Ultimate Review Of Best Shower Heads In 2023

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At that moment when you begin to experience poor water flow in your shower, you'll have no option but to start thinking about the best shower head that will serve as a perfect replacement. Besides, you may be in the middle of a home renovation project. In that case, your bathroom probably needs an upgrade. Even when you are not intending to make the purchase right away, finding cheap shower head price will make your budgeting task practically easier.  

Home renovation and replacement need aside, there are some people shopping for this bathroom accessory because they are packing into a new home. Regardless of your purchase intent, the following shower head reviews will help you to get what you want at a price that is affordable.  

Having a wide range of options will make it possible for you to choose the one that has both the design and features you value the most. Even though I don't know who you are, I'm aware that your preferences are unique to a very large extent; just as you are.  

Quick Comparison Table & Our Pick!

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Finish Type?


Dimension (Inches)




4 x 2.5 x 8.0

Matte Black

Matte Black

5.38 x 5.38 x 2.75



10.5 x 9.5 x 4.12

Other Great Recommendations



8.63 x 8.63 x 2.38 



12 x 11.8 x 3.6

Types of Bathroom Shower Heads 

Assuming you are the person in need of one because you are parking into a new home, understanding the types of bathroom shower heads is very important. Even as you are reading through these shower head reviews below, this will help you to differentiate the ones that will suit your peculiar needs from others. As simple as this bathroom accessory seems to most people, here are the major types you'll find in the market.  

Rainfall Shower Heads 

This type of shower head provides downward water flow when mounted on the shower ceiling. Just as the name suggests, the flow follows the form of natural rainfall. Based on its design and construction, expect the water to flow through and around your whole body. If you have a preference for this one and for any reason at all, make sure there is enough for this shower head installation. The reason is that it is usually larger than other standard showers.  

Handheld Shower Heads 

Movability and convenience are the major things that set this type of bathroom shower head apart from others. Being attached to a hose makes it very easy to move around as you like. Ultimately, this design is meant to reach all of the closed and hard to reach parts of the body.  

Dual Shower Head 

Besides the rainfall and handheld bathroom shower heads, there is another type that is usually affordable. In fact, you are looking for the best shower head under $50, you'll definitely find many affordable options within this category. Even before you move to Amazon in order to find some of these products, I have taken time to research and add the bestsellers in this buying guide. When you buy and install this type, one head will be fixed firmly on the wall. The other head will be fixed loosely beside it for easy handheld movability. Looking at the fact that this combo is usually more expensive, you'll be getting extra convenience with it.  

Multi-Function Shower Heads

Beyond what is obtainable from a dual shower head, here is another type that comes with extra functions and preferential convenience. Knowing what it is and how it works, some people do come into the market looking specifically for the best multi-function under $100. Some of the core function you'll get in this type includes rain mist, deep massage, heavy rinse, heavy rain, wide-angle rain and aerated bubble stream. When you buy one of these models, you'll have optional settings to select which one you prefer. While you are reading through the best shower head reviews in this buyer guide, you'll find great models within this category too.  

Ceiling Mount Shower Head 

At that moment when two spouses need to take a shower together as often as possible, this is the best option meant for that. From its design and functionality, you'll have a distinct experience of real luxury. Interestingly, people that are keenly interested in the best luxury bathroom shower heads often buy this ceiling mounted model. The other thing worth noting is that its remarkability for luxury experiences doesn't add much cost at all. You can still find many ceiling mounted shower heads under $200.  

Wall Mounted Shower Heads 

For one reason or the other, there some other prospective buyers that come into the market looking for the best wall mounted shower heads to buy. In most cases, what is driving the purchase intent is either a high level of satisfaction from previous purchase or recommendation from an expert. For instance, when you making a commitment to bathroom renovation, you may need an expert opinion on the best product that will suit the peculiar nature of your house. Without much explanations, this is the type that will be mounted on your bathroom wall.  

