How to Get Wi-Fi Without Internet Provider? 2 Easy Solutions

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How to Get Wi-Fi Without Internet Provider

Are you searching for ways how to get Wi-Fi without an internet provider? With an ISP’s increasing internet charges, you need another option. Here are some innovative options for getting your Wi-Fi without an internet provider. 

  • Using a Mobile Hotspot
  • Tethering your tablet, phone, or laptop
  • Making use of a WI-FI USB dongle
  • Take advantage of Public WI-FI in your vicinity
  • Sharing another person’s internet
  • Wi-Fi without a carrier

1. Using a Mobile Hotspot


One of the easiest ways to access the internet on your laptop or smartphone is by utilizing a mobile hotspot. This method will create for you a specific network using your cellphone data. It will turn your device into an internet provider. 

The feature will act as a router and create a hotspot to which you connect your other device or devices. In addition, you must subscribe to a mobile data plan and monitor the data limit. 

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How to Connect to a Mobile Hotspot

Here is a quick run on how to use your mobile hotspot.

  • Go to your smartphone settings.
  • Click on ‘Hotspot‘ to turn it On.
  • On the device that you are hot-spotting, select Wi-Fi
  • Select your chosen Wi-Fi name or the name of your device.
  • Select connect.

2. Tethering Your Tablet, Phone, or Laptop

Suppose your need is not for continuous data but occasional internet access. It’s easiest to tether your smart device. However, although tethering will sort out your immediate internet problem, you could encounter some drawbacks.

  1. Your carrier may not be tethering enabled. 
  2. You will depend on the signal from the mobile phone network provider, which may not work in out-of-town places.
  3. Beware that a laptop will consume more data than a smartphone.

How to Tether Your Laptop, Smartphone, or Tablet

For android devices, here is how to enable tethering;

  • Go to settings
  • Network and Hotspot
  • Tethering
  •  Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Turn the Wi-Fi Hot Spot to indicate the On position. 

From IOS devices, enable tethering by;

  • Go to settings
  • Personal Hotspot
  • Move the switch accordingly
  • Preferably, open a new account with a changed username and password for security purposes.

3. Making Use of a Wi-Fi USB Dongle

A USB Dongle is a portable internet stick. Consider this a more accessible and temporary Wi-Fi and a mobile hotspot for your Wi-Fi without an internet service provider.

Due to its lightweight nature and portability, the Wi-Fi USB Dongle will come in handy for traveling internet users.  Furthermore, a dongle is affordable and also provides a very secure connection.

How to Use a Wi-Fi Dongle for internet

  • Supply power to your dongle through a power bank. The power bank is also portable with an inbuilt battery. A USB cable will do the trick.
  • Go to settings
  • Click on the hotspot to turn it On
  • Go to your smart device and select Wi-Fi.
  • Select the USB Dongle
  • Connect and enjoy the service on the go.

4. Locating a Public Wi-Fi in Your Vicinity

The use of public Wi-Fi hotspots is quite common. Notwithstanding, public Wi-Fi will be available in restaurants, coffee shops, malls, hotels, buses, and public libraries.

Be aware that public Wi-Fi networks are not as secure as your mobile hotspot. Consequently, some dangers are associated with using public Wi-Fi.

How to Locate and Use Public Wi-Fi in your Locality

Here are some steps to using a Public Wi-Fi hotspot to be safe.

5. Share Another Person’s Internet

Your neighbor could access network logins that you do not have. It is possible to share that bandwidth if you have a macOS or Windows device. 

How to Share Another Person’s Internet

Sharing Internet Connection from a Windows Device.

Sharing the Internet from a macOS Device

  • Go to Settings
  • Then Apple System Preferences
  • Sharing
  • Internet Sharing
  • Then choose the connection you are sharing from
  • Then from the drop-down menu, select share connection.
  •  Finally, select how you want to share.

6.  Wi-Fi Router Without Internet Provider

You can sign up for a portable wireless cellular router for internet service. This router is much like the one we use for data service in our homes. However, this router is a small mobile device with a slot for a data-only sim card. 

The sim card allows you to connect with 3G, 4G, and 5G networks

Steps to Connecting to a Wi-Fi Router Without an Internet Provider

  • Link your router to a power source
  • Next, connect the router to a PC
  • Set the configuration of the DHCP server
  • customize the wireless settings
  • Try it out on a device

How Can I get Wi-Fi Without a Carrier?

Have you moved to a new place or had your internet disconnected?  You will need internet without the services of a carrier.  Here is how.

  •  Use public internet in places like malls and restaurants or government-provided public Wi-Fi.
  • Some private networks will offer you premiums for prepaid access for a specified time. Install a reputable VPN before using these Wi-Fis to avoid being hacked.
  • Use your phone or tablet as a Wi-Fi. Just remember that you will need a data plan.
  • Use a USB cable to connect your phone to your computer or laptop. 
  • Buy a portable router if you are traveling.
  • Use a USB modem and plug it into your laptop or computer.

How Can I get Internet With No Service?

Your solution to the internet with no service is a VPN service.  Options for a safe and secure VPN include;

  • Google Cloud VPN. 
  • Free Trial VPN. Search for them on the net.
  • VPN server service
  • VPN AppforPC

How to Get Wi-Fi  at Home For Free

Due to the ever-increasing cost of accessing the internet, people are always looking for free access Here are some options for free Wi-Fi at home.


You can buy a FreedomPop device and receive 500MB of monthly data. Alternatively, you can use the GSM Simcard provided to get 200MB of data monthly.


It is like a large Wi-Fi sharing company convenient for internet “on the go”.


Downloading this tool will give you access to millions of Wi-Fi spots with locations and passwords.

Wi-Fi Free Spot

Here you will find a state-by-state list of Wi-Fi spots and passcodes to access them.

Affordable Connectivity

Affordable Connectivity is a government program for allowance for your monthly data.  

How to Get Wi-Fi Without Internet Provider? FAQs

1. How can I get internet without Wi-Fi?

A satellite, a modem connecting to cable, or DSL will give you internet without Wi-Fi.  

2. What is the cheapest way to get Wi-Fi at home?

Available free and cheap Wi-Fi options at home include a portable router, mobile hotspot, and sharing your neighbor’s internet.

3. How can I get internet without cable or a phone line?

You can access the internet in your home or office without cable or phone line through satellite, fixed wireless internet, and mobile hotspots.

4. How do you create a Wi-Fi network without a router or internet?

If you’re looking to create a Wi-Fi network without a router or internet, there are a few things you’ll need to do. First, you’ll need to find a way to connect your devices to the internet. This can be done through various means, such as tethering from a mobile device or using a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Once you have internet access, you can then use it to create a Wi-Fi network. There are a few different ways to do this, but one of the most popular is to use an ad-hoc network. This network allows you to connect your devices directly to each other without needing a router. You can also use this method to share files and printers between your devices.

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