Ultimate Review Of Best At Home Laser Hair Removal Machines In 2023

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At home laser hair removal machine

For a long time, laser removal machines were a reserve for reality stars and celebrities.

The advancement in technology, however, availed laser machine to the commoners, and now, anyone can achieve a fur-finish without breaking the bank.

Nonetheless, this isn't to say a quality hair removal machine won't set you back a tidy sum; but if you're dealing with unwelcome hairs, particularly those that tend to grow over a short period, it's an investment you won't regret.

See, unlike other hair removal methods such as razors or shavers, laser machines can disrupt and terminate the growth of hair deep down from its roots, giving you a smooth, silky, hair-free skin.

Also, the best laser hair machines are convenient, in the sense that they're not time-consuming, painless and will give perfect results.

Be as it may, there're still several concerns with laser technology in general, especially with regards to safety.

Fortunately, you don't have to get concerned anymore because we've compiled a list of the top 5 home laser hair removal machines that will get rid of unwanted hair, give you a radiant look, and above all, maintain your safety.

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Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

This as you would expect from us is an EPIC post so grab a coffee before you start  and see how we cut through every product and review it with precision. IF YOU ARE SHORT ON TIME and just need to know the results of our reviews , CHECK THE RESULTS TABLE BELOW!


Full Body Usage?

Hair Reduction?

Weight (Pounds)

Dimensions (Inches)



Yes Very Effective


10.47 x 7.48 x 5.5


Yes Efficient


4.4 x 14.8 x 8.7

Yes Gradual


11.3 x 5.8 x 10.1

Other Great Recommendations






Yes Claimed to be 94.3%


8.4 x 6.4 x 8.2

Top 5 At-Home Laser Hair Removal Machine In The Market For The Money!

Hair removal lasers

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956 - Editor's Choice

The word "Prestige" denotes something that arouses admiration for quality, and true to its name, Phillips Lumea Prestige BRI956 is a masterpiece that excels on various shaving fronts.

Prestige BRI956, launched in 2017, is part of the Lumea Prestige line of laser machines and it boasts of a complete departure from its siblings, the Bri953 and BRI950, especially regarding the technology and performance.

Here are the highlights of the new version of Lumea.

Philips Lumea Prestige BRI956


The look and feel of the Prestige shows how far the home laser machines and the laser industry at large have come and in a relatively short space of time.

Phillips Lumea, for instance, is aesthetically pleasing, sturdily constructed, and refined too, and few shavers, if any, can match the exceptional build and feel of Lumea.

Although I found Phillips Prestige quite weighty and relatively large, it was not quite a disappointment as its bulkiness is made up for by the ergonomic gun-shaped head that made it easy for me to manoeuvre the shaver to the tight spots.

In particular, I like the sleek design that comfortably sits on my hands and stays comfortable, even when shaving the hard-to-reach spots such as bikini line and underarms.

IPL Technology

Sporting the same IPL ( intense pulsed light )technology used and developed by dermatologists, Phillips claims that Prestige BRI956 can offer up to 92% of hair reduction after 3 treatments, and this is quite an improvement from the 75% some of the earlier models gave us.

Though the shaver will not permanently slow down the hair growth, it will let you enjoy up to 8 weeks of smooth, hair-free skin, and if you're consistent as I am, you'll rarely have to see hair again.

Smart Technology

Smart Technology, is an intelligent skin tone sensor that checks and suggests the highest and safest intensity for your skin; it's a reassuring safety check that helpfully recommended the optimum level to use and took the stress of wrong intensity for our skin tone.

In particular, it's quite a handy option for users whose skin tone tends to change with seasons or varies by body area.


Phillip Lumea is undoubtedly not one of the cheapest brands out there, and expectedly, we were interested in the longevity of this laser machine.

Fortunately, Lumea is a reflection of its cost as it comes with a minimum of 250,000 flashes which can cover a humongous 1,025,000 cm² of your body area.

