How to Listen to Music in the Shower (Creatively)

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How to Listen to Music in the Shower (Creatively)

How to Listen to Music in the Shower?.. In a creative way.. and with a tad bit of help from gadget wizardry

Have you ever experienced fearing for the life of your phone whenever you bring them to the shower? Have you ever tried wrapping it with plastic just so you can sing to the music and still worry about it falling to the floor? You’re not alone because almost everyone has felt this. Singing in the shower makes showers a lot more fun, and without music, it’s just another boring thing people have to do.

If you’re wondering how you can listen to music while you’re getting cleaned up, here are seven ways you can try for a more enjoyable shower experience.

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1. Use a Waterproof Phone Bag

use waterproof phone bag

This is a very simple way to be able to use your phone in a bath. All you really need is to cover your whole phone with a plastic case, so it doesn’t get wet while you’re showering. These waterproof phone bags are a lot like the phone bags you see people wear on their necks when they go to the beach.

If you have a spare hook in the shower area, you can also hang your phone bag there so it’s easy for you to change the music (or you can just activate the voice assistant on your phone, so you don’t have to touch it).

2. Gadget-Embedded Shower Curtains

What if you don’t have a hook? Instead of troubling yourself with placing one on your bath area, you can just buy yourself a gadget-embedded shower curtain.

A shower curtain doesn’t seem like something that would have any more innovation to it, but you’d be surprised at how this new invention works. These curtains have waterproof compartments on it where you can place your phone or your tablet. Now, you can listen from any device while you shower. What’s great about this is that they are so conveniently placed on the curtains that you won’t even notice that they’re there!

shower curtains with pockets

3. Musical Bath Bombs

Got a bathtub? You’d be happy to know that there are devices that can be left bobbing around your bathtub while they play relaxing music. Just imagine, you relaxing underwater while you hear the soft beats playing from your speakers. This way, you don’t have to get out of the tub for you to start the music.

Don’t worry, these speakers are waterproof, so they don’t really crack even when they sink underwater. Of course, you don’t want to overdo this and test it to its limits, so it’s best to just place them near your tub.

4. Waterproof Speakers

Why complicate things any more, right? With simple waterproof speakers, you don’t have to worry about connectivity problems and other complicated features. Waterproof speakers are definitely a go-to for people who love to sing in the shower and not worry about anything else.

Yes, there are a lot of techy gadgets out there in the market, even earbuds to take into water while swimming, but the question is, do you want to complicate your shower experience? Aren’t baths supposed to be the most hassle-free experience you can give to yourself? This is why a lot of people just buy waterproof speakers.

waterproof speakers

There are lots of variety in the market, so you’re free to take your pick on what model and brand to buy. There are styles that have suction cups at one side so you can easily stick them to the wall. Plus, you can bring them anywhere from the shower to the living room!

On the other hand, you can buy waterproof speakers that you can tie or hang onto your shower head. With this, you can also bring them wherever you go. Ideally, you pick a model that is portable, so you can bring it to the beach or your bathtub.

5. Water-Powered Radio

If you’re familiar with hydro-powered devices, then a water-powered radio does not fall far away from this concept. In a nutshell, water-powered radios are run by water running through them, so there’s definitely no problem in getting them wet.

They don’t need batteries and electricity, so they are certified shower-proof. All you really need to do is know where they should be placed because they have to be where the water is running. Usually, a water-powered radio is installed by the shower where water always runs.

If you’re worried that it’s going to be useless after water, don’t be. Most models can store energy that the water produces so even when you’re done showering, you can still enjoy some music.

6. Waterproof Sound Systems

You also have waterproof sound systems that you can set up in the bathroom. Since these are sound systems, they often come in the form of a case or a box where you connect your phone. Don’t worry, most of them have sealed compartments to keep your phone safe.

What’s great about sound systems is that they often have a better sound quality than smaller speakers. They also come in various shapes, sizes, and colours that you will love to bring to the shower (or the beach).

7. Musical Showerheads

music through showerhead

And lastly, you have your musical showerheads. This is probably one of the most excellent ways you can listen to music while you’re in the shower. Thanks to Bluetooth and wireless connections, you can have shower accessories that play music.

For this specific design, your actual showerhead is the Bluetooth speaker. It serves as a 2-in-1 product where it acts as a speaker, and it also spews out water. You can just connect the Bluetooth showerhead to your phone or your TV, and then you can go ahead and take a bath with your favourite tunes in the background.

There are a lot of other ways to listen to music in the shower. Although most methods here involved buying a new audio device, you can explore more creative ways to protect your phone while you sing your heart out. Some have been very creative by wrapping their phones with plastic.

Or to make your life easier, you can just leave your phone on a table in the bathroom. There are lots of methods to try, and there are a lot of waterproof speakers that are very tempting to buy, too!

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