Best Bathroom Shower Head Buying Guide: The Key Considerations 

Beside increased understanding of the major types of shower heads in the market, there are some other considerations worth thinking through before you click the order button. In more vivid terms, these are the features that set one product apart from the other. Even when you are reviewing products from any one of the top-rated shower head brands, there will always be differences among products from that particular brand.  

Shower Head Girl 2

Shower Head Spray Settings – most times, this will be dependent on the type of shower head you buy. Fixed models won't have any settings at all. While there are some models that will offer two settings only, you'll find up to 6 or more settings in some others. Some models with up to or more settings include ShowerMaxx Luxury Spa and Hydroluxe 1433.  

Type of Spray – regarding this feature, you have to choose between rain, massage, mist, heavy rinse and others. Again, it depends to some extent on the exact product you end up buying. While making a comparison, there will also be differences in terms of flow rate or gallons per minute.  

Faucet Finish – in relation to some peculiarities in your home, you have to think through faucet finish when intending to buy bathroom shower head online or offline. Regarding this purchase factor, the main considerations include chrome, brushed nickel, bronze, brass and stainless. Perhaps, there will away be variation and indication regarding each product.  

Bathroom Fixture Shape – even though this may not matter to you at all, there are people strong preferences in this regard. Hence, if the shape is a factor for you the options here includes round, square and oval shapes.  

Ultimate Review Of Best Shower Heads In The Market For The Money!

Best Handheld Shower Head: Moen 26100EP Magnetix 

As we have noted earlier in this buying guide, handheld models of this bathroom accessory provide great convenience. This tool comes with a water saving capacity of 2.2 GPM flow rate. A big part of that factor of convenience is a rotary selector that works really well even with wet hands. In order to hold everything in perfect stability during and after each bathing session, Moen 26100EP Magnetix has a magnetic dock. Impressively the level of force that this magnetic system uses to work is moderate enough.  

Moen 26100EP Magnetix

Whether you are sitting down in your or standing in your tub, this magnetic system makes it easy to detach and attach the shower head as easily as you want. In term of installation, you may decide to use the Moen system or a standard wrench. And there is a rubber gasket that is meant to prevent unnecessary leakage when installed properly.  

Moen 26100EP Magnetix is a six multi-function shower head. Assuming you decide to buy this one, these functions include massage, relaxing massage, wide coverage, rinse, soothing massage and downpour. The hose length is 59 inches. Main spray head itself has about 3.5'' diameter. This product is made of attractive chrome finish which has mirror-like reflection within a sufficiently lighted atmosphere.  

Based on my findings from past users, this product was confirmed to be compatible with Moen positive temp valve. When you unbox this head, you'll find that the hose is metal but it is very flexible for you to use in any direction.  


  • Priced under $50 
  • Easy to detach from the magnetic base 
  • Rubber installation gasket to prevent water leakage 
  • ADA compliant  


  • The plastic included breaks in a very short while 

Check Moen 26100EP Magnetix Price On Amazon

Delta Faucet H20 kinetic Hand Shower Head 

based on the current status of this brand in the marketplace, these shower head reviews will not be complete without Delta Faucet. Among other features, the dual handheld design of this model provides maximum relaxation and luxury when you need it. According to the manufacturer, this actually a hand shower and shower head in one. Depending on your choice, you can detach the system and start spraying in any direction of your choice.  

Delta Faucet H20 kinetic

When you buy Delta Faucet H20 kinetic you'll get five different spray options. These options include full body spray, massaging spray, power drench spray and pause. Like the one reviewed above, there is also a magnetic dock system. With this, you can able to keep it in place after usage. When you want to start making use of it, detachment is very easy to do. That means you don't have to exert any force in order to pull it off.  

The stipulated flow rate on this one is 2.00 GPM and 7.6L/min. If you have a strong consideration of this one, please note that the water pressure is not adjustable. However, the normal flow is good enough to give you a satisfactory experience. Perhaps, it is a well-known fact that stainless steel is the strongest material for this type of bathroom product. But this one that is made of metal finish still serve really well. I bet the life span will be long enough for you to get higher value for your money.  

