Best Inflatable Projector Screen in 2023

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Best Inflatable Projector Screen

Parties and festivals are not complete without wrapping things up with a good movie. Using your flat screen Television outdoors is out of the question. It may not even be big enough for your guests to have a fantastic experience.

So what do you do?

You need an inflatable projector screen, and your outdoor movies or documentaries watching experience will be on a new level. However, you must get the best inflatable projector screen that will give you value for your money.

Price is not the only determining factor when buying an inflatable protector screen. That is why we researched for you and compiled a list of the best inflatable projector screens on the market.

How did we select our top choices? We did it by confirming whether the projector screens suit your needs as a buyer and making sure they fulfill the features we will discuss below.

What is an Inflatable Projector Screen?

The projector screen consists of a supporting structure and a surface/screen to display images for audiences to view. Unlike other projector screens, the inflatable ones do what their name says. You inflate them when you want to use them and deflate them once you are done.

Why choose an inflatable projector screen?


Carrying bulky equipment to and from any event can drain you just by thinking about it. But this is not something you will have to worry about with an inflatable projector screen. It is small; therefore, you can easily transport it to any event you have and back to storage without any stress.

This also means you don’t need a car to transport the projector screen.

Easy Assemblage

Who wants to deal with a complicated setup when people are settled and ready to enjoy a movie? This is another plus you will enjoy when you choose an inflatable projector screen. You will have finished setting up the inflatable projector screen within an hour, and tearing it down does not require much time.

That means even in unforeseen circumstances like adverse weather. You can easily tear it down and protect it from getting damaged.

Low Blower Noise

Technology keeps getting better and improving our lives. The new inflatable projector screens do not make loud noises. This means you can enjoy the movie or performances on a big screen with good quality sound: no interruptions or loud background noise.

Attractive to People Who Want to Hire

People hire various equipment for parties and other events like fundraising and festivals. When it comes to projector screens, most renters prefer inflatable protector screens. As we said, they are easy to transport, set up and tear down.

How does this help users?

This means reducing costs related to transportation assembly and tearing down.

How Do Inflatable Projector Screens Work

Whether renting an inflatable projector screen or buying one, it is vital to understand how it works. Once you know how it works, it will be much easier to set it up within a short time and enjoy a movie on a large screen like in a theatre in your backyard.

An inflatable projector screen has:

  • Inflatable screen and a sturdy frame
  • Built-in air pump
  • Waterproofing or weatherproofing

Inflatable Screen and a Sturdy Frame

Using a blow-up projector screen saves you a lot of stress. All you need to do is carry your inflatable screen to the location you want to set up an outdoor theatre and set it up. The whole process is easy, and you will finish the setup quickly. 

When not using the screen, you can collapse the sturdy frame and store your projector screen in a safe place. This is why a blowup projector screen is easy to store and transport.

Although some inflatable projector screens have some solid parts, others are made purely of PVC, so they are not heavy.

Built-In Air Pump

Most inflatable projector screens have a built-in air pump. So you can connect the screen to a power source with an extension cord and wait for it to blow up. Low-budget blow-up projector screens may not have an inbuilt air pump, so you need to buy a pump separately.

Waterproofing and Weatherproofing

Most inflatable projector screens are waterproofed, but this does not mean you should expose it to heavy rain. The light breeze will have little or no effect on your waterproofed inflatable screen; if you experience adverse weather conditions, you should weatherproof your inflatable projector screen.

What to Look for When Buying Inflatable Projector Screens

Making a buying decision is easy when you know what you want. We want you to understand the crucial factors when buying inflatable projector screens.

Remember that you should buy an inflatable projector screen that suits your needs.


Resolutions measure the number of pixels in an area. Why is resolution important? Because it determines the quality of the projected images. So how clear do you need the images to be? The standard resolution for Blu-ray is 1280 × 720. If that won’t cut it for you, the highest quality is 1920 × 1080. This is good quality and is perfect for gamers and HD videos. 

You should note that the higher the resolution, the higher the price.

