Best Outdoor Projector Screen – 6 Best Options in 2023

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Nothing is more exciting than watching your favorite film with your friends in the sun or at night under the stars. However, unless you have the biggest TV at home, you may fail to achieve that theater experience. Fortunately, you can use home projectors to create large images on your walls or any other flat surfaces.

Yet, to create a clear, crisp image with saturated colors, you need the best outdoor projection screen. Also, the screens come in handy in picnics, pool parties, camping, birthdays, and other outdoor adventures that need a movie to keep the event ignited. The outdoor screens are also great substitutes for the heavy television sets that require too much space when traveling.

Moreover, you need to be sure that the screen is quality to offer the high-quality images you deserve.  Here are our high-end options of the best outdoor projector screens. Read to the end and find out which one fits your needs.

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Can a Projector Screen Stay Outside?

After spending chunks of time preparing for a movie night or a party in the backyard, you can use a projector screen to enhance the pictures and the movies outside. Projector screens produce clearer and brighter images than projections on bare white walls.

However, after you’re done with your party or film, you can consider removing the screen and returning it to the house. Still, if you leave it out, ensure it doesn’t stay outside for long hours because the screen is made of polymer substances prone to oxidation leading to color change. Also, the screen will likely be torn into pieces due to wind, rain, and other environmental conditions.

Is a Black Projector Screen Better for Outdoors?

Yes, black screens are better for outdoor projection. That’s because they have good light absorbent qualities and poor light reflection, making them suitable in higher light intensity places.

Also, in the presence of ambient light, the quality of the images remains high; resolution and brightness aren’t changed. Moreover, when using dark screens indoors, you don’t have to darken the rooms by putting off the lights or closing the curtains.

Consequently, you’re more likely to enjoy brighter images in broad daylight when using a black projector screen than a white one.

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How Do I Weatherproof My Outdoor Projector?

Outdoor projectors risk extreme weather conditions such as rain, dust, and high temperatures. The projectors also need proper ventilation to prevent them from overheating. Therefore, purchasing a professional outdoor projector enclosure can weatherproof your outdoor projector.

The enclosures are waterproof and ventilated to keep your outdoor projector dry while preventing heating up. However, professional outdoor projector enclosures can cost you a fortune.

What To Look for When Choosing The Best Outdoor Projector Screen?

  • Screen Size

The first consideration is the screen size when looking for an outdoor projector screen. Most people use projector screens ranging from 100 to 120 inches diagonal measurement. Note that some brands show horizontal and vertical sizes as well.

It’s crucial to ensure that the projector screen can easily accommodate the whole projector image without altering the quality of the picture. That means that going for the biggest screen can also be wasteful, as you’ll have to leave big margins to maintain the quality of the images.

Not only the quality of your image, but you should also consider the physical space of your garden or the backyard before purchasing the screen. So, if your garden is small, buy a projector screen that can fit in the area and leave you enough space for guests.

  • Aspect ratio

The aspect ratio is another critical consideration for an outdoor projector screen. It means the ratio between the projector screen’s length and width. For most projectors, stick to the common 16:9 since it’s the current broad standard for HD. Yet, you can choose other ratios depending on your projector type.

  • Screen Gain Rating

Although the screen gain rating is not mainly highlighted in many outdoor projector screens, it’s crucial in home theater ones. Screen gain is the measurement used to show how reflective your outdoor projector screen is.

High screen gain shows that the screen is more reflective of the ambient light, while low screen gains absorb more of the ambient light. So, we could advise you to go for the screen with a gain of around 1.0 to keep the image bright.

  • Portability

Of course, portability is vital when purchasing an outdoor projector screen outdoors since you may require to move them frequently. Consequently, many outdoor screens at Amazon can be easily disassembled and come with a carry case to make them easy to transport and store.

But you can overlook the feature if you plan to fix your screen on a permanent wall in your sheltered backyard.

  • Stability

Stable screens are a high option for outdoor screens. That’s because the weather can be unpredictable when you’re out there with your friends. For instance, your screen frame should be able to stand high winds and storms.

So, go for the outdoor projector screen, which can withstand strong winds without blowing away. Also, you can select wall-mounted solid hooks to hang your screen in your backyard.

  • Material and Screen Color

Projector screens come in a variety of materials and colors. You can choose either depending on your preferred colors and finishes. Moreover, for outdoor projector screens, go with white or black finishes for high color saturation, viewing angle ranges, and light reflection. Also, choose washable screen materials since outdoor screens easily attract dust.

  • Flexibility

If you want to kill two birds with the same stone, you can purchase a screen that supports outdoor and indoor viewing. They can save you a coin instead of buying two screens.

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What Projector Screen Is Best for Outdoors?

We checked dozens of outdoor projector screens, considering the features we’ve discussed above. The screens we chose here come from a wide range of budgets and reputable manufacturers to ensure that you select the best screen for outdoor entertainment.

Also, the customers are delighted by their features, giving them over 4.0-star ratings on Amazon. 

Here are our top picks of the best outdoor projector screens.