For price-conscious shoppers, be informed that this one is slightly priced above $100 but not up to $200. Delta Faucet also made the up and down adjustment of the head to be very easy for everyone. This particular model is available in chrome, champagne bronze and matte black. However, there are slight differences between these finish options.  


  • Strong metal handle 
  • Flexible steel hose 
  • Variety of spray options 


  • Not so strong pressure  

Check Delta Faucet H20 kinetic Price On Amazon

Moen S6320 Velocity Two-Function Rainshower 8-inch Showerhead 

the 8-inches diameter of this bathroom fixture is probably enough to give you wide coverage of your entire body during a shower. From my findings, it is one of the best shower heads than deliver up 2.5 gpm flow rate. If you notice very, this is the second Moen product in this post.  

Another impressive feature you'll find on this product is the single handle lever which makes it easy to control the water temperature. Like the first one reviewed earlier, Moen s6320 velocity two-function rainshower 8-inch showerhead has a clean chrome finish.  

Moen s6320

In case you are usually concerned about water conservation, the adjustment lever will make it easy to choose the best spray pattern for each varying context. The two functions construction offers its users 100 nozzles for wider rainfall experience or 30 nozzles that concentrates the water flow a little bit.  

Regardless of the fact this model from Moen cost a little more, the life span will outlast many of the cheaper shower heads that may appeal to you. If my guess is right, you won't like to be coming to market every six months for a new one. The main three styles available here include bronze, chrome and nickel. Once again, there are slight differences regarding these material differences.  

Moen s6320 velocity weighs about 2.4 pounds while dimension stands at 10.5 x 9.5 x 4.1 inches. As you can see from the product picture, this is one of the best wall mounted shower heads in the market today. Some of the comparable models that offer similar rich features are Kohler 10282 AK-CP Forte and SpeakMan S-2255. Both of them are relatively cheaper.  


  • Exceptional coverage  
  • Two impressive functions 
  • No complication  
  • Optional finishes and styles available  


  • Not the best for smaller showers 

Check Moen s6320 Rain Shower Price On Amazon

Hansgrohe 26465001 Croma 220 Showerhead

Being around since 1901 made Hansgrohe one of the oldest brands in the block. And you can tell that they make high quality products in order to stay successfully in business for that long. When this term ‘ceiling mounted luxury shower head is mentioned, you may think they are all the same because of the seeming simplicity of how it is mounted. But when you dig a little deeper, you'll see lots of different designs, shapes and features that make each one different from the other.  

First of all, there are 107 clog-free spray channels built into this bathroom tool. Also built into it is the quick clean technology that that is meant to remove limescale deposits. Recognizing the fact that bathroom preferences do vary from time to time, Hansgrohe offers you four different spray setting options. While making use of the RainAir spray mode, the flow rate is 2.5 GPM (9.5L/Min).  

Hansgrohe 26465001

Different from what you can get from other competing counterparts, this one comes with shower handset that is 100mm in size. Another interesting feature of Hansgrohe 26465001 Croma 220 is the 40 degrees safety lock. With the help of its thermostat, you can lock the rise of temperature during your shower. The real benefit is that the temperature of the water stays according to your current body needs. Think about how useful this could be in different weather conditions.  

For hygiene concerned users and family members, this ceiling mounted shower head comes with anti-bacteria coating that takes care of your concerns.  

Regarding its main styles, you'll have the option to choose between 6.3 and 8.6 showerheads. And then there are chrome and brushed nickel color options at the point of purchase. Expectedly, both the color and style variations mentioned above have different prices too. In case you think the price is a bit higher than your budget, consider checking some other cool models from top rated shower head brands like SpeakManAquaDance and SR Sun Rise. You are definitely going to find cheaper alternatives from these brands.  


  • Very wide coverage head 
  • Lots of spray options 
  • Temperature setting for different weather conditions 
  • Quick clean technology 


  • The water pressure is relatively poor 

Check Hansgrohe 26465001 Croma 220 Price On Amazon

GROHE 27816000 Rainshower F-Series 

Here is another great model that will give you real rainfall experience right inside your home. When it comes to kitchen and bath related products, GROHE is a well-known name that makes good products that deliver high value at affordable prices. Among the best ceiling mounted shower heads found during my research, the 120 spray nozzles seemed to be a step ahead. Talk about strong but minimalist design, you'll find them all in this one. Even though the head itself has a square shape, the real rainshower flows in a circular order.  

