Ultimate List Of Best Squirrel Feeders In 2023

Best Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels are fascinating to watch.

Be as it may, these cuddly features are loved and hated in equal measure.

If you’re a birder like I am, you know having squirrels in your neighborhood means the possibility of ransacking your bird feeders.

Squirrels can be incredibly infuriating because of their uncanny habits to get into bird feeders.

Considering how ravenous these creatures can be, they can easily put a large dent in your pocket.

Getting past this initial hate, squirrels are cuddly and cute. These quirky little animals are a joy to many, and many homeowners want to have them in their yards.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to put an end to their sneakiness or simply loving their hilarious behaviors, the best squirrel feeder should keep these rodents healthy, happy, and holed up away from your bird feeders.

Squirrel feeders are available in a variety of materials and designs; from classic, whimsical to witty, and regardless of which option you choose from our list, you'll enjoy these cute looking critters up close and personal.

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Dimensions (Inches)



7 x 7.8 x 9

Powder Coated Water Resistant Material

11 x 7 x 10 


8.75 x 14.5 x 1.5

Other Great Recommendations

Bungee Chord

6 x 4 x 1


8.75 x 5.75 x 5.88


9.6 x 9.5 x 7.7


7 x 7.8 x 9

Pol-lumber, Glass

19 x 7 x 16

The Best Squirrel Feeders In The Market For The Money

Wooden Feeder

Kaytee Cedar Squirrel Feeder (Best Wooden Feeder)

This Cedar Squirrel Feeder is a solid option for anyone looking for a handcrafted feeder.

The Kaytee is handcrafted by the Amish and comes with quality craftsmanship.

A solid unit, this feeder is sturdy and appealing, too; it will enhance the look of your yard and provide you with great value.

kaytee cedar

Injection with natural oils makes Kaytee naturally resistant to elements, including moisture and mold.

It also means this wooden feeder is not going to decay, crack, or become infested with bacteria or fungus. This is a good thing because it will let you use it for an extended period.

The squirrels will have an easy time getting the seeds or nuts from this feeder, and will then sit on the ledge as they enjoy their meal.

While we love that the front cover can be turned upside down, it’s cute to see the squirrels open the top cover and climb inside to get the nuts.

Sporting a dimension of 7 x 7.8 x 9 inches, Kaytee is pretty spacious for the squirrels, but will probably be sufficient enough for a single squirrel to be using it at a time.

Installing this feeder is pretty easy, too, and you can mount it on a tree, a wooden fence, or whatever location you think will offer you the best view in your neatly trimmed garden.


  • Distracting enough to keep squirrels from your bird feeder
  • Durable
  • Aesthetic


  • Squirrels chew on the wood

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Stokes Select Lunch (Best Lunch Box Feeder)

If you must get the squirrels away from your birds, you need to use a feeder from a brand that has dedicated all its resources to protecting birds and their habitat.

I’m referring to Stokes Select.

Unlike the Kaytee, you don’t have to worry about the squirrels chewing their feeder because Stokes Select is constructed from all-metal.

Stokes Select Lunch

Kaytee is weather resistant and is further powder coated to prevent corrosion.

This 4.1-capacity feeder is highly versatile and will allow you to offer your squirrels with an extensive range of foods.

The easy-lift top lid easily opens to the contents of the feeder, and you can use it to refill the squirrel lunchbox with nuts or seeds.

We love that this feeder is easy to install; you can mount it by screwing on a tree or any surface.

Cleaning is easier because you simply need to spray to remove the mess.


  • Sturdy; all-metal construction
  • Anti-rust
  • 1-pound capacity


  • Perching area is a tad small

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Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder (Best for Corn)

The Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder is a truly unique feeder and not like your typical feeder. In fact, it’s the only feeder that uses the “flying wheel” idea.

This feeder is a nice unit that includes five metal bars with corkscrew ends, which are all attached to a decorative center point.

Woodlink Squirrel-Go-Round Feeder

 Each of the screw points is attached to corn cobs, and it offers a fun way for these cunny creatures to feats on the cobs one at a time.

The five skewers rotate the corn cobs, and squirrels find this enjoyable, and it helps to distract them from looking to your bird feeders.

Depending on the location of your feeder, the Woodlink will, at times, allow the squirrels to share feeding time provided there's a fence or ledger to stand on.

Besides being a trendy feeder, what we like most about this feeder is that it’s constructed from cast aluminum.

The aluminum construction makes it sturdy and robust enough to hold on to the hanging squirrels as well as the corn cobs.

