24 vs 27-Inch Monitor Which One is Right For You?

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Best 27 Inch Monitor For Office Work
Best 27 Inch Monitor For Gaming
Best 24 Inch Monitor For Office Work

Regarding computer monitors, there are two main categories that people tend to fall into 24-inch and 27-inch. Both have pros and cons, so which is the right pick for you? 24-inch monitors are more affordable and take up less space on your desk. They’re also more portable if you need to move them around often. However, they have a smaller screen real estate, so you might have to scroll more when working on documents or web pages.

27-inch monitors cost more but give you a lot more screen space to work with. This can be great for productivity as you can see more of your work at once without having to scroll as much. However, they can be a bit bulky and take up more space on your desk.

It depends on your needs and budget if you’re unsure which m monitor size to choose. If you need a monitor for general use and don’t mind scrolling a bit, then a 24-inch monitor should suffice. However, if you need a lot of screen real estate for work or gaming, then a 27-inch monitor might be worth the investment.

Apart from the screen size, you also have to consider the field of view, the resolution of the display, and the distance required to read your monitor easily.

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The table below shows a side-by-side comparison of how the two types of monitors compare.

  24 Inch Monitor 27 Inch Monitor
Screen size

(Diagonal Length)

61 cm 69 cm
Display Resolution 1080p 2K, 1440p, 4K
Distance required

to easily read 

50-60 cm 60-70 cm
Gamer Preference Yes  No
Space Requirement Less More
Price Low  High
Installation Easier installation Harder installation

We will give you a comparison of the 24 vs 27-inch monitor so that you can make an informed decision when buying either.

How Big Is a 24-Inch Monitor

To understand how big a 24-inch screen size is, you first need to understand that the size of a screen is measured based on its diagonal length. And this way of measuring is the standard for all types of screens, be it monitors, laptops, or televisions.

The diagonal length of the 24-inch is 61 cm, the horizontal length is 53 cm, and the vertical length is 30 cm. Considering these dimensions, it is slightly smaller than the 27-inch monitor.

The 24-inch screen size is ideal for you. It can fit well in any office desk space that you have.

A point to note here is that despite being slightly smaller than the 27-inch monitor, it is still bigger than most laptops. Because of this, it makes for excellent home use.

However, the 24-inch provides a smaller distance required to read or view images on the screen. If stared upon for long hours, it can result in eye strain and neck fatigue.

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Is a 27 Monitor Too Big?

To answer this question, consider the space you intend to use. For a big desk area, a 27-inch monitor is not too big. For a small desk area, which you will mostly find in most homes, the 27-inch is too big of a monitor.

Features That Make a 27-Inch Monitor Too Big

  • It is 69 cm in diagonal length, 60 cm in horizontal length, and 34 cm in vertical length.
  • Using it as part of a desktop can take up space for other peripheral devices like the mouse and keyboard.
  • It can also present challenges during installation since it is more expansive, requiring some depth to get into view.

This means that going for the 27-inch monitor, which is a bigger monitor, is not always better. 

24 vs 27-Inch Monitor 1080P

Over the years, technology has improved the visuals we view on our screens today to enhance user experience. Manufacturers are building screens that display sharper text and more detailed images to keep up with these technologies.

1080p, 2k, and 4k are some examples of resolution that you will find on most screens today.

What differentiates a good screen from a bad one is the screen resolution. The 24-inch and 27-inch screens can display text, images, and videos with complete HD clarity. However, the 27-inch is better. It can display with 4k resolution.

The 24-inch monitor is limited to 1080p resolution, making it the best to display HD images relative to its size.

However, trying to play 1080p on a bigger screen like a 27-inch monitor, you end up with a blurry image. This is because 1080p is the same number of pixels, whether on a smaller 24-inch or bigger 27-inch. 

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24 vs 27-Inch Monitor for Office Work

The type of monitor best suited for office work greatly depends on what type of work you’ll be using the monitor for. The work you mainly do at the office and how long you spend at the screen daily are among the things that will influence going for the 24 or 27-inch monitor.

If your work involves a lot of graphical editing and you spend a lot of time on the screen, then the 27-inch monitor with higher screen resolution is ideal for you.

