Manual Razor vs Electric Razor – Which One to Choose? (Simple Answer!)


Manual razors have been around for ages, and you surely know how to use them. While they are not the fastest, these blades are easier to control and can achieve as close a shave as you need, want, or prefer. On the other hand, electric razors have only started popping out in many bathrooms in recent years. Tons of people are huge fans, though, and thus begin the debate on whether to get an electric or manual razor.

The Differences Between An Electric Razor And a Manual Razor

Before you decide which one of which to choose, you might want to understand the differences between the two. First of all, manual razors can be one of many things, from straight razors, cartridges, disposables, and safety razors. Whatever type you choose, you will most likely end up with a closer shave, which is why they are perfect for certain parts of the body like under the chin.

On the other hand, electric razors fall under two types, foil or rotary shaver. The biggest difference between these handheld devices is that they do not cut hair as quickly as manual shavers, removing hair slowly mainly to avoid cutting skin.

If you are deciding whether to make the jump to electric razor (since most men start with the manual) or if you are contemplating which is better, then read on.

Advantages Of Manual Shavers

Safety razor set

Safety razor set

1. You Get The Closest Shave Possible

Because the blade is exposed, unlike in electric shavers, it will always be able to shave closest to the skin. Accompanied with the proper prep work, products, and the best technique, you can achieve excellent results without compromising on comfort.

2. It Is Cheaper

While some multi-blade cartridges are significantly more expensive, double-edge razors with a single blade are quite economical. They are also sharp and long-lasting compared to ones with more blades.

Disadvantages Of Manual Shavers

cut throat razor comparison

1. It Takes A Lot Of Time

You need to do some prep work before actually shaving plus you need to carefully clean and maintain the tools. When you are travelling, you will need to bring tons of stuff like the razor, extra blades, shaving brush and cream, pre-shave oil, and alum.

2. It Takes Practice

Not everyone has a steady hand to get a close shave without any cuts. However, with some practice and the right tools, you can perfect your technique over time. Still, if you have sensitive skin, it might not be the best method for you.

3. Refills Are Necessary

While not too expensive, refill cartridges still cost money and contribute to trash. But because the blades get dull quickly, there is no other way to continuously do a traditional shave.

Advantages Of Electric Shavers

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1. It Is Fast And Convenient

When you want to shave, you simply get your shaver and start! No more applying shaving cream and other prep work, plus if you have a shaver with its own cleaning station, you do not have to worry about washing up. Otherwise, shavers can be easily rinsed under the tap.

2. Your Skin Is Happier

Forget about cuts, nicks, and irritation. You can achieve a good and close shave without compromising on comfort for your skin.

3. It Works With Wet Shaving Too

When you shave with some shaving cream, you improve the comfort and the closeness of the shave. Fortunately, most of the electric shavers today are waterproof and can be used with most of the shaving gels and creams out there.

While a wet shave is not necessary (unlike in a manual shave), it is great to know you can still use those shaving creams at home and enjoy that traditional shaving experience (just like in the barbershop!).

4. It Is Economical In The Long Run

Many people make the misconception that electric shavers are more expensive. The truth is, they are only pricey in the beginning because you have to buy the gadget. Some models are not as expensive, although most can be quite expensive.

Once you shell out this money, though, you can expect it to last many years. Blades and foils will need replacing, but only once a year compared to manual shavers that need new cartridges every few days. In the end, you might end up saving money with your electric shaver.

The only cheaper alternative is a double edge razor with cheap single blades. They will, however, not deliver the best results, especially over time.

Disadvantages Of Electric Shaving

Man Using An Electric Shaver

1. They Do Not Deliver The Closest Shave

Compared to manual shavers, they will never deliver the same results. High-end shavers like the Panasonic Arc 5 claim to be the closest, but it is still not exactly the same. Still, good results are subjective, and the most important thing is that you are happy with the results of your shave.

A big difference is also the fact that manual shaver will also exfoliate your skin as you shave. It does so by removing the top layer of cells. If you use an electric shaver, you will need to exfoliate your skin extra.

2. Your Skin Needs To Adapt To It

When you shift from a manual shaver to an electric one, you will be disappointed at first. You might also experience some hair patches being left behind and razor burn. Do not give up so quickly and give your skin 3 weeks to adapt.

Much like with a manual shaver, you need to practice to get used to it and to develop your technique. You can also follow some tips on making the most of your electric shaver.

3. It Can Get Expensive At Times

In the beginning, you will need to shell out some money for the shaver. Cleaning cartridges and replacement parts are also costly. The good thing is, there are cheaper models out there that deliver exceptional results, so just read the reviews to find the perfect one for you.

Which Should You Choose?

While you can spend your whole life using manual shavers like your grandfather, electric shavers offer more ease and comfort. They are worth every cent and your skin will be happier, too.

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