Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

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Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

Every TV show, sports, cinema, and gaming begs for that massive screen experience. Unfortunately, the biggest 80 inches of flat-screen TV may limit your big-screen craving. Also, if you use a home theater projector that requires large spaces and a dark room to display your big image, your desire for the large screen may be restricted.

Thanks to the ultra-short throw projectors, you can now watch your favorite TV shows and sports with the largest screen ever. It also requires little space, and light is not a limiting factor.

You may think the ultra short throw projectors don’t require a screen because you’ve white walls. But, many walls aren’t entirely uniform and may have uncontrolled reflective traits. You need a flat, uniform screen to get that ultimate clear view.

Now, what is the best screen for ultra short throw projectors? Dive with me in the review to check our top picks on the best projector screen for ultra short throw and enjoy the sharpest images.

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What is an Ultra-short Throw Projector?

Ultra short throw UST projectors are special projectors designed to sit close to the screen. The space between the lens and the screen dictates the size of the image formed on the projection screen. They are great alternatives to flat-screen TVs since they offer variable viewing screens.

The UST projectors apply wide-angle lenses and laser technology to deliver high-quality images within short distances successfully. They can also work in bright rooms and leave you big family spaces because it occupies little spaces near the screen. 

With suitable screens, the ultra-short throw projector screens guarantee the sharpest image up to a resolution of 4096 x 2160 pixels (4k) compared to the standard 1080p TVs.

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Do Ultra Short Throw Projectors Need a Special Screen?

Technically, you can make ultra short throw projector images on any screen. However, for maximum sharpness and high-quality images, we recommend you have a unique ultra-short throw projector screen.

Also, the ultra-short projector screen ensures that minimum light from the projector is absorbed by the screen (low gain), giving you a clear view. On the other hand, regular screens have a higher gain and reflect more of the projector light away, making your image dull.

Moreover, consider the quality of the projector screen you buy for high-quality images. To get the best ultra short throw projector image, get yourself the premium screen.

Do You Need an ALR Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projectors?

Yes, the Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) screen works perfectly for ultra-short throw projectors. That’s because it blocks light from sources other than your projector. You might be wondering how it does so.

The Ambient Light Rejecting screen applies angular reflective surfaces to reflect the light from other sources and the projector’s light horizontally towards the viewer. Interestingly, you’ll realize that instead of the light blurring the image from the screen, it makes it even brighter and shaper.

How to Choose a Screen for an Ultra Short Throw Projector

Choosing the best projector screen for ultra short throw requires you to scrutinize its quality and features. Also, because the ultra-short throw projector stays close to the screen, minor screen troubles can significantly alter the final image.

Since the UST projector directs light from the bottom upwards towards the screen, you’ll need your screen to have mechanisms to counter the Ceiling (ambient) light. So, let’s check some features to consider when choosing a UST projector screen.

Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR) Feature

A CLR is a type of ALR that mainly cuts off light from the ceiling. Just like ALR, it also uses angular reflection technology to control the light towards the observer, enhancing its brightness. Ensure the screen you purchase has CLR technology for a brighter view.

The Screen Size

Determine the screen size you want to project on because most UST projectors cover up to 150 inches. That doesn’t mean that you won’t project screens beyond that. However, too large projections can be dull. Ensure that the screen size favors your viewing needs without leaving large margins.

CRL % and Maximum screen size in inches

Screen Gain

As we’ve seen, screen gain is the quantity of light reflected the audience from the projector. So, go for the screens with a lower screen gain since they absorb more light from the projector creating a brighter and sharper image. It also helps in taking care of your eyes.

Maximum screen size in inches and vision angle in degrees

Where to Mount (Wall, Ceiling, or Floor)

 Different screens have features that allow mounting on different surfaces. Most screens fixed on the walls are permanent, while dropdowns (on the ceiling) and floor-rising ones are temporary. If you have limited wall space, you can choose floor-rising or drop screens to save more space for decorations.


Of course, you must consider the cost of each ultra short throw screen you plan to buy. You can choose to buy any screen while remaining within your budget. So, purchase projector screens at reasonable prices while ensuring quality.

