How to Connect Soundbar to TV Using Bluetooth (Simple Steps!)

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How to Connect Soundbar to TV Using Bluetooth? Hmm..

Have you ever tried connecting your audio through Bluetooth speakers? If you haven’t, then this way of connecting audio will change your life forever. You can now say goodbye to those wires that make you trip and fall all over your living room.

Connecting via Bluetooth would usually require your TV and your soundbar to have Bluetooth capabilities. But what if one of those doesn’t have any? Can you still connect via Bluetooth? It’s a good thing there’s a workaround in connecting your soundbar to your TV even if one of them doesn’t allow Bluetooth. Here, you’ll know about how to connect them with or without Bluetooth devices.

What is Bluetooth Connection?

Bluetooth is being used all the time these days, but do you really know what it means and what it does? More than acting as a wireless connection for audio, Bluetooth can actually send video and SMS wirelessly!

Bluetooth, in a nutshell, is a short-range wireless interconnection between two devices. It can be computers, phones, and other audio and video equipment. Since it’s short-range, the two devices should not be too far apart that the wireless connection will not reach each other. As much as possible, they should be at most 3 meters apart.

How Does Bluetooth Connection Work?

How to Connect Soundbar to TV Using Bluetooth

When you’re connecting via Bluetooth, it always starts with some kind of pairing where your devices will be paired with each other to transmit and receive data. Before you pair with a device, one or both devices should be in “discoverable mode” which will let each device find each other.

In the case of your soundbar and TV, you should first turn on their Bluetooth feature so they can be discoverable by other devices. From your TV, you will see a list of devices that you can connect to. When you pair with one device, data like the device’s name, the class (or range of the device for Bluetooth), the list of services, and the technical information will be shared. But all you really see there is the name of your device. Sometimes, it’s the model.

How to Connect Your Soundbar to the TV via Bluetooth

Since you now have an idea of how Bluetooth works, you can start pairing your soundbar to the TV. Obviously, different devices have their own different instructions on where to find the Bluetooth buttons in the remote or the device itself, so it’s best to check their manuals first.

However, the general way is to turn on your Bluetooth connectivity in the soundbar using the Bluetooth button. Most soundbars have their own Bluetooth buttons, so this is fairly easy to do. On the other hand, TVs have several ways to turn on Bluetooth.

One way is to go through their settings and find the accessories. Some TVs allow you to add accessories which you can connect to later on when you’re going to use it. You can also access the Bluetooth settings in the audio selections of your TV. You can choose from which sound output device you want to connect to, and there you can find your soundbar given that the soundbar has turned on its Bluetooth settings as well.

So in summary, all you have to do is turn on your soundbar’s Bluetooth, then find it on your TV’s sound settings. Once you see your soundbar’s model on the list of devices, choose that and pair them together.

How to Connect Your Soundbar to the TV Even Without Bluetooth Compatibility

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How about TVs that don’t have a Bluetooth feature? You’d be surprised that there are still some modern-day television sets that don’t have this wireless connectivity option. However, this is not going to be a problem, thanks to adaptors that help turn your TV to a Bluetooth-capable device.

There are two ways to connect a Bluetooth adapter to the TV, and these depend on whether your TV has an AUX out or not.

1. For TVs with AUX Out Ports

If your TV has an AUX out port, this process is relatively easy. All you need to do is to connect the Bluetooth adapter to your TV using an AUX cable. Once the device is read, switch the Bluetooth adapter on and set it to “TX” mode. TX refers to “transmit” which means that your device will now transmit the audio from the TV to the soundbar.

2. For TVs without AUX Out Ports

If your TV does not have an AUX out port, it might have an RCA output. These two are similar to each other, so there’s no need to worry if there’s no AUX out. When you have an RCA output, you will still follow the same steps as you are connecting with an AUX cord.

You should connect the Bluetooth adapter to the TV with your RCA output and then change the former’s mode to TX. Then, connect it to your soundbar.

What about if it doesn’t have both an AUX out and an RCA out? Not to worry, there is still another way to connect your soundbar and the TV. However, you have to find a Bluetooth adapter that is compatible with a digital optical out port. Once you find a version that supports your TV’s ports, you can now connect it in the same way that you would for an AUX out or an RCA out port.

Connect the Bluetooth adapter to the TV using the digital optical out and then set it to TX to transmit audio. Then, connect this to your soundbar.

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While buying Bluetooth adapters seems like a convenient and quick fix to your Bluetooth woes, you still have to spend a few bucks just to make this happen. Fortunately, there are a lot of high-quality and durable Bluetooth adapters that can do this well. Just take note that they come in two kinds - one-way or two-way. For the former, you can only transmit from the TV to the soundbar or vice versa. For the two-way, the Bluetooth adapter acts as both input and output.

And there you have it! You can now enjoy a wireless sound connection between your TV and soundbar.

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