Different from other models that take real space on your walls, GROHE 27816000 10 by 10 inch looks perfectly fitted when it is installed on the ceiling. Comparatively, the downward flow system provides stress-free shower experience for spouses and children alike. The main point here is that you don't have to be moving handles and hose around.  

GROHE 27816000

As you begin to make use of it, the StarLight chrome finish helps to maintain its shiny smooth design for a long time. Practically, this ensures you won't see any form dull colored surface on it even with the constant contact with water. To take care of possible limescale deposits that could limit its efficiency, there is a SpeedClean anti-lime system built into this bathroom shower head. With this, you are sure of getting impressive value for your money before any need for maintenance.  

In comparison to other standard shower heads, GROHE 27816000 comes with Air Infusion system which improves the overall flow of water in your shower.  

The water flow rate is 2.0gpm which is lower than what is obtainable from others. Regarding this particular feature, people that have the need for water conservation will find this GROHE ceiling mounted shower head to be a perfect match. Depending on where you choose to buy, there is a limited lifetime warranty on this one.  


  • 120 nozzles for a perfect rainfall experience 
  • No meddling with pipes and faucets  


  • It is comparatively pricey  

Check GROHE 27816000 Price On Amazon

Shower Head Accessories  

From time to time, these are some of the shower head accessories you may need to get that desirable shower experience. Let's look at some of them below. 

  • External diverter for dual shower heads 
  • Shower arm for wall mount  
  • Height adjustable shower arm 
  • Overhead shower arm for rainfall shower heads 
  • Shower holder for handhelds  
  • Slider bar 
Shower Head Girl

Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is a shower head?  

The price of shower heads often varies from one brand to the other. As we have discussed above, the of the feature variations are the core determinants of its price. Meanwhile, you'll always find some affordable options selling between $50 - $5000.  

How do I choose a shower head? 

If you read this buying guide properly, you should have the steps to follow and the important factors to consider. However, the two broad approaches are to either determine the most important feature you want or decide your budget before looking for affordable models within that budget range.  

What is a good flow rate for a shower?  

Most of the products you'll find in the market will have a flow rate between 2.00 – 3.00 GPM. Interestingly, if water conservation is a priority in your home, you should go for the one with a lower flow rate.  

Where can I buy shower heads? 

All of the products listed here can be found on Amazon, the number globally trusted brand for bathroom, kitchen and thousands of other products. What you have to do is click the appropriate link beside each of the shower header reviews above.  


The Moen 26100EP Engage Magnetix is still our best choice on the list and will enable you to take a calming shower. The ease of customization makes it an excellent choice for all your showering needs. Since it has a magnetic base, you can mount it anywhere and connect your water for a quick shower. Apart from Moen, you can also consider the SparkPod Shower Head and the AquaDance High Pressure. The two options deliver high-pressure rainfall to ensure you spend little time in the shower. You can use the AquaDance in different styles, and it comes with the rain, paise, and massage setting that you'll like most. Overall, the showerheads are budget-friendly, and picking one will ensure you get value for your investment.


Whether you are looking for high end or lower-priced models there is a chance you'll find one or two options that will suit your current needs from these reviews. Simply by thinking through the best shower head comparison, you'll gain an increased understanding of the core differences between these products. For example, the flow rate, nozzles, adjustable water temperature, style and finishes are worth taking into account before you buy anyone.  

Assuming you didn't find the exact one that matches your personal preferences, clicking from here to Amazon will unfold even more options to choose from. Besides the products itself, the peculiar nature and size of your bathroom should be taken into account as well. In that case, you may need to seek expert opinion especially if you are currently undertaking any form of bathroom renovation.  

Don't forget to confirm the return and replacement policy whether you want to buy bathroom shower head online or offline. This will save you the headache of customer service arguments in case there are any defects.  

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