iPhone speaker not working during calls: Reasons And fixes

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iPhone speaker not working during calls

As the iPhone 13 rings, and you’re about to answer, you realize that the speaker on your phone isn’t working. Panic hits as you imagine it could be significant damage. Worry not. It might just be a mini-disconnected microphone or a damaged speaker. 

The phone’s speaker is a vital part of any audio setup. It’s not just there for aesthetic purposes—it helps make calls sound clearer as it amplifies sound through its built-in microphone. If the speaker on your iPhone isn’t working correctly, it can be frustrating when trying to communicate with someone who can’t hear what you are saying. However, this article guides you on the possible causes and the quick fixes.

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Why can’t anyone hear me when I make a call on my iPhone?

An iPhone’s speakers and calls are critical to the user experience. When you make a call, your iPhone should be able to hear you loud and clear. But if it’s not, there are a few reasons why you might be having trouble hearing people during calls on your iPhone. Here’s what might be going wrong:

Muted volume

The volume is too low or on mute. This is often caused by something happening on your end, like a call going to voicemail or being dropped. Try checking the volume and ensuring it’s set at the highest possible setting.

Poor call quality

The call quality is terrible. If you have an older iPhone model, it might not have the best signal quality—try switching to a new carrier if this is the case!

Low battery charge

Your phone has voice-powered speakers, meaning they only produce sound when you tell them to—and if they don’t have enough power, then they won’t work. You can check this by looking at your battery percentage in Settings > Battery. If it’s low, and you’re having trouble hearing the person on the other line, consider charging up your phone before trying again!

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External devices interference

If you’re using a wired headset with audio controls or headphones with a mic, those may not be turned on or working correctly. If that’s the case, use an original Apple headset or headphones with an inline mic to make calls.

Your call may be routed through a device with poor speakerphone capability (like an older phone model). Try turning off “Voice Over” in Settings > General > Accessibility > Voice Over and try calling again.

Similarly, appliances like computers, wall outlets, and other electronics in your home (like refrigerators) may interfere with your phone connectivity, hence volume issues.

The microphone can’t pick up your voice.

Your phone’s microphone is an array of tiny holes that detects sounds around the phone. If the holes aren’t lined up correctly, it won’t be able to pick up sound from the person on the other end of the line. It’ll be like they’re speaking in another language!

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Blocked microphones

If you’re still having trouble getting your phone working correctly, then there’s a chance that something else is blocking its way and causing problems for both devices involved (both yours and theirs). For example, dust particles could be blocking one or both of their respective mics’

How do you fix your phone when the other person can’t hear you on speaker?

A few things could be wrong with your phone’s speaker or microphone, so it’s a good idea to check them before considering any other fixes.

Fix 1: Check if everything’s connected properly. Ensure the headset and mic are plugged into their respective ports on your device. If this does not fix the problem (you still cannot hear anyone), try using another headset or speakerphone.

Fix 2: Clean your iPhone speaker and earpiece port.

Fix 3: Update your phone’s software. If you’re using an older iPhone, try updating the firmware on your device—it may be necessary if you’re having trouble with the microphone and speaker working during calls.

Fix 4: Try turning off the speaker on your end, then turning it back on again. This can sometimes fix a problem with interference between the two devices—sometimes, switching the speakers back and forth will help!

Fix 5: Make sure your iPhone is charged. There is a possibility that your phone has run out of battery power. If this is the case, simply plug in your phone and charge it back up.

Fix 6: Use an app like Google Voice to test if your iPhone mic works. 


If neither of those options works, then it’s time to troubleshoot the issue further by checking your microphone or speaker settings on your phone.

Navigate settings

First, go into Settings and select “Sounds & Haptics” from the left-hand menu bar. You will see an option for “Microphone” on this page. Select it and then choose “Test Microphone.” You should hear a sound now when you touch the screen! If not, select “Test Speaker” and see if that works better for you.

Restart your iPhone

If none of these steps help solve your problem, try restarting both devices involved in the call—your phone and whichever device you’re trying to talk through—and see if that helps resolve things.

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iPhone speaker not working during calls (FAQs)

Why is my iPhone 13 speaker not working during calls?

The speaker is not working on your phone due to several issues, such as a blown speaker, a broken connection, or a bad battery. There is a possibility that your phone has run out of battery power. If this is the case, simply plug in your phone and charge it back up. If this doesn’t work, try using headphones instead of speakers while making your calls.

Why can’t my iPhone 11 can’t hear the caller unless on speaker?

Your phone’s microphone may be faulty or damaged. Alternatively, the call quality may be poor because of external noise or interference from other sources, such as a nearby TV broadcast or microwave ovens. Any items may also block the microphone on the screen or the case itself.

Why does the iPhone 12 have sound issues during calls?

There could be a problem with the audio jack. The jack itself may be damaged, or you could have a faulty cable. If the audio jack is damaged, it will cause the speaker to become non-functional because it cannot receive any power from your device. Try plugging in headphones if you use your phone for music or video playback to see if this helps resolve the issue.

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