Install this go-round feeder is a cinch. We love that it comes complete with the necessary mounting hardware for a variety of mounting spots, including trees, decks, and posts.

Watching squirrels devise ways to eat corn is exciting to watch. Some of the reviewers even this feeder "squirrel Olympics" as the fast rotation is either a miss or a hit.

For more fun, leave the feeder hanging as opposed to having the squirrels hold onto a place and watch their creativeness at best.


  • Can feed multiple squirrels depending on location
  • Fun to watch
  • Sturdy construction


  • Cobs can fall off

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Songbird Essentials SQUAD Cord  (Best Hanging Feeder)

Have you ever wanted to see a Squirrel bungee jump?

If so, you need a Songbird Essentials SQUD Cord.

This feeding cord from Songbird will provide you with hours of unlimited entertainment.

The SQUAD squirrel feeder is an easy to use, and it will keep the squirrels away from your bird feeders and at the same time, offer a smart way to keep these creatures healthy by offering nutritious meals.

Songbird Essentials SQUD Squngee Bungee Cord

This feeder simply entails a bungee cord that you hang on a tree or any other raised position.

The feeder can hold a maximum of two corns, which is enough for the visitors.

This feeder works well by distracting the squirrels from the bird feeders, and once they find corn, you’re sure that will become regular visitors.

We love that this unit is designed with a bell that rings every time the squirrels to get corn.

So, you can always get an alert when the squirrels are in your yard.

It would be nice to have several squirrels hanging on the feeder and doing their acrobatics as they feats on the corn.

The Songbird Essentials SQUAD Cord comes with no frills or frays and does not require any special tool or skill to install. 

A simple and intuitive model, this bungee cord is always ready to use right out of the box.


  • Entertaining
  • Easy to install
  • Alert you when squirrels visit


  • Some squirrels are smart, and they cut the bungee before running with the corn

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Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder (Best Funny Feeder)

It’s doesn’t get any better when internet memes and nature collide into a single spilt-screen of a squirrel eating from a horse head.

I love horses, and having squirrels eating from a horse head is somewhat the definition of "cool."

The Accoutrements Horse Head uses a pretty simple concept. The feeder is basically a plastic horse head that you tie a string to, and let it dangle from a tree or any other object.

Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

According to the manufacturer, it's recommendable to put some butter in the horse head to keep food from falling out. The peanut butter will also make the process of discovering the horse head a lot easier.

What makes these horse head funny is that the squirrels need to put on some effort to reach the peanut, which is, in most cases, stored on the nose of the head.

To reach the food, they need to stand on their hind legs, and this makes them look like bugger wearing horse masks while feeding.

The little squirrel challenge is always great for your lungs and will break you into bursts of laughter.

On the flip side, however, the horse head is constructed from plastic, and there's a high chance that the squirrels might chew their way in.

Again, the feeder does not come with a hanging rope, so it would be recommendable to have one beforehand.


  • Funny
  • Keeps the squirrels engaged
  • Easy to hang
  • Easy to clean


  • Squirrels might chew the horse head

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Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder (Best Lawn Chair Feeder)

Adding the Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder in your backyards is the kitschy way to attract squirrels.

Belle Fleur has been producing top-quality animal feeders for a long time, and the Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder is no different.

It comes with rugged durability and a premium choice for anyone looking for a squirrel feeder that will last for long.

Belle Fleur Chair

This feeder is designed to replicate a human chair, and this creates a cool and fun way to provide food for the squirrels.

When feeding, the squirrels do not have to do anything pretty much besides simply sitting in the chair as a person would.

We were pleased with the overall build of the unit, and even if multiple squirrels are constantly using the feeder, it will show minimal signs of wear.

Regarding the ease of use, Belle Fleur Chair Squirrel Feeder comes with a simple, and intuitive design

You simply need to mount the feeder on your desired location, and then push a screw on the edge of the feeder through a corn con.

This feeder is not only pragmatic, but it’s equally entertaining to watch the squirrels feed.

A major concern we had with this feeder is that it runs on the smaller side.

Again, this feeder supports single corn only, meaning that it's not going to last for long, especially if there’re multiple squirrels.


  • Quality build
  • Simple to mount
  • Funny


  • Runs small

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Pennington Cedar Squirrel Feeder (Best Multi-Functional Feeder (birds and Squirrels))

If you’re on a budget and looking to purchase a versatile unit, you might consider the Pennington Cedar Squirrel Feeder.

This squirrel feeder is a multi-purpose unit that is designed to be used in more than one way.

This box design feeder comes with an adjustable front panel that will let you flip it, making the unit an option for bird feeding too.