If you generally spend less time on your monitor and don’t do graphics-intensive work, then the 24-inch will be ideal.

You will also need to consider the office space you are working in. 24-inch monitors will generally take up less space compared to 27-inch monitors.

It is worth noting that a 27-inch monitor will offer more screen size for any office work to display more information. You could open many tabs at once and navigate through your work comfortably.

24 vs. 27-Inch Monitor for Gaming

Ask any gamer out there; they all know that having a good gaming monitor is key to the gaming world. It can mean winning and losing or being a pro or novice.

Nowadays, video game developers are coming up with high-end graphic games on every platform, whether on PC, gaming consoles, or even mobile phones.

To have the perfect gaming experience for the modern game, you must match the game’s graphics with an equally capable monitor. The 27-inch monitor matches the task well in this world due to its 4k resolution and 1440p.

It is important to note that gamers can use the 24-inch monitor for gaming purposes with an almost similar gaming experience to the 27-inch monitor. This is true, especially for games that are not graphics-intensive and require a minimum of 1080p resolution.

However, if you try playing a 4k game on a 24-inch monitor, you will have display issues since the pixel density of the game is too much for the screen. Alternatively, if you try playing a 1080p game on a 27-inch monitor, the pixel density will be bad, making the display blurry.

Do Pros Use 24-Inch or 27-Inch?

The graphical capabilities of the 27-inch monitor make it the ideal monitor for gaming. However, did you know that pro gamers prefer the 24-inch? Here is why.

  • The resolution of the 24-inch (1080p) is compatible with most games.
  • Playing a game on a 24-inch monitor reduces head movements as the game fits perfectly in the monitor’s frame. This allows pro gamers to view all the action at once and better at their craft.
  • The 24-inch monitor is the standard size at most game tournaments. Hence, pros will improve their gaming skills on these monitors to remain highly competitive.
  • The 24-inch monitor allows for high frame rates per second, which is very useful for reacting to sudden changes in the gameplay. 
  • A 24-inch monitor is cheaper than a 27-inch monitor, hence ideal for a casual or pro gamer.
  • Most pro gamers have sentimental value to the games they grew up playing. Most of these games are 1080p.

Besides the 24-inch monitor, professional gamers may choose other monitor sizes depending on factors like gaming requirements and screen space.

24 or 27-Inch Monitor for Warzone

The Call of Duty: Warzone is a game released by Activision as a battle royale video game. Pros and casual gamers are fans of this game, primarily due to its immersive nature.

The game is graphic intensive and is capable of playing at high FPS in 4k resolution. The game plays best with a dedicated graphics card like NVIDIA.

Due to these graphical demands, the 27-inch monitor is best for playing Call of Duty: Warzone. You will enjoy smoother gameplay in this battle royale game. The 27-inch monitor will also give you an edge in spotting enemies before they see you, providing you with an edge in combat.

With the 27-inch monitor, you get higher refresh rates that make the gameplay fast enough for you to interact efficiently with the game. You will also enjoy immersive graphics and depth of color throughout the game.

However, playing this game on 1080p resolution on 24-inch monitors will present challenges of low-quality graphics that are undesirable in Call of Duty: Warzone.

There is also a possibility of the game lagging or failing to play when you run the game on a 24-inch screen combined with a low processing power system.

Which Is Better for Gaming: A 24-Inch or 27-Inch Monitor?

For all your gaming needs, either for a casual gamer or a pro gamer, the 24-inch monitor is the ideal screen for gaming.

Apart from offering a screen resolution compatible with most games, it is cheaper and reduces head movement when playing video games.

It also provides higher frames per second on popular games, making it a go-to screen size for most gamers.

However, if you wish to unleash the potential of high-end games, consider the 27-inch monitor that can display more transparent images at 4k resolution. You will enjoy almost life-like and highly stunning graphics.

Is There a Big Difference Between a 24 and 27-Inch Monitor?

Yes, there exists a big difference. However, at first glance of the two monitors placed side by side with the screens turned off, it may be challenging to differentiate the two screens since they almost look alike. On close inspection, you notice the 27-inch monitor that is slightly bigger.

