Must-Have Apps for Side Earnings in 2024

Must-Have Apps for Side Earnings in 2024

Side-gigs have become quite important to keep up with your lifestyle in these current economic crises. No matter how many side hustles you have, as long as they are not causing you burnout, they are a good thing to have. 

The best part of side gigs is how convenient they have become all thanks to a smartphone. Where we can download several apps and have some revenue streams running for us. Are you as surprised as we were when we also found out that all it takes to earn some bucks are just a few apps? 

However, we did our research and brought forth only the most authentic options you have for the best apps for side earnings. We did our work with due diligence so that you do not miss out on this chance to make your life a tad bit easier. 

Nevertheless, all these apps would require a good internet connection to work with. For such endeavors where you must be connected to the internet regardless of your location, you have the best option to choose Comcast Internet Español (for Spanish customers). The provider has millions of hotspots across the nation, and uber-fast speeds that would help you continue your side hustle whether you are at home, or on a vacation. 

So, what apps did we unearth as the best ones for making some extra bucks? Here are our top picks!


We are sure that nobody ever thought that scrolling down your phone, shopping online, just watching a video, playing online games, or just taking part in some online surveys would help you earn quick bucks. Or at least had only wished for it. Well, Swagbucks is here to make it all into a reality. Swagbucks pays you for it all! 

The app is available for free one can easily register through their Facebook account or your email. Swagbucks does not even require a hefty amount to be transferred to your account. Even as little as $3 can work! This means that you don’t have to wait for big paychecks all the time and start even from the minimum.

Google Opinion Rewards

It’s GOOGLE Opinion Rewards. You surely know this isn’t a scam! The name is an authenticating stamp as it is due to its official status from the company. It does not even require much. Just fill up some surveys and later on Google will fill up your pockets.

It’s simple. The app offers short surveys that you can cash on whenever you fill them. You get paid in the form of PayPal or Google Play credit.  The surveys could be on any topic. They may be hotel reviews, opinion polls, and even brand surveys. Each survey can take anywhere between 10 seconds to just a minute.

However, there is one important thing to note. These credits are redeemable within a year. We’re sure you wouldn’t let it go to waste for that long!

Amazon Seller

Amazon comes in strong for the ease it offers to people for earning some bucks that too quite conveniently. It’s one of the world’s largest retailers, after all – we would expect this much.

Amazon Seller app is straightforward. It allows you to become a part of the organization. An account in this app allows you to be one of the sellers on the platform. 

It has proven to be a great way for many to clear out a garage space, make a few bucks, and if everything works out well maybe start a small selling business. Technically they let you start for free however you have to pay $0.99 on every sale that you make. 

Branded Surveys

Branded Surveys is another app just like Swagbucks. It is easy. You get paid for filling out the surveys. 

This app automatically presents you with various surveys depending on your profile, and demographic positioning. The only payout method on this application, however, is via PayPal cash, or in the form of gift cards. These can be to your favorite restaurants or shops! That’s your pick.

Wrapping Up!

Now why would you want to scroll through your social media feed all the time for no cause when you can be earning money on several other apps instead? With all the apps mentioned above, we are sure you will find something that would work the best for you. Have your pick, and make a careful decision while choosing the app!

So, download these apps now to have your earning streams broadened, and enjoy your life a little more with some extra bucks in your pocket!

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