Can You Watch Apple TV on Firestick? Yes And This is How

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If you own an Apple TV subscription, you must have tried watching it on your Amazon Firestick. However, many users have issues installing the Apple TV app on Firestick, so you are not alone. 

Can you watch Apple TV on Firestick? Yes, you can watch Apple TV on your Amazon Firestick. Follow these steps to download and watch Apple TV on Firestick:

  • Search for Apple TV on your Firestick, and choose Get/Download.
  • Click on Open, and select Settings. Now click on Accounts to sign in to your account.
  • You can now enjoy watching your favorite shows and other exclusive content on TV.

Still need some help to set it up? This article will help you install the app successfully and set it up within minutes. Moreover, I have busted some common problems users experience when using Apple TV with a Firestick.

What are Firesticks Models Compatible with Apple TV?

Did you try the steps explained above but failed to download Apple TV on your Firestick? This could be due to your Firestick being incompatible with your Apple TV. Unfortunately, not every version lets you download the app and watch TV. Below I’ve listed the compatible Firestick models that support Apple TV.

Firestick Device 

Year of Launch 

Fire TV Stick – Gen 2 2016
Fire TV Stick – Basic Edition 2017
Fire TV Stick 4K 2018
Fire TV Stick Lite 2019
Fire TV Stick 3 Gen 2020
Fire TV Stick 4K Max 2021

Apart from these Firestick versions, some other Amazon Fire devices let you watch Apple TV. These include Fire TV 3 Gen, Fire TV Cube Gen 1, and Fire TV Cube Gen 2.

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How to Install Apple Tv on Firestick for Free 

Do you have any of these Firesticks? And wondering how do I download and watch Apple TV on it? Keep reading, and follow the steps listed in this article to do it right away.

  • Navigate to the Home Window, and click Find> Search
  • Type Apple TV using the Firestick remote, and click it in the search results. 
  • Now you’ll see the Apple TV icon, click on it, and choose Download. (Some Firestick models also show Get instead of Download)
  • Let the app download, and click on Open, once it’s done. 

You have successfully downloaded the Apple TV app on your Firestick and are ready to launch. Open the app and follow the steps explained in the next section to watch your favorite programs on Apple TV. 

Check the list of free channels available with Firestick

How to use Apple TV on Firestick

You are all set to use it as you have successfully downloaded the app. 

  • Click on the Home button and hold it for a few seconds. You’ll now see a window with multiple options. Choose Apps, and scroll to the bottom.
  • Find Apple TV, click on the app, and wait for the app to load. (You can even move the app to the top by pressing the Menu key and then choosing the Move option)
  • Once the app loads up, choose Start Watching. The app will ask you to choose from Send to Apple or Don’t Send crash notifications to Apple; choose whatever you want to complete the process. 

Once done with all the steps mentioned above, you’ll see the home screen of the Apple TV. It’ll have multiple options, including:

  • Watch Now
  • Apple TV +
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Library 
  • Search and Settings 

Note: You need to log in to the Apple TV app to load your account. I’ve shared the steps to that as well. 

  • Click on the Settings icon, and choose Accounts.
  • Tap on Sign in, and you’ll get three options (Sign in on Mobile Device, Sign In on This TV, and Create Apple ID)
  • Select “Sign in On this TV” and enter your credentials for existing users. Furthermore, if you choose “Sign in on Mobile Device,” you’ll see a QR Code on the TV, which you need to scan from the Apple TV app installed on your iPhone. You can even visit: to sign in with your mobile phone. 
  • New users need to click on Create Apple Id and create an Apple account and activate the subscription.

After signing in successfully, the app will load your account automatically, and you can start watching the content you love. 

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How Do I Watch Apple TV on Amazon without a Firestick

Yes, it is possible to watch Apple TV on Amazon without a Firestick. This is helpful, especially for the people with a broken Firestick or folks that don’t have it handy. 

If you know “how to watch Apple TV on Amazon Prime,” you can just follow the same process and watch it on your TV. Or follow the steps I have listed below.

  • Visit, and log in with your credentials.
  • Enter Apple TV Subscription in the Amazon Search Bar

amazon header

  • Now click on Apple TV, as shown in the image below.

amazon 1

  • Click on it, and then under the Deliver option, choose the Firestick or Fire Stick TV you want to watch Apple TV On.


  • Select Get App, and Deliver. Now download the Apple TV app on your Fire TV or a regular Android TV to start watching Apple TV on it. 

Common Problems You Might Face Watching Apple TV on Firestick and Their Solutions 

Not able to install the Apple TV app on your Firestick? No worries, there could be many reasons you cannot install the app. Here are a few problems explained along with their solutions.