Contrast Ratio

Apart from resolution, the contrast ratio is the other factor that affects image quality. The contrast ratio is the ratio of dark to light in an image, determining how vivid and sharp the image will be. You will need a higher contrast for dim areas than for well-lit areas.

So ensure you get an inflatable projector screen with a high resolution and a contrast ratio that will fit where and when you want to use it.


Setting up an inflatable projector screen outdoors can be tricky business. It is impossible to control natural light from the sun, moon, or stars. Indoors you have complete control over the amount of light.

Brightness will affect picture quality, so ask about the brightness settings before paying for the projector.

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Throw Ratio

This is the distance from the projector to the screen and the screen width. You don’t want to get these measurements wrong because they will mess up your setup.

Various brands vary in throw ratios, so do not buy a projector screen without confirming that its throw ratio will work with the space and screen size you have.


If you want to set your inflatable screen outdoors, then dust and mud are some things you will have to deal with. So you should ensure you buy an inflatable projector screen with a simple cleaning procedure requiring readily available products.


Budgeting is important. Remember, high-quality projector screens are not cheap. So when you are planning to buy an inflatable projector screen, it is essential to sit down and calculate how much you want to spend.

But don’t worry, we have included a cheaper projector screen with good quality. 

The Best Inflatable Projector Screens

There are many blow-up projector screen brands on the market, and thus it may be confusing which one to choose. That is why we did research on different models and compared their prices and the features they have.

This list contains our top five choices. All the inflatable projector screens in this list vary in size, price, and the accessories you buy. 

Best Overall: XHYCPY Blow Up Projector Screen

Best Premium Quality: Mushow Inflatable Projector Screen

Best Budget: Lafuria Inflatable Projection Screen

Best Outdoor All Weather: Talvania Inflatable Projector Screen

Inflatable Projector Screen Comparison Table

XHYCPY Blow Up Projector Screen 20 Feet Available Front projection
Mushow Inflatable Projector Screen 33 Feet Available Front and rear projection
Lafuria Inflatable Projection Screen 14 Feet Available Double-sided projection
WEWATCH Inflatable Projector Screen 100 inches Available Double-sided projection
Talvania Inflatable Projector Screen 20 feet Available Front or rear projection

The Best Overall Inflatable Projector Screen

XHYCPY Blow Up Projector Screen

20' Inflatable Outdoor Projector Movie Screen - Package with Rope, Blower + Tent Stakes - Great for Outdoor Backyard Pool Fun


Let us dive straight into our first choice. Big screen, sharp and vivid images, and high-quality material. This inflatable screen is the complete package.


  • Size: 20 feet
  • Location to use: indoors or outdoors
  • Projection side: front projection
  • Accessories: storage bag, base stakes, tie downs, stakes, sandbags

This blow-up projector screen has a powerful blower which means when you turn it on, it will be inflated within no time. Standing 20 feet tall, it is an impressive projector screen that is best for outdoor settings. If you have a powerful projector to match, you will have the best viewing experience.

The inflatable screen is made from high-quality materials that do not crease easily. So you can use your inflatable screen to entertain friends and loved ones for years to come, so don’t worry, you will get value for your money.


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Large screen that can be used for a large crowd
  • Easy to store
  • It has an internal fan that blows it up within two minutes
  • It comes with a carry bag so you can carry it to any location you want to use it


  • Expensive

Check the XHYCPY Blow Up Projector Screen’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Premium Inflatable Projector Screen

Mushow Inflatable Projector Screen

MUSHOW 33 FT Inflatable Projector Movie Screen for Outside, Inflatable TV Screen Outdoor Indoor, Front:Rear Inflatable Projection Mega Blow Up Screen


Are you prepared to pay more but get a giant screen and higher picture quality? If you are, this is your choice, but we warned you it is not cheap. However,  it is worth the money you will spend and will serve you longer.


  • Size: 33 feet
  • Location to use: outdoors
  • Projection side: front and rear projection.


This inflatable projector screen stands 33 feet tall. As long as you have a good quality projector, you can use this large screen for parties or other gatherings involving sizeable to large crowds. You get a carry bag when you buy it, so you don’t have to worry about how to transport it.