In other words, Lumea gives you 200 full-body treatments, and Phillips advertises the lamp with a lifetime of 20 years. However, many of the users gave 15 years as the average count. Still, even at fifteen years, it's unlikely that you're going to run out of flashes soon, and you can share it and still get decades of use.

Hair-Free Everywhere

Lumea offers a total shaving solution, thanks to the four available attachments that will allow you to quickly treat your body, face, bikini line, and underarms.

We loved how Phillips has uniquely shaped each of the individual attachments, especially regarding shape and size, and this lets the shaver optimize performance and treat the designated areas as effectively as possible.

The different curves, for instance, let the attachments snugly fit into the targeted areas, and this considerably reduces the faff trying to contact the awkward surfaces, a pressing concern we had with several laser machines in the market.


  • Ergonomically designed for a comfortable use
  • Long-lasting performance (15+ years longevity)
  • 8 weeks hair-free skin for every shave
  • 4 attachment for specific body parts


  • Rather expensive

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Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 5 - Best For Durability

It's only recently that Braun entered the light-based hair removal device market. However, in the short period of existence in this domain, Braun has already partnered with several pace-setters in the market, and one of them is Gillette, a partnership that led to the birth of Braun Gillette Venus BD5008.

Now, were it not for the extra additions and improved performance, we would have easily let Gillette 3001, its predecessor, take this position.

Gillette Venus Silk-Expert 5

However, Venus BD5008 is an upgraded version that beats its successor in nearly all aspects, starting from durability, shaving performance, design, and more.

Here's what this new model has to offer;


Venus has heavily borrowed its design cues from the standard women's shavers, and it comes with a rather long and broad design, a contrast to the standard laser machines.

Nonetheless, the rather bulky state isn't too much of a concern to us since the device comes with a unique shape, framed by an ergonomic silver metallic band that makes it a cinch to use even on the tight spots.

IPL Technology

Inspired by professional salons, Venus groundbreaking IPL technology is clinically tested for permanent hair reduction in as little as four treatments.

Delivering 300,000 flashes, Gillette Venus offers the highest amount of flashes in the industry, and this should be sufficient enough to work on your body for 15+ years.

We liked how users attested how Venus works beneath the skin's surface by targeting the melanin hair follicles, helping to break the hair re-growth. With continued use, it was evident that Venus was quite effective at preventing unwanted hairs from reaching the skin surface.

SensoAdapt Technology

For a user like me who has varying skin tones on my body, I really appreciate the SensoAdapt technology that adapts to the skin tone of my body and automatically adapts treatment with every flash.

There's nothing entirely novel here since this safety technology is a standard on many laser machines. However, still, we need to prop Gillette for removing the guesswork that comes with matching your skin tone with the complicated colour matching charts.

Glide Mode

Quite an intelligent feature, glide mode is my favourite aspect of this shaver as it helps to minimize the shaving time considerably and helps to cover large areas fast.

According to Gillette, using this mode triggers more flashes, and this means fewer missed areas, which to me can make or break in keeping up with my weekly treatments.

At the very least, for instance, this Glide mode allowed me to treat my pair of underarms in just under a minute. 


  • Ergonomic
  • Fast shaving periods
  • Safe
  • Full body treatment in a single sitting
  • Very delicate on both hair and skin


  • Not much effect on the facial hair

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Tria 4X Hair Removal Laser - Best Budget Hair Removal Laser

On our third review, we shall look at one of the coolest and smartest purchases I've made to date- Tria 4X Hair laser.

I'm not sure how much you know about laser machines and treatment products, but they're damn expensive.

The cost of Tria, on the other hand, might be too hard to believe; sure, it's not the least expensive on our list, but when you factor the technology used (Diode-laser), features and accessories, you'll see that it's a total steal.

Tria 4X Hair Removal Laser

You think it's too good to be true? Let's find out.

First FDA-Approved Hair Removal

A tried-and-tested laser machine, Tria 4X, was the first device available to the public with approval by the FDA.

With certification and clinical study to back it up, there's no reason why even the most discerning shaver wouldn't want to use it.

