily hook up your devices.


  • Tailored for gaming
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • No more hunching
  • Plenty of add-ons


  • Tad expensive

Check Couchmaster CYCON Price on Amazon

LapGear Mydesk - Best for Writing

Are you planning for more written work?

Unlike the previous models designed for use on a computer or gaming, LapGear MyDesk is designed for written work.

It has a much peppier design and a flat surface that won’t obstruct your work.

LapGear Mydesk

Features and Benefits


If you're searching for something playful and fun, you can't go wrong with the design of the LapGear MyDesk.

The desk is available in four playful colors, including teal, black, pink, and purple.

The base of the desk is covered with soft pads. The pads are also used for covering both the top and bottom of the lower face.

The pads are colored to match your workspace, thus creating a more cohesive and attractive desk.


The comfortable memory pads on this desk won’t dig into your legs, but will instead mold to take the shape of your legs.

This way, you’ll feel more comfortable working on the lap desk and are likely to feel achiness, even after extended use.

Flat Face

The face on this lap desk is bare, a contrast to most of the other models on our list.

Now, while the padding is nice if you're using a keyboard or mouse, it can be vexing if you're using a pen and paper.

For this purpose, you’ll LapGear MyDesk comfier, and can even lay your hands flat on the smooth wood surface for unobstructed use.

Storage Pocket

When using the typical lap desk, you’ll notice that they never lay truly flat, with most of them sloping slightly towards your body.

This might pose a problem when storing your accessories since they’ll often slide off the desk.

With the LapGear MyDesk, you’ll appreciate the two handy storage pockets at the top.

Here, you can store all your important accessories like pens, phones, pencils, and other handy materials.

The pockets keep them within arm’s reach, making it easier for you to access them when you need them.


LapGear MyDesk is a compact, lightweight option and one that is easy to move around with.

The modest design also enhances the ease of use.

Unfortunately, the compact nature comes at a cost since it has a lean length and can only accept laptops measuring 15.6”.


  • Suitable for writing
  • Lightweight
  • Bare face
  • Budget option


  • Lean length

Check LapGear Mydesk Price on Amazon

Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Stand - Most Adjustable

The Executive Office Solution resembles the Avantree Table we had reviewed earlier.

Both of these models come with adjustable legs, but more importantly, boast of richness in features.

But is the Executive Office Solution along with its features the right model for you?

Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Stand

Features and Benefits


From the word go, it's easy to see this lap desk is built with convenience, functionality, and ease of use in mind.

For instance, the solid construction delivers reliable performance and promotes a product that isn't going to fail you.

Despite the richness of features, this model is quite easy to use, and few users have reported any issues with the desk.


The biggest benefit of owning Executive Office Solution is the adjustability element.

But as we saw, adjustability is quite standard among the premium lap desks?

So, what sets this desk apart?

Uniquely, Executive Office Solution doesn't have a specific increment of height adjustment, meaning you can adjust it to just about any height you want up to 20 inches.

The wheels on the tilting stand make this possible since they can rotate in 360 degrees to fit just about any position and height.

The stand is also quite sturdy and secure, though it tends to get a bit wobbly at the highest height. Nothing too severe, though.

Standing Desk

The adjustability factor makes it easy to repurpose the Executive Office Solution into a standing desk.

You simply have to place the lap desk on your station and adjust the height accordingly.


The Executive Office Solution is quite a lightweight model as it weighs a measly 3.8 pound.

When folded, it collapses to a height of only ~2 inches, and 10.4″ x 16.5″.

Granted, they're not the leanest of the dimensions, but the numbers are quite acceptable to make the stand portable, light, and compact.

At the same time, they won't compromise the safety of your laptop.


Ventilation is not a must-have option, but if your laptop suffers from overheating, you’ll certainly love this model.

The vented design, alongside the Two USB cooling fans, will improve on the airflow and prevent the heating problems on your laptop.


  • Adjustable
  • Portable
  • Ventilation


  • Mouse pad is small

Check Executive Office Solutions Portable Laptop Stand Price on Amazon

Best Lap Desk Buying Guide

Best Lap Desk Buying Guide

With so many lap desk options in the market, choosing the right one for your needs might feel quite an intimidating task.

Fortunately, we’ve prepared a detailed guide outlining all the essential features you should consider in your next lap desk purchase.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Lap Desk


The size of your laptop desk depends on the size of your laptop.

Typically, most of the lap desks can accommodate laptops of 15 to 20 inches.

Beyond laptop compatibility, you should also account for other accessories you normally use when operating your laptop.

For instance, if you normally use a mouse to operate, you should find a lap desk that leaves an extra space for mouse placement.


If you’re hoping to use your lap desk for long stretches, consider a desk that won’t dig into your skin or make your legs go numb.

Some of the popular cushioning on the lap desks are:

  • Foam Wedge: These cushions are simple and inexpensive, but they do a poor job of molding to fit your lap.
  • Foam Bead: The bead cushions are more comfortable than the wedges and can be shifted to fit your legs' shape. Unfortunately, they’re noisy as the beads tend to shift constantly, and a small hole can ruin the cushion.
  • Memory Foam: They’re the most expensive, but provide a comfy fit as they mold to fit your lap.

Heat Distribution

Laptops, especially gaming laptops, tend to overheat after use for hours.

Using such a laptop feels uncomfortable and might even impact the overall performance of your laptop.

To avoid this, you might as well consider a lap desk with ventilation.

The holes for ventilation will allow the free flow of air and guarantee that your laptop won’t heat up.

Wrist Rest

Wrist rest isn't a necessity, but if you feel the need to extend your comfort, you might find the wrist rest quite handy.

A wrist rest reduces the stress and strain on your hands, thus allowing for a comfortable session.


The surface material is a crucial consideration s it affects the look, weight, and feel of your lap desk.

Some of the popular materials include:

  • Plastic: Plastic desks are inexpensive, lightweight. They are more flexible and fragile.
  • Wood: Wood desks are sturdier than plastics. They’re a preferred option for their classic look and feel. Unfortunately, wood is heavier, and depending on the type of wood, it might significantly bump the price of the lap desk.

Portability and Storage

Lap desks have an awkward shaping and size, so you should consider their portability and storage element.

Some of the modes, for instance, can be folded down, making it easy for you to stash under a couch.

Others are bulky and come with large cushions that don't compress, leading to a thick shape.

If space is of the essence to you, consider the small models or those that can easily fold down.


Most people don’t understand the importance of investing in a good lap desk until they get one.

The perfect lap desk can drastically transform the laptop user experience.

It’s a convenient option that will allow you to enjoy every moment with your laptop without feeling uncomfortable or fatigued.


Are lap desks durable?

Most of the lap desks come from wood, metal, leather, and polyester. The crafting process means the units will last longer and serve you well. Most importantly, you need to use the desk well and maintain it for longevity. 

Is there a way to make my lap desk comfortable?

Yes, you'll need the upright sitting posture with your feet firm on the floor. Your back should be supported well in your office chair to acquire the best posture. With this, you'll place the lap desk on your lap and work for long hours.

Can I use a lap desk in the office?

Areas with minimal space will work well with a lap desk. This is because you place it on your lap and proceed with your laptop tasks. Therefore, you can use the lap desk in your office to put your laptop in the right typing position.

Can I use the lap desk for my gaming?

Gaming requires a higher intensity level, and relying on a lap desk can lead to low performance. The market has plenty of gaming desks that you can get for gaming. 

Current Best Selling Lap Desks!

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