Ultimate Review Of Best Window Cleaning Robots In 2023

top 5 best window cleaning robots this year

A sparkling clean window is everybody's desire. Luckily, a robot window cleaner is helpful in keeping your window glass effortlessly sparkling without the need to climb a ladder or use a squeegee.

It's also a way of freeing your time so that you can attend to other things. Additionally, it ensures the safety of everyone, especially in a high-rise building.

A robot cleaner relies on artificial intelligence (AI) to estimate the cleaning area or route. Most products come equipped with water sprayers to give your window that extra shine. We have assembled the top 5 best window cleaning robots to help you pick the suitable option for your cleaning needs.

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Top 5 Best Window Cleaning Robots in The Market for The Money

Top 5 Best Window Cleaning Robots

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning Automatic Robot


  • Brand: HOBOT
  • Model: 298
  • Has an overall dimension of 10x10x4 inches
  • Has a weight of 2.65 pounds
  • Includes three cleaning pads
  • WIFI connectivity to smart gadgets
  • Cleans Medium to large windows
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Has remote control and users can operate it from a smartphone

HOBOT brand overtakes big names in the provision of high quality and efficient window cleaning robots. The HOBOT 298 is a technologically advanced window cleaning robot that cleans all window sizes effortlessly.

The design of the 298 models is similar to other models of the HOBOT brand; however, some features set the robot apart from the rest. It comes equipped with unique features that make the window cleaning tasks easy.

At the top, there is a light button that reveals the battery charge. There's also a start and stop button, a power switch, port for power connection and water tank. The interesting part is that these features have labels, and this makes it easy for you to operate the machine.

The bottom reveals two wheels that make movement easier and Velcro pads that are useful for mounting the cleaning pad. There's also a ventilated bottom with tiny holes that help in suctioning on the window when cleaning.

Additionally, there is a detachable water chamber that holds the water for cleaning. The sprayer nozzle is also a notable feature that makes the equipment user-friendly.

It's beyond dispute that when you compare this design with the old models, it's slightly different. As a four-sided machine, it covers a wider cleaning space with each pass.

Notably, there is a large pad for cleaning at the base of this robot. This pad agitates, lifts and gets rid of all dirt on the window. With just a single pass, your windows will be free of dirt, oil and other debris on the glass.

This robot cleaner is highly recommended for those windows or glasses that are hard to clean. Overall, the performance is exceptional, primarily when used with a window cleaner.

If you're looking for advanced features, here is the deal. This robot has WIFI connectivity, and hence you can connect to your smart devices via the HOBOT app.

With the app, you can control the movement of the robot by setting different modes. You can also increase the speed, start and pause the robot.

The secret to convenience and flexibility of your cleaning is the 20 feet extension cable which virtually cleans any window size. If you have lots of windows to clean, you can get an extra cord.

Lastly, setting and mounting the HOBOT 298 is easy. It takes less time to fit the parts, fill the tank with water, plugin and set the app. Once ready, the robot is ready to roll and give you a superior cleaning performance.

Overall, the HOBOT 298 is suitable for cleaning large window panes that are difficult to get to and collect dust more frequently.


  • Easy to set up, install and operate
  • A compact design
  • Has ventilated holes that suction the dirt
  • Has an extended extension code
  • Highly effective for cleaning large windows
  • Allows WIFI connectivity


  • It's more expensive when you compare to other cleaning robots
  • Doesn't clean large deposits of debris or dust

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Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner


  • Comes with rechargeable batteries
  • It has a remote control and connects to an app
  • To cleaning pads included
  • There's a user manual
  • Has an extra cable that acts as a backup
  • Able to detect edges
  • Has LED indicators
  • Anti-fall technology that includes a safety rope
  • Intuitive cleaning technology.

The Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner is designed to clean window panes with ease. It's a self-navigating robot with an internal cleaning water tank and a spray nozzle. It performs well at eliminating light debris and dust and works perfectly with a window cleaner.

When it comes to features, none can beat the Gladwell robot. The first thing you'll note about this robot is that the size is a bit smaller when compared to other robotic cleaners on the market. The sleekness gives it an attractive appeal and even thou small, and it has more cleaning power.

With effectiveness taking centre stage, the package includes two reusable cleaning pads. So basically, these are eco-friendly and save you some money. However, with time, you may need to buy new ones for replacements.

Whether your windows are framed or unframed, Gladwell cleaning robot is versatile and will serve all your needs. Surprisingly, it can clean walls, tiles, shower cabinets and more. Your windows will be sparklingly clean in a jiff.

Even better, this window cleaning better comes with a remote control that enables a user to operate it seamlessly. For flexibility, there are three programs that you can select depending on your cleaning needs.