Upon turning on the screens, you realize the key differences between the two monitors, with both screens showing an excellent overall picture but a difference in pixel depth.

The clarity on the 27-inch monitor is enhanced for text, images, and video. 

This significant difference will sway you to go for the 27-inch monitor. However, if you have limited space and intend to do less graphic-intensive work, a 24-inch monitor will serve you just as well.

Another difference between these monitors is the different types of users choosing the 24 or 27-inch monitor. The table below shows this difference.

  24-Inch Monitor 27 Inch Monitor
Space Ideal for people who have a small space Suitable for people with enough space
Price Suitable for people on a budget Suitable for people who are willing

to spend extra money for more pixels

Energy-saving Suitable for people looking to save on energy costs Suitable for people looking to compromise

on high energy cost for better graphics like 4k.

Gaming Ideal for Pro gamers Ideal for gamers intent on getting maximum graphics

24 vs. 27-inch curved monitors

If you’re in the market for a new monitor, you may wonder if a curved model is worth the investment. On the one hand, curved monitors can provide a more immersive experience thanks to their wrap-around design. On the other hand, they’re often more expensive than traditional flat-screen models. So, which is better? It depends on your needs and preferences. Let me pit 24 vs. 27-inch curved monitors head-to-head to help you make a decision.


One of the most apparent differences between these two types of monitors is size. A 24-inch curved monitor is smaller than a 27-inch model, making it a better choice if you’re limited on desk space. But, remember that a smaller monitor may not be as well-suited for gaming or other resource-intensive activities that benefit from a larger screen.

Display quality

Both 24 and 27-inch curved monitors offer high display quality, but some subtle differences exist. For instance, a 27-inch monitor will generally have a higher resolution than a 24-inch model. This means you’ll be able to fit more content on the screen at once without sacrificing image quality.

Refresh rate

The refresh rate is an important consideration for gamers or anyone who needs a fast and responsive display. A higher refresh rate means that the monitor can redraw the image on the screen more times per second, resulting in a smoother experience. In general, 24-inch curved monitors have a higher refresh rate than 27-inch models.


Curved monitors tend to be more expensive than their flat counterparts, but there is some variation in price depending on the size of the monitor. In general, 24-inch curved monitors are less expensive than 27-inch models.

Final Thoughts

The 24-inch and 27-inch monitors compare favorably, each dominating in different aspects.

However, the 24-inch is ideal for your office work and gaming needs and is the most preferred screen size by pro gamers.

Other advantages include its relatively lower price as compared to the 27-inch monitor.

However, the 27-inch monitor scores highly in graphical intensive work as it can support 4k and 1440p resolution.

24 vs 27-Inch Monitor FAQs

Why do gamers play on small screens?

Smaller screens provide a field of view that you can cover more quickly with your eyes allowing you to view what is happening on the screen immediately. In addition, it will enable a gamer to increase their mouse speed and precision while interacting with the game.

This is advantageous to a gamer, especially since every second or movement counts for a victory or loss.

Is a 24-inch monitor too small?

A 24-inch monitor will serve the needs of an everyday user well. It is also bigger than most conventional laptops, so you can be assured that it is not that small of a screen.

In addition, it is not the smallest monitor in the market since 19 and 22-inch screens are smaller than a 24-inch monitor.

Can a 24-inch monitor be 4K?

No. 4k resolution (3840 x 2160) is only available to screen sizes 27 inches and above. 24-inch monitors only come with 1080p as the maximum resolution, which is a decent resolution for everyday use. I have a dedicated article on the best smallest 4k monitors

Why is it important to choose the correct size of monitor?

Choosing the right monitor size will help you to do the following;

  • Avoid eye strain when you select a monitor that is too small
  • It will help you avoid bad posture when you lean too much due to choosing a small screen.
  • It will help you determine the size of screen needed for your type of work, whether graphic intensive or not.
  • To improve your gaming experience.


Both 24 and 27-inch curved monitors have their advantages and disadvantages. The best choice for you will depend on your needs and budget. If you’re looking for a smaller monitor with a high refresh rate, a 24-inch model may be the way to go. But, if you need a large display with excellent resolution, a 27-inch monitor may be worth the investment.

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