How To Clear Application Cache and Temporary Files on Your Mac

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Firstly, as you would know that the temporary files in your Mac are known as cache files. These files are sometimes important but become useless when it bounds the storage of Mac Os.  Due to this, the storage capacity is the main issue which is required to get sorted by removing cache and temporary files from your Mac device. Clearing application cache on MAC OS will be very beneficial for your device. These temporary files can kill your storage capacity and lead you to the low functionality of your device. The bulk of applications and additional personal data can make the condition of your Mac device worst. 

Cleaning of Files and Cache:

Now you have to follow the below-mentioned steps to clean all the cache and temporary files from your Mac for making its functionality and operations better.

  • Begin to back up all your important files. 
  • Close all the running application on your device. 
  • Now, open finder and get access to go menu in it. 
  • After this, scroll down and get access to the library. 
  • Seek for the cache option in the library. 
  • Now you will see cache and temporary files for all the applications downloaded in your Mac device. 
  • Choose the cache files of a couple of apps, and you can press Ctrl + A to select all of them at once. 
  • Lastly, click the right button of mouse and press move to trash button and your device will be free from stuffed storage.

Cleaning Cache from Web Browser:

You can also free the storage of your Mac by cleaning caches from web browsers. Keep in mind that it will help you in removing the cache from the browser you are using. For this function, you are required to open the history and confirm the pop-up question you asked from cleaning the caches there. If you don’t want to delete the history, so just choose the only cache. It will work quite well for you. 

Removal of System Cache and Temporary Files:

There is a possibility that your Mac acquires some specific files that do not belong to any particular application. Actually, these files are system cache and can damage the performance of your Mac, or it can lead to some crucial issues. These files are more dangerous in contrast with application cache files, and it should get removed by immediate means.  

To remove system cache files, the process is quite simple. 

  1. Begin from rebooting your device. Sometimes the cache files get automatically deleted just by rebooting your device.
  2.  If it does not work, look for any particular app for this work such as CleanMyMac for macOS. You can easily get these applications on the app store. It can help you effectively. You just have to download and leave everything to it.

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Apps for Cache Cleaning in MAC OS:

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There are lots of apps for cleaning the cache in MAC. As mentioned above, that cache can affect the functionality of MAC, so it is quite necessary to clean all system cache from your Mac device and keep its functionality in an accurate condition.

Take a look below; we have mentioned best applications you can use for cleaning cache from your Mac.

Startup Disk Full Fixer:

This app belongs to Nektony Company. This app will productively secure your Mac device. This application is easily available in the app store so that you can download it from complete convenience. It would take up to 4.2MB, and it can support OS X 10.13 or later versions. 

For using this cache cleaner first, you have to launch it, startup disk full fixer. After launching, click the analyze button. Now you have to select the types of junk files you want to clean and simply click to clean. All cleaned items will go to trash. It makes it easy for you to review the deleted files before completely removing from your device. Cleaning process by this application will just take some seconds. It is a rapid process. 

AVG Cleaner:

This is considered to be one of the best applications cleaning out your device. This is an application that belongs to AVG Technologies, which set its gaze on online security. For improving the performance of the Mac device, this software is being used. It works is quite an efficient way that it can remove all hidden clutter. This application is also available on the app store. You can easily download it from there. It consumes almost 16.1MB, and it is compatible with OS X 10.8 or later versions. 

For removing cache by this application, first, you have to open the application. After that you need to select the option of disk cleaner from the main window and click “scan Mac”. Give it access to your home folder. After scanning click the view result button. Survey the items you can clean and select those for removing. View all those selected items in Finder and click the clear button to remove them from the device permanently. 


CCleaner, this application is from Piriform Software. This is their flagship product. You can just get access to CCleaner from their official website. It would take approx 8.4MB, and it is only suitable for OS X 10.6 or higher. 

For removing cache from your Mac by this application, first, you have to open it. From the main window, select the application tab. Select such applications in list of which the junk files you want to delete. Select the miscellaneous folder to clean the caches of the application that were not presented in the list of application. Begin to analyze for reviewing the items you are deleting and their volume. Now just click the run cleaner button to clean your Mac and delete those selected items permanently.

Its official website will let you access to paid and free, both versions of CCleaner. The free app is just able to clean your Mac device from junk files. Its paid version will let you access to some more advanced functions. 


MacClean application is from iMobile Inc. It provides software for smartphones, computer, and tablets. MacClean will clean all the junk files from your Mac device. This application would take almost 15.3MB. It is compatible for OS X 10.7 or later versions. For downloading MacClean, you have to go to its official website. This software has two versions, free and paid. The free version just has some limitations in contrast to its paid version. 

For cleaning cache, using this software first, you are required to open this application. Now select system junk section from the cleanup list and begin to scan by clicking on the scanning button. Select the items you want to remove from your device in the app’s window. Now click on the clean button to delete all the selected files on a permanent basis. 

MacClean can clean malicious cookie, system junk, internet junk and it can delete the footprints of all the recently opened applications, documents and web servers. 

Cleaning of cache is entirely essential for better performance of your device. If your Mac device will get cluttered with cache so it will lose its proper functionality and operations. Cleaning of junks and cache is important for better functionality and operating system.   

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