Problem 1: Your Firestick Isn’t Compatible 

Not every Firestick model supports Apple TV, and if yours does not, you won’t be able to download and watch Apple TV. A few Firestick models that do not support Apple TV include Fire TV Stick (1st Gen). 


The only solution, in this case, is upgrading to the latest Firestick model. You can choose Fire TV Stick 4K Max to watch Apple TV in HD. 

Problem 2: Poor Internet Connectivity 

If you have a compatible Firestick, still the app is not downloading; this could be due to poor internet connectivity. Check the internet or reconnect it with the Firestick.


You need to check the network status on the Firestick, and here are the steps for that:

  • Go to Firestick Settings, and choose Network.
  • Now navigate to the Wi-Fi network you have connected the Firestick to and see if it is still connected. Also, check the signal strength, and ensure no connectivity issues. 

I also encountered this issue once and restarted my router. You can also try downloading another app to see if the Firestick lets you do so. I am confident you’ll be able to download the Apple TV App.

Problem 3: The Firestick Hangs When You Download the App 

This issue isn’t prevalent, but I have heard some friends talk about it. If the interface freezes as you choose to download the app, this could be due to a software glitch.


Plug out the Amazon Firestick from the HDMI port, and plug it back in. This way, you can refresh the Firestick, and you’ll probably be able to download the app.

Problem 4: There is Less Storage 

A Firestick has limited storage, and if you have already filled it with several apps, you might not be able to download the Apple TV app. 


You need to check the storage on the Firestick, and if it has storage space available, uninstalling a few apps is the only resort. Follow these steps to check the storage:

  • Go to Firestick Settings, and choose My Fire TV.
  • Click on About, and choose Storage.
  • The Firestick will display all information related to storage on the right side of the TV screen. 
  • If the internal space is full, you must uninstall some apps to free up storage and download Apple TV.

But how do I uninstall apps on my Firestick? Worry not! To uninstall apps, you need to launch Settings on your Firestick. Click on Applications, and choose Manage Installed Applications. Select the app you want to remove from the Firestick, and select Uninstall

Do this for all apps you don’t want or use anymore to remove them from your Firestick. 

How to Cancel Apple TV Subscription on the Firestick 

So, you are done with Apple TV and don’t want to watch it anymore? Have you decided to cancel the subscription to Apple TV on your Firestick! You must follow the steps below to cancel the Apple TV subscription.

Note: If you cancel the Apple TV subscription, you will no longer be able to use it on any device. If you don’t want to use it on your Firestick, uninstall the app. If you still want to cancel the subscription, then keep reading.

  • Open the Apple TV app on your Firestick, and click on Settings.
  • Choose User and Accounts, and then tap on Subscriptions. 
  • Select Cancel Subscription from the menu, and you are good to go.

Before deleting Apple TV from your Firestick, cancel the subscription to avoid paying a monthly fee. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Why can’t I find Apple TV on my Firestick?

A: There can be various reasons why you cannot find the Apple TV app on your Firestick. The first could be a failed download. Sometimes the app does not download correctly. As a result, you don’t see it on your Firestick menu. Another reason could be poor internet connectivity or no compatibility with your Firestick. 

Q: Is apple tv free with Amazon Prime?

A: Apple TV is not free with Amazon Prime, and you need to take its subscription to watch it on Firestick. Visit for more info and to get a subscription today.

Q: how to watch apple tv on Firestick for free?

A: There is no such way to watch Apple TV on Firestick for free. You need an active Apple TV subscription to watch it. Or you can borrow an active account from any of your friends or family members to avoid paying the monthly subscription fee.

Q: How do I buy shows on Apple TV from my Firestick? 

A: Unfortunately, Apple TV in-app purchases are not allowed on Firestick. You need to do it through your PC or iOS device. Open on your PC, and log in with your credentials. Next, select a show, and choose from Book or Rent. You’ll be able to see all the purchases in the Apple TV app library section.   

Q: Should I update the Fire OS to download Apple TV on my Firestick?

A: Yes, it would be great to update to the latest Fire OS to download and use the Apple TV app. Here is an article on updating your Amazon Firestick without any hassles. Once updated, you can use the Firestick to watch Apple TV.


A bigger screen means better entertainment. Therefore, your Firestick is genuinely a perfect device to watch Apple TV on your TV. Just follow all the steps listed in this article, and you can download the app and set it up within minutes.

Also, before searching for Apple Tv on Firestick, ensure that your Firestick version is compatible. 

I hope this article has helped make things easier for you, and if you still have any queries, I am all ears. Drop your questions in the comments section, and I will get back to you ASAP. Read my step-by-step guide on how to connect your firestick to your TV if you’re having trouble like may. 

Enjoy watching your favorite TV shows and movies!

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