Since it an automatic cleaner, you can connect it with an app on your smart gadget, and once it finishes cleaning, you'll receive the notification at the palm of your hand. You'll also get an alert if there's a problem up there that requires quick action.

The Gladwell is a reasonably priced robot, and if you're on a budget hunting option for a cleaning assistant, then this is your ideal choice.

Generally, Gladwell Gecko robotic window cleaner is sturdy, easy to install and convenient to homeowners with busy everyday life. We highly recommend it since it's a money saver, highly efficient and will give you value for money.


  • Comes an affordable price and gives value for money
  • Well-made and durable
  • Has rechargeable batteries
  • Has extra cleaning pads
  • Easy to set up
  • Highly efficient in cleaning dirt on windows
  • Easy to control from the app
  • Versatile for cleaning different window designs


  • Some users feel that the battery life is short
  • Doesn't reach all edges
  • Doesn't clean heavy debris or dirt

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Ecovacs Winbot 880 Window Cleaning Robot

Ecovacs Winbot 880 Window Cleaning Robot


  • Comes with a washable pad
  • Easy to maintain
  • Replacements available at online stores such as Amazon
  • Has a remote for easy operation
  • Works better with a cleaning detergent
  • Versatile and efficient or different window surfaces.

Nobody wants windows smeared with food or dirt or ugly marks. Without a doubt, you need a cleaning robot that gives you an upper hand in bringing back the shine and magic to your windows.

Ecovacs Winbot 880 is one of the best Window Cleaning Robot that will work wonders on your windows and saves you the agony of climbing ladders. Unlike other models, it follows a four-stage cleaning operation that cleans the entire window. The Winbot cleans every corner of your windows and uses suction power to wipe off debris and dust.

First, it starts by spraying the window with the cleaning reagent, and then, it wipes off using the cleaning pad, thereby loosening the dirt. With a single pass, the squeegee removes the dirt. Another squeegee passes over the spot to clean the stubborn debris. Within a split of a second, the cleaning pad dries the window and leaves it spotlessly clean.

The package consists of a five-layer microfiber washable pad, which leaves your window panes gleaming.

You'll be amazed at how it easily navigates on the contours of the window. Thankfully, WIN-SLAM 2.0 technology ensures smart cleaning. Thereby, the robot chooses the best cleaning path to avoid hitting obstacles.

There's also the advanced edge-detection technology that helps in the identification of tight corners on framed and unframed windows. Therefore, it easily navigates and can change course without hitting edges and falling.

The package includes a thirty-minute backup battery, a safety rope, suction cup and powerful suction of 2800 pa. All these work in combination to ensure the safety of the robot while cleaning.

Additionally, the robot cleaner has a remote control, and as such, you can operate it from the comfort of your home. You only need to start, stop and change direction depending on your cleaning needs.

Another thing that makes this gadget a top choice is the impressive design and ease of use. You don't need any skills, and since it's an intuitive device, it will take only a few minutes to understand the controls.

Overall, the Winbot 880 is an intelligent device that inspects the cleaning path before embarking on the cleaning. It has sensors that navigate the windows and avoid bumps. We highly recommend it as an efficient cleaning robot for all your needs.


  • Have washable cleaning pads
  • Has a safety rope that ensures that it doesn't fall
  • Promises a quiet operation
  • Has powerful suction
  • There is a four-stage cleaning operation
  • Has a remote control for the easy cleaning process


  • It's expensive when you compare to other models
  • It can't work in very hot and cold weather.

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Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum

Mamibot W120-T Window Cleaning Robot Vacuum


  • Safety rope
  • Two wet and two dry cleaning pads
  • Instruction manual
  • Extension cable
  • Remote control and rechargeable batteries
  • Comes with a five-year warranty

If you're looking for a reliable and efficient window cleaning robot that will deliver a clean window within minutes, you can consider Mamibot W120-T window cleaning robot vacuum. The brand is known for the manufacture of durable and highly efficient cleaning robots.

Whether your windows are angled or flat, this robot is versatile and efficiently cleans different types of window surfaces.

Installation of the robot is a piece of cake and will only take a few minutes. Luckily, you can operate it remotely by use of the app. You only need to download the app from play store for Android devices. Here, you'll find various functions such as start/stop, cleaning mode and more. After that, the robot is now ready to clean your window.

You'll be thrilled at how easy it cleans the surfaces, including the inclined windows, thanks to the anti-drop technology. As a versatile cleaner, it can also clean tables, tiled floors and walls. Further, cleaning is easy, and there's a user manual that equips you with tricks and instructions.

With artificial intelligence, the Mamibot W120 cleans the window systematically. It can estimate the cleaning area and the path to follow. By connecting to the app, you can control the cleaning pattern.