Best Overall: Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch

Best Professional Use: JWSIT 250 Inches Upgraded 3 Layers 16:9

Best Affordable: Outdoor Projection Screen 150 inch

Best Premium Images: 120-inch CENTURY-STAR

Best Weatherproof: Abdtech Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

Best Value For Money: Towond 150 Inch Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen

Best Overall Outdoor Projector Screen

Elite Screens Yard Master 2

Elite Screens Yard Master 2, 120-inch Outdoor Indoor Projector Screen 16-9, Fast Easy Snap On Set-up Freestanding Portable Movie Foldable Front Projection

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  • Mounting Type: Freestanding/ Both outdoor and indoor
  • Display Dimensions: 120 Inches
  • Screen material: Matte
  • Vision Angle: 180 Degrees
  • Screen Gain: 1.3
  • Resolution: 4K

This is one of the best screens you can find on the market because it gives you a clear view and high-resolution pictures outdoors. The screen has a diagonal length of 120 inches and a silver-toned aluminum frame for ultimate support and rust prevention.

It also has an aspect ratio of 16:9 and gives you a 4K ultra HD resolution capable of supporting standard projector and ultra-short throw (UST) projection images. Once you pair the screen to your projector, you’ll have an optimum 180-degree viewing range. The front material is black, ensuring you get the brightest and most saturated pictures at ease with a 1.3 screen gain.

Elite Screens Yard Master 2 comes with a firm stand that is foldable and lightweight to ease portability. The frame also has T legs that allow it to stand firmly on the ground even in strong wind.

You’ll also get a two-year warranty with the screen and excellent customer service from the manufacturers. Cleaning the screen is also relatively easy since you just have to wipe it using soap, water, and a clean cloth.


  • Light and portable
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Wide viewing angle for maximum vision
  • High resolution for all types of projector images
  • Easy to clean
  • The 2-year warranty guarantees you pure quality


  • Pricey

Check the Elite screens yard master 2’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Professional Use Outdoor Projector Screen

JWSIT 250 Inches Upgraded 3 Layers  

Projector Screen and Stand,JWSIT 250 inch Upgraded 3 Layers 16-9 Outdoor Movie Screen Portable Front Projection Screen,Foldable Video Projection Screen

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  • Mounting Type: Self-standing
  • Display Dimensions: 250 Inches
  • Screen material: Matte
  • Vision Angle: 160 degrees
  • Screen gain: 1.1
  • Resolution: 4K

Are you planning to watch a movie with your family and friends in your backyard? JWSIT 250 Inches Upgraded 3 Layers screen is the best outdoor projector with stands. Its massive 250-inch screen also gives you the real theater experience with high-quality images.

It gives you an ultimate 4K and 3D image view and is also compatible with pictures from all types of projectors. It also offers a 160-degree vision angle to see the images in most sitting positions easily.

The screen is also easy to set up because you just have to fix the stand to the screen, which takes only a few minutes. It also has ready instructions and an installation kit to ease putting it up. Furthermore, the screen allows projection on both sides, giving you saturated and bright images for indoor and outdoor watching.

Regarding portability, JWSIT 250 Inches Upgraded 3 Layers screen is the perfect choice for you. The screen has a foldable, lightweight frame that allows you to carry it everywhere you go with its carrying bag. The aluminum frame is also durable and stands freely under the harsh wind. Its support rings and rigging cords provide a flat-screen rid of wrinkles to take your watching experience to the next level.


  • High-resolution images for a clear watch
  • Easily portable and light
  • Foldable frame to allow easy storage
  • Big 250 Inches screen for bright images


  • Needs utmost care when disassembling

Check the JWSIT 250 Inches Upgraded 3 Layers screen’s latest prices on Amazon

Most Affordable Outdoor Projector Screen

Outdoor Projection Screen 150 inch

Outdoor Projection Screen 150 inch, Washable 4K Projector Screen 16-9 HD Foldable Anti-Crease Portable Projector Movies Screen for Home Theater Outdoor

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  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Display Dimensions: 150 Inches
  • Screen material: Matte
  • Vision Angle: 160 degrees

Are you looking for the most affordable multiple-use projector screen for indoor and outdoor use? This supper screen is handy for all applications, including beach travels, home theater, backyard watches, travels, media, and education. Its giant 150-inch screen allows this with its high-quality images. 

The fabric screen is also smooth and wrinkles less to ensure you get that sharp image from your projector. Its white color and good resolution ensure you get saturated images. It offers a 160 Degrees viewing angle that provides you can watch it at a wide angle position without struggling.

Outdoor Projection Screen 150 inch

Putting up the screen is relatively easy. It has ready instructions showing you how to fasten it on the walls using brackets, hooks, and nails. You’ll also get free customer service, who’ll get back to you quickly once you call them.


  • Large viewing angle 
  • You can easily use it both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to assemble 
  • It’s a cheaper alternative 
  • Extensive 150-inch screen theater experience
  • Light to carry around


  • The screen is thin and can quickly form wrinkles on mishandling.

