Are Robotic Vacuums Worth It? (Really!)

Are Robotic Vacuums Worth It? (Really!)

One of the first robots that changed people’s lives is robotic vacuums. Admit it or not, you either have one at home, or you’ve thought of buying it one way or another.

People who are more cynical think that robotic vacuums are just a lazy person’s way to avoid doing chores. While this is always going to be one of the main reasons (who likes doing the vacuum cleaning anyway?), there are other advantages to having a robotic vacuum in your home.

But the next question to this is - is it really worth it? Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages?

To help you answer these questions, here is an overview of how living with a robotic vacuum is like and the pros and cons of having one.

Life with a Robotic Vacuum 

Honestly, vacuuming is one of the chores you wish you don’t ever have to do, so when the robotic vacuum became available in the market, everyone started trying it out.

First of all, a robotic vacuum doesn’t totally eliminate manual work. Just like traditional vacuums, you still have to remove and clean the dust bin once it gets filled. Plus, you have to consider whether your home is robot vacuum-friendly or not. What does this mean?

Unfortunately, robotic vacuums only work in level areas that relatively have little clutter. This means that your home should not have a lot of toys, small rugs, and other random things scattered around.

If it is, then you risk ruining your robotic vacuums with toys being sucked by into it.

Okay, so if you have all these things, then why would you still want to get a robotic vacuum?

In a nutshell, robotic vacuums are not that bad. In fact, they are beneficial in cleaning your whole floor even if you have rugs and carpets. Because it’s small and just a few inches high, it can fit in corners and underneath furniture.

More modern models even have smart features, meaning you can program them to clean specific areas of your home or do “extra cleaning” in dirtier places. Some models even come with a mop!

You can even connect your phone to your robotic vacuum. With just a press of your thumb, you can direct where the vacuum should go. You can also set where they should go back after all the cleaning’s been done.

pros of a robotic vacuum.

Pros of Robotic Vacuums

1> It lessens your vacuum time. 

Vacuuming takes a lot of time, especially if you have a lot of carpets and rugs. Not only do you need to bring the vacuum to each floor and room, but you also have to stow it away correctly. You can’t just park it anywhere you want.

All these things add up to the time you have to allot for vacuuming. If you don’t have a lot of time in your hands, then this is something you want to get rid of. The ideal situation is where a robotic vacuum can clean your home while you’re away at work. Believe it or not, some robots can even clean your messy pool.

2> It’s not noisy. 

Compared to traditional vacuum cleaners, robotic vacuums only have a low sound. It’s not disturbing at all, so you can leave it on to clean while you’re asleep.

3> It’s compact. 

Another great thing about robotic vacuums is that they are compact and easy to store. Because they’re just a few inches high, you can easily hide them underneath your couch or bed.

It can also clean areas that are hard for a traditional vacuum cleaner to clean. For example, sofas, mattresses, and tables can now be dust-free underneath thanks to robotic vacuum cleaners.

4> It can clean different surfaces. 

This time, you don’t have to change your vacuum head whenever you clean your hardwood floors or carpets. A robotic vacuum can clean different types of floors without needing to have various attachments.

This saves time from switching, and you don’t have to keep a lot of vacuum heads.

cons of a robot vacuum

Cons of Robotic Vacuums

1> It’s expensive.

So far, the cheapest robotic vacuums cost more than $200. This is definitely a big price to pay if you don’t plan on using it often and if you will still use your vacuum cleaner. And this $200 model is not the most sophisticated one out there - it’s just the basic type.

If you want to have smart features on it, then you have to pay for one that costs around $600. Imagine how much money you have to put in one appliance.

2> It’s more of a supplement to traditional vacuum cleaning.

Based on the reviews of people who’ve bought robotic vacuums, the common sentiment is that it doesn’t clean that well.

Sometimes, you have to do initial cleaning because it can’t clean other types of dust. For example, if you have animal fur scattered around, then they will most likely be left out.

3>You have to allot a “prep time”

As mentioned earlier, using a robotic vacuum needs a lot of prepping in your home. This is not a practical thing to do because your goal in buying one is to cut down your cleaning time. If you will have to spend time prepping, then having a robotic vacuum is pointless.

Honestly, a robotic vacuum is perfect for homes that are clutter-free. If you live a low-maintenance life without kids and pets, then letting the robotic vacuum free is very helpful. Otherwise, you have to do initial cleaning.

4>It has a small dust bin. 

In general, a robotic vacuum has a smaller dust bin compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner. This means that you have to keep removing the dust over and over. If your home is dusty, then you have to pay attention to your vacuum because it will stop cleaning once its bin is full.

Overall, you determine whether or not a robotic vacuum is worth it. If your priority is to have something that will clean your home, your high rise windows while you’re away, then a robotic vacuum will definitely be helpful. 

You don’t have to do the cleaning yourself, and you can just trust it to clean your floors. How’s that for being efficient? 

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