What Is the Best Ultra Short Throw Screen?

Based on a deep analysis of the features we’ve covered above, here are our top picks on the best ultra short throw screens.

Best Overall: Akia Screens CLR and ALR Projector Screen

Best Performing: Elite Screens CLR 3

Best Value for Money: WEMAX PSA02 UST

Best Premium: Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D

Best Hidden / Retractable: Vividstorm S Pro

projector screen for ultra short throw graph

Best Overall Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

Akia Screens CLR and ALR Projector Screen

Akia Screens CLR and ALR Projector Screen 123 inch 16-9 Ceiling Light Rejecting and Ambient Light Rejecting Projection Screen for UST Projection

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Akia Screens CLR and ALR Projector Screen is the best screen for ultra short throw projectors because its elegant features produce the best image. It has class ambient light rejecting technology that cuts off all ceiling light to zero, giving you the sharpest view on the planet.

The screen is epic for all your watching needs, including gaming. To our surprise, the screen not only accommodates 4k images, but you can also watch 8k images. Although the current technology has not produced much with 8k, it’s an excellent investment for your future gaming or watching experience. 

Despite the screen being costly, its high quality proves that it’s worth the price.


  • Maximum Size:123 Inch
  • Ambient Light Rejection: 90%
  • Visual Angle: 175 Degrees
  • Peak Gain: 0.6
  • Minimum Throw Distance: 0.3 x Image Width
  • Resolution: 4k,8k
  • Installation type:  Ceiling hang


  • A high-quality front material
  • Superb ambient light resistance
  • High image resolution
  • A low screen gain epic for bright images
  • Easy to assemble
  • A 2-year warranty


  • Costly

Check the Akia Screens CLR and ALR’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Performing Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

 Elite Screens CLR 3

Duronic Projector Screen MPS100 :169 100’’ Manual Projection Screen Size- 221x124cm Matt White Pull Down | Home Cinema School Office 4K 8K Ultra HD 3

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Are you in search of the best ultra HD and temporary projector screen? Undoubtedly, the Elite Screens CLR 3-series is the best solution for you. Being ceiling suspendable, you can easily hang or remove it, especially if you have limited wall space.

The screen also has ambient light rejection properties that prevent ceiling and external light from damaging your image. Also, the screen ARL material rejects up to 90% of the overhead lights with a 0.8 screen gain. That allows you to get a perfect color-saturated picture making your gaming experience enjoyable.

Moreover, you can view the screen at angles of 170 degrees with 85 degrees on both sides and be assured of a quality image. Unluckily, you’ll purchase the screen unassembled, which could require you to take utmost care. 

But, the Elite Screens CLR 3 remains among the top screens for ultra short throw projectors.


  • Ambient Light Rejection: 90%
  • Maximum size: 123 Inch diagonal
  • Peak Gain: 0.8
  • Vision Angle: 170 Degrees
  • Installation type: Ceiling hang
  • Resolution: 4k
  • Back material: Foldable


  • A massive viewing screen
  • A large virtual angle
  • It has fantastic ambient light rejection for quality images
  • Temporary: saves on wall space
  • Low screen gain for bright images
  • It has a high resolution 
  • Foldable back material to save space
  • It can also be wall mounted
  • It has a frame for stability


  • Pricey
  • Difficult to assemble

Check the Elite Screens CLR 3-series’ latest prices on Amazon

Best Value for Money Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

WEMAX PSA02 UST Projector Screen

WEMAX UST Projector Screen 120-inch Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) Projection Screen for Ultra Short Throw Projection, Edge Free Fixed Frame Screen

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WEMAX PSA02 UST Projector Screen is an ideal UST screen for both indoor and outdoor applications because of its top-notch ability to cut off ambient light. The WEMAX Ambient Light Rejecting screen rejects 95% of ambient light compared to a standard white screen, providing bright, high-contrast images. Take in your favorite movies or television shows without closing your curtains in a well-lit room using the screen.

The screen also gives you a 160 Degrees viewing angle, allowing you to watch seated anywhere in the room. Also, the 0.6 screen gain absorbs maximum light, giving you a bright view while caring for your eyes.

