AirPod Serial Number Check – How to Check it?

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AirPod Serial Number Check

AirPods are a popular accessory for Apple users, offering wireless connectivity and convenience. Each pair of AirPods comes with a unique serial number that can be used for identification and warranty purposes. If you need to check your AirPods’ serial number, there are several ways to do so, including checking the packaging, using your iPhone, or checking the AirPods themselves. In this article, we will guide you through the steps on how to check your AirPods’ serial number using these methods.

This is How to Check AirPods Serial Number:

  1. Check the packaging: If you still have the original packaging, the serial number is printed on the barcode label on the outside of the box.
  2. Use your iPhone: If your AirPods are paired with your iPhone, you can check the serial number in the Settings app. Go to Settings > General > About and scroll down to the AirPods section. You should see the serial number listed there.
  3. Check the AirPods themselves: If you don’t have the packaging and your AirPods are not paired with your iPhone, you can still find the serial number on the AirPods themselves. Open the lid of the charging case and remove the AirPods. Look for the serial number on the underside of the lid, near the hinge. It should be a series of letters and numbers printed in small font.

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How Can I Tell if My AirPod Serial Number Is Real?

You had to be careful not to buy fake iPhones, but now it’s possible to get duped into buying phony AirPods. Fortunately, there are methods to identify counterfeit AirPods and AirPods Pro 2—One of which is to use the AirPod serial number. 

But how do you know that your AirPod serial number is genuine?

Here’s how:

  • Start your browser and type in the following URL:
  • Next, type the AirPods serial number in the box under the title “Enter your serial number.”
  • Confirm that you are a human by taking the reCAPTCHA test
  • Click on the Continue button

If your AirPod serial number is genuine, you should see the screen below:

Do Fake Apple AirPods Have Serial Numbers?

Yes, fake Apple AirPods have serial numbers. Below is an image of a fake 2nd Generation AirPod.

So how did we conclude that this is a fake Generation 2 AirPod? Easy, let’s repeat the process we discussed in the previous section:

  • Go to the following web address:
  • Now, let’s type the serial number on the charging case.
  • Confirm that we are human
  • Click on Continue

Here’s what you’ll see when the AirPod serial number is fake:

Can You Track AirPods Serial Number?

No, you cannot track AirPod’s serial number. 

Apple does not have a service that lets you locate, track, or even flag your lost AirPods. That’s because the Apple AirPods do not include any built-in tracking technology like Wi-Fi or GPS. 

You only have the Find My option to find your AirPods—but only when they are within Bluetooth range. Set up Find My  with the iOS device you use with the AirPods. Here’s how:

  • Go to your iOS device and click on Apple settings
  • Click on your name up top
  • Select Find My
  • Turn on the Find My toggle
  • Connect your AirPods to the iPhone
  • Confirm that your AirPod has the Find My capability (3rd generation AirPods, AirPods Max, or AirPods Pro)
  • Open the Find My app
  • Find your specific AirPods
  • Update your devices to the latest iOS, iPadOS, and macOS versions

Now you can try to find your lost AirPods

There is no way to use Find My to track down misplaced AirPods if you forgot to activate them beforehand.

Can You Lock AirPods With Serial Number?

No, you cannot lock AirPods with serial numbers. As stated earlier, Apple AirPods do not have built-in tracking technologies like GPS or Wi-Fi. Usually, it connects to your iPhone through Bluetooth. Therefore, it is impossible to lock or control the AirPod’s serial number remotely.

AirPods can broadcast their location via Bluetooth waves. When paired with an iOS device, AirPods will use the device’s GPS to relay location data to Apple’s server.

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How Do I Check AirPods?

So how do you check that your AirPods are genuine? Apple AirPods Pro (2nd Generation)

You need to buy your Apple AirPods Pro 2nd Generation from Apple or from an authorized reseller to avoid purchasing a fake one.

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Check the Box’s Pulling Tab

The pulling tab in the original Apple AirPods Pro has a straight line. The fake AirPods Pro’s pulling tab has holes below the straight line. The work of the small holes is to offer you convenience when unboxing.

Also, when pulling the tabs, you’ll notice that the original AirPod Pro tab is made of plasticized paper. So it does not break. The fake pulling tab breaks because it is made of paper.

Apple also wrapped the original AirPod Pro nicely with a pulling tab. It is easy to remove as it hangs loosely around the charging case.

Gaps Inside the Box

Once you’ve removed the charging case, look at the accessory arrangement and packaging. The Original Apple AirPods Pro should be fitted nicely with no spaces, as illustrated below:

Charging Case

The original and fake AirPods Pro charging cases look similar, so it’s almost impossible to note any difference. However, when we compared the writing behind the casings, we noticed that the fake Apple Pro had darker writing. However, the original AirPods have almost gray writing.

Serial Numbers

Apple provided the box and charging case with different serial numbers. However, the fake AirPod Pro has the same serial number on the AirPods and box.


Pay attention to the message you get when pairing the AirPod Pro with your iOS smartphone. When you open the charging case next to your iOS device, you should see either of these two pop-up messages:

  • AirPod Pro—when the AirPod Pro is genuine
  • Not Your AirPod Pro—when they are fake

Apple AirPods (3rd Generation)

The fake versions of Apple AirPods 3rd Generation entered the counterfeit market a month into its launching. And the manufacturers have done a pretty good job erasing the line of distinction between the two. So that’s why we insist you purchase your Apple AirPods from Apple or a certified reseller.

The process of checking whether the Apple AirPods are genuine is the same as the AirPods Pro. However, there’s something peculiar we’ve noted. So here’s how to check Apple AirPods original.

Flashing Light

When you open the case of the original Apple AirPods 3rd Generation, you should see a white flashing light. The fake AirPods 3rd Generation flashes green.

Serial Number

The original and the fake Apple AirPods have the same serial number on the box and charging case. However, the individual AirPods have different serial numbers. If you notice your AirPods have the same serial numbers, you’ve purchased fake Apple AirPods.

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AirPods Pro Serial Number Check

So we’ve seen that both genuine and fake AirPods Pro have serial numbers. Now let’s look at how to do an AirPods Pro serial check. Here’s how:

  • Check the box. You’ll see the serial number below the box that came with your AirPods Pro.
  • Check the charging case. Open the charging case. Remove the AirPods. Look at the case lid.
  • Settings. Here’s how to check the serial number in the settings. 
    • Pair the AirPods to your iOS smartphone
    • Head to Settings
    • Click on General
    • Select AirPods Pro

If you want to perform an AirPods 2 serial number check, repeat the steps we’ve highlighted above.

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