Check the AAJK outdoor projector screen’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Premium Images Outdoor Projector Screen

120-inch CENTURY-STAR Outdoor Movie Screen 

Projector Screen and Stand, 120-inch CENTURY-STAR Outdoor Movie Screen Wrinkle-Free Nylon 16-9 Outdoor Projector Screen, Portable Video Projection Screen

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  • Mounting Type: Tripod Mount
  • Display Dimensions: 120 Inch diagonal
  • Screen material: Matte
  • Vision Angle: 160 Degrees
  • Screen gain: 1.6
  • Resolution: 4K

Watching your favorite sport or movie demands that big and high-quality image. The 120-inch CENTURY-STAR Outdoor Movie Screen gives you all that, plus a 160-degree vision angle to ensure you enjoy it to the fullest. It also gives you a 4K ultra HD image and an option of using both front and rear viewing options.

120-inch CENTURY-STAR Outdoor Movie Screen

The screen is also thickened with high-density nylon, which ensures that your screen doesn’t wrinkle easily. That makes the screen smoother and long-lasting to accommodate your future viewing experience.

It is also compatible with long, short, and ultra short throw projectors, so you don’t have to buy a new one once you switch projectors. The 120-inch CENTURY-STAR Outdoor Movie Screen is also light to ease transportation.


  • High-resolution images offer a clear view
  • High-density screen to avoid wrinkles 
  • Wide viewing range 
  • A vast screen brings you the theater experience
  • Compatible with all projector types


  • Not the most robust

Check the 120-inch CENTURY-STAR’s latest prices on Amazon


Best Weatherproof Outdoor Projector Screen

Abdtech Portable Outdoor Movie Screen

Abdtech Portable Outdoor Movie Screen, 120 inch 3D Projector Screen Frame Foldable Movie Screen for Projectors Outdoor Film Movie Night with Carrying Bag

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  • Mounting Type:  Freestanding, Inside/ outside mount
  • Display Dimensions: 120 Inch diagonal
  • Screen material: Polyester
  • Vision Angle: 160 Degrees
  • Screen gain: 1.1
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

This is the best weatherproof outdoor projector screen because of its ability to withstand winds and other extreme weather conditions. It also has strong stands made from aluminum poles to make it sturdy and avoid rusting.

The screen has a wide 120-Inch diagonal, giving you a clear view of 1.1 gain images up to 160 degrees. It’s made from high-quality polyester material, making it thicker than other screens to withstand weather and avoid wrinkles. The screen is also smooth and soft to avoid unnecessary reflections. 

Additionally, Abdtech Portable Outdoor Movie Screen allows both rear and front views with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Moreover, fixing the screen is easy since you only have to follow the simple instructions to complete it within 5 minutes.

The screen is also easy to carry because of its light frames. Yet, their sturdiness remains strong, though light. You can also use it indoors since it cuts off ambient light.


  • Light and foldable for easy transportation
  • It gives you sharp and bright images from your projector
  • Sturdy and weatherproof 
  • Allows both rear and front views
  • Easy to put up
  • It doesn’t wrinkle easily


  • Pricey

Check the Abdtech Portable Outdoor Movie Screen’s latest prices on Amazon

 Best Value For Money Outdoor Projector Screen

Towond 150 Inch Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen

Projector Screen and Stand,Towond 150 inch Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen, Portable 16-9 4K HD Rear Front Movie Screen Pull Down with Carry Bag

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  • Mounting Type: Stand Mount
  • Display Dimensions:150 inches
  • Screen material: Polyester
  • Vision Angle: 160 Degrees
  • Resolution: 4K

Towond 150 Inch Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen is the best outdoor projector screen for the sharpest and brightest images. The screen is stylish and well-designed to support both forward and rear projection.

The Towond 150 Inch Indoor Outdoor Projection Screen has a broad diagonal space that makes the movie more interesting. Also, you can view through a 160- degree angle with a 4K resolution. It also has a thick and anti-crease design that prevents the screen from folding, keeping the image sharp.

Assembling the screen is a piece of cake since you don’t require any tools. It also comes with a foldable stand to ease transportation and storage. So, you’ll quickly go with it everywhere, including camping and family trips, even without large vehicles. Also, the stand weighs only 11 pounds, so moving around with it is pretty straightforward.


  • Produces high-quality images and a high resolution
  • Ultimate big screen to make your film interesting
  • Light and portable
  • A comprehensive 160-degree vision angle
  • It offers both forward and rear projection
  • Easy to assemble without any tools
  • The projector surface is easy to clean
  • Wrinkle-free for clear and sharp images


  • Not sturdy.

Check the Towond 150 Inch Projection Screen’s latest prices on Amazon

Wrapping up

Choosing the best outdoor projector can be frustrating because of the numerous options on the market, some of which quality isn’t guaranteed. You should go for the outdoor screen that gives you color-saturated pictures while withstanding harsh environmental conditions.

Our top pick for the best outdoor movie experience is the Elite Screens Yard Master 2 because it’s simple to set up, provides excellent picture quality, and is incredibly durable. For watching sporting events, hosting a backyard movie night, or pretty much anything else, it’s the best.

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