PS5 Games: Five Potentially Amazing Titles

PS5 Games

Today, we examine five potentially amazing PS5 games stockpiling the Sony pipeline. Now, it is no secret the next generation of gaming draws ever closer as we reach the current life cycle’s last leg.

Recently, two titles, namely Ghosts of Tsushima and The Last of Us Part 2, gave us perhaps a brief glimpse at what the next-gen could achieve from a graphical sense. As visually splendorous as each entry above is though, even those AAA exclusives only scratch the surface of the actual visual fidelity in store.

For me, the time leading up to a new console release is always exciting as we live off carefully constructed scraps of intel. Often, these are drip-fed to the consumer in a fashion designed, most of the time to keep us on board, but never fully fulfilled. It is what keeps the hype wagon chugging right up to the console release window.

Even so, there is a lot we already know about the PS5. Much of that knowledge stems from Sony’s in-house PS5 reveal event. Which, in turn, gave us a deep dive into many of the games that will be gracing Sony’s next iteration.

Not only that, but Sony has also discussed the technology behind its DualSense controllers. With the hopes that Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers will issue a more immersive experience.

Players can also expect to enjoy many of the top 100 games on PS4. So at least we have some sense of backward compatibility. Even if that seems less extensive than some players may have hoped, albeit, Sony may surprise us yet though, on that front.

Today, we handpick five potentially amazing PS5 games, set to blow our minds, when the console releases later this year.

Do sit back and enjoy the show. Fellow Sony Subscribers.

Ratchet & Clank A Rift Apart

Ratchet & Clank A Rift Apart

The PS5 Reveal Event opened our eyes to Insomniac’s upcoming Ratchet & Clank A Rift Apart, which looks every bit as gorgeous as one might expect. Not least so, considering it is specifically a next-gen game.

On top of that, we witnessed the power of ray tracing technology and high-level fidelity visuals that give the game an impressive graphical edge. Unlike crossover games, the next R&C is built purely with the PS5 in mind.

Meaning, it can push the hardware to breaking point, should it wish, as opposed to curbing quality to allow for PS4 functionality. Aside from all the fun gizmos and gadgets one might expect from a Ratchet & Clank game, the interdimensional traversal looks terrific.

Adding further hype is the sci-fi themed arsenal at Ratchet’s fingertips, which looks every bit as explosive than previous entries. Honestly, I am interested to see how haptic technology will translate into weapon feedback.

Hopefully, she will kick like a mule! In an immersive way, of course. There it is folks, entry one in our list of amazing PS5 games. Next up, we have a corker!

PS5 Games: Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West, the upcoming sequel to Sony’s acclaimed exclusive Zero Dawn, is set to be a next-gen AAA heavyweight in every sense.

Looking to expand on the first entry Guerilla Game’s open-world adventure will continue the epic story of heroine Aloy, as she fights for the hopes of humanity. During the debut trailer, we witnessed some awe-inspiring visuals, a versatile mix of exotic environments, and a few familiar faces re-enter the fold, as well as returning ones.

In terms of gameplay, there is not a great deal to glean. But factoring in the release date is still to be confirmed, I would say Horizon Forbidden West is a long way off, as it stands.

Even so, there is plenty of eye-candy here to drool over. That is for sure. If the next Horizon game can capitalize on the real power of the PS5, then the skies the limit.

Another potentially amazing PS5 game.

PS5 Games: Demon’s Souls

Demon’s Souls

Third, to grace, our list of future games is non-other than Demon’s Souls. If you love a sense of challenge, do not mind dying countless times, and live for risk-and-reward gameplay, From Software’s unique style, should suffice.

The Soulborne series is infamous for that unique blend, which originated with the Sony exclusive Demon’s Souls. Although it may not garner the same praise as its spiritual successors, Demon’s Souls was the first of its kind and the main reason why we have both Dark Souls and Bloodborne today.

With imposing bosses to overcome, an intriguing world steeped in mystery, and the revitalizing properties of the PS5 hardware, all the ingredients exist for a winning formula.

Something FromSoftware’s knows only too well. Let us hope the remakes new developers, BluePoint Games, can produce the goods when it matters.

If history is a source to go by, we should be in for a treat. Besides, Blue Point is the dev-team responsible for Shadow of Colossus Remake on PS4.

So, in theory, this could be a fantastic PS5 game.

Resident Evil 8 The Village

Resident Evil 8 The Village

During the PS5 showcase, we also got to see something all-new. But this time, not borrowed, or blue—a new Resident Evil game, entitled The Village.

This time around though, Capcom has chosen to add to its bestiary of monsters, with what looks like scheming witches and feral werewolves thirsty for blood among other things.

Feeding off the recent success of the Resident Evil revivals, Capcom is on a good run of form right now. Hopefully, that can translate into their next-gen survival horror and create one of the scariest entries to date.

Fans must wait until 2021 though to sample the fruits. From now up to then though, there is plenty of PS5 gems to fill your boots. So, no complaints.

No doubt, one to watch out for, and in my eyes, an amazing-looking upcoming PS5 game.

PS5 Games: Returnal


Thought I would finish with an outsider. But one that looked every bit as impressive as each of the other entries. Returnal shapes up as a roguelike game, with the story following the footsteps of a female lead trapped on a mysterious planet.

From what I have seen thus far, players will fend off supernatural enemies and alien forces. With the cycle of life and death, seemingly playing a pivotal role as is often the nature of roguelike games.

So that concludes today’s list. What do you think? Maybe your pick narrowly missed the cut? As always, we welcome any views. So please send your top-picks and suggestions below.

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