Also, installing the screen is easy with the clear instructions given upon purchase.


  • Ambient Light Rejection:  95%
  • Maximum size: 120 Inch
  • Peak Gain: 0.6
  • Vision Angle: 160 Degrees
  • Installation Type: Wall mount
  • Resolution: 8K/4K


  • Wide viewing ranges
  • High resolution
  • Strong frames for support
  • Rejects ceiling light
  • Bright images


  • A little Expensive

Check the WEMAX PSA02 UST’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Premium Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D

Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D, 180 Diagonal 16-9, 8K 4K Ultra HD Ready Ceiling Light Rejecting and Ambient Light Rejecting Fixed Frame Projector

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Are you looking for the biggest screen experience? Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D is the best solution for you if you’re looking for an ultra-short throw projector screen for conference rooms, educational facilities, or other big rooms that require massive screens.

The screen gives you up to 180 inches of quality images since it comes with ambient light-rejecting features and a 1.5 screen gain.  The screen can also accommodate images up to 8K resolution, giving you the best quality images.

The screen is also easy to assemble and has an ambient light-rejecting feature, giving you the best time installing and watching it. The Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D also has a spring tension system that ensures that the ultra-short throw projector image stays straight.


    • Ambient Light Rejection: 75%
    • Resolution: 8K/4K
    • Installation Type: Wall Fixed or Ceiling mount
    • Viewable Angle: 160 Degrees
    • Screen Gain:1.5
    • Screen size: 180 Inches Maximum
    • Weight: 21 pounds


  • Big for large occasions
  • High resolution for clear and sharp images
  • High color saturation
  • Wide viewing range: 160 degrees
  • Rejects overhead lights
  • Wide projection screen


  • Difficult to assemble

Check the Elite Screens ezFrame CineGrey 5D’s latest prices on Amazon

Best Hidden Retractable Projector Screen for Ultra Short Throw

Vividstorm S Pro

Display4top Electric 60 Projector Screen 4-3 Portable Foldable For Home Theater Cinema Indoor Outdoor Projector Movie Screen,Screen-120cm(W) x 90cm(H)

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A retractable projector screen allows you to store it away and allow space in your cluttered living area. Although the screens are rare, getting yourself one of the Vividstorm S Pros could guarantee a spacious living room. You have to take it out while in need.

The ultra-short throw projector screen is an electric screen that projects from the floor once you plug it in. The screen is epic for gaming and watching all your desired TV shows. Screen sizes range from 72 inches to 120 Inches of clear, high-quality images.

It also has ARL to keep off any Ambient light and make your movie or game enjoyable. It also gives you 170 degrees viewing range, guaranteeing you a fantastic image even looking at the sides.

Unluckily, the screen may cost you a fortune. Although it has premium viewing features giving you the best experience, its cost can equal buying a new decent projector. 


  • Ambient Light Rejection: 97%
  • Maximum size: 120 Inch maximum diagonal
  • Peak Gain: 0.6
  • Vision Angle: 170 Degrees
  • Installation type: Floor mount: Electric
  • Resolution:8K/4K
  • Back material: Foldable
  • Frame Material: Aluminum


  • Suitable for saving floor and wall space with the floor rising design
  • Rechargeable remotes to control the screen
  • Perfect ALR of 97% for bright images
  • Wide viewing screens ranging from 73 to 120 inches for an ultimate gaming experience
  • You don’t have to assemble it
  • High-quality and saturated images


  • Expensive

Check the Vividstorm S Pros’ latest prices on Amazon

Final Thoughts

The advantages of ultra-short throw projectors are countless. But you’ll require the right screen to get the full experience and best image quality. The best screen is an ALR; more specifically, get a CLR screen for maximum benefits. A high ambient light rejection, low gain, and a wide viewing angle are also advantageous. 

For UST projectors, our top pick is the Akia Screens CLR and ALR Projector Screen because of their high resolution and premium images. Although costly, the high quality and Ambient Light Rejection show it’s worth the price. You can also purchase floor-rising and drop-down screens, which are high-end options. 

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