How To Fix A Javascript Error On Discord

by Digi DigiRock
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If you're getting a javascript error on discord and are not sure how to fix it, this article is for you! Discord is the newest social media platform that many gamers use. It's so popular because of its chat features, voice chat, and screen sharing. We'll walk through some ways to troubleshoot your problem with the javascript error on discord so you can get back in the game ASAP!

In this blog post we'll be discussing how to fix a Javascript error on Discord.  We're going to go over some of the most common ways that someone might get an error and what they can do about them, as well as our best tips for fixing your problem quickly.

Delete Discord Files In Localappdata & Appdata

This is a great place to start.

So how do you shut down Discord? Well, first close it by going to the Task Manager (right click on the task bar and select 'Task Manager', then select the discord process and click on 'End Task'). Right click your Windows start menu icon in bottom left hand corner . In menu that appears, select "Run." and type in your local application data and appdata folder and "Enter"

Go through the process of deleting all discord files in your local application data and appdata folder.

Now go ahead and re-launch discord, but don't login just yet! Now that you've deleted everything from both folders reboot your pc again for good measure. If the javascript error on discord continues to exist, we move onto the next step.

whitelist install

Whitelist Discord Installation Files In Your Antivirus Software

Your antivirus software might also be blocking your discord installation files. To fix this you'll need to whitelist the install directory of Discord and make sure it's not being blocked by any other antivirus software, as well!

Most antivirus usually block ”discord_voice” , “discord_text”, and other files in your installation directory. To add the Discord installation folder to an antivirus allow list go into your Antivirus settings, then find detections and exclusions from there you can exclude discord_voice or anything else that's being blocked by the software

If you are using leading software like Avast, follow the below steps:

-Open your Avast Antivirus software and click on the "Settings" button.

- Click on the ”General” icon from the options and Select "Exceptions" then add to the list "C:\ProgramData\Discord" and click OK.

- Now, go back to your main Discord page and refresh it if needed then try loading a different channel or restarting Discord.

If a antivirus is actually preventing these files from  installing you'll need to update your antivirus software or use a different one.

Above all, make sure the file size of the installation files is reasonable for what it's supposed to be! If you're not installing any other programs on your computer and these are the only two downloads that have happened then there could be an issue with malware on your computer. Most antivirus systems these days will detect and remove malicious software, but if you're not sure what to do then I recommend visiting a website like Geek Squad or McAfee's Virus Removal Tool.

Don't forget that with Discord it is possible to have multiple client installations! Just make sure the installation folder for the additional clients are in different locations than your main installation files.

Uninstall Discord step

Uninstall And  Reinstall Discord

As a last resort, if you're still getting the error then it's probably time to uninstall and reinstall Discord.  As with most softwares, Windows uninstaller utility can be used to remove Discord from the Control Panel in Windows!  In our experience, There might still be few files left over on the system that Windows uninstaller doesn't remove completely, so you can use a free file cleaner to remove those or delete them manually.

##Other Helpful Tips

* Tip #01 - Check Your internet Connection And  Firewall

* Tip #02 - Check Your Browser Version

* Tip #03 - Clear The Cache And Cookies In Discord App

* Tip #04- Rebooting Computer Might Fix It!

Tip: You may also contact the Discord team via email, or by using their Support page. Just be sure to include your username and a screenshot

There You Have It

Those are the most common ways of fixing that annoying javascript error  on Discord, so hopefully it works for you too!

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