Diode Laser-Technology

The professional-strength diode technology, a similar technology to what dermatologists use, promises to permanently rid unwanted hairs from head to toe by disabling the hair follicles.

Delivering up to 4X more hair-eliminating energy than the regular IPL device or any home removal device, this machine will target all your hair follicles and will give a smooth and fur-free skin in no time.

Skin Color Sensor

Tria 4X features a skin colour sensor that helps in detecting safe skin for use.

Ideally, the sensor will unlock on thick, dark hair on lighter skin types, and may not be as effective on the pale skin and light-coloured hairs.

Easy to Use

The gadget itself is a cinch to use. So simple that many of the users are usually worried that they're missing a step or not getting it right on their first try.

We loved how the Tria laser machine offered controlled precision on each treatment area and targeting each follicle at a much deeper and concentrated level.

The unique interactive LED display is yet another impressive convenience feature that will accurately guide you through the shaving process, safely and effectively.


  • FDA Approved
  • Easy to use
  • Powerful performance


  • Not ideal for all hair types

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SmoothSkin Muse Intelligent IPL - High Power Professional Hair Removal Laser

SmoothSkin Muse Intelligent IPL is the latest model from SmoothSkin, and it's packed with some pretty groundbreaking advancement.

A handsome device, it's one of the first high-power IPL devices that offer unlimited flashes, thus providing the real value for your money.

SmoothSkin Muse Intelligent IPL


There're plenty of design similarities between SmoothSkin Muse Intelligent IPL and its predecessor, the SmoothSkin Gold.

The most noticeable aesthetic similarities are the gold dust speckles that are sprinkled across the glossy back top.

The black and gold colour scheme is unlike any other as it feels sleek and sophisticated- I find it smooth to the touch, too.

Though a tad oversize, it sports a continuous curve that makes it easy you manoeuvre when you need to reach the awkward body parts.

IPL Technology

If you've used other laser machines, you will notice and feel the power difference from the very first flash.

As we had mentioned earlier in the introduction, this device offers unlimited flashes, and in our opinion, this feature alone allows this device to trump most of its rivals who usually advise a lamp-life in the hundreds of thousands. In theory, it means SmoothSkin Muse Intelligent IPL can last you a lifetime.

Offering a close to the salon-class performance, the treatment of this laser is quite exceptional, and the timeline of growth can take anywhere from 8-12 weekly sessions to complete.

Skin Tone Sensors

An intelligent machine, SmoothSkin Muse Intelligent IPL, features an auto skin sensor that scans the exact tone of your skin before every flash.

We were impressed by this feature because it kept the device operating at the maximum intensity for our skins, therefore saving us the time and effort to match our skin types.


  • Curvy ergonomic design
  • Skin sensors for safety
  • Aesthetic


  • Useful on light skin but not as much for dark skins

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Remington iLIGHT - Cheapest Hair Removing Laser

Remington iLight marks first in the line of the quality Remington products.

It's a predecessor to the already famous Remington Quartz, and though still in its first iteration, we believe it outclasses the upgraded version in many ways.

An FDA- Approved laser machine, iLight comes with a slew of performance and safety features that will guarantee a smooth skin.

Let's see what it has to offer;

Remington iLIGHT

Long Life

An effective home hair removal device, Remington claims that iLight offered nearly 2X better results in fewer treatments.

We're not here to contest the authenticity of the statement from Remington, but it beats sense to claim that a bulb is emitting 30,000 flashes, so far the least we've come across, can beat some of the models on the list.

But what users can agree is that it delivers a fast flash rate, meaning treatment time is faster. In any case, the time between the flashes is 2 seconds for longer-lasting results, and this is probably the reason why it has a generous success rate of 94% hair reduction in just 3 treatments.

According to Remington, if you're consistent enough and follow their guidelines of regular treatments every 2 times for 6 weeks, you can expect the results to last up to 6 months.

FDA Approved And Clinically Proven

A clinically approved laser machine, iLight will guarantee 100% safety, and it delivers what it promises.