The robot is one of the highly efficient cleaners we have around that can take care of dirt and light debris. However, for heavy debris, it's important to pre-clean manually before engaging the robot.

For safety concerns, the robot attaches firmly to glass surfaces, and for your peace of mind, it has a safety rope to prevent it from falling.

Overall, Mamibot W120-T is an affordable and reliable cleaning robot. Despite the unbelievably low price, it delivers quality results and keeps the windows glowing with shine.


  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Cleans efficiently
  • Easy to use
  • Allows connection to an app
  • Has a user manual with easy to understand instructions
  • Works on different window surfaces
  • Uses remote control for easy operation


  • The package doesn't have a cleaning fluid. Therefore, users need to buy detergent separately.

Check Mamibot W120-T Price On Amazon

Window Cleaner Robot, BOBOT Win 3060

Robot Win 3060


  • It comes in a convenient compact size. The overall measurement is 250x250x97 mm
  • Uses 600mAh battery
  • Weighs 1.35 kg
  • The charging time is one hour
  • The noise level is 65db

The XIAOMI brand is a leader in supplying the market with quality smartphones. Therefore, the BOBOT WIN3060 from XIAOMI doesn't disappoint in delivering an excellent cleaning job on your window. As a reliable option, it cleans the glass surface quickly and effortlessly.

For starters, the set-up is easy and doesn't require special skills or knowledge. Once everything is ready, you only need to control it from an app in your smart gadget.

Although the market is awash with different models, none can match the power and technology behind the BOBOT WIN3060. This robot works innovatively and helps users in saving time and using less energy in cleaning.

The BOBOT WIN3060 uses smart technology to navigate your windows easily. The good news is that it comes with a remote control that enables users to customize their cleaning requirements such as path and area.

With a modern motor, the noise levels are kept low. Therefore it will not disturb your peace at home. Also, the powerful engine supply powerful suction to eliminate dirt and debris without leaving marks or mist.

Advanced features include an anti-drop sensor, edge sensors, frame recognition sensors and rotation sensors. Therefore, the robot safely cleans your windows and can identify any obstacles and prevent falling.

The design is flexible and versatile and hence can be different clean types of windows. For instance, it can clean narrow window surfaces easily.

Notably, the robot comes with rechargeable batteries. Therefore, after recharge, it's ready to navigate the windows and clean easily.


  • Versatile to clean different window surfaces
  • Uses different sensors to clean different areas
  • Navigates easily and avoids obstacles
  • Have lower noise levels
  • Highly effective
  • Compact and flexible design


  • Costs more than other robots on the market

Check Bobot Win 3060 Price On Amazon

Window Cleaning Robot Buying Guide

Best Window Cleaning Robots

When sourcing for a window cleaning robot, there are several factors you need to consider. For sure, the best device is one that will satisfy your cleaning demands.

It is also worthy to note that the cleaning method depends on the type of a cleaner since some cleaners use a pad, a sprayer and a squeegee. On the same note, others use a rotating scrubbing pad, which combines with vacuum cleaning.

Many brands are out there in the market, and you may end up getting confused unless you're keen on the robot you select. The following factors will assist you in arriving at a favorable choice of a device that will make your window cleaning faster, effective and more comfortable. 

Factors to consider when buying a window cleaning robot

Battery life

You should establish the length of time your robot will take once fully charged to prevent the cleaning stalling midway.

Of course, you don't intend to take hours cleaning your house windows. Most robots will take 15 to 30 minutes when fully charged and no extra minute is available if the charge is over.

 Some robots come with a backup battery, which you can keep it attached to it to save you if there's a power interruption. 

Length of cord

Depending on the number of windows you intend to clean, a corded robot connected to the power supply would be convenient unless there is an interruption of power supply. Hence, cleaning will not halt before you finish your job.

A building with more than one floor would require a longer cord that will help the robot reach all the windows with ease. Even when the heights of a window are high, the cleaning is possible without a hitch.

Window surfaces

Windows may be smooth and glossy or rough and uneven depending on the patterns on the surface. Most translucent window glasses are rough. Depending on the glass texture, it's wise to select a robot suitable for that particular glass type to avoid damage or shoddy cleaning work.

Window thickness

Range of thickness which a robot can handle is specified for each type. Before you source the device, take the thickness of your window panes and make a comparison to see if it matches a particular robot you wish to buy.

It must be accurate to prevent a situation where you spend money on a device then end up in frustration when you put it into action.

Window shape

Be specific on the shape of your window to enable you to pick a robot that can clean with ease. Usually, the window cleaning robots are designed for large square-shaped windows and not suitable for circular or small windows.