Pennington Cedar

Nonetheless, this feeder is primarily designed for feeding squirrels, and it comes with a lid that the squirrels lit to access the lid.

The lid closes easily after the squirrel enters or leaves the feeder, and so the food is always safe from the birds or other elements.

What we love most about this squirrel feeder is that it can accommodate a variety of foods, and this includes full corn as well as loose foods such as peanuts.

True to its name, this multi-purpose squirrel feeder is constructed from natural red cedar.

Cedar is renowned for its robustness and resistance to decay. More importantly, it’s quite aesthetic, especially when used as a squirrel feeder.

A simple and easy to use the unit, the Pennington Cedar Squirrel Feeder comes with all the necessary installation hardware.


  • Multi-functional
  • Durable cedar construction
  • Holds plenty of food


  • Can be damaged by squirrels

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Birds Choice Jar Squirrel Feeder (Best Plastic Squirrel Feeder)

If watching squirrels is your hobby, you’ll fancy the Birds Choice Jar Squirrel Feeder.

This feeder is an incredible option for homeowners who are looking more than keep squirrels away from their yard, but also watch them while feeding.

This feeder is constructed from recycled plastic alongside a clear jar.

Birds Choice Jar

The recycled plastic extended the functional life of this feeder, while at the same time making it more appealing while hanging on a tree for the squirrels.

The clear jar, on the other hand, will hold the corn and lose foods.

We love the generous capacity of the jar as it allows it to hold squirrels for a few days, especially if the squirrels are few.

Speaking of size, the overall size of this unit is large enough to accommodate several squirrels.

The jar is clear, so you can get a clear view of the squirrels to form a distance.

Like all the best feeders for squirrels, this unit is easy to install. In any case, you simply need to attach it to any piece of wood, and you're good to go.


  • Clear view
  • Extended functional life
  • Easy to install


  • Heavy

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Best Squirrel Feeder Buying Guide

Squirrels are sneaky and fun too.

Regardless of whether you’re trying to put an end to their sneakiness or simply loving their hilarious behaviors, here are the top considerations to make before buying a squirrel feeder.

buying guide for squirrel feed


The capacity refers to the amount of food that a feeder can hold.

The choice of what capacity to choose will depend on the squirrels.

If you have a lot of squirrels visiting you, the more you'll need a bigger feeder.


The design of a squirrel feeder is dependent on many factors.

Primarily, the design is based on the type of food you're going to feed the squirrel.

For instance, peanuts and other loose foods are better suited in enclosed squirrel feeders, while corn cobs are ideal for the open designed feeders.

Besides the type of food, other factors that influence the choice of design include location and the kind of squirrels.

Material Construction

Before purchasing a squirrel feeder, you need to consider the strength of the unit.

It's always a good idea to invest in something durable.

Regarding strength rating, metal is an incredible option, as it can stand up to the weather, and it cannot be nibbled by the squirrels.

While the nice, wooden squirrel feeders are visually appealing and will complement your yards, they might be strong enough to withstand the chewing of the hungry squirrels.


Cost is yet another often neglected aspect.

When choosing a squirrel feeder, purchase one that is within your budget limits.

Ideally, you should aim to strike a balance between cost and functionality, get a feeder that will is within your budget, and, most importantly, one that fully addresses your needs.


There are plenty of reasons why anyone would want to have a squirrel feeder in their backyard.

Regardless of the reason, it's not in doubt that feeding squirrels are fun and gratifying.

We’ve already given you a list of the best squirrel feeders in the market. Hopefully, you’ll find it easy to select a model that you love.

Editor Notes:

Where should you place the squirrel feeder?

When you get a squirrel feeder, it is essential to consider the most convenient place to put it. The location should be easily accessible and safe. 

The best idea will be to place the feeder where you can refill it without any hassles. The location should also be easily accessible for the squirrel. If you have nesting squirrels, it would be ideal to place the feeder on a tree. This will make it easy for the mother squirrel to feed the young ones. 

Can a squirrel feeder attract rats in my compound?

Feeding squirrels is a fun activity. However, squirrels are not very careful when eating. They can drop pieces of food on the ground, which can attract rats and other rodents to your compound. 

What do squirrels hate?

If squirrels are becoming a problem, you must find out how to deter them from your compound. You can use products that squirrels don’t like to keep them off. 

For instance, squirrels don’t like strong scents such as garlic, white pepper, and black pepper. They also don’t like some sweet smells such as peppermint. Thus, you can spray your flowers and plants with water and then sprinkle peppermint or pepper to keep the squirrels away.


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