How To Know If My AirPods Are Charging?

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How To Know If My AirPods Are Charging

You can charge your AirPods by putting them in their case. The case holds several full charges for each AirPod, and thus you can charge concurrently. You should keep your AirPods in their cases if you are not using them to keep them charged

You might not be sure if your AirPods are charging; the following are ways to confirm:

  • The status light should show the current level for eight seconds
  • If you have AirPods Pro or 3rd generation, you can tap on the case and see if they are charging. The Amber light indicates charging, while a green light indicates a full charge.

Additionally, it is essential to find out where the status light appears depending on your charging method. See below for refined information on the status light location:

  • If you are using MagSafe Charging Case, the status light appears on the front side of the case
  • If you are using Charging Case, the status case appears between the spaces for your AirPods 

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Does AirPods Light Stay On Charging?

Yes, if your AirPods are in their case and the lid is open, the light will show the charging status of your AirPods.  When the light flashes white, it shows that your AirPods are ready to be set up with compatible devices. If they flash amber, it shows you should set your AirPods again.

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Discover About Your AirPods Battery Life

When your AirPods battery charge becomes low, you will receive a notification on your phone screen. Typically, the notification appears at intervals of 20, 10, and 5 percent remaining.

You will hear a tone on both of your AirPods notifying you about the low battery percentage of your AirPods. The tone is heard once when the battery percentage is 10 percent and for the second time when the AirPods turn off. 

If you think your AirPods battery has a problem, you should find an AirPods repair service near you.

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What to Expect With AirPods 3rd Generation Battery Life

After charging, expect the following:

  • Multiple charges, in their case, give 30 hours of listening time or an estimate of 20 hours of talk time 
  • You can get up to 6 hours of listening time if you have spatial audio enabled or up to 4 hours on a single charging
  • If you charge your AirPods for 5 minutes, in your case, you have an hour of listening time or an hour of talk time.

What Happens With AirPods Pro Battery Life?

Expect the following:

  • After multiple charges in their case, you can have 24 hours of listening time or up to 18 hours of talk time
  • A single charge will guarantee you 4.5 hours of listening time or 3.5 talk time
  • Charging your AirPods for 5 minutes, in their case, guarantees you an hour of listening time or approximately an hour of talk time.

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What Happens With AirPods 2nd Generation Battery Life?

 You expect the following from AirPods 2nd generation battery life:

  • If you charge with multiples charges, you have 24 hours of listening time or an approximate 18 hours of talk time
  • If you charge on a single charge, you are assured of 5 hours of listening time or 3 hours of talk time
  • Charging your AirPods for 15 minutes gives you up to 3 hours of listening time or a 2-hour talk time

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How Often Should I Change My AirPods?

Changing your AirPods depends on your use and care for them. All in all, typical first and second-generation AirPods take approximately two years of daily use. At this point, the battery is usually degraded to even less an hour of listening or talking time. 

Though it might be hard to extend the lifespan of your AirPods, there are some tips you can embrace to slow down the battery decline. The lifespan of your AirPods will depend on their battery life. If the battery cannot sustain a charge for long, it is time to change your AirPods.

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What to Do to Make Your AirPods Last Long

You can extend your AirPods life in three ways:

  • Making each charge last longer
  • Take care of your AirPods to increase your overall battery lifespan 
  • Replace broken battery

Let us look at each one of them in depth:

Making Each Charge Last Longer

To maximize every charge and conserve the battery life, you need to:

  • Reduce the volume when using 
  • Turning off ANC when you require it 
  • Disable some smart features like spatial audio, automatic ear detection, and more 
  • If calling, utilize one earbud at a time and turn off the other one 
  • Power off your AirPods when not using them

If you decide to power them off with their battery not less than 40 percent, you should store them outside the charging case to prevent a premature charge cycle. It is recommended to use a mint tin for storage.

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Take Care of Your AirPods to Increase Your Overall Battery Lifespan

You can extend your battery lifespan, avoiding deep discharges. Though maximizing every charge before recharging your device is advisable, it is not a good idea to fully discharge it. Over-discharging a lithium-ion battery can result in irresistible changes in the cathode and anode that subsequently trigger an internal short circuit when recharging. On the same note, complete discharging of your battery decreases its capacity.

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You can maximize your battery charge cycle when it has 20 to 40 percent remaining battery life. Your phone will notify you when your AirPods lifespan reduces to 20 percent.

On the same note, it is not advisable to fully top up your AirPods all the time. Having a full charge, to some extent, shortens your AirPods battery life. For this reason, Apple has equipped AirPods Pro with optimized battery charging, a feature designed to shorten the time your AirPods stay fully charged.

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Replace Broken Battery

You can replace your AirPods battery at some service fee. Typically, the warrant you are given does not cover batteries that spoil from regular use. If you have AppleCare and your AirPods hold less than 80%, you are eligible for battery placement.

How Long Do AirPods Take to Charge From Dead?

Your AirPods take about 100 minutes to charge from dead to full. In other words, it takes approximately an hour and 40 minutes. This longer charge time is recommended due to the large headphone battery.

Apple AirPods have relatively small batteries; thus, they don’t take too long to charge, even when completely dead.

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Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, knowing how your AirPods battery works and when it is appropriate to replace it is essential. Every AirPods has its stipulated battery lifespan, and thus you should take reasonable care to beat its lifespan.

Additionally, following your product user manual is crucial to get detailed information. We’ve illustrated above how you can maximize your AirPods battery and avoid its early malfunction.

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