Also, a window cleaner can be designed specifically for a framed window, while another can be suitable for frameless. In this case, it’s possible to find one that can be used to clean framed and frameless windows.

These specifications will help in determining the appropriate window robot cleaner to suit your needs.


Robot cleaners are either motor-powered suction or magnetic. Magnetic robots rely on a piece of magnet that’s placed on the opposite side as the cleaning process goes on. Consequently, this prevents the robot from falling off in the process of cleaning.

For the motor-powered suction, the robot is placed on the surface that is being cleaned. To prevent the device from accidental falls, you may require a cord to enhance its safety.

Some modern robots have anti-drop sensors that hold the device firmly on the window.


The suction power of a window cleaning robot depends on the quality and speed of the motor. You need a device that cleans fast and one that is efficient. It should provide excellent suction without causing loud noise to you and the surroundings.

Window cleaning robots have other features that determine its capacity. These include a drying tool for squeezing out water and ensuring the glass surface is crystal clear without spots or streaks. The most efficient robot will wipe off the dirt and make a final polish.

How the robot cleaner works will depend on the special features it has. With new technology, advanced models are designed with AI-powered routes which use sensors and circuitry for tracking and directing on the next cleaning spot.

Mode of operation

A window cleaning robot may be operated using a remote control or through automation. It may also have a capacity for both, which is quite advantageous to the user.

A remote-controlled cleaner will help in navigating all corners of the window with ease and efficiently. Removing all the dirt and ensuring every space is thoroughly cleaned.


All machines need maintenance and repair at one point. Are the parts replaceable or repaired? How about the availability of such spare parts?

You need to establish all this to ensure you don't pick a gadget in which life ends when it accidentally falls and break. Make sure the spare parts are always available as and when needed. Also, check whether they are packed together with the cleaner.


What is the best window cleaning robot?

The best machine is the one which is affordable and one which can satisfactorily serve your cleaning needs.

You may purchase an expensive cleaner, which will frustrate you, especially if it's too complicated to operate.
The expectation from any device is to make the cleaning of your windows easy and efficient.
Analyze your demands first before you source for the best robot window cleaner. 

How do you maintain and clean a window cleaning robot?

Cleaning any machine is easy if you follow instructions availed by the manufacturer. It will enable you to understand more on the moving parts which you can safely remove for cleaning. Also, you’ll be on the know how to return them back after cleaning ready for the next job.
Don't embark on the cleaning process unless you've read and understood every instruction or tips relating to cleaning.

How much does a window cleaning robot cost?

Prices differ depending on the brand, and hence it can't be specific.
Some robot cleaners are more advanced and have many features and would thus cost more. Most importantly, choose a cleaner that will effectively deliver quality cleaning results. Also, it should be up to date or modern and should not strain your budget. 

How does one control a cleaning robot using an app?

That will depend on the type of robot. Different cleaning robots have different capabilities and advanced features. In this review, users can control the robot remotely by installing an app on their android or iOS devices.

Can the robot clean slant windows?

Yes, they can, however when shopping, check whether the robot has anti-fall sensors. In this way, the robot can clean even slanting windows without the risk of falling.

Should I use a cleaning solution when using a robot?

Yes, it's advisable to use a cleaning solution more so if your window has large deposits of dirt or debris. You can use it to pre-clean manually before allowing the robot to do the final cleaning.

Are the robot window cleaners good?

If you've cleaned the windows manually, you'll appreciate the performance of a robot cleaner for your windows. They run smoothly and perform better than other cleaning units on the market. The robots are also fast and keep track of cleaned areas to avoid repetition.

Are the robot window cleaners expensive?

If you are looking for excellent cleaning services, a good robot cleaner will do the work. Luckily, the robot cleaner comes in a different budget, so you have the affordable units and the most expensive units. Check on the specifications and pick the robot that meets your needs at affordable prices.

Is it easy to use a robot window cleaner?

The entire process is easy. Set the robot and leave it to clean the window. All the top robot window cleaners we have recommended come with a guideline to help you maneuver through the settings easily. If you find it hard to run the robot, you can contact the manufacturer for support.

Will a robot clean glass windows?

Yes, robot cleaners clean glass windows. What you need to be sure of is the thickness of the glass. Some robots have a high suction power that can damage the window glass. Check the specifications of the robot and match them with the right glass.


From our review, window cleaning robots are particularly helpful in cleaning far to reach windows. They allow for safe cleaning of windows where it's risky climbing ladders. Advancements have seen the development of a smart robot that effectively cleans windows quickly.

Thus, you can control the operation of the robots remotely from an app in your smart device. A robot is also an intelligent device that estimates the cleaning area and navigates any obstacles without falling. Hopefully, you can now decide on the best window cleaning robot and say goodbye to window cleaning hassles.

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