Nonetheless, the iLight is not suitable for use on the neck as well as the face as there's a higher chance for skin burns and irritations.

Easy To Use

iLight is simple to use, and it provides users with detailed information on how to use the machine, which we prove to be really helpful because most of the laser machines usually come with a learning curve. 


  • Easy to use
  • FDA approved
  • Fast hair removal


  • Not suitable for facial hair removal

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Best at Home Laser Hair Removal Machines Buying Guide

Legs after using permanent hair removal

Now that you've had the opportunity of reviewing the top 5 products in the market, I hope you've already decided on which is ideal for your needs.

If you're still on the fence about a couple, no need to worry.

We know how hard it's to decide the best laser machine when you're faced with so many great products.

That's we've gone ahead and compiled a comprehensive buying guide that will let you make a more informed decision in your next purchase.

Hair Colour and Skin Tone

Before purchasing a laser machine, you first need to define your skin colour and tone.

Again, you need to understand your hair colour because lasers usually have a hard time picking some of the pigmentations, such as those of light blondes.


There's a growing concern about the use of laser machines, and this is why it's recommendable that you choose those that are clinically tested and FDA approved.

All our listed laser machines meet the FDA safety threshold. So, they should guarantee you a comfortable and safe shaving experience.

Pain Factor

Laser machines, like epilators, or waxing usually come with a pain factor.

Though none of the laser machines offers a pain-free experience, you should be on the lookout for those that provide features for reducing pain.


Admittedly, At-home laser hair removal is on the higher side of the grooming tool spectrum, and most of them are in the range of hundreds to thousands of dollars.

So, when picking a laser machine, choose one that will fit your budgetary needs; it's doesn't need to be the least expensive but should come at a price you're comfortable with.

Above all, it should fulfil all your shaving needs.

Quotation marks image white opaque


  1. What is the best laser hair removal machine for home? From our testing and research, we recommend Philips Lumea Prestige as the best available hair removal device.
  2. Are home laser hair removal machines safe? At-Home laser hair removal has come a long way since its introduction a decade and a half ago. The current set of devices from leading brands are a lot safer than they used to be, and most are FDA approved, so yes.
  3. Does IPL remove hair permanently? Although laser treatments through IPL or standard laser will reduce the total number of body hair permanently, there is no scientific evidence to prove they will result in permanent hair removal. We would like to use the words permanent hair reduction instead.


Sure, no device is perfect for all people.

However, laser machines are probably the creme de la crème of the shaving industry.

At-home hair removal may not be for everyone, but laser hair removal device usage is being quite a norm with the ever-growing fitness and beauty conscious millennial generations. They are usually quite convenient in their operation, match their professional laser hair removal beauty salon counterparts in both durability and performance- albeit at a premium price to other shaving options.

If removing hair is not a chore anymore and is part of your beauty regime, Home laser machines, in particular, offer a great way to bring a spa to the comfort of your household and will help in delivering an efficient and close shave.

However, as we had mentioned in the introduction, to access these high-end machines for professional home use, you should be up for a more substantial investment.

Be ready to spend several hundreds of dollars, or even more on these salon-level machines.

Current Best Selling Hair Removal Lasers!

Editor Notes:

Why do people prefer laser for hair removal?

Unwanted hair on your hands, legs, back, upper lip, feet, etc., can cause a lot of anguish. People try various hair removal methods, including shaving, waxing, and tweezing, which are painful methods of hair removal. As such, they opt for the laser light-based permanent hair removal method, which is less painful. 

Who can use the laser hair removal method? 

Everybody can use a laser to remove unwanted hairs on their body. For women, they use it to remove hairs from their underarms, legs, bikini lines, etc. On the other hand, men are interested in removing the hair on the back and neck. 

What should I consider when I want to buy a laser hair remover?

First, consider if the laser is within your budget. The most sophisticated lasers may cost you more. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a reliable laser at an affordable price. Also, it will be best if you considered the safety of the laser and the pain factor.

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