Mushow inflatable projector screen comes with a blower, carrying bag, and propping accessories. Additionally, you can project from the front or the back, so if one side has creases or any other issue affecting picture quality, you can switch to the other side. 


  • Ideal for large crowds
  • A large screen
  • Reduced blower noise
  • High-quality images for front or rear projecting
  • Inflates within a short time
  • Made from high-quality materials, making it durable.


  • You cannot be set up in a small space
  • Pricey 

Check the Mushow inflatable projector’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Budget Inflatable Projector Screen

Lafuria Inflatable Projection Screen

lafuria 14 Feet Inflatable Projector Movie Screen Theater Blow up Indoor Outdoor with Storage Bag and Inflation Fan for Front Rear Projection


The Lafuria projection screen is for people working on a tight budget. But this does not mean it is of low quality. Although it is not as huge as other projector screens on this list, it is still an impressive size for your purchase price.


  • Size: 14 feet
  • Location to use: indoors or outdoors
  • Projection sides: double-sided projection
  • Accessories: storage bag, inflation fan


How does a 14 feet screen sound for your birthday or anniversary celebration? The screen has an internal blower, noise regulator, storage bag, ground stakes, and nylon rope. So there is nothing you need to buy separately.

Blowing your inflatable screen is easier than ever with this inflatable screen. It has a powerful blower. Once you turn it on, your screen will be inflated within minutes.


  • Easy to set up and take down
  • The material is easy to clean
  • Affordable
  • Good picture quality


  • Some screen clips do not clip together
  • The screen is not big enough for a big crowd

Check the Lafuria inflatable screen’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Outdoor All Weather Inflatable Projector Screen

 Talvania Inflatable Projector Screen

Talvania 20 Feet Inflatable Projector Screen for Outdoor and Indoor TV Movie Watching Blower, Tie Downs, Stakes, Sandbags, and Storage Bag


Outdoors means wind and drizzling, so you need a projector screen suited for these issues. We have the right inflatable screen for outdoors viewing!


  • Size: 20 feet
  • Location to use: outdoor and indoor
  • Projection side: front and rear projection


The inflatable screen comes with various accessories such as tie-downs, sandbags, and stakes. Transporting Talvania inflatable projector screen is easy because it comes with a storage bag. That’s not all; it also has anchors to ensure it stays in place if it gets windy.

Additionally, you can project from the front or the back, so if one side has creases or any other issue affecting picture quality, you can switch to the other side. The big screen can fit in your backyard or entertainment room so that you can use it outdoors and indoors.


  • You can use it outdoors or indoors.
  • It has a powerful blower ensures it does not collapse as you use the screen.
  • Easy to clean
  • Projects on both sides


  • Lacks tie-down rings on the bottom front

Check the Talvania inflatable screen’s latest prices on Amazon

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Inflatable Projector Screen Price Comparison Table

XHYCPY Blow Up Projector Screen $189 Yes
Mushow Inflatable Projector Screen $899 Yes
Lafuria Inflatable Projection Screen $91 Yes
WEWATCH Inflatable Projector Screen $19 Yes
Talvania Inflatable Projector Screen $175 Yes

Inflatable projector screens FAQs

Do inflatable movie screens work in daylight?

If you have an inflatable projector screen with a high lumen count, you can use it outside during the day. But you cannot use it if it is exposed to direct sunlight because the images will not be clear. So make sure you select a location not exposed to direct sunlight.

Are inflatable screens loud?

Modern inflatable projector screens have a low noise blower. This means that it does not make loud noises, and thus you will not be distracted as you watch your movie or animation.

Parting Thoughts

Have a movie theatre experience right in your backyard by getting an inflatable projector screen. Inflatable projector screens are easy to transport and set up, and they are easy to set up, transforming a regular movie night into something extraordinary.

Entertain your friends or loved ones with memorable movie nights from a big screen. If your budget allows it XHYCPY Blow-up projector screen is our top pick. This screen is worth the money you spend on it. But if you are on a low budget, you can grab the Lafuria blow-up projector screen or any other cheaper option on this list.

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