What Hoverboards Are Safe To Buy? (Simple Answer)

what hoverboards are safe

Hoverboards are one of the most popular creations of the decade. It’s fun and cool to have one. What’s great about it is that even adults can use them, too.

If you don’t like to walk going to the station, then you can always hop on your hoverboard and enjoy the ride. Commuting has now become more bearable thanks to the hoverboard.

Hoverboards and Explosions

While the hoverboard or self balancing scooters as some like to call 'em, is the coolest creation of the season, it is also considered to be one of the most dangerous. If you’ve read the news, there has been at least one explosion or fire caused by a hoverboard. 

Who would have thought that such a cool gadget can turn into something dangerous?

There’s one main reason why hoverboards catch fire - batteries. If you look at the reports and news on exploding hoverboards, you’ll realize that it all started with low-quality lithium-ion batteries.

Unlike what’s in smartphones and laptops, a hoverboard’s battery is a lot more powerful. This is because more power is needed for a hoverboard to move you around.

While a lithium-ion battery is naturally flammable, it becomes even riskier when it is made of low-quality materials.

You also have to look at the casing of the battery. Since you use the hoverboard in going around different surfaces, you have to check if it’s well-protected.

safety of a self balanced scooter

An exposed battery will definitely catch fire if it touches water. It will also increase the chances of damage once it hits something on the ground.

While you can always blame the battery and manufacturer, know that they are not always at fault if you have lousy charging habits. Experts say that one of the reasons hoverboards catch fire is because of overcharging.

The usual period of time you have to charge it is 3 hours, so if you exceed that, the battery can overheat - and you know what happens next.

How to Determine a Safe Hoverboard

If you’re scared out of your wits that a hoverboard is always a danger, then you will not be able to enjoy this wonderful device. So the more important question is, how do I pick a safe hoverboard? To help you find a safe hoverboard, here are a few things you have to look for.

1> UL Certification

The first thing you have to look for is the UL certification. UL is the international standard that regulates the safety of hoverboards. Specifically, you want a hoverboard that is UL 2272-certified. When a hoverboard has this certification, it means that their manufacturer has followed the rules and regulations imposed on hoverboards.

It’s essential that your hoverboard has this. Not only does it make sure your hoverboard used the right materials, but it also guarantees your safety.

2.>Brand Name

People think that hoverboards that have popular brand names are expensive. Well, this cannot be avoided, but it’s better to use a branded one than get your safety at risk.

Usually, reputable hoverboard brands are what they are for a reason. They often have the best specs, and they make sure that safety is their top priority. To know if it’s a reputable brand, check out their website and browse the internet. Looking at their Amazon page is not enough because some people neglect to update and design it (although a reputable brand would never forget about it).

hoverboard electric scooter safety


Feedback is very important. If you’re buying a costly device, you have to do your research and check if the hoverboard you are looking at gets good reviews. However, take the good reviews with a grain of salt. Sometimes, companies pay for positive reviews so that they look good to the public.

Pay close attention to detailed reviews because they often describe what they like and what they don’t about the product. Usually, they’re the closest thing you’ll get for candid information and experience with the hoverboard.

Watch out for reviews about it overcharging and all. You don’t want to buy one whose feedback is always about overheating, overcharging, and the like.

4>Battery Shielding

You also have to look at the battery shielding. What are the efforts that the brand has taken to ensure that the battery is safe? Does it have protection, or is it directly exposed? For obvious reasons, you have to find a hoverboard that protects the battery. Lithium-ion batteries are highly flammable, and the best way to keep it from lighting up is wrapping it with some form of protection.

If you find a hoverboard that has multi-layer protection for the battery, the better. This means that they are taking precautions in avoiding issues that arise with the battery.

Of course, to have the maximum safety on hoverboards, you also have to look at the size, specs, and fit of the product to the user. Fire isn’t the only risk that a hoverboard faces.

Other Features that Make a Hoverboard Safe

To ensure that riding a hoverboard is safe, look into these features as well:

safe electric scooters


Hoverboards come in different shapes and sizes, and it’s only right to buy something that fits you or your kid. Don’t buy something that is too big for you because you will just fall over. Besides, a big hoverboard is hard to carry.

2>Maximum Velocity

The maximum velocity is also very important. This refers to the max speed your hoverboard can make. Obviously, you don’t want a hoverboard that can go up to 13-15 mph. As much as possible, buy something that has a top speed of 10 mph. If you’re buying for a kid, pick a hoverboard that is just 5-7 mph.


And finally, you have the grip. The grip is vital in establishing balance and making sure that you won’t slip from your hoverboard. Find a hoverboard that has a high-quality non-slip pad. It also helps to look at the tire grip (look for rubber tires) for maximum safety.

There you have it - all the possible features that will help you determine if a hoverboard is safe or not. Don’t worry, good-quality hoverboards will have all these features. Sure, you’ll pay more, but at least you won’t put your life at risk.

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