What is a Ductless Range Hood? (Simple Answer)

What is a Ductless Range Hood

Cooking brings joy to all folks -- we find comfort in its delicious smells and tastes. It is an enjoyable activity, but at times, certain factors like smoke, steam and noxious fumes can put a crimp on your cooking abilities.

Avoid those hassles by considering the wonders of the ductless range hood. Get the stats fast on these nifty range hood units through this article.

Ductless Range Hoods: A Quick Rundown

The ductless range hood is a component that is designed to take away smells, grease, smoke and steam that form while cooking. This way, your kitchen will remain a pollutant-free home, and your dishes, edible.

Charcoal filters are often used to decontaminate those suckers even more, but yes, there are other filters available for ductless range hood types.

Ductless hoods are more cost-effective compared to ducted types plus they’re a breeze to adjust. These units are also easy to work with since there are plenty of options available on where and how you can mount them.

Remember that if you make use of charcoal filters for the ductless hood, you have to replace them on a regular basis. With proper maintenance, you can prolong the life of these ductless types.

In addition, there are areas that advise following building codes regulating ductless range hood installation. Some municipalities might restrict its use due to its ineffectiveness while others may prevent installations of those devices due to its environmental influence.

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Factors to Consider When Buying Ductless Range Hoods

When selecting ductless range hoods, you need to consider several important factors. Here are some of the essentials you need to remember.


There are plenty of non-ducted range hoods being sold right now, and one trusted method to narrow down choices is by settling on a budget. Short on cash? We advise you to save up since this is a rather sizable investment. It pays more to splurge on a quality product than scrimp on a cheap but short-lived, mediocre one.


Filters for ductless hoods include mesh, baffle and charcoal types. The filter is crucial on every non-ducted range hood set-up since it removes odours and helps absorb fumes.

Mesh and baffle filters get by with proper maintenance while charcoal ones need frequent replacement. The former need to be cleaned manually on a frequent basis.

The recirculating hood’s CFM power

CFM refers to cubic feet per minute, and it’s the range hood’s measure of power. An appropriate CFM would depend on a number of aspects; the kitchen size, the types of food you cook, the volume of food that’s often cooked, the total number of burners, ducting length, and the like.

CFMs establishes the amount of time for all air in the kitchen to move across the range hood. You can look for range hood CFM calculators online to get your proper numbers.


Before buying a ductless range hood, make sure that you have all measurements of your cooking range on hand. A suitable range hood can cover all your burners or the entirety of the cooking range.

If your range comes with 4 burners, ensure that the range hood can be nudged far back so the ones at the back will be covered sufficiently. Assess the range’s height from the area where you plan on positioning the range hood.

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Range hoods release a bit of noise whenever its fan and motor operate. Some models, though, can be really loud and become a nuisance at home. Hence when choosing ductless range hoods, make sure to assess the noise levels of the product. An appropriate sound level for home use would be 4 sones.


Of course, you want something that will fit your kitchen’s design and colour scheme. Ductless types come in a good variety of styles so you can actually get something that will be an excellent fit for your kitchen.

Speed control

An optional factor, but in case you are interested, you may want to purchase a model with variable speed control so you can control the fan properly. There are also models with multi-speed control plus settings and variable/multi-stage light controls.

Gauge of steel

If you are concerned about corrosion and maintaining the pristine appearance of your range hood, include the quality of steel that the range hood comes with.

Majority of stainless-steel hoods have a brushed finish to suit most kitchen devices and appliances well. If you want steel that is resistant against corrosion, opt for ductless range hoods from good brands with Grade 304 steel material.

Ductless Range Hood Maintenance

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Like every kitchen device, the ductless hood also needs care and maintenance.

One of the most crucial steps in maintaining your ductless range hood is regular cleanup or replacement of the filter. If you are using charcoal filters, have them replaced every 3-6 months.

For aluminium or baffle/mesh ones, make sure to clean them thoroughly with water and soap frequently to avoid buildup.

Overlooking maintenance leads to damage to the range hood. Avoid such problems by frequently performing maintenance procedures on those components.

The dirt and grease that accumulate on the fan blades of the hood need to be removed as well. It can’t be avoided that food ingredients and grease can spill on those parts while cooking.

For a well-maintained range hood and kitchen, ensure that all traces of food are removed on a regular basis.

No doubt about it, the ductless range hood gives a good number of advantages for homeowners. For one, it keeps the kitchen environment clean and spiffy, it’s a breeze to install and has a cost-effective price to boot. 

Choose a quality ductless hood, make sure to look after it and clean it regularly so the unit will last for a long time.

All of the information you need to know about ductless hoods are included in this article, and now it’s time for you to correspond those factors to specific models of your liking.

Remember to choose quality for great functionality and value. You will end up with the best range for your needs.

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