Is There A Weight Limit For Hoverboards? (You Bet!)

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Hoverboards are fun to ride, and beyond that, they really reduce the time and effort you need to travel short distances! They are so useful that factories and warehouses have them all over so workers can go from one building to another. But beyond being so useful, they are also great for some fun after work. Thanks to hoverboards, you can relive your younger years riding around with your board only this time, it’s been upgraded.

One Important Thing To Consider When Buying Your Hoverboard

When you start looking around for a cool self-balancing scooter for recreational purposes or to help with your commute to work, you will notice that there are tons of different sizes out there. Do not be surprised, as they are designed to cater to specific users. For example, some are the right size for the real kids, while others are more for bigger „kids“.

The size and weight limit should be put in mind when looking for a hoverboard instead of price. Naturally, the smaller models are cheaper, but they will not be suitable for adults at all!

Interestingly, beyond having a maximum weight limit, there are also minimum weight limits for every board. This means you probably should not share your own hoverboard with your 4-year-old, as he or she might be too light for it.

Most models have a starting minimum weight of 44 lbs. (around 20 kgs), so if your kid is below this, you might have to wait a bit before getting him or her one.

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What Is The Purpose Of The Weight Limit?

The maximum weight limit makes tons of sense, because when you are heavier, well, the self-balancing scooter might not be able to support your weight for extended periods.

This does not mean it will break down and go kaputt immediately, but you will notice your scooter functioning differently. It might also lead to it breaking down more often.

On the other hand, the minimum weight limit also matters. The hoverboard is dependent on the body weight to manoeuvre and control it, so if you are much lighter, you will not be able to ride it properly or safely. Thus, weight limits matter and should be followed.

Consequences Of Not Following The Weight Limit

No one wants to buy a hoverboard and see it breaking down after a few months, but this is a real possibility if you are too heavy or light. This is what happens, especially if your weight is more than 15 pounds over the limit.

The damage does not occur after one time riding over the weight limit, but it can accumulate over time and just suddenly lead to your self-balancing scooter malfunctioning.

  • The ABS plastic or polycarbonate material used for the frame is durable, but only to a point. Heavy loads can lead to cracks eventually. Once it does break down, the electronics inside also get damaged.
  • The rest of the components like the wheels, brackets, wheel axles and even the screws will get damaged after continued overloading. The axle can become loose and damage the wheels or worse, you might lose a wheel after awhile.
  • The motor only works as well if you keep to the weight limits. Anything over it will lead to the self-balancing scooter producing less power (and less speed) or overworking the motor (and leading to a breakdown).
  • Basically, continuing to ride a hoverboard with too much weight can increase the chances of breaking down even while you are riding it, causing an accident and some unwanted injuries.
  • You should also remember that your hoverboard is not a tool for transporting heavy stuff. While regular bags should not be a problem, carrying too much that will eventually put you over the limit will lead to the consequences listed above. Weight limits are thus inclusive of anything you are bringing with you.
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A Summary Of Weight Limits For Most Hoverboards

The great thing is that there are heavy-duty hoverboards if you are on the heavier side or have to transport some stuff with you. The choice of the right self-balancing scooter is key. Use this guide to help you.

  • Hoverboards with 4.5-inch wheels are best for kids, with the weight limit set at 120 lbs or 55 kg.
  • Models with 6.5-inch wheels are appropriate for lighter adults or teenagers, as they can carry up to 220 lbs or 100 kg.
  • Boards with 8.5-inch wheels are recommended for most adults, as they can easily carry up to 265 lbs or 120 kg.
  • Heavy-duty self-balancing scooters, on the other hand, have the most prominent wheels (10-inch ones) so they can support much more weight (330 lbs or 150 kg). Some models can carry more, even up to 420 lbs, but they are not as common, and they are, understandably, pricier.
  • All of these models require at least 44 lbs as the minimum weight requirement. As mentioned above, anything below this is not sufficient to control or steer the self-balancing scooter.

One massive takeaway for parents is that hoverboards cannot be easily shared between adults and children unless the kids are bigger (teenagers, for example).

The weight requirements and the recommended size of the wheels or board are not the same if the main user is a child.

A bigger model (for adults) might be too strong for kids and lead to unexpected accidents while a smaller model used by parents can lead to the self-balancing scooter breaking down prematurely.​

Besides, everyone gets to have more fun if they each get their own hoverboard and can ride around together!

standard weight tolerance of a self balance scooter


For most people, buying a hoverboard should not be too complicated. If you are buying for kids, then definitely go for the smallest (4.5-inch wheel) models, as some products have a learning mode that caters specifically for younger users.

When it comes to adults, there is a bigger range of models to choose from, depending on their weight (including stuff they transport regularly) and use (whether it is for shorter rides in the city or more off-the-road use.

The best thing is, there is the right model for you, so long as you study